Taylor Swift devoted at least one ‘TTPD’ song to Kim Kardashian, ‘thanK you aIMee’

Taylor Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department was released last night. It was a “surprise double album,” full of songs about Joe Alwyn and Matt Healy and… at least one song about Kim Kardashian. That’s right. Kim hasn’t mentioned Taylor’s name in years and years. Kim divorced Kanye West and she’s raising her kids and existing as the billionaire co-founder of Skims. Meanwhile, Taylor is writing and singing overwrought songs about how… Kim tortured her for years (Kim did not) and Kim bullied her at school (??) and how Kim’s kids sing Taylor’s songs (they do, and I bet Kim laughs). Behold, Taylor’s “thanK you aIMee.” Yes, that’s the way she capitalized “KIM” in the song title. The queen of obvious-but-pretend-it’s-subtext.

I figured all of this was not over when Taylor once again tried to rewrite “the canceling of 2016” in her Time Magazine Person of the Year profile. As I said in my coverage at the time, I don’t want Tree Paine on my ass, but if Taylor is going to keep doing this, so can I. Taylor said, in that Time interview, that she holds Kim responsible for her “career death” with a “fully manufactured frame job.” All because Kim exposed Taylor for misrepresenting one specific thing. That’s it. A fact which I wouldn’t have to keep bringing up except Taylor has spent the past eight years trying to rewrite, reengineer and reimagine it, shifting the goalposts and expecting her fans to do the heavy lifting.

As for the song itself… I find it overwrought, and knowing the actual history, it’s actually really funny that Taylor is still torn up about it. I hope Kim takes it as a compliment, that she’s still on Taylor’s mind all these years later. “I changed your name and any real defining clues. And one day, your kid comes home singin’ a song that only us two is gonna know is about you.” Okay but also… maybe leave Kim’s children out of it?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid. Cover courtesy of Taylor Swift.

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  1. equality says:

    Kim should put a video of herself singing and dancing to the song on SM.

    • Kelsey says:

      I’m not even a KK fan but my god I hope she does this, because Tay Tay. Hunny what is this?!

    • Matilda says:

      I’m not a fan of either but I would add Kim can say she didn’t know she was living rent free in Taylor’s head all these years.

    • Scorpio says:

      Kim notoriously can’t dance and can’t laugh at herself, so really doubt that would happen. One of the things I love about Taylor Swift is her ability to laugh at and enjoy her own awkward dancing.

      Kim and Kayne were beyond vile to Taylor ( claiming Kayne “made” her career, Kim leaking edited partial tapes to make it seem like she lied, and literally mocking up a naked Taylor next to Kayne )

      One of the other things I love is a petty bitch with talent. Kim is petty but Taylor is both. Rock on Taylor.

      • CatMum says:

        yeah, she can’t dance. she can’t dance to Prince! he invited her up onstage and she just stood there looking stupid so he kicked her off! (there’s video of this, I believe she was wearing McQueen.)

        I mean, if Prince asked me up on stage, I would be absolutely stunned, but best believe I would be dancing my butt off!

  2. sevenblue says:

    Ummm, what the f*ck is this, Taylor Alison Swift:

    “Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman
    But she used to say she wished that you were dead”

    Is this how she keeps her street clean? Putting a song out about death of another woman with young kids? It is like I am taking crazy pills. How can people stan this person in her current form?

    • Michelle says:

      I actually appreciate her as a pop star appealing to a young audience.
      But that line was seriously a mistake. No way to blame that one on a “character”. That’s just throwing it all under a bus.

      • OriginalLeigh says:

        Yikes! I’m not a fan of Kim (or Kanye) but wishing her dead is really irresponsible given the obsessive nature of some of Taylor’s fans. Right or wrong, Taylor really needs to let this go…

      • Megan says:

        Biologically, Taylor is 34. Mentally, she is 14. Worst case of arrested development ever.

    • Valentina says:

      Aretha was right…beautiful gowns, beautiful gowns. Also Britney Spears did it better with iF U SeeK Amy I’m gunna go listen to that instead of…whatever this is.

