“Lindsay Lohan will design more than leggings” links


Lindsay Lohan is going to “design” a clothing line. If by “design” you mean “snort” and by “clothing line” you mean “whatever anyone will give her”. [Yeeah]
Holly Madison looks like a wax figure, but the tiger is cute. [Starpulse]
James McAvoy will play James Bond-creator Ian Fleming in a new bio-pic. [Pajiba]
Steer clear of Miami, for it is “Brooke Hogan Country”. [The Blemish]
Trailer for Creation, the Charles Darwin bio-pic starring Paul Bettany. [I’m Not Obsessed]
Britney Spears says she‘s a “strong woman” but the pink wig disagrees. [Hollywood Rag]
I have no idea who Sophie Howard is, but her rack is amazing. [Egotastic]
Leighton Meester looks fresh & cute in Miami. Look out for Brooke! [A Socialite Life]
Hilarious photos of Marc Jacobs & his fiancé-husband guy. [D-Listed]
Anna Kendrick is an It Girl with staying power. [PopEater]
I‘m with Lainey, I would totally do Ed Westwick & his hot British accent. [LaineyGossip]
Allegedly, Kate Hudson is going all Fatal Attraction on A-Rod. [Celebslam]
Meet the cast of “The Real World: D.C.” [The Frisky]
Scientologists will only work in pairs. So who‘s the second Scientologist in Avatar? [Gawker]

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20 Responses to ““Lindsay Lohan will design more than leggings” links”

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  1. BitterBetty says:

    At least she’s not dead?

  2. Squirtle says:

    I was just wondering to myself why do they always photograph her looking like a corpse? Or is that just the way she looks now?

  3. BitterBetty says:

    She’s convinced looking like a braindead, filthy cokehead makes her hot.

  4. omondieu says:

    Oh, yay.

  5. Dhavy says:

    She does look filthy and old too, she should hang out with Britney Spears. They both have a thing against taking a shower and looking clean. BTW isn’t she broke and owes money to a bunch of people? how is it that she’s making all this stuff?

  6. niamh (neev) says:

    Why is Lindsay still a celebrity and not a has-been?

  7. diva says:

    Lindsay should not even be reported on anymore she is no longer a working actress and her trainwreck is not even funny it is actually quite sad and pathetic at this point. I think Britney needs better doctors to get her meds right, she still doesn’t appear to have the light back in her eyes and a zest for life. At this point Britney looks like she is overmedicated and emotionless. Leighton Meister dress is hideous and makes her look wide, I don’t like the designer, her hair also looks undone. It seems as though their is a shortage of good stylists in Hollywood lately since I am seeing more fashion don’ts the do’s. I don’t think the stylist know how to interpret the 80s look appropriately. The only woman who isn’t even an actress that looks stylish on a regular basis in Victoria Beckham.

  8. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Is that headline a threat?

  9. Sumodo says:

    No offense to Kate Moss, but Lindsay Lohan seems to want to BE Kate and do the things that Kate has done.

  10. Maddie says:

    Photo-shopped to the maxed if I dare do say so.

    I think some of these editors or art dept. people should go back to school so when they redo a photo it’s more realistic looking.

    Before you know it celebs will be looking like Cylons from Battlestar.

  11. Kermit says:

    For accuracy sake, Lindsay is a working actress. She has a supporting role in Machete and a leading role in The Other Side, both of these are coming out next year. She did the work on the documentary in India just a few weeks ago and has more documentary work planned. She’s also works doing photoshoots as well as a fashion consultant. She has serious problems that are magnified by the press over coverage. My question to people that knock her so much is do you want to see her turn it around like Drew Barrymore did or even Robert Downey Junior or do you want to see her go the way of Dana Plato? She’s a talent that really hasn’t done anything that horrible to others yet people are often overly harsh and quite often inaccurate in their criticism of her.

  12. Maddie says:


    Until Lohan admits that she even has a problem, along with her mom, who thinks Lindsey just likes to party.

    I for one would love for her to get her act together, but until she stops hanging around people who enable her (Anna Nicole, Michael Jackson anyone) she will continue down this road.

    She claims she clean yet she still parties with the same crowd, still drinks, smokes like a chimney and stays out all night.

  13. snowball says:

    I thought that was a relatively good pic of LiLo. Normally she’s very pale and angry-looking.

    As for Britney, I think she looks just fine. If she looks like there’s no light in her eyes, it’s probably because no matter where she goes, someone’s there taking a picture of it and dissecting what she looks like. It’d drive me to just give the cold face to everyone. She seems quite happy when the paps sneak shots of her and the kids when she thinks no one’s watching her.

    And both bathe regularly, neither look like they’ve been rooting around in the dumpster. But both have horrific weaves/extensions – now THOSE look like they need taking care of.

  14. TaylorB says:

    What is she going to ‘design’? Ski masks for jewel theives?

  15. Madisyn says:

    Actually laughed out loud at Post 14 TaylorB and Post 8 RhymesWithS, thanks!

  16. Goddess711 says:

    What goes with blow and covers up the self inflicted wound scars? Hmmm. Could be interesting.

  17. QB says:

    I don’t understand why people say Lindsay is such a “talented” , her best acting was in a disney movie abou twins who got seperated at birth and switched place.

    Mean girl was a cool teen(tween) movie but her acting was horrible in it. It was more like a documentary than a movie.

    Britney Spears still a mess , the only difference is that now she is a drug up robot.

  18. la chica says:

    how soon before the lawsuits start for ripped off ideas?

  19. CB Rawks says:

    Absolutely agree with you, QB. Her acting in Mean Girls was pathetic. Everyone outshone her.
    There’s that godawful moment where she describes a weight loss bar and shakes/twitches her head *no* the entire time. Was that her Katharine Hepburn impersonation?

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