Denise Richards on Charlie Sheen’s abuse: ‘One day I’ll spill my guts’

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I have to admit that I have never been that sympathetic toward Denise Richards. I followed her 2006 divorce from Charlie Sheen and thought that her allegations against him were overblown. It all sounded too over-the-top to be true and she went on to try and deny him overnight visits with her daughters and talk smack about him repeatedly. The two have since reached some kind of tentative truce and were even seen out to dinner together earlier this year.

I re-read Richards’ divorce declaration, available on The Smoking Gun, and in light of recent events it now seems completely plausible to me. She claimed that Sheen was addicted to prescription painkillers, online porn, hiring prostitutes and gambling and that he was either absent or verbally abusive most of the time – particularly at key points in their marriage like during her pregnancies and the births of their two children.

Most of the document focuses on Sheen’s erratic and verbally abusive behavior, but toward the end of their marriage Sheen was physically abusive. On page 12 and page 14 Richards details two cases in which Sheen shoved her and threatened to kill her, just as he is alleged to have done with his current wife, Brooke Mueller. He didn’t go as far as holding a knife to her throat. In one particularly disturbing incident, Sheen pushed Richards and caused her to fall while she was holding one of their then-infant daughters. He went on to threaten to kill her while both of his daughters were there in the room.

Now that the news is out that Sheen abused and threatened to kill his current wife, Denise is gloating a little and I don’t blame her. She wrote on Twitter that she’ll “spill her guts… one day” about what she suffered while married to Charlie. I get the impression from the divorce decree that she pretty much already told us everything, but maybe there’s more. Denise also makes a roundabout swipe at Brooke by saying she doesn’t have a nanny. Brooke’s twin one year-old boys with Charlie were photographed out with their nanny after the abuse scandal and this may be what she’s referring to. The thing is, Denise made several references to her daughters’ nanny in the divorce document. She also had a nanny to help out when her girls, Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, were babies.

for all the negative nellies out there, I DID not have a photo op with my kids at a park when there is drama u get followed more
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I genuinely love to be with my girls and don’t have a nanny raising them. They are my #1 priority and always will be.
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sorry had to vent s*** pisses me off day..I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING
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[From Denise Richards’ Twitter via EOnline]

Several of you have wondered in the comments if Charlie’s dad Martin Sheen was possibly abusive and if that’s where Charlie learned it from. While going over some old stories, I found an article we covered about how Denise was trying to block Martin’s access to his granddaughters. It could be nothing. There’s no reason to jump to conclusions.

It seems like Charlie resorts to violence and death threats when his wives inevitably try to leave him. Denise made it sound like he was an unreliable, erratic creep overall and became physically abusive towards the end of their marriage. (Not that it matters when he was abusive, I just see a pattern here.) Do you think that Sheen will continue to be one of the highest paid stars on TV or will he suffer some well deserved fallout from this?

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Muellers twin sons Max and Bob, are taken for a walk by their nannies in Aspen

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's twin sons Max and Bob, are taken for a walk by their nannies in Aspen

Charlie Sheen Released from Jail

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  1. HS says:

    a zebra never changes its stripes…

  2. diva says:

    He deserves to be replaced on his show, anyone in Hollywood could takeover and the ratings would be the same. All of these women married Charlie Sheen for his money, and they got a lot more than they bargained for. I think he is a total creep, who hasn’t learned anything from his numerous trips to rehab. If anything I think he will go back to his old ways, I kind of believe Denise now. She is just so unlikeable that no one wanted to believe her at the time.

  3. lastwordlinda says:

    Most abusive people resort to violence to stop a partner from achieving independence. And it sometimes leads to murder. Abusive partners will do almost anything to keep control of the relationship. I can’t be bothered with all the reasons that are touted for this behavior. If violence is your answer to your problems, you are an a**hole. I don’t particularily like Denise Richards but we do her a disservice by not believing her. She was a victim. She’s just lucky that her story played out in the media which would prevent Sheen from doing to much damage as it would become public. If she was the average woman living in suburbia, it would have been a lot worse.

  4. heb says:

    Denise may not have a nanny but the girls do have a live in grandfather who helps out just as much as a nanny would.

    So in turn Denise gets to spend her nanny allotment on designer jeans, sunglasses and puppies.

  5. Milla says:

    ya ive never really liked her, but i believe her about charlie. hes weird.

  6. Kaiser says:

    I don’t think Martin Sheen was ever physically abusive, but he had a lot of psychological problems when Charlie and Emilio were little, and emotional abuse might have been a factor.

    Or maybe I just can’t stand to think of Martin Sheen being an a-hole. He’s Pres. Bartlett, for the love of God!

  7. pebbles says:

    I’m still trying to process the possibility that Martin Sheen (aka Jed Bartlett) is abusive. Say it ain’t so.

  8. bella says:

    I feel sorry for Martin Sheen! (But I thought, for some reason, Michael Douglas was his dad; but then again, I get all those Sheens and Douglases and Estivezes mixed up, so I digress…)

    Thank God Brooke has a nanny for those kids. What with Mommy being a drunk and Daddy (allegedly) abusing Mommy, SOMEONE needs to be paying attention to those kids!

