Taylor Momsen: “I get such a bad rap for being like Lindsay Lohan”


What little I know about 16-year-old Taylor Momsen, I tend to think she’s a little brat. She comes across as unprofessional, narcissistic, dumb and wannabe hardcore – basically, a pretty normal 16-year-old. I think the problem might be that no one tells her “no”. As in, “No, you can’t go out of the house pantless wearing only eye makeup and a garter belt.” Anyway, all of this is to say that my opinion of Taylor didn’t really change when I read some new excerpts of Taylor’s Seventeen cover profile for the February issue. She even name-drops Lindsay Lohan, as if that’s supposed to impress us…?

Although 16 year-old Taylor Momsen’s edgy, beyond-her-years look makes some onlookers uneasy, the Gossip Girl actress resents any comparisons to another former child star. “I get such a bad rap for being like Lindsay Lohan,” Momsen says in the February issue of Seventeen magazine.

Momsen then qualifies her Lohan diss, saying, “I hate naming names because she’s really sweet — and I’m really not. I don’t go out. I have no desire to be some tabloid party girl. I’m entirely a loner. I have been my entire life.”

But the actress, who made her big Hollywood debut in 2000’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, does embrace her reputation as an “angsty” teen. “I’ll be angsty until I’m 80 years old,” she quips. “I think that keeps things fresh. But I always think angst is such a derogatory word toward teenagers. It just means you’re figuring s*** out.”

Like Lohan, Momsen has music aspirations, and fronts the punk-rock band The Pretty Reckless. She complains that “people don’t really take me seriously” because of her age. But she’s a little different than other 16 year-olds, she insists.

“[People] think most 16-year-olds don’t know what they want to do. But I actually really do, because I’ve been thinking about [music] since I was 2.”

[From Us Weekly]

Oh, she’s so hardcore, isn’t she? Little half-dressed brat. That makes me sound like an old fart, doesn’t it? In truth, I probably thought and said the same kind of bullsh-t faux-hardcore crap when I was her age or younger. I seem to recall I went through my “angst” phase around the age of 14, not 16. By the age of 16, I had gotten it out of my system and I had a job and a car and wasn’t so obsessed with defending my bullsh-t angst. And that, people, is called maturity. When you still have bullsh-t, but you keep it to yourself.

Taylor Momsen’s Seventeen cover courtesy of Us Weekly. Addition photos on Seventeen’s website.

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  1. TaylorB says:

    I know this is a horrible thing to say and I am not a parent so my opinions may seem a tad harsh. That being said I really think that from about 12-17 yrs old children should have their mouths stapled shut.

  2. Sumodo says:

    Slow news day, eh, Kaiser?

  3. Essie says:

    I wonder if she realizes how OLD she looks with all that makeup and white hair? I never had an angst period because we were too poor, so I’ve never understood it and I’m too old to even try to understand it now. I just think this child is headed for a fall and it won’t be pretty.

  4. piedlourde says:

    Jeezy Creezy, she looks like Nicollette Sheridan with that makeup. Instant hag!

  5. Desert Cat says:

    Wow, does this girl look USED UP. If she thinks it’s “cool” and “edgy” to look like a coke-whore who’s been, as the saying goes, “rode hard and put back wet” — well, then, she’s succeeded. Ugh.

  6. hatsumomo says:

    I think that has to be one of the year’s wort makeup jobs! Its so terrible its astonishing!

  7. BitterBetty says:

    She looks high off her ass in the second picture. does she even have parents?? for the love of FUCK.

  8. pickelhaube says:

    She looks like pure sh*t. That hair, that horrid lipstick, all of it combined makes her look like she just crawled out of an alley after a 3-day bender. Why would any 16-year old WANT to look like a haggard, trampy 45-year old? IMO, THAT is what makes her like Lohan, the fact that she looks like a cracked-out waste of oxygen! Now, I don’t know her and don’t care about her but you’d think that her parents or somebody would take her aside and give her some tips on her “style” because it’s horrendous. And yes I am making allowances for her age, but when I was 16 I just wore too much eye makeup and platform sneakers, I didn’t look like I was on the freaking ho stroll! Good Lord.

  9. GatsbyGal says:

    Who…is this, exactly? I’m 24 and I don’t know who Taylor Momsen is.

    She needs to learn how to apply lipstick and eyeshadow properly, though. Maybe then she’d look less coked up.

  10. Lantana says:

    I am so totally out of the loop. I thought Taylor Momsen was a reference to Taylor Swift’s mom, like the karate kid kind of reference. Never mind. You guys need to get plastic surgeons or maybe spiritual advisers to advertise on your site because I feel older every time I read it – I’m thinking I need one or the other or maybe both.

