The Jolie-Pitts take in a matinee of ‘Mary Poppins’


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to treat their four oldest kids to a Broadway matinee on Sunday. They went to see Mary Poppins, which I hope the kids enjoyed. Personally, Poppins is one of my least favorite musicals or children’s films, although I’ll watch Julie Andrews in anything. I always thought the Jolie-Pitt clan would be more partial to The Sound of Music, but whatever. That was just my theory!

So, anyway, I guess this means that Angelina and Brad and the kids are still in New York, so Angelina still might have a few days more of Salt reshoots, which will be some more great photos. I know it must drive Brad and Angelina crazy, but I love when they’re in New York – there are always more photos of them when they’re staying in New York, probably because the paparazzi are more wily, perhaps?

Pax, Maddox, Shiloh and Zahara all got to go out with their mom and dad in what is turning out to be one of the coldest early winters the East Coast has ever had in my lifetime. Shiloh looks totally over it. And the Huffington Post is identifying Princess Zahara as six years old, but she’ll be turning five years old on January 8 – so happy early birthday to her! Such a big girl! This matinee could be an early birthday present. PopEater says that the theatre’s security had advance knowledge of their appearance, and the security “ushered” them into the performance. There’s also video of the whole thing at PopEater!

Angelina, Brad, Shiloh, Zahara and Pax are all photographed leaving the matinee in New York on January 3, 2010. Credit: Pacific Coast News and WENN.



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  1. Firestarter says:

    Is Brad’s haircolor different?

    I may be alone here, but it was never a treat for me, when I was a child, to be taken to the theater to see a musical. I remember Annie, and NOT fondly!

  2. zxc says:

    Hate them. Sick of them. Overrated white trashes.

  3. anna says:





  4. jennyshimizu says:

    Why do they always wear sunglasses at night? I thought the sun was at the other side when the night came. Dont tell me they were to protect their eyes from flashbulbs because the kids didn’t wear them. Bradley looks a bit alive. Maybe his brother Doug recent visit has slapped some color to his face. And what’s wrong with that woman’s nose? It’s boiling red. Uh, that’s because the cold weather. I thought it was something else. My bad.
    Those girls are too old to be carried around. Why don’t they let them walk on their own feet? What is wrong with these two? Do they think carrying big children around like that will make them look like hands on parents? The way Jolie grabbed her kids that tightly scares me. A cat could be a better mother than that.

  5. YeaRight! says:

    They have back door to these venues, many many stars use it, so they aren’t inundated with the paparrazzi.

    How did these paps know, to stand outside, with their tri-pods set up, to take these pictures?

  6. julia says:

    I don’t understand…
    Why Brangelina carry their girls who are 3 years old in their arms ???

    May be, for showing that they are good parents… Poor couple… They break their back for nothing…

    We don’t believe it !!!

  7. nana says:

    Kaiser,You missed gorgeous pics of shiloh taken on same night. she got close up pics there with her great eyes and lips.

    The family is adorable. LOve them.

  8. Birdie says:

    I love this family, they are really adorable and both Brad and Angelina strive to be good people. It’s so hateful that everyone wants to create a shit-storm around them because of a 5 year old divorce. Some of you people are making gross accusations with no base in reality whatsoever…

    I think there are more paparazzi pictures of the Jolie-Pitts in NYC because its harder for them to hide. In LA there are back entrances and private garages, where as in NYC even if you are chauffeured around in black SUVs you still have to hit the pavement like everyone else. No private celebrity entrances in to restaurants, stores and shows in Manhattan, there isn’t enough room.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    zxc: Hate them. Sick of them. Overrated white trashes.

    Then stay off the thread. It ain’t rocket science.

  10. nana says:

    because paps chase them everywhere, even if they pass through the manhole. every pics of jolie pitts are more expensive than the cameras with tripods.

  11. CC says:

    Aww, how can you hate Mary Poppins? It’s considered one of the best Disney films ever made!

    Anyways, hope they had a good time.

  12. happymom says:

    Do you people who wonder why they’re carrying their children even have kids of your own? They’re surrounded by paparazzi, security, fans and flashing light bulbs-of course they’re going to pick them up so they’re not frightened. Plus-it’s freezing! Jeez. And of course, the publicity from being shown with their children doesn’t hurt either!

  13. Cadiebelle says:

    Oh my gosh – stop being so mean! What is so wrong for a family to take their kids out? This is a good thing!

  14. Jazz says:

    I never felt the Mary Poppins love as a child either.

  15. Kim says:

    Love the Jolie Pitts

  16. Haha love the photos of Shiloh.

  17. teri says:

    Thanks for the new thread on the JP. Love to see this happy family. not often enough. Mary Poppins is a wonderful movie as I’m sure the musical is great too. No denying that this family does alot together as one.

  18. Jessica says:

    He looks like Benecio Del Toro… lol

  19. ahahah says:

    To: jennyshimizu,

    The article says Matinee!