    And Denise trying to block Martin from seeing the kids could have been a round-about way of keeping Charlie from seeing them via his family. Wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last.

  9. Betty says:

    The transcript on TSG is amazing. Sheen is very successful for someone so fucked up. But there are a few celebrities out there who always sneak under the wire. Sooner or later it has to catch up with them.

  10. GatsbyGal says:

    Wow, look at that picture of Denise Richards. It’s like, she’s smiling, but her eyes have this hollow, sad look to them. How eerie. Poor woman, I can only imagine the horror of living with Charlie Sheen.

  11. Karen says:

    This is truly a dreadful situation for everyone. These innocent children have been brought into a situation where at least one parent is destructive drug/alcohol addict who uses violence to get his way, and their mothers are either fame whores or alcoholics in their own right. I’m not trying to paint addicts in a bad light. Addiction is a serious problem. However, these women were well aware of Charlie’s history. For whatever reason, they chose to not only enter into a relationship but to bring children into the world. I had no idea until I read somewhere that Brooke has her own battles with alcohol.

    There is that saying, “There is a match (or partner) for everyone”. Hmph…considering Charlie and his back-to-back messed up wives, that saying is certainly true. My heart goes out to Sam, Lola, Bob, Max and the older daughter Cassandra. 🙁

  12. Tia C says:

    It also crossed my mind that Charlie Sheen may have learned his abusive behavior from his father. And I also hope that’s not true, because it sure is hard to think of Martin Sheen that way. But it is highly likely. In any event, however he learned it, he needs to get help.

    I never doubted Denise Richards’ claims, she’s just so irritating and hard to like in her own way that it’s easy to dismiss her. I definitely don’t blame her for gloating a little right now. However, the nanny comment was not necessary. (But I can’t stand braggy mothers in general, that’s just me.) In Charlie’s sons’ case, it’s probably a good thing they have nannies to provide some sort of cushioning from the strife going on between their parents.

    What a mess!

  13. Jazz says:

    Martin Sheen might not have been abusive. I know of one guy who is a brutal abusive a**hole and his father was never like that. Maybe God was taking a break when handing out brains the day Charlie was born.

  14. bella says:

    Some men don’t need to “learn” abusive behaviour from anyone; they just possess that level of deep-seated anger combined with the appropriately short fuse and POW! there it is.

    While I understand that some men do learn from their fathers or father-figures, others possess an extreme dislike or contempt for women (from how their mothers behaved or didn’t), and some are just like I mentioned previously.

    I get so sick of everyone always trying to blame an “emotional” behaviour on a “learned” level: anger is an EMOTION, NOT a LEARNED BEHAVIOUR; CONTROLLING ANGER and how you react to it IS a LEARNED BEHAVIOUR. There is a difference. Let us recognise it.

  15. Ana says:

    You mean she hasn’t spilled her guts already?

    She must be waiting for a tell-all.

  16. Cinderella says:

    Denise should shut it. She knew what she was dealing with yet chose to have a second child with him. Sure made her life easier.

    Same with Brooke. Charlie’s reputation has been out there for years, yet she chose to marry him and reproduce.

    I guess his ginormous paycheck is what convinces these women to take a chance on this very troubled man. They probably won’t be the last.

  17. Squirtle says:

    Didn’t you all hear that after the divorce between Denise and Charlie; that she asked him for sperm so she could get pregnant with another one of his kids. Now why would you want to bring another child into a world of so much “abuse”? After all those horrible allegations about what a terrible father and person he was she sends him an email asking him for more sperm so she can have another one of his kids.

    Does that strike anyone else as odd?

    I don’t believe that Charlie Sheen is abusive, I think that word is thrown around way too much. He probably has a bad temper and some rage issues but I doubt he goes around beating his wife and kids. What I think is that these spoiled little rich girls do not like being yelled at so they cry and scream abuse whenever there is a fight because they are a bunch of drama queens. If there was really abuse then why isn’t his current wife cooperating with the police; she felt her life was so endangered before that she wanted them to come to her house but now she’s just fine and dandy.

  18. GatsbyGal says:

    @Squirtle – even if he wasn’t hitting them, there is such a thing as emotional abuse, and often time that can be just as damaging.

  19. Alexa says:

    I have always believed and supported Denise. Her claims sound over-the-top because his acts are horrendous and abusive! If you’ve never been there yourself, DON’T JUDGE! By not believing the victim, you re-traumatize them. It sucks!

  20. Larissa says:

    I think Denise Richards has always been troubled in some way and her marriage to Charlie Sheen didn´t do much for her.
    Threathning to kill his wives or not, the guy is a first class A-HOLE, but am sure two grown up women would have known what they were getting themselves into, especially Brooke! So am not throwing pity party for her… just feel sad for the kids who get will get caught in the middle of all this nastiness, probably for years to come! Hopefully NOT!

  21. sonola trip says:

    I don’t think we can blame Martin for this. To the best of my knowledge Emilio is a sweetheart and he had the same father.

