Susan Sarandon has another as-yet-unnamed boy-toy

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After the initial flurry of speculation, we haven’t heard much about Susan Sarandon’s lady bits and who or what they might be pressed up against after her shocking split from Tim Robbins, her partner of 23 years. The only name that was mentioned for Susan’s potential lover was 31-year-old Jonathan Bricklin, a hipster who is part owner in a Ping-Pong club. Seriously. I found him cute, but I hoped Susan wasn’t really with him or even just having sex with him, just because he seemed kind of beneath her in coolness. In any case, the New York Daily News has a new report about Susan and a potential new boyfriend, although at this point the guy remains unnamed:

Ooh la la! Recently single ­Susan Sarandon was spotted getting a late-night snack with a “younger-looking fellow” on Monday night around 2 a.m. at West Village bakery Creperie.

“They shared a crepe with Nutella and whipped cream, and stayed and chatted for a while,” a customer dished to us, ­adding that Tim Robbins’ former lady looked “quite happy” – and that the gentleman with her apparently wasn’t her business partner and rumored beau, ­Jonathan Bricklin.

[From The New York Daily News]

“Shared a crepe” is my new favorite euphemism. I think Tom Cruise and David Beckham “shared a crepe.” Anyhoodle, there’s something about the theory that Susan Sarandon has already moved on, isn’t there? And if she’s already moved on, chances are that it’s with some younger man. She has a type, after all. I would love to know what was is going on with Tim Robbins, though. I wonder if he’s dating anyone, or if he’s had some kind of breakdown, or if it’s something strange we’ve never heard any gossip about. Or, you know, maybe he’s just discreet. That isn’t the worst quality!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Go Susan!

  2. Amneh says:

    She eats crepes with Nutella and whipped cream at 2 am and stills keeps her figure? Life can be so unfair.

  3. GatsbyGal says:

    Poor Tim Robbins. ):

  4. terris says:

    jeez, and another source said she took a dump at 3:43 a.m. a third souce said she dumped that guy and left with the waitress. a fourth souce said she became a nun. a fifth source said she is teaching grade school. a sixth source said………………

  5. Popcorny says:

    Poor Susan.
    I think all this business about Susan and “boy toys” is hoodgepah meant to keep up a marketable PR image of her as still sexually attractive … and to combat the pathetic images of “lonely” or “kicked to the curb”.
    I think it was her who was given control of (break-up) announcement (and it took 6 months, probably very painful). I think Tim is being very giving in this breakup in that respect, very low key.
    I don’t think her fans are giving the same respect, whistling catcalls and waggling eyebrows every time she’s with a male younger than her.
    She’s not Louise, she’s Susan. I think (I know) she deserves more respect and dignity than “boy toy(s)” and “banging”.

  6. bella says:

    @ Popcorny:

    Well said, well said; and seconded!

  7. diva says:

    I have a hard time believing that she was out eating at 2 a.m. my mom is 63 and very fit and wouldn’t be up and about at 2 a.m. at home much less out. I seriously doubt that there are too many single 63 year old women that go on 2 am dates.

  8. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    thank you popcorny. I agree.

  9. OXA says:

    I would bet that Tim Robbins is the one that strayed outside the relationship and promted the split. She is 62 living in NY with grown kids and can do and eat when she wants. More power to her and other women out there, men date younger women,so what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  10. Petra X says:

    @popcorny – well she IS still sexually attractive, maybe it WAS her that did the ‘kicking to the curb’, we just dont know really do we. Why ‘poor Susan’? Could be ‘poor Tim’
    @diva – my mother in law, 65, fit, still out at 2, doesn’t drink

  11. Cheyenne says:

    @diva: So what if she was eating out at 2 a.m.? She’s a grown woman, she can eat out whenever she wants to and stay up as late as she wants to.

    You’re only on this earth once, you might as well enjoy the ride.

