Michael Lohan releases tape of ex girlfriend screaming at him, denies abuse

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Here we go with Michael Lohan’s attempt to smear the woman he victimized for two years. Yesterday we heard that Erin Muller, who dated the despicable dad for two years, had filed court papers listing multiple incidents in which Lohan had abused her including dates and details. Lohan allegedly kicked Muller in the privates, beat her about the face, and threatened to kill her on many occasions. Of course Lohan didn’t stay quiet and had to issue one of his media-speak denials that just makes him look more guilty. He called Muller’s claims “a desperate attempt to dismiss the allegations against her.” Those “allegations” are that Muller once kicked Lohan in the head. Compare that to the severe ongoing abuse he likely subjected her to and she looks like a saint.

Along with denying Muller’s laundry list of abuse, Lohan has released an audio tape of what sounds like a heated fight with Muller. Radar Online has a 30 second clip and Muller is really upset and screaming at Lohan. I can’t hear everything she’s saying, but what I do understand isn’t that damning. She’s basically yelling at him for taping her. Lohan is calm and collected but that doesn’t mean he’s not about to haul off and hit her, and maybe she knows that. Plus it’s only 30 seconds and it’s not like we know whether she was raging longer. She seems to calm down toward the end of the tape.

Michael Lohan is getting revenge on his ex-fiancee, Erin Muller, the one way he knows how –by releasing an embarrassing audio tape.

RadarOnline.com has obtained the exclusive audio, a recording Lohan made during a fight with Muller. On the tape you can hear her screaming and cursing at Lohan, who seems to remain pretty calm throughout, possibly because he’s taping the whole thing.

At one point, Muller rips into Lohan, screaming, “if you’re that pathetic that you need a f***ing tape recorder, because everyone knows the s*** you are.”

Other highlights include Muller hollering, “I thought you said you were going to f***ing castrate me!”

Erin Muller filed court documents in Nassau County, NY on Monday, asking the court to drop Lohan’s harassment allegations against her.

[From Radar Online]

Michael Lohan is such a double-crossing abusive assh*le. He seems to have betrayed everyone he’s ever befriended including his family, his onetime-buddy Jon Gosselin, and the girlfriend who put up with his sh*t for two years. He’s only giving us a lot of information about his pathetic life and the manipulative violent way he treats people he’s close to. The sad thing is that he’s getting paid for it.

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20 Responses to “Michael Lohan releases tape of ex girlfriend screaming at him, denies abuse”

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  1. bella says:

    Oh for Pete’s sake, is there nothing this man won’t record?!? Has he no shame? He thinks he’s Deep Throat, or some shit! Honestly!

  2. Now Now Girls says:

    you’d have to be crazy to be with him anyway, so what’s the surprise?

  3. Jazz says:

    Why won’t this guy just go the hell away!? And take the other Lohans with him.

  4. Jojo says:

    I had to sanitize my laptop after reading this.

  5. Alecto says:

    how does he get anybody to talk to him anymore?

  6. ligeia says:

    he gets the despicable human trash award of the year. how do people even hang around him, seems like he records every little thing with the intention of using it against the person if anything ever goes wrong.

  7. diva says:

    I think the media should refrain from even reporting on him. Lindsay is no longer a working actress and is a confirmed drug addict now. Michael Lohan is not famous in his own right other than trying to gain the spotlight by embarassing Lindsay. I think it is irresponsible for the media to report on him anymore, he is a mentally disturbed individual who is spiteful and cruel.

  8. Amneh says:

    I know this sounds mean, but its her fault for dating someone like Michael Lohan in the first place.

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    Jeez–is there ANYTHING this guy won’t record?! I vote right now for a Michael Lohan BAN.

    Who’s with me?

  10. Karen says:

    @ Solitary Angel – cosign!!

    I was going to ask the question, “Who the hell chooses to date Michael Lohan” but then I remember that some people who sacrifice their health, safety and sanity for the purposes of advancing their career or for the chance to breathe the same air as celebrities.

    What is it with these damn Lohans?? You never read anything about the non-famous parents of other celebrities. Many stars employ family members as their managers, publicist, etc. But none of them welcome and court the media like the trashy Lohan family. I hope this doesn’t sound too cruel but I find it sad that Brittany Murphy’s life was cut short while vermin like Michael Lohan continue to roam among us here on Earth.

  11. Squirtle says:

    Second the vote! He’s so low that scum wouldn’t even grow on him.

  12. Lita says:

    I find it amusing that even Radar, which tried to spin his release of The Lindsay Tapes into some positive parenting technique, deride him in the opening paragraph with “.. getting revenge .. the one way he knows how –by releasing an embarrassing audio tape.” Heh he must be fuming, a terrifying thought, but has to wear it given the 30 pieces of silver he got for it.

    I’m generally quite the pacifist but I’d like to see someone (emotionally, verbally) push Michael Lohan, in public, without mercy, until he snapped. On camera (and tape of course). So everyone can see everything that I feel is pretty obvious about him, on the indelible record. I think he’d be incapable of coping with that; his (in his mind) carefully crafted righteous persona is all he has.

  13. Nada says:

    I’m with SolitaryAngel. Please ban him. Please.

  14. gg says:

    holy cow, this guy loses IQ points by the day.

  15. Boo says:

    I wish these sites would stop giving this guy what he so clearly wants: press. Why else would you tape everything? Ban! Ban!

  16. ! says:


    Oh, please. Just because he didn’t have the best reputation does not mean she gets what she deserves. His behavior is despicable, period, and she did not deserve it no matter how scummy he is. Way to blame the victim!

  17. la chica says:

    he will end up lonely and alone.

  18. Vex says:

    Ban him from CB

  19. NicoleAM says:

    Holy sh*t! This guy is hilarious! Must be like a freaking police station at his house…I’m starting to think he tape records ALL phone conversations. What a sick bastard.

  20. PigskinMama says:

    The dude’s not even a celeb, just a dysfunctional daddy of a dysfunctional pop tart. Who cares what drama he has.