    • Ginger says:

      Especially since Kim’s kids were dancing to Taylor’s songs. Now they will get to hear how Taylor’s mom wished THEIR mom was dead. Classy.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Even my kids, huge Swifties, thought this song was tragic.
      So Kim called you out on your BS when you thought you’d played everyone.
      Her ability to wait is what harmed TS most
      Learn the lesson, there is always always going to be a reckoning when you manipulate white girl tropes, learn to take your medicine and stroll on

    • paintybox says:

      Agree, it is irresponsible, creepy and too dark of her to be putting out a song like that. Taylor wants to boo-hoo about people being mean to her but she acts like a mean girl herself.

    • lucy2 says:

      Her music isn’t really my thing, but I’ve been trying to not crap on stuff others enjoy, but…oof. That is a gross idea to put out there in a song, and rehashing all this years later just reeks of insecurity, and immaturity. There is very much a junior high mentality still here. Some people just don’t grow out of it I guess, I see it with people I know too, in their 40s! And they weren’t mentally frozen in time thanks to teenage stardom.

  3. Yup, Me says:

    People keep saying Taylor is such a brilliant song writer and business woman. I haven’t listened to enough of her songs to know, but these types of things I’ve heard about her behavior carries so many shades of terrible experiences I and many of my friends and family have had with white women. She seems like an Uber Karen – with enough money and power to really have an impact with her “Do you KNOW who I AAAAAM?!”

    • Kelly says:

      She may be a brilliant business woman, but I’ve never thought she was more than a mediocre songwriter and she’s clearly a mean girl who never lets go of a grudge. This is why I’ve never been able to get into her music…it’s like she’s still stuck in high school drama. (I still love that she drove the football Karen’s nuts though)

      • Kelsey says:

        I was telling a coworker that Taylor Swift’s music is an endless cycle of “coming to age” music…it’s just that she never quite COMES of age. Her lyrics are the same lyrics she had as a teen. And it’s fine, it works for her and her fans and they can relate to that…but I can’t. So seeing her considered this amazing songwriter is always wild to me.

        I respect her for how strategic she is business wise, and the fact that she didn’t just lay down and cry with her masters situation, how she handled that is absolutely brilliant to me. But otherwise, I just leave the friendship bracelets to the Swifties and turn my radio to Pusha T lmao.

      • FancyPants says:

        Are you saying… she gets older but her lyrics stay the same age? I’ll show myself out…

      • Megan says:

        I think her music is crap, but getting her fans to buy the same music twice because she manufactured a beef with Scooter Braun is genius.

    • Lau says:

      To quote your name : Yup, to all of it.

    • Isabella says:

      Taylor hardly represents all white woman. I like some of her songs but she can come across as annoying and immature. I don’t care that much because she’s a musician and I can just tune her out. But I would advise her lay off Kim. Enough already.

    • Cait says:

      Taylor Swift just reminds me of a more infantile Betty Draper obsessed with petty slights and entitled. She is aspirational to a lot of white women and a certain type of non-white women who seek to relish in that sort of privilege

      • MissF says:

        Spot on comparison. I have always thought she was a nauseating little Madam of mediocre ability, with an enormous ego and sense of entitlement.

      • Big Bertha says:

        “A nauseating little Madam of mediocre ability, with an enormous ego and sense of entitlement” – you just described my two white sisters in law in a viciously concise sentence. LMAO

  4. Dee(2) says:

    This is two groups of people I don’t pay a ton of attention to, but I feel like Kim in that moment was just defending her husband. Correct me if I’m wrong but she doesn’t seem like she spends a ton of time talking about either of them now? This feels like when you are in the shower and think of a really cutting comeback to something someone said to you at the gym, or work and fantasize about getting your lick back. Most people aren’t doing that in albums and Time Magazine though. I understand the desire but when you’re coming up on ten years, it becomes a case of when you’re explaining you’re losing.

    • Josephine says:

      i think it was more that kim accused taylor of lying? don’t know, don’t care, but i feel like kim is a slimy, manipulative woman without a conscious and definitely not above bashing other women and others very rarely ever call that out

      • ML says:

        Josephine, This is close to my take. Kim can be pretty awful (how many times has she stolen other people’s ideas?!) and Taylor can be, too. In this instance, Kim defended her husband and Taylor has never gotten over that.

      • Becks1 says:

        I barely followed this when it all happened and now its all a blur in my mind.