  20. gg says:

    @ firestarter – HA, same here! I hate musicals!

  21. Judy says:

    Both Shiloh and Zahara are extremely beautiful little girls…just breathtaking.

  22. Ang says:

    They pick them up because they are getting crowded by overzealous photographers and onlookers. They are being shoved into their waiting cars. A small child could get knocked down very easily in such a situation. Come on people.Stop looking for excuses to hate.

  23. Venus says:

    The sun is shining in the evening!! What a stupid look.

  24. Anastasia says:

    If I had strangers crowding around me and my child, I’d hold her in my arms, too, until she was old enough that I knew she’d be ok on her own. As they obviously think Zahara is old enough. Shiloh is clearly not–not with hordes of strangers pressing in trying to get their picture.

    Damn, you’d think that would be common sense to understand. It’s just parenting instinct.

  25. Anastasia says:

    It’s a matinee, people. Which means it’s during the day. The photos look night-like because of the flash, but they are going from a dark theater to the sun outside.

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I like musicals OK, but Mary Poppins is just not one of my favorites. LOVED the soundtrack (original cast recording on vinyl at grandmother’s house!) but never really liked the movie. maybe because it was hard to relate to a couple of wealthy British kids who were getting a new nanny since I was an American kid in a working/middle class setting. Nanny? what the heck is THAT?

    as for the carrying the kids, I think it’s wise in this situation. crowds, paps, traffic, etc….there are plenty of pictures where you see all four kids walking and not being carried.

    Those kids ARE adorable, though, and as much as I don’t like to see the paps stalking the kids of celebs, I do like to see pics of these kids because they’re so damn cute.

  27. julia says:

    I don’t understand…
    Why Brangelina carry their girls who are 3 years old in their arms ???

    May be, for showing that they are good parents… Poor couple… They break their back for nothing…

    We don’t believe it !!!

  28. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, “julia”, we heard you the first time.

    and birdie?

    “It’s so hateful that everyone wants to create a shit-storm around them because of a 5 year old divorce.”

    NO ONE mentioned any divorce (or “she who will not be named”) until YOU did. people are allowed to not like this couple regardless of their feelings on Pitt’s ex or how these two got together.

  29. jassy says:

    while another children are surrounded by their family in this month of christmas…

    Angelina Jolie are working… and she are locking their children and their doggy in a hotel in new york …

    Angelina Jolie have all the signs of self-centred, selfishness…

    in less 1 week Angelina Jolie…
    * exhibited her children and her yes-man
    * advertised a musical and a book about afghan girls
    * acted a scene for her next movie $$$…

    Who can think that Angelina Jolie is great mother ? a great women ? a great wife ?

  30. Anak says:

    They must have to work hard to buy such horrible clothes for the kids!

  31. Cheyenne says:

    @ Praise St. Angie!: What other reason can you think of for the shit-storm besides the five year old divorce?

  32. nnn says:

    Horrible clothes or not, i m glad that they are more concerned about effective against the snow and practical type of clothes that anyone can wear, than the cutie stylish clothes type of lets say elit kids would put.

    At least those kids are pretty behave and don’t have the demeanour and taste of thgose rich elitist bratty ones. they have plenty of time to become that

    We never know, some would think that if they actually put those stylish clothes that their parents are making them pretty for a photo op, to whore them out tp the max for the best pic ever. Hell Shiloh who has a pretty set of long hair is covered up.

    We never know how some brains functions if they were put in stylish clothes. Same for the paps. too bad they can’t have perfectly stylish shots of living dolls to sell. Just regularly clothed children.

  33. Praise St. Angie! says:

    gee, cheyenne, I can think of a few reasons.

    all of which have been posted here ad nauseum in response to the cries of “yer just a jenhen!”.

    you’ve been here long enough to know them yourself. if not, go to the archives and read up.

  34. crash2GO2 says:

    Geeze, I’d grab my kid tight too if there were hoards of screaming strangers surging towards me. And I carry my 5 year old daughter sometimes too, if she had a bad day or we just need some extra closeness. And I know my days of being able to carry her are precious and limited. So I do it. So y’all can just bite me. 😉

  35. kikitoya says:

    January 4th, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    I don’t understand…
    Why Brangelina carry their girls who are 3 years old in their arms ???

    May be, for showing that they are good parents… Poor couple… They break their back for nothing…

    We don’t believe it !!!
    What an incredibly hateful comment!

    AJ & BP carry their kids for mobility when they have to get through packs of paparazzi and fans gawking at them and shouting the kids names. It is called protecting your child!! On the video you can hear Pax say “go, go, go” to the paps. Angie would probably have like to have been able to pick him up too.

    Sounds like good parenting to me!

  36. Firestarter says:

    @Praise- You are so right. So tired of people assuming if you make a negative comment about them, you love Jen.

    Not the case. I am not fond of any of the them. I have made both negative and positive comments about the three in the past.