  12. lrm says:

    she looks amazing! now here is someone we can say is ageing naturally,gracefully and looks da*n good for 63! wow.

    so glad to have a couple of hollywood role models out there for people to see.
    not that we need them,but if we are constantly being shown this disturbing surgery disfigurement,it’s nice to see something else once in awhile.

    seriously,how long will this crazy phase go on?
    the lip injections alone are bizarre.
    I keep wondering if I will end up thinking it looks ‘normal’ or even ‘good’ at some point,after seeing it so much.

    i doubt it-since noone around me has done it. but still,this is how things become normal-you get used to it,then accept it.

    and that sh*t is just way to creepy for me to get used to.

    Yeah Susan!!!

  13. Goddess711 says:

    The silver lining! YEAH SUSAN!
    She’s my new idol!

  14. Feebee says:

    Now I have a craving for crepes, and New York crepes at that, pity I’m not there.

    I love gossip and stuff as much as everyone here but sometimes I wish some people could be left in peace… that would be Ms Sarandon.

  15. d says:

    The only thing that I’m interested in this article is: crepes with nutella and whipped cream? Ye Gods. YUM!
    Susan can do what she likes and it’s really no one’s business. I think she’s cool, I loved her in the film Emotional Arithmetic. Who cares whe either of them datea?
    This whole crepes and nutella thing is way more important.

  16. KansasRefugee says:

    As much as I hate to say it because of what it means for women, I suspect what popcorny says is most likely to be true.

    If true, so sad that we women have not come further and remain sex objects (often dumped) rather than players in our right who take responsibility for ourselves. I think we are bringing this on ourselves somewhat by trying to play by men’s rules to avoid working and to use children for intimacy, companionship, support? And not supporting other women’s financial and other success in public life?

  17. PJ says:

    I wish she’d reveal the name of her plastic surgeon. He/she did a great job on her jawline and neck; it’s definitely been lifted.

  18. ! says:

    I don’t think its “spin” at all. I think people are finally starting the come around. What, just ’cause she’s older, it has to be some act of desperation? When has Susan Sarandon ever given a flying fuck? Give me a break!

  19. ligeia says:

    good for her, she’s not sitting at home sulking but is out and about partying it up with younger studs.

  20. Popcorny says:

    I don’t understand what you mean by “people are starting to come around”.
    I also don’t understand why “just cause she’s older” she must be “banging” “boy toys” and also how that (which is pure speculation -and not started/promoted by her) would be something to “fist pump”.
    And you know, given the grace, intelligence and dignity of this woman (Susan) -I’ll bet there’s a long list of things she “gives a flying fu*k” about.

  21. rickford says:

    She’s a gilf and that means it’s not that much of a problem for her to have a hot younger stud waiting in line to have a chance to be her new lover …. or one many new lovers. that would be the case even if she was’nt famous and rich. allthough that helps the situation a bit. 🙂

  22. KG says:

    Older men do this kind of thing all the time. Trade the old model in for the new.

  23. Dhavy says:

    I love her and she looks great and the last picture I saw of him he looked just as old as her- more power to her

  24. ! says:

    Yes, given her grace and dignity and the fact that she hasn’t done like her peers and filled her face full of Botox, not to mention the fact that it took six months for her to even comment on the break up, I doubt she cares what we think of her sex life.

    As for “come around”, I meant that I feel that people are starting to cut down on the “Old desperate hag” crap that dominates the tabloids. Like maybe people are realizing that women can have their cake and eat it too. Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a move on the part of a desperate PR team to prove Susan’s still got it.

    I don’t really understand what you’re trying to get at with my “just cause” bit, but people here are assuming that just because she’s an older women getting hers, then it must be a desperate show so she doesn’t look pathetic. I don’t think its that way at all.

    PS if she was banging boy toys, as you, not I, put it, then good for her. We all need sex. If she’s getting hers, then play on player.

  25. Catherine says:

    Why is it so scandalous that she is doing this? Men do it all the time!!

  26. sully says:

    Very well said, Popcorny….

  27. paranel says:

    I thought she knew better.

  28. These rumors gotta stop. Tsk tsk.

  29. PigskinMama says:

    I see her more with a toy-girl than a toy boy. More made up stories from the paps and the press.