        But to answer Dee(2)’s question – no, I don’t think Kim K spends a lot of time talking about Taylor now. I barely follow her besides what my algorithms show me on reels lol (I’m too old for Tiktok) but I feel like if Kim K were bashing Taylor even annually in any platform that would be big news, and I just don’t think she does?

      • Sasha says:

        Kim didn’t accuse Taylor of lying. She released audio from Taylor and Kanye’s conversation that discredited Taylor’s account of events. There was no mud slinging or name calling. As far as I’m aware Kim hasn’t spoken about it since?

      • WiththeAmerican says:

        Kim absolutely threw Taylor under a huge bus and claimed she was lying by standing by a deceptively edited version of that illegally recorded call that was completely discredited when the full version came out (years later) and mocked her.

        That’s not something a good woman’s woman does even in defense of her husband.

        Taylor suffered a lot in those years, I don’t blame her for being bitter and Kim has never owned up to her part. Kim was also ten years older and to do that to a budding young woman singer at that stage in career, which almost ruined her career, is grade A loser material.

        Kim came out and accused Taylor of lying after the full call was released, so yeah, she still manages to get her digs in. This is a woman who is driving Elon’s cyber truck of doom, so Kanye isn’t her only white supremacist.

        People need to see her for who she is.

      • Dee(2) says:

        I made a comment about this but I guess it didn’t make it through moderation. I’ll address your thoughts @Josephine and @WiththeAmerican. I was under the impression in Kaiser seems to agree that Kim was correcting a very specific point. Here’s the thing someone can be all of the things that you both listed about Kim, and still be right in that instance. It’s very difficult for people to see nuance I think if it’s involving a person that they already don’t like. And the fact of the matter is Kim really isn’t mentioning her and it feels like she’s spending more time and energy trying to get her lick back on something that happened years ago than just making peace with somebody getting over on her once. Also I’m going to have to disagree that it almost ruined her career. If I remember correctly this happened in the midst of 1989 tour and her releasing reputation. I can’t find any real evidence that people started smashing her CDs or burning effigies of her that weren’t already inclined. In fact reputation was another record breaker. Seems like she was just embarrassed which fair but that didn’t ruin her career and the fact of the matter is she’s the same age now that Kim was when all of this jumped off so why is Kim wrong but she isn’t for still bringing it up?

      • SCS says:

        I always felt Kim did more than defend her POS husband – she has repeatedly demonstrated she’s willing to throw anyone (especially women) under the bus if it gets her ahead. And I agree Taylor needs to move on but I’m still haunted by my stupid high school bully every now and then so I get it.

    • Sasha says:

      Totally. I actually thought Kim was very restrained and strategic about how she leaked the evidence after Taylor had spent a whole lot of time building her victim narrative and Kanye was getting trashed left and right. I actually thought Kim handled that majestically and Taylor is just EMBARRASSING HERSELF SO BADLY with this stupid &$$ song! The lyrics are ridiculous. It’s such a self own to devote this much airspace to Kim after all these years. You just know Kim smirked as she listened to it and then just carried on living her life.

      • VoominVava says:

        As far as I recall, Kim was the one who started the snake emoji shit and was posting it mocking Taylor and she set her up recording and editing that phone call. Holding that manipulated evidence all while posing for photos with her arms around Taylor at an award show watching Kanye? They made a total fool of her under false pretenses and then Kanye does that AWFUL revenge porn type of video with a naked fake Taylor in it?? It was a terrible time and I felt awful for Taylor. Kim and Kanye are both dicks.

      • Jeanette says:

        VoominVava, thats how I thought things went as well? But I keep seeing that admin disagrees with how it actually went down. I am really curious what I am missing.

  5. Topaz says:

    Oh here we go again!! Me, me, me
    Everyone hurts me smh…just shove it already. Oh Joe kidnapped me and locked me away in London for years, and I thought it was love but oh he made me suffer and cry all the time. Then oh, Matty wasn’t any better because she jumped from an oven into a microwave smh.
    It is clear she is angry with Joe for not marrying her, and she suffered so much but didn’t leave smh. Poor little Taylor, the victim as always in every situation.

    • sevenblue says:

      She is Ross Geller from Friends, just blondie version: “I got tricked into all those things.”

