Are Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters fighting over Frank Langella?

I found this story interesting because it’s news to me that Whoopi Goldberg, 54, had a long relationship with actor Frank Langella, 72. According to Wikipedia, they met while filming a basketball movie together called Eddie in 1996 and were together for four years. Before that Whoopi dated Ted Danson and most of us know how that turned out.

Now Frank Langella has been stepping out with Whoopi’s boss on The View, self-righteous interview queen Barbara Walters. Whoopi is said to be hurt by this and to be avoiding Walters on set. This news is in the National Enquirer and they’ve had a lot of inside information from The View so this sounds likely:

Barbara Walters is in the thick of a nasty off-camera fight with her “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg over Barbara’s recent dates with the Whoopster’s former beau Frank Langella, say sources.

“It’s like the Big Chill between them lately,” a “View” insider told The Enquirer.

“Whoopi still has feelings for Frank and doesn’t think it’s cool of Barbara to take up with her former lover. It’s created an awkward situation for them and others around the studio.

“In Whoopi’s eyes, Frank’s just not any other guy. He was her man, and they lived together for years…”

Whoopi, 52, who has been married three times, has kept her cool on air. “But it’s a different story when the show wraps,” revealed the insider. “She barely speaks to Barbara.”

The Enquirer notes that Frank and Barbara, 78, have been seen at two big events together and that they were looking very much together. Barbara told a reporter “it’s not a romance” with Frank, though.

After the way this woman acted about dating a married senator I assume she has no scruples when it comes to a co-worker’s ex and probably doesn’t give a crap about Whoopi’s feelings. In her biography she chronicled her multiple affairs and admitted two-timing her boyfriends. Barbara is an entitled piece of work. I only wonder what Langella sees in her.

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  1. Firestarter says:

    What an interesting cat fight that would be,

    Not one made from most men’s fantasies though.

  2. RobN says:

    So Whoopi and Langella broke up in 2000, after never having been married, and Barbara can’t date him TEN years later? How many scruples do you need about a friend’s ex a full decade later? She didn’t exactly swoop in the next day did she? Whoopi needs to realize she’s not in high school anymore.

  3. SolitaryAngel says:

    That red dress is to DIE for!!!

  4. Jojo says:

    OK, I’m lost … what is “the Bill Chill” ???? Something to do with Bill Clinton???

  5. Wow says:

    Do they really think Whoopie is going to be seriously up in arms over a dude she broke up with ten years ago? That’s just as silly as them
    hyping up Brangelina Jenn Anniston nonsense. People just don’t pine away like that when they have productive lives and Whoopie has that.

  6. nona says:

    Are those his only options?
    Poor Frank… 🙁

  7. Tess says:

    There’s another wrinkle (!!!!) on this story: I’ve heard that Whoopi is bi.

    Anyhoo, can’t believe sex is part of any of these relationships.

  8. Tia C says:

    Even though the Enquirer has been spot-on about some things recently, I dunno, I find it hard to believe that Whoopi is upset about this. It has been a LONNNG time since she and Frank Langella were together.

  9. Jazz says:

    At last, a new uncool Bermuda Triangle!

  10. Dorothy says:

    I hope Whoopie is upset I can’t stand her! Talk about self-righteous she is so annoying on the View. If you don’t like what she is saying then you are wrong. I wish she would leave – and make Joy moderator!!!

  11. Lem says:

    team Whoop on this one. even if it’s been a decade. you don’t have friends ex’s unless it is totally kosher with said friend. Doesn’t sound like a ‘few dates’ history but years of a real relationship. Bab’s bad..

  12. atticus says:

    I’ve never really understood why Babs was so celebrated in the first place. Maybe she was one of the first female TV journalists back in the 70s but her interviews these days SUCK. And I do find her incredibly self-righteous.

  13. Misty_* says:

    I don’t see anything wrong about Barbara dating Frank. They make a good couple and his relationship with Whoopi ended 10 YEARS AGO! It’s not normal to have such sense of entitlement about the life of someone you lived with in such a distant past. Whoopi needs to grow up, honestly.
    But, as someone said before, I don’t believe there’s sex in the sort of relationship Barbara and Frank have… 🙂

  14. Dorothy says:

    Oh and I would be upset if my friend started dating my ex we have been broken up for 15 years and I am happily married but there are some lines that should not be crossed!

  15. gekkca says:

    I don’t imagine that Barbara and Whoopi are exactly best friends. Work colleagues, but friends? I wouldn’t go that far. That being said, I think it can still hurt after ten years and if they are friends, there are lines you don’t cross. I think Barbara is a bit of a trollop and has no issues with screwing around. I’ll go with Whoopi on this one.

  16. Goddess711 says:

    Ewww and ewwwwwwww. Not attractive thoughts to think at any time of the day….

  17. LolaBella says:

    @SolitaryAngel: The dress is pretty and it reminds me of the tablecloth we had on our table for Christmas! LOL.

    @Jojo: I think ‘Bill Chill’ is a typo and it should be ‘Big Chill’.

    I don’t get the impression that Whoopi and Barbara are friends just co-workers/acquaintances so I don’t think that the ‘friend code’ applies and therefore Frank is fair game for Babs.

  18. guest says:


  19. shibajonz says:

    Barbara is the Boss on that show – and I’m sure in her mind as well, i.e. SHE is the only one who matters.

  20. Essie says:

    This story is so ridiculous!! If Whoopie wants to cause sh!t about this, all Barbara has to do is fire her butt!!

    It’s totally bogus and yet another lie from the NatEnq. These women are way too old to be fighting over a man and, besides, Barbara knew Frank long before he knew Whoopie.

  21. westender says:

    With the exception of Ted Danson and Frank Langella you don’t hear much about who Whoopi is dating. For someone as well known as her you have to respect how she keeps her private life “private”. As for her being upset about Barbara dating Frank, I don’t believe it. Whoopi comes across as the type of person to not let something like this bother her.

  22. Sincerity says:

    I really hope that this is not true! Realistically, Frank and Barbara probably have much more in common because they are much closer in age than he and Whoopi.

    I can’t imagine Whoopi getting all upset due to a relationship that failed 10 years ago. If so, she’s much younger than Barbara and can easily find someone else to keep her company. When it’s time to let go, it’s time to let go! Just move on!

  23. lanette says:

    why would anybody fight over him? I don’t get it?

  24. Tamara says:

    Dont date your friends ex …full stop.

    There is no time limit IMO. Men have this RULE and women do not which is Sad.

    This is one of the reasons, why I have female friends

  25. Laurrie says:

    Wow, yet another B grade actor. And this is news?
    I can’t understand how any woman can tolerate listening to his annoying voice.

  26. VALESKA says:

    Frank has to stay with me.
    I am much more beautiful, young and love more.

  27. Popcorny says:

    First, *shudders*.
    Second, how long has Barbara known this guy? If she met him after knowing/working with Whoopie, then that’s kinda sh!tty on her part.
    If there’s no “romance” and she’s not head-over-depends with this guy AND if it bothers Whoopie, she should back off seeing him.
    If this actually bothers Whoopie, then my guess is she and Barbara already had latent issues with each other.
    Despite all that, I hope Barbara is swapping polident with this Frank because I can’t stand neither Whoopie or Barbara (or anyone else on that panel aside from Joy occasionally).

  28. K-Love says:

    This is news? About three old people? Who cares? They should be old enough to handle their business. If Frank want’s Babs. Go for it. If Whoopi cares which I doubt. I’m sure she will get over it.

  29. Codzilla says:

    Laurrie: Frank Langella is hardly a B-grade actor. He was nominated for an Oscar for his BRILLIANT performance in “Frost/Nixon” and has more talent in one hang nail then most of the idiots you read about on this or any other gossip site.

  30. Soanah says:

    The woman who committed adultery and thinks that it is fine for a grown man to have sex with a 13 year old would have a problem with a man she used to date and not married to dating someone else even a friend. Please. She said on The View it is fine if a married man comes on to you and for you to have sex with him if the female is single. Oh well.

  31. barb says:

    I can’t believe whoopi can be jealous after 10 years. If she is that is childish. After all whoopi took Frank away from his wife. She should not be conerned about barbara and frank.

  32. e. b. cramer says:

    I want to know why Barbara Walters is SHAMELESSLY promoting these two specials of hers on tonight. She’s everywhere – has been all week, boring people to tears and even on LOCAL news shows. Is she THAT desperate? Does her life depend on people watching those dumb shows? Babs needs to retire. She’s old and says really ignorant things on The View. She’s become irrelevant.