  22. AnnaClaire says:

    I don’t know,I like the guy.

  23. d says:

    This kind of illustrates the problem with abuse victims. If they’re not “nice”, the implication always seems to be like they deserve it.

    Brooke and Denise may have problems, but do they deserve to be abused (not that it occurred, I don’t know…but it does seem clear they have issues)? No. No one does.

    But I can understand a man flipping his lid. The problem is learning how to deal with emotions, etc., as well with difficult women (for lack of a better word), which imo, these women are. A lot of men just don’t know how to deal. So there are problems on both sides.

    But Charlie seems like one of those guys who’s always gotten his way, but never really learned how to behave properly, or doesn’t care to, because he never needed to because he’s always gotten what he wanted. Seems like one big baby to me. That guy’s got some big problems, imo, which take years to overcome. Marriage, babies, Hollywood? It was all doomed to fail for a guy like him.

  24. UrbanRube says:

    Just want to say that during the year I lived in Malibu, I heard only great things about Martin Sheen as a member of the community. Supposed to be a real regular guy. But what broke down Charlie’s character is a real mystery.

  25. Mackenzie says:

    I wonder if “spilling everything” will include her time as a hooker for Heidi Fleiss? Which is worse, an abusive father or a mother who used to sell herself? Thank God those girls have loving, attentive grandparents.

  26. Jules says:

    My guess–substance abuse leading to erratic behavior, not ‘difficult women’ as someone said. Also, someone that visits as many prostitutes as he has in a lifetime is clearly a troubled person. Women–please learn to stay away from men like this! You cannot change him. He is not going to be a good little boy for you..ok??? You’re not ‘different’ or ‘special’ to him. It’s his problem.

  27. Squirtle says:

    @GatsbyGal: I’m not saying that emotional abuse does not exist. I am asking why would you want to have another baby with an emotional or physical abuser when you already have such a horrible history with them?

  28. Jules says:

    I think it’s up in the air as to whether Denise really requested his sperm isn’t it? I know that was a rumor Sheen put out there.

  29. lola lola says:

    I sincerely hope she never “spills her guts.” He is a horror show and will get his in the end. In the meantime, he is the father of her two daughters and she needs to keep her dirty laundry under wraps. I DON”T WANT TO KNOW!!!

  30. Maria says:

    Look at Denise and then look at Brooke. Charlie has a definite type!

  31. Moxley says:

    Many people may not know this, but in 1990 when Charlie Sheen was dating Kelly Preston he “accidentally” shot her in the arm. True fact, look it up. This violent behavior seems to be a pattern….

  32. gg says:

    She needs to spill a little bleach on them black roots is what she needs to do.

  33. Firestarter says:

    Denise has lovely hair!

  34. Catherine says:

    At least she was smart enough to get out while she was intact.

  35. Sigh. says:

    I get the need to “spill” or “see, I told you so”, but she is still talking about her young daughters’ father, and this side of him is best processed in PRIVATE, so they don’t become/date the same type in the future.

    Like some of you have mentioned, Sheen has been this way a VERY long time, in a VERY public way, and these women are choosing to ignore it or hoping to change him, which says something about their own reasoning/sanity/motives.

    I think ALL of them are varying degrees of batsh*t crazy, and they attract each other (which might be keeping the rest of us safe when you think about it). But it does NOT justify his or her actions of late.

  36. Aprill says:

    I believe Sheen paid a pr team to trash her and people still believe Sheen lies. I never like Denise but she was right about this douche bag abuser. He needs to go down before he kill someone.
    Bashing Denise worked so good the last time that he is trying it again.
    I feel sorry for the women that get caught in this douche’s trap.

  37. Lway says:

    i am not fond of Denise – she looks a little weird – is that what plastic surgery does?

    Brooke on the other hand is gorgeous – she could have just about any man (if there is some intellegence in that head of hers) why hang with Charlie?

  38. k says:

    this is only my opinion

    Charlie- nasty drunk and cokehead. Gambler and abusive. Was not hugged enough as a child since his daddy was an actor and wasn’t around.Where’s emilio?

    Charlie’s wife – cokehead, pill popper knows how to push charlie’s buttons. Low self-esteem lady that doesn’t want to lose any “status” and likes the hollywood lifestyle.

    Denise – also a cokehead, we’ve all seen the pictures, but maybe recreational not everyday style. Drinker who wants a better career and loved to party with Charlie at the beginning of their thing.

  39. PigskinMama says:

    She means when she gets money to talk.

  40. Tammy K/ says:

    I have to admit to that I am not a Denise Richard’s fan, but it really looks like she was right about Charlie. I hate that.

  41. Maria says:

    Has anyone done a full psych-evaluation on Charlie? He presents as a bi-polar with violent psychotic episodes.

    I’m just saying….there is treatment out there for this type of diagnosis.

    He needs help quickly–before another victim falls prey.

  42. kat says:

    Uh Denise does have a nanny.

  43. Poppy says:

    So she claims she doesn’t have a nanny raising her kids, that’s funny did anyone see the pic of her and her nanny at the park?