    • Michelle says:

      Wow @topaz you are really upset about this! I wouldn’t take it so seriously.

      Taylor knows her audience. She’s found the magic formula that works to keep her on top.

      • K-Peace says:

        Yes i’m sure Topaz is at home crying and punching walls, they’re so “upset”!😆🙄 What Topaz pointed out is true. Taylor is, at 5 years away from turning 40, still whining about people who (she thinks) “wronged” her years ago and about how she’s always the victim, blah blah blah. And her fans just lap it up, acting like it’s genius-level songwriting, empty their pockets to hand over more & more money to this money-hungry billionaire, and go fight her battles & do her dirty work for her online. (Do all the obsessed fans actually think this billionaire who they’ll probably never even meet, actually cares about them or something?😬) It’s very entertaining to observe, but cringey and rather pathetic how she’s STILL doing the same old stuff in her mid-30s. (But i guess, like you said, she’s found a formula that works to make her money, so she’s sticking with it.) And her bland bubblegum music is very over-rated.

      • VoominVava says:

        But how does it affect you if her fans are paying for the albums and they love the songs? Do you get angry that all of the monsters praise Lady Gaga as a genius and buy every album she puts out? Everyone is so INVESTED in Taylor .. some just love to hate her. No one is forcing anyone to listen to these songs.

        And the ‘formula to make her money’ argument doesn’t hold water. She has built up a huge fan base and they are loyal, but that doesn’t mean every album will be a slam dunk huge hit and there is no guarantee they will be critically acclaimed.
        I give her credit for putting her deepest thoughts, no matter how ridiculous, out there in song form. I may not agree with the way she thinks all the time but I think it takes guts.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m not a Taylor fan, at all, and for the most part not being a taylor fan does not affect my daily life, you’re right.

        But if you ever tell someone that you’re not a taylor fan (I don’t even say “omg she’s the worst” – someone will just say “omg did you listen to her new album?” and I’ll say nah not for me) and they act like I just suggested they sacrifice their first born child or something. so I think that sort of creates a back and forth.

        And finally, posting on a comments section like this doesnt necessarily mean that someone is “invested.” I’m bored at work and its a Friday and its gray and gross outside so here I am, lol.

      • Topaz says:

        @ Michelle I just had a lovely salad for lunch and having an excellent day at work, anger is the furthest thing from my mind. There are days when I catch myself singing a Taylor Swift song (her lyrics are catchy), that’s about it for me with her. She can’t sing, can’t dance and behaves like a teenager. She’s a mean girl who befriends women to use at her convenience in her twee little pleated skirts. I also find it strange that she bashes her exes publicly post relationship, yet during she gives the impression of bliss. She claimed she was loving keeping a low profile in London with Joe, but now it’s not what she wanted. She’s too pretentious for my taste. I’ll await the album about Travis , I’m sure she will say he dragged her to his games and made her fly half way around the world for him. Accountability is not her strong suit.

      • Josephine says:

        I’m with you, Michelle. I don’t get all of the hand-wringing over the lyrics. They are lyrics — tons of creative license, exaggeration and even falsehoods allowed. No one actually knows how she feels about much of anything, but she sure knows how to get people to talk. I’m amused by the vitriol.

    • Get Real says:


  6. Bros says:

    Ive been saying it for over a decade: taylor swift is an immature womanchild who writes crap songs and cant actually sing. I dont know how she has bewitched half the globe. She’s absolutely so annoying and lame, dear diary is so old by now. Her writing is lame and superficial, I don’t see her as any type of modern poet/bard. No. Just no! I cringe when her songs come on with her tin can voice. She’s a hologram of capitalistic consumerism-her management team just cranks a knob and tunes her to the next
    Money-mqking venture in whatever genre du jour is cool. There’s nothing essential about her- she’s a spectral projection of the braying public.

    • Get Real says:

      This is the most accurate, eloquent take I have seen so far.
      “a hologram of capitalistic consumerism.” Brilliant.

      • Bros says:

        She’s an algorithm. She’s an AI-generated pop star being fine tuned to the highest income-generating iteration of herself, replete with mergers and acquisitions (NFL, Kardashians, AMC theaters). She’s an avatar of late capitalism.

