Calvin Harris’s wife Vick Hope listens to Taylor Swift when Calvin isn’t home

It’s been eight years (!!!) since Taylor Swift abruptly dumped Calvin Harris, took up with Tom Hiddleston, had a worldwide Tiddlebanging Summer Tour, then dumped Hiddles and got with Joe Alwyn. Like, all of that happened within a six-month period in 2016. It was truly one of the greatest gossip sagas of all time. Taylor’s two-year relationship with Calvin Harris ended poorly, with hurt feelings and recriminations, mostly on his side. There was a song – “This Is What You Came For” – written by Swift under an alias, then Calvin suggested that he would never work with Taylor, then she outed herself as the author of the song. Plus, some people think there was some overlap between the end of her thing with Calvin and the start of her thing with Tom Hiddleston, and all of it hinged on Taylor’s co-hosting gig at the Met Gala. It truly was an excellent gossip season.

Anyway, after Taylor and Calvin broke up, he was really upset about it and there were several “men’s rights”-type stories in TMZ about how Calvin couldn’t believe how Taylor treated him, etc. The point is that they didn’t end on good terms and I have no idea if they ever buried the hatchet. Last September, Calvin got married to Vick Hope, a beautiful half-Nigerian journalist and radio personality on the BBC’s Radio 1. Vick Hope, Calvin Harris’s bride of seven months, just admitted that she listens to Taylor Swift when Calvin isn’t home.

Even the wives of Taylor Swift’s exes are Swifties! On the Monday, April 8 episode of her BBC Radio 1 show, Going Home with Vick, Katie and Jamie, Calvin Harris’ wife Vick Hope said that she listens to her husband’s ex-girlfriend when he isn’t around. The British radio personality, 34, admitted that she’s sensitive to the fact that the EDM artist, 40, and the pop superstar, 34, dated for 15 months between 2015 and 2016, so the second that Harris “goes away,” she bumps Swift’s hits.

Hope spoke about how much she’s a fan of the 14-time Grammy winner while she and her co-host Katie Thistleton read messages from fans writing in about what they like to do when their partners are gone.

After one listener wrote in that they listen to “all the tunes he hates while I dance,” Thisleton, 34, noted, “That’s good. You can listen to all of the music he hates while he’s out of the house.”

Hope then opened up about what she plays herself when the hitmaker isn’t present. After briefly going back and forth about whether she should say it or not, the TV personality said, “As soon as my husband goes away, I listen to Taylor Swift. That’s just when I get my little fill — just a little fill,” she candidly shared, as her cohost burst into laughter.

Hope added, “Just a couple of songs, get it out of my system and then it’s done.”

[From People]

LMAO. He’s going to hate that. Well, I hope he finds it amusing. After all, he used to enjoy Taylor’s music too, at one point in his life. I wonder if he listens to all of Jack Antonoff’s productions for Swift and thinks “I could do it better?” I would crack up if there was a Calvin Harris remix of some of the Midnights songs (please let it be “Maroon”). Anyway, Calvin’s wife sounds really cool and funny. I hope Taylor contacts her or sends her a note or something.

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  1. Lolo86lf says:

    Calvin has impeccable taste in women. Both Taylor and Vick are positively beautiful. I think it’s so cute that Vick listens to Taylor’s music and I am pretty sure that if Taylor and Calvin would have stayed together he would have become her producer/manager.

  2. nickeybishop says:

    A bit of a self own… Be confident in your decisions..

  3. Abby says:

    This story is funny! Taylor had a string of light eyed British artists there, didn’t she? I think that’s why Travis felt so “not her type” to me at first. But not anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Taylor Lautner’s wife is a huge swiftie and it looks like they’re all friends. I bet Sophie Turner listens to Taylor too.

    • It Really Is You, Not Me says:

      Whatever you want to say about Taylor Swift, her exes’ new women seem to love her. I wonder if she’ll send some swag or if it’s still too awkward with Calvin Harris.

      This story and the fact that she self-owned is hysterical. I think I would want to be friends with Vick Hope.

  4. Skyblacker says:

    I also regret that Harris never produced Swift. That era would have been epic.