  11. Iggles says:

    Note to Jenny Humphrey: Please lay off the dark eye make up! I don’t know why you think that looks good..

  12. Cat says:

    Lol don’t you recognize little J from Gossip Girl?? I mean, DUH 🙂
    (sorry that’s my imitation of teen angst)

    Loner, outcast, secretly different. . .Yup, sounds like every other teenager out there!

  13. Kat says:

    This child is not destined to have a long career. Not as an actor anyway. A stripper, maybe.

    And I know this has been said before, but for the love of all that is Holy, where the frak are her parents? Seriously. If I went out of the house like that at 16, I would have gotten my ass kicked sideways.

  14. dcv74 says:

    OMG – She is Cindy Lou Hoo? Seriously? Wow – did she grow up fast!

  15. Kermit says:

    She’s OK. At least she asserts her personality and expresses reasonably well. Looks can be deceiving. She may be straight as an arrow. I’ve heard her music and she’s more of a punk singer, kinda like Courtney Love in a way. Ironically, it’s more Ali Lohan than Lindsay Lohan she’s compared to in that both are 16, tall, thin, and look older than they are. Though personally I find more “barbie doll” in Taylor and Ali to look “expressive” and the oldest of the two.

  16. Dhavy says:

    don’t worry guys, the moment the show is over so will she. If she looks this bad now at 16, imagine at 20.Lohan looks like she’s 35 already

  17. TaylorB says:


    I agree. The only way I would have been allowed out of the house with that much make-up on at 16 is if it were Halloween and I was dressed as a ghoul or witch.

  18. ! says:

    “I never go out” BULLSHIT How else do we see those god awful outfits? And actually, I hadn’t heard the Lindsay Lohan comparisons until now. Sure, she’s partying too young, but there aren’t any “TAYLOR MOMSEN IS LIKE FIVE SECONDS AWAY FROM DEATH” headlines I’ve seen.

  19. diva says:

    She should be in high school on a therapists couch working out her angst. She doesn’t seem very well adjusted for a sixteen year old, who wears hideous makeup and clothes. I have never seen a teenager who looks like a very hard partying 30 year old. Her parents need to reign her in. Whatever happened to her mother taking a look at her before she leaves the house. When you are young you are not always prone to have good fashion sense so thats where mom steps in and teaches you how to dress. I would like to see a picture of her mom if you can find one, to see if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    @piedlourde: ME TOO!!! I totally thought that was Nic Sheridan, and I was wondering what the frick she had to do with Taylor Momsen, or maybe she was her mom but Jesus she looks worse than Lohan. Didn’t think that was possible.

  21. Fitgirlboston says:

    This is what happens when at 16 you make more than your parents and are probably paying their “salary” (Ref: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and the list goes on).

    “I don’t go out. I have no desire to be some tabloid party girl. I’m entirely a loner. I have been my entire life.”

    Wow – thank god – I’m so relieved that at 16 you don’t want to be a party girl…

  22. Sudini says:

    Ugh, she always has her b*tch face on, even when she smiles. No likey.

  23. ligeia says:

    sigh teenagers never change do they. they’re all soooo different and unique and are going through stuff no one ever went through before, so different, misunderstood, sad and angry and of course they will NEVER EVER change….she does look a lot older and not in a good way, its prob all that makeup. though i wore way too much face paint when i was 16 too, so eh…she’ll grow out of it one day (hopefully)

  24. lio says:

    “That makes me sound like an old fart, doesn’t it?”
    Err…how to say that nicely? Yep!

  25. stinabelle says:

    I haven’t seen this girl in anything, but I cannot stand her “glare at the camera” standard pose. I’ll admit, I was pretty angsty at 16, but I still find her annoying.

  26. Newyorking says:

    Her mom dresses the same way – I saw a photo of her mom, sister, and Taylor, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.

  27. Peach says:

    Yo, Momsen:
    You’re a teenager and an asshole. And it’s completely normal. When you’re older we can discuss again. Till then keep doing your thing. Push whatever envelopes you need to push. Fuck knows I did when I was a kid. So I do not begrudge you. And amongst your peers you may feel unique.

    But here in grownup land you sound and look like every other wild-eyed, spackle-faced, teen who has the world all figured out.

    So again. When you’re 25ish we’ll have a chat. Until then, I need know nothing more about you. Good luck on the music. It sounds like a better bet than this oh-em-gee Gossip thing you’ve got going.