  37. lisa says:

    Great to get to see them out and about. We don’t see them as much as most celebs. So to those who don’t like it. deal..

    the kids are really cute and they are like many of the families at the theater.. taking their kids out. I guess some people expect them and only them to stay locked up.. Well how great that they live their life the way they see fit.. funny just like everyone else.

  38. Goya says:

    Love to see Angie and Brad out with their family. I wish they didn’t have to be subjected to such hate and also to the fans and ratzi who get in their space with cameras.

    I wonder what Angie was supposed to do over Winter Break if her job needed her? Bale?

  39. Solveig says:

    I love her sunglasses.

    *and I think her sunglasses are the most interesting thing in the whole Brangelina threads/cover stories lately*

  40. Emily says:

    I never liked Mary Poppins when I was little, but when I watched it in my teens I loved it.

    I can’t believe the number of people bitching about them carrying their kids. If I had little kids, and there was a crowd of strangers pressing in trying to take photos, I’d probably pick them up, too, of have a very tight grip on their hands!

    @Cheyenne, you do know that you can dislike someone for any number of reasons, right? I, for one, have a deep hatred of James Blunt, but that’s not because of his 5 year old divorce scandal.

  41. WTF?!? says:

    Yay! More photos of the smiling, happy Jolie-Pitt kids!
    Oh, no, wait… they’re not happy *or* smiling. Again.

    Never mind.

  42. crash2GO2 says:

    @WTF?!?; why would they be smiling and happy at flashbulbs going off in their faces?

    Seriously, my little girl is a total ham. She sees a camera, and I can’t get her to stop smiling, flirting and posing. But she is pretty unusual. Most kids don’t really care to have their photos taken and won’t smile unless they are being told to, and somehow I doubt Brangelina are into drilling ‘fan skills’ into their little ones at this tender age.

  43. jennyshimizu says:

    I didnt even think for a nano second about the 5 year old divorce until somebody mentioned it here. Maybe it is their fans who can’t let go the past. Once again, 5 year old child is heavy. Carrying around children that age will harm her anorexic back bone. I also remember the last thread, they still carried Pax around. How old is he again? 6, 7? These people are so overrated and transparent. And why is jolie transforming to james haven? First I saw this pic, I seriously thought it was haven’s. Did she have something done again with her jawline? She looks more like her wax figure in Madame Tussaud museum everyday.

  44. snowball says:

    The kids look pretty well-adjusted, Empress Zahara still looks like she’d shank you (love her!) and the rest of the kids look fine too. In spite of all the money they could dump on their kids’ wardrobes, they look like they wear the kind of stuff my kid did when he was that age.

    I may think Angelina’s done some skanky things that I’m a prude about, but she and Brad seem to love their kids and at least attempt to do normal things with them, which can’t be easy considering who they are.

    I’m firmly on Team Jen, just ’cause I like her, so this may be the first time I make a post defending Angelina about anything. This barf about her locking her kids in the hotel (really, where’s Brad then?) is just stupid. And this –

    @jassy – “Who can think that Angelina Jolie is great mother ? a great women ? a great wife ?”

    I think she’s probably a good mom. A great woman? She’s done some good things, whether you want to debate about whether they’re for publicity or not, at least she’s giving something. A great wife? Last time, I checked, she wasn’t one. But a good partner to Brad? She probably is.

  45. Goddess711 says:

    Are Anna and Julia the same twits? Weren’t similar posters kicked off not too long ago?

    Shiloh’s adorable.

  46. Rosalee says:

    no one could possibly get close enough to the Jolie/Pitt children, they have large, bulging bodyguards who physically remove people who get too close and this includes the camera snapping crowd. There is no reason for these two healthy girls to be carried except for photo ops..yep, if there is negative news you can time the family friendly appearances. No Jen hen just not blinded by the glow of Brangie’s halo..

  47. Cheyenne says:

    @ Praise St. Angie!: Sorry, but the “few reasons” you can think of don’t seem to apply to other couples who do exactly the same things the Jolie-Pitts are doing.

    Good ole double standard…

  48. SageAdvice says:

    I think it’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen to have video of a family coming out of a theater. Photograph and video the parents if you must, but children should always be off-limits.

    And it is absolutely sick that some of you are always up for another Brangelina thread showing their children to the world and saying things about their children as though you know these people.

    It’s weird, to say the very least.

  49. SageAdvice says:

    Chey Chey, there are plenty of reasons why someone would dislike this couple other than the 5 year old divorce.

    I can think of a couple now (seeing as I’m clearly not a fan of either of them) that have nothing to do with She Who Must Not Be Named.

  50. WTF?!? says:

    I don’t fault them carrying the kids in a post-theatre crowd, but those children are almost never seen on their own feet.

  51. sandy says:

    love this loving family.

  52. javelin says:

    You know, I look at the glossy Brangelina image and what