    • Ameerah M says:

      Spitting facts on a Friday.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t listen to her music but have heard her songs. She can sing. And I think she even plays instruments.

      As for the lyrics, she has an audience and you disparage all of those young people when you rip apart her lyrics. They are songs, they are not meant to epic odes. They are commercial, and frankly, nothing wrong with a woman in the business hitting it out of the park because she found the formula. I love that we have several huge female stars and I’m not going to require that they become huge commercial successes only through lyrics that others find inspired or creative or genuine or inspirational or whatever the heck it is that you are demanding. She doesn’t have to appeal to you as an “artist.” It’s fine if someone finds something fun, inspiring or relateable in her lyrics.

      • Becks1 says:

        And that’s completely fine if people find her lyrics inspirational or whatever. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

        But the industry has been shoving her down our collective throats for ages now; we’re being told that she is the greatest songwriter of her generation, one of the greatest artists ever (not as a star but as an artist, which are different things.) You only have to look at her AOTY wins over Beyonce’s to understand what I mean.

        So its natural that some people are going to push back against the idea that she’s this genius of a songwriter etc.

    • Sunday says:

      “she’s a hologram of capitalistic consumerism–her management team just cranks a knob and tunes her to the next money-making venture in whatever genre du jour is cool. There’s nothing essential about her- she’s a spectral projection of the braying public.”

      Holy sh*t, PREACH!

    • Grant says:

      She really can’t sing. I saw some live performances and they are DREADFUL. Like … find the note, honey! Her fans argue that she’s improved with time. IDK, I don’t care enough to take another deep dive.

      • Lux says:

        I couldn’t finish the Eras Tour stream because I was so concerned about her voice and how it strains. She pretty much shouted “Willow” (one of my admitted favorites) and I was like, please, no. They could’ve made it a quieter production but it had to be a huge, witchy spectacle. I’m happy for her happy fans, but aside from some Amazon merch for a goddaughter, I’m not inclined to open my wallet for her.

    • Matilda says:

      Olivia Rodrigo is 18, 19 years old and I relate more with her music than 34 year old TS who seems to be partially living in JHS. Travis, don’t think you are immune from future TS songs. I personally like songs that are more universal so everyone can relate to them.

  7. Amyb says:

    You mean the Kim Kardashian who was seen smirking while taking a picture of the naked Taylor Swift wax figure her husband had created and included in a video? The Kim Kardashian who edited a recording that attempted to end Taylor Swift. The woman who had no issue with her husband concerts having him lead a chant of “fuck taylor swift”? Please Kim K deserves to be called out for her bullshit. But it would be nice for them to come to a peace given they both lost it for racist assholes.

    • NotTheOne says:

      last sentence is the best sentence

    • Mcali02 says:

      Yeah people forget all of this. I wouldn’t get over that either but at some point you can’t keep beating a dead horse.

    • GoodWitchGlenda says:

      I like TS and agree with all of this. Kim absolutely deserves criticism for how she behaved, but I also wish Taylor would drop it, publicly at least.

      Also, “I changed your name”….then make sure to spell out Kim in capital letters? Give me a break.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah this. Team No One here.

    • kgeo says:

      Yeah, I’m kind of team no one, but I still carry a grudge against someone who told a lot of people a really terrible twisted version of the the ‘truth’ about me 15 years ago. The trick here is don’t bring it up, let people judge for themselves.
      All that being said, I have a 7 year old daughter, so shake it off is on repeat at the moment, and I don’t hate it.

  8. Neners says:

    Reasons I will never ever ever like Taylor Swift. Like….EVER.

  9. Ameerah M says:

    Kim is living rent-free in her head lol. That is the exact opposite of over it and unbothered. 34 year-old woman still writing and acting like a teenage girl.

  10. Myeh says:

    I’m not into her music. She reminds me of the white women who are nasty to me in day to day interactions asking for my help, opinion, or asking a question and when my answer or action doesn’t align with their expectation they say k thanks byeee in a sweet way while making eye contact with their white counterparts like can you believe someone like me has to put up with someone like her. White tears brown scars by Ruby Hamad is a great read on how and why white women internalize their white supremacy and subject Poc and Woc to racial and gendered harm.

  11. TN Democrat says:

    I detest the Kardashian Klan and generally like Taylor Swift, but really, really wish Taylor would stop focusing energy on any of that mess. Most of it happened nearly a decade ago. Focus the Swifties on denouncing maga(t)s and the orange baboon, please.

  12. Angie says:

    At 34 she’s actually coming up on 20 years. I really thought she’d grown up after the last 3 albums, and despite her really not being a great singer, she clearly has worked hard on developing that skill. I’m not quite a fan but a follower in part bc I’m 15 years older than her and many years older than her audience and so her life lyrics are so far removed from my own – again, last 3 albums much more appealing for that reason. I really thought she had done it, crossed into adulthood, left the burn books behind. But here we are, back again at nonsense. The prescript says self inflicted but the lyrics don’t appear to speak that way at all.

  13. NotSoSocialB says:

    Second song (that i’ve heard); second bomb. I am not impressed so far.

  14. Oi girl says:

    Kim should tweet a plain and simple: “you’re welcome”.

    That would be hilarious

  15. Polly says:

    I’m no fan of Kim Kardashian but all this was YEARS AGO. Bringing it up after all this time feels pointless. Does anyone except Taylor still care?

  16. Mop says:

    I think “Cassandra” is also about Kim and maybe all the Kardashians? Any takes on that? I admit after all the receipts and the re-receipt/altered audio recordings, I don’t recall who came out the “most right(eous).”

  17. Grant says:

    At first, this new album left me kind of cold but some of these lyrics are so absolutely bat-sh!t and unhinged IDK … I’m kinda here for it?

    • VoominVava says:

      LOL . I mean she really let it ALL out didn’t she? But Daddy I love him is especially unhinged. I’m here for it too. Not my favourite album so far, but I do appreciate it. I like her voice in a lot of the songs too. I appreciate when she sings in her lower register.

  18. GrnieWnie says:

    God, celebrities. They have all the wealth, power, and privilege to insulate them from life’s indignities. Yet they think they’re out there suffering like the rest of us from these slights that we all have to bear with zero resources to take the edge off. Wah.

    • VoominVava says:

      Being rich and famous doesn’t cure anyone’s mental health struggles. Everything is larger under a microscope.

      • Kitten says:

        Has Swift ever publicly discussed having mental health issues or is this something we’re just making up?

        And yes a rich mentally-ill person is still better off than a poor mentally-ill person so GrnieWnie is still right: wealth, resources, connections all help to make a person’s life easier.

      • VoominVava says:

        You don’t have to have ‘mental health issues’ to be affected by something mentally. I also said struggles, not issues if that matters. I didn’t say mentally ill at all. Everyone has emotions.

      • VoominVava says:


  19. Nicole says:

    I like it. I think it’s hysterical and it’s about personal growth. *shrug*

  20. KB says:

    Ugh, how does she have fans? She’s so petty.

  21. Kari Pederson says:

    I think Taylor has kinda jumped the shark with this album. I’ve loved her music since 1989 (even most of Midnights) and Folklore especially got me through a tough time but I’m distinctly unenthusiastic about this album. You can do too much and for Taylor, this album is too much. She needs to chill for a couple of years and just enjoy her money.

  22. Mash says:

    One time, long ago, on some other Taylor Swift story (probably about her song Karma) I wrote that Swift was past this and it/they would be low hanging fruit – I was very wrong. What is this almost manic regression in this album? I will admit that I liked a bit under half the songs out of 31 but two of songs I enjoy is specifically because they are so insane they make me laugh.

  23. Latine says:

    Everyone has seen t in action; she know has no one to feud with. I firmly believe that’s why she made up with Katy perry whole still slightly slighting her.

  24. mia says:

    What is going on with Kim in that picture? Looks like the Madam Tussaud version of her. Saw a video of that evening too and she was moving and behaving robotically- people were commenting that it wasn’t really her and with all the identical surgeries out there- she could probably find a doppelganger easily

    • Latine says:

      They use body doubles for instagram pictures. My first thought when I saw the advice photo was it isn’t Kim. She went out last year and I thought that was a double. The person was covering their face. This could very well be a double. Kim doesn’t know what she wasn’t too do bodywise. Until she decides I can see her sending someone else.