  28. alecto says:

    she looks like a crack whore. i just asked my husband if he would let his daughter out the house looking like that. the mere mention of it got his blood pressure up and his face beet red. he said not even in the house in her room playing dress up.

  29. lola lola says:

    I love when kids talk about doing something their “Whole life” as if that tiny span of time should impress anyone. When you’re 90, THEN you’ve had a ‘whole life.’ At 16, you’re whole life is like 20 minutes.

  30. Kelley says:

    Tell me this isn’t a boob-job on a 16 year-old, please !!

  31. Sigh. says:

    Lordy, teenagers are slow. The ADULTS in this industry come off as idiots, why do they talk to the chirrens?

    She said the word “angst(y)” is derogatory (I DARE her to spell it), but said she plans to be that way until she’s 80.

    An “angsty” 80 years old gets medication for it.

  32. Toxic says:

    Hello i like Taylor look, its a becoming young adult look. I say that because this generation is more about independence. That look is fitting for her. In addition some of the comments that are before me are a little harsh; you have to understand, she’s in Hollywood.

  33. prissa says:

    She looks like a methed-out Kirsten Dunst in that header pic. EWW! :o(

  34. mike says:

    You people are sick. What has she done to you?

    Ok she dresses and looks trash. BUT as far as I know, she hasn’t been arrested, caught sexting, caught coming out of club drunk, caught in a sex tape, hasn’t been sent to rehab, etcetera etcetera.

    From what I can tell, all she does is pose. She’s a poser. Let the girl go emo if she wants to. When she actually gets caught doing something illegal, then I’ll blame her parents for being shitty.

    Until then, leave her and her parents alone. For all the posing this girl’s been doing, her parents seem to be doing better than 90% of other holliwood parents.

  35. Alina says:

    well if she wants to be taken seriously she shouldn’t act like a 16 years old brat..she’s on effing Gossip Girl, most people don’t know who she is and this manufactered show doesn’t make her an actress

  36. bella says:

    The reason she’s comparing herself to Lindsay Lohan is because she’s trying so hard to BE Lindsay Lohan. She’s also trying to look like her, and she’s succeeding mightily, provided her goal is to look like she’s been rode hard and put away wet. (That’s a horse term for “looks like shit.)

  37. Jazz says:

    She’s trying too hard to be a badass. I used to say shit like that when I was 14. What a prat! She looks like she’s on the set of a zombie movie in that second pic.

  38. samab says:

    she’s on something serious in the second pic,like opiates

  39. QB says:

    Really she knows what she wants? But two her bandmates got kick out of the band because they did not go with the “look” she wanted.

    I have never seen someone try so hard.

  40. JLM says:

    Wants to be Nana Osaki, ends up like Nancy Spungen…

  41. rip says:

    she gets a bad rap for looking and dressing like a crack ho, not to mention the nasty bleached hair at 16, where are her parents???

  42. rip says:

    she was cindy lou hoo in the grinch who stole Christmas before she transfoirmed into this nasty cheep looking *&&^%

  43. Ana says:

    I think she is Nicolette Sheridan everytime I see the picture!

  44. Lita says:

    @Bella, I hope you are going for the irony here but just in case .. it *was* a horsie phrase, now in common (and I mean common in every sense) parlance it is taken to mean something very different about a femme, and sex, and .. oh I am going to assume you were going for the irony before I finish that explanation!

  45. Sara says:

    Hmph. The mark of immaturity is declaring exactly how you’re going to be and think in another 70 years. You have to be kidding. I couldn’t even have predicted at 27 how I was going to think at 33 (now).

    But you know all the bubble-brained 14-year-olds who read that magazine are thinking she’s way deep.

    Oh well, I guess it’s the way things are supposed to be. We know teenagers literally do not have fully formed brains, so I guess we have to allow them their idiocy. They’ll grow out of it. (Unless they’re Lindsay Lohan.)

  46. bella says:

    @ Lita –

    Totally! 😉

    I was trying to be “polite”.

  47. Alecto says:

    my screen name is alecto. twice i’ve gotten a virus on your website while at my work computer. it’s a trojan virus. i couldn’t open up my virus protector to get ride of it. i’m a police officer that gets on your site while every now and again at work cuase i have a laptop at work to entertain myself while at work between calls. i’ve gotten the same virus twice on you sight. unless i have my virus program already up and running i cannot open any other programs up. so if u could please check into it i’d appreaciaete it. cuase i’m not going on to your sight anymore while at work. it’ll get me in trouble. thank you i appreciate your attention to this matter. i tried to send u a msg but it didn’t work. this is one of the sights that i got the virus off of. thank you.

  48. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    HALLELUJAH PEACH! amen! i feel exactly the same way…in face i kinda feel bad about everyone jumping on her so hard, she’s a kid…..she’s a 16yr old kid in a very warped world. i think she’s cute.

    i think she thinks she’s original and angsty and unique and in reality she is just like every 16yr old little alt/indie/punk/emo/grunge/damn the man down with the establishment person out there.
    i felt EXACTLY the same way when i was 16. i smoked pot and dressed differently and had hot pink hair and it was 1994 and i thought i would rock it just like that til the day i died because i would rather do that then get dressed in business clothes and go to work in some office and waste my LIFE away. i was gonna take my money and buy a van and drive across country taking photos of every sunrise and sunset that i saw and all the crazy people and places along the way (cuz that’s sooooooooo original) and publish it and that was my life long dream…. now i am trying to fix my crappy credit score and no i still don’t smoke pot in fact i am still trying to find a babysitter for my 2 kids so i can maybe go out and wear the cute dress that i bought at forever 21 cuz that’s all i can afford and then come home and try to get the laundry done. so i just feel like, screw it, god bless her dumb young little heart. you know? leave her alone. i like her hair and makeup, let her do while she can…..

    ……..now if she was 27 and doing this then i totally agree we should be ripping her a new one…. but for now, she’s still a minor. could you imagine your most awkward years being broadcast for all to see? christ no.

  49. mouth.like.a.sailor says:

    wow, that was a really long post about taylor friggin momsen… i’ve never actually even seen anything that she’s been in. i think it was about the principal…


  50. rumbi says:

    woooooo i hve read so many shitt comments about taylor but still i like her cause she seems a great actress!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Jamie says:

    Here’s a Ron White joke. “She looks more fu*ked up than Courtney Love at the Pamela Anderson roast.”

  52. Jared Curdy says:

    She’s my favorite. She’s great and sexy.

  53. Anonymous says:


    OH MY GOD! Please tell me that her parents still allows her to do like this? Her parents are the worst parents in the whole wide world seriously! If only there’s a way to get rid of her parents or change her parents no offense really, but she has gone way too far. If only her parents are religious and God fearing they would not allow their child to become a prostitute even if their child is famous and earns a lot of money. It’s about how people would look at her as a good example and not being so wild/trashy/bad attitude she has, people might lose respect to her.

    I’m not against her music: Actually I love her songs because the tunes are so catchy for emo goth girl like me but the way she brings up herself through the camera and on reality became worst.

    She actually adopts her role on Gossip Girl to the real life and Am I the only one who was annoyed by her role in Gossip Girl? I hate hate her attitude and I can’t believe a lot of Teenagers are following the bad example like her, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and etc… I mean come on?

    If you know they are showing bad example why would you follow them?

    There are a lot of former teen stars like Hilary Duff, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Rayven Simone and etc are setting GOOD EXAMPLES TO EVERYONE. I mean why not them instead of Taylor?

    I know I’m not suppose to butt in to other people’s lives but if you could just think about what’s going in the world today? What you seen in the news, what you’ve heard on the radio and what you have seen on the internet/newspaper a lot of teens are getting unexpected pregnancy its all because of what children follow now a days like you’ve seen on movies/ music videos and one example is this video. It’s crazy!

    WAKE UP! teens like Taylor should have discipline and for her to be mature, she should wear proper clothes and not getting almost naked in the video while she’s underage. She needs to be supervised and needs to be controlled by their parents whether the kids like it or not. It’s for their own Good!

    Based on my experience, I’m also getting sick from my parents not allowing me to do anything I want to do. But for some reasons I go deeper, and I think about what my parents decision why they do this to me even if I’m already 21. I tried to look for both sides, my side and their side. I realized that they are doing this for me because they love me and they want to raise me in the right way and be protected.

    The lesson here is that having a strict parents should not make you feel bad or what so ever in whatever your thinking that they are ruining your life, NO that should not be it.

    You should learn from your mistakes and try to be a responsible starting with yourself and for others. And life would be different and you may lead yourself to the right path.

  54. Teaonna. b says:

    OK lls all of you grown women and maybe men are judging a now 17 yr old child…what does that say about you? That you have no life because your picking on a child. Why dont you guys worry about your own children lives before you want to go gossip about children which is sick because you let your kids look up to these children because they cant look up to you. The year is 2010 not 1904 or w.e shes popular get over it. And you really dedicated this site to thrashing celebs because your such a nobody i wonder how proud your parents are about how important you are in society =p. Taylor gang! Im 17 if you must know, its sad to see adults picking on kids just despicable!

  55. Film Sexe says:

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