Brooke Mueller wants to reconcile with Charlie Sheen (update)

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Update by Celebitchy: As many of you have pointed out, Brooke may be suffering from “battered women’s syndrome.” It seems unfair to call her dumb or somehow motivated by money. We don’t know what her motivations are or what she’s going through, and she may legitimately fear for her life. She may also have more embarrassing things in her past that Charlie is holding over her head. It does seem a little strange that she went out partying, but maybe she wanted to get out of the house and show people that she’s fine. She is likely under a lot of pressure to keep up appearances. Denise Richards also went back to Charlie several times hoping to make the marriage work. This guy is very troubled and violent and I hope for Brooke’s sake she gets out soon.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Brooke Mueller isn’t quite who I thought she was. Yes, I totally believe her husband Charlie Sheen was violent towards her, not just on Christmas day, but probably several times before. Yes, I think that no matter who Brooke really is or what she’s really like, no woman deserves to be strangled and threatened with a knife by their husband. But I also think Brooke is an idiot. And her stupidity is going to make it even more difficult to get Charlie Sheen in jail, where he likely belongs. Today, there’s a lot of news about Brooke, her past and her future. First up, she hired a lawyer who promptly issued a statement claiming that Brooke wants to attempt a reconciliation with Charlie. Jesus:

Brooke Mueller wants to save her marriage to Charlie Sheen.

Mueller, 32, has hired Yale Galanter, the criminal defense attorney who once represented OJ Simpson, TMZ reports. Galanter may assist Mueller should she be charged with making a false police report about the now-infamous Christmas Day incident with Sheen, in which she accused him of threatening her with a knife.

Galanter tells TMZ that Mueller in no way concocted or exaggerated her story of Sheen’s threats. Instead, he says, she did “minimize her story, like many wives in a similar situation do, when they realize their husband could go to jail.”

Regardless, Mueller would like to amend the restraining order in order to get back in touch with her estranged husband. She wants to “work on resolving the conflicts in their marriage,” Galanter says. The famed attorney notes to TMZ that his client did not realize her husband would be arrested when she made her frantic 911 call — but the star’s wife has absolutely no plans to recant her story.

[From Us Weekly]

Is Brooke really this dumb, or is she crazy like a fox? There were a lot of rumors that Brooke and Charlie business and management team were in contact, and they were negotiating some kind of financial package for Brooke in exchange for a divorce and Brooke’s formal recanting of her Christmas charges. Of course, those reports went hand-in-hand with some stories about how Charlie’s team was on the attack, looking to make Brooke look bad. Which could be why we’re hearing more about Brooke’s felony record… for cocaine possession. Brooke also has a DUI under her belt, and a charge of “damage to property”.

Years before Brooke Mueller’s Christmas 2009 incident with husband Charlie Sheen — he faces up to eight years in prison for alleged assault — the future celebrity wife was building a rap sheet of her own.

Mueller, now 32, was arrested twice in the state of Florida, RadarOnline reports. In September 1996, she was cuffed for DUI and damage to property. She got into deeper trouble in March 2001, when she was arrested for cocaine possession — a third-degree felony.

In the aftermath of her Dec. 25 fight with Sheen (a sworn affidavit reveals that he threatened her with a knife), Mueller was spotted having a low-key celebration with friends at Aspen celeb hangout Caribou Club on Monday. Her twins with Sheen, Bob and Max (born earlier this year) were photographed in the care of a nanny earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Arnold Mordkin, the Pitkin County, Colorado District Attorney who may prosecute Sheen, tells the case is “going on the backburner” until a February court date.

Mordkin tells Us that he has until Feb. 8 to decide whether or not to decide to file charges against Sheen. In the meantime, he plans to “carefully review” police reports, and may ask for additional investigative work before making his decision. As for reports that Mueller may not be cooperating with police, the District Attorney says the case could go forward with or without her. “In a domestic violence case, one does need to have the complaining witness to help out, so to speak,” he explains, “but that can be acquired by a subpoena and testimony required.”

[From Us Weekly]

If Brooke really does recant her story, I have to think the prosecutor will be hard-pressed to follow through on the felony charges. Which is probably the reason for all of this – there’s a whole team of people doing damage control, and they’re a lot smarter, tougher and better organized than Tiger Woods’ team.

Meanwhile, life goes on. Charlie Sheen is expected to be back at work next week with little drama, as Hollywood will probably look the other way for one of their favorite sons. And, Brooke decided it would be great for her image to go out partying in Aspen two nights ago – there were reports that she was at the same club as Paris Hilton, Doug Reinhardt and Gerard Butler, and that Brooke “stayed until closing time.” Dumb, dumb, dumb. Here’s Brooke’s mugshot from 2001:


Brooke’s mugshot courtesy of Us Weekly.

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  1. Goddess711 says:

    Guess that would be the rehab with Women’s Self Defense. She’s got classic abused spouse signs. “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” Hopefully the two young boys will grow up to be substance and women abusing asswipes like their old man. Way t’go Brooke!

  2. Kevin says:

    Must have finally got around to reading the pre-nup.

  3. Sumodo says:


  4. BitterBetty says:

    Maybe she’s plotting to rip his wig off at a red carpet event and THEN file for divorce.

  5. BitterBetty says:

    Hopefully child protective services can get involved? those poor kids need someone to step in and act in their behalf.

  6. Kimble says:

    All the men in CO waiting for their own plea agreements to be signed off will be watching this intently.

    She can recant all she likes, her statement stands and I hope the DA doesn’t buckle under Hollywood glamour and expensive lawyers!

    I hope Aspen ain’t LA!

  7. Tia C says:

    Brooke Mueller is a trust-fund baby/socialite who undoubtedly has NO CLUE how the real world works. She didn’t realize her husband was going to get arrested when she called 911 to report he was being violent with her? Um, DUH.

    Having said that, I can sort of understand her wanting to try to work on things with Charlie. She probably thinks there is still hope for him. Hell, I am thinking there is still hope for him, despite all the signs to the contrary. If they do reconcile and try to work on their issues, I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to some kind of violent end. I know that it is highly unlikely things will end well though.

  8. Betty says:

    @BitterBetty: That certainly does look like a wig – a real cheap one at that.

    A sane, non dependent, self assured woman would never have gotten involved with this mess much less married him. There had to be warning signs about his addictions, unless you are so involved in your own you can’t concentrate on anyone’s problems but your own. Been there – done that.

  9. Squirtle says:

    Oh what a surprise! Just like Denise… “He’s a horrible abusive man….Oh wait I change my mind he’s not so bad!”

  10. Kelly-Michelle says:

    Sounds like Brooke’s gambling with her life. So many women die in situations like this! Her kids lives will probably be messed up for years to come. There’s no amount of money that can make up for what they will go through and remember.

  11. diva says:

    There is talk that Brooke will be prosecuted for filing a false police report, so that is the reason she has hired a criminal defense attorney. It is also being reported that their kids maybe taken away by children services when they get back to LA so she has a very strong interest in not being prosecuted. It is legally in her best interest to reconcile with Charlie or face charges. I think it is quite ridiculous that she was at the Caribou Club drinking last night, considering that she obviously has a severe drinking problem. I don’t believe for one second that they drank all night starting at 8 p.m. dinner and were still up drinking at 8:30 a.m. The more likely story is that she woke up first thing in the morning and starting drinking. It is also funny that they both had “sober minders” at dinner and they were drinking in front of them.

  12. Liz says:

    Battered women’s syndrome ?

  13. Dhavy says:

    wasn’t she more drunk than him when he was arrested? and she also has an arrest in Miami for cocaine possesion in 2001, and she was so high when she was arrested in 1996 that she didn’t even know she had hit a pole. Wow I guess they’re made for each other. Well, I guess I’m off to watch two and half men now

  14. Liz says:

    Charlie just told George Lopez he was sober no drugs or alcohol so why was he drinking? He OD ‘d on coke a few years ago

  15. Kathie says:

    Someone needs to look after those kids, hopefully they have a good Nanny or two. People like this should not be allowed to screw up another generation. As for Brooke, she obviously has gone to the Tiger Woods school of looking like an idiot in public being in a bar drinking the day after a domestic disturbance seriously? As for Charlie he needs to go away for a bit…a good bit with a cellmate and a number under his picture. If these two cretins reconcile I hope CPS steps in and hands over those poor kids to a stable relative. Or a stable relative with a good Nanny since no one in that circle can be expected to do menial work like child minding.

  16. Firestarter says:

    Can’t. Even. Comment.

    Okay, one- Nice mug shot! Seriously!

  17. Catherine says:

    What is with these women who stay with abusive alcoholics when there are little kids involved? I would get my ass out, rich hubby or not.

  18. Iggles says:


    I hope she changes her minds and leaves. Her life depends on it..

  19. frances says:

    tiger woods gets dragged through the mud for having affairs (not saying it’s okay) but charlie sh*t-stain allegedly throttles his wife by the throat, holds her at knife point, threatens her life on christmas day and we are talking about him being back on the set on monday? SERIOUSLY? the media isn’t doing it’s job…

  20. Samantha says:

    From her eyes, its better to reconcile. With her flip-flopping on the charges and being drunk whilst he wasn’t, he could totally spin it to make her out to be a horrible person and in turn cost her the kids. Unfortunately that means she will stick with him a little longer….it wont be forever, guarantee by years end they will be over. Hopefully it doesn’t take a horrible beat down to bring it to an end.

  21. Goddess711 says:

    She’s been offered an extra pre-nup mil to *recant*. Charlie Sheen knows way too many bad-asses, it’s got to be intimidating for her especially if her story is true. He’s not drinking? Well how much Scope do you have to brush with to register .04 then?

  22. Sigh. says:

    I said this on another post —

    Long and short of it; if you’re sucked into his orbit, you might be batsh*t crazy yourself.

    He’s been a “loose cannon” for decades now, and why should he change if he can still work, be very well-paid, get nominated, pull in ladies, and scatter his seed across the landscape?

    Like you said, he’s a “Favorite Son.”

  23. Aprill says:

    Next time the police/ambulance come she may be dead then Charlie will pay his way out of that.
    I agree with the first poster “two young boys will grow up to be substance and women abusing asswipes.”
    Sad Brooke should have thought about her two boys and put this asswipe away for good.

  24. audrey says:

    Ummm….do a cursory internet search for domestic violence victims and typical behavior, people. It usually takes 5-7 attempts for a woman to leave an abusive relationship. Physical violence is usually preceded by psychological grooming and abuse, financial abuse, etc. There are more factors going on than Brooke being “stupid.” Shame on all you guys for blaming her for Charlie Sheen being a violent prick. Including you, Kaiser. Yes, she has children to think of – maybe he threatened to keep them away from her if she tried to leave? Yes, she issued a shady statement – maybe the public humiliation and comments like yours are making her wish the whole thing would disappear? After an outburst of violence, the abuser usually initiates a ‘honeymoon period’ where he/she is overly affectionate and loving. You don’t really know what’s going on here, so don’t jump to blaming her. Blame the person who put her in this situation.

  25. Shay says:

    These are the type of people that make it harder for women who actually need restraining orders to get them.

  26. Lita says:

    “.. there’s a whole team of people doing damage control, and they’re a lot smarter, tougher and better organized than Tiger Woods’ team. ”

    You forgot to add “and experienced.”

    Hell his management team probably has an SOP in a red manilla folder for Charlie being accused of domestic violence and/or douchery. And a code word.

  27. bella says:

    Child services (in CA) are already involved, and the Sheens may lose their children (even temporarily) when they get off the plane in California.

    For those saying she has battered women’s syndrome and it takes 5 – 7 incidents for a battered woman to leave a man:

    How do we know this is the 1st incident? We don’t. And if you wait for 5 – 7 incidents with the kind of man who abused me, the only way you will beleaving is in a body bag. ‘Nuff said.

  28. opsug says:

    to all of you that have no experience with being victimized by a malignant narcissist I say count your blessings.And in saying that I also have to say you have no idea what it does or doesn’t do to a person.
    They are charming on the outside and evil on the inside. They affect you and you feel as if you are going crazy. She has children with this man and would probably not want him alone with them hence she try’s to stay. The level of abuse is beyond belief. And even trust fund people bleed and are human. So spare me.
    Stop blaming the victim in this. I noticed you did it to his other wife also. So you don’t like these woman. Doesn’t mean Mr abuse isn’t evil. She is not thinking clearly after all the abuse he has been giving her. this is the tip of the iceberg and they keep it hidden till you marry them. you are way off the mark

  29. Jazz says:

    Sounds just like a friend of mine currently in an abusive relationship. If you heard the stories of what he’s done to her you just wouldn’t believe it. His family and friends have no idea, all his friends think he’s some kind of deity. I try to be supportive of her as I can and I’ve been telling her for years “Leave him leave him” but she says its not that easy. I think he’s worn her down over the years. And she’s terrified the kids will get taken away if anybody knows. Maybe she’d rather be in a bad relationship than be single because she has zero self esteem now. She seems like such a strong person when you talk to her so you would never guess she puts up with that crap. She had a bit of a crazy past too that he threatened to use against her so she would lose the kids if she tried to leave.
    My grandmother was also in an abusive marriage for years until she finally left. She found a good man and remarried.
    I can only hope for the best for Brooke and all of Charlie’s children.

  30. Boo says:

    Poor Denise and Brooke! No one deserves abuse. It sounds like given her history of drug/alcohol abuse that Brooke has some personal issues that might lead her into an abusive relationship and keep her there.

    My mother, who had no other issues than low self-esteem, left my abusive father and returned three times. She lived with him for 13 years of abuse to herself and her kids. It took me (as a headstrong teen) telling her that I’d run away, take my younger sister, and she’d never see either of us again for her to finally leave for good. You can’t imagine the psychological impact abuse has on your ability to be independent. There always seem to be reasons you can’t leave, even if you should know better.

  31. Now Now Girls says:

    BUT…..if he does have a habit on dealing with problems, using violence…he needs to sort that shit out and NEVER go there again. He HAS to leave that behind, no excuses. Hoping they work it out, they have a duty to try and make it work, they have children.

  32. PigskinMama says:

    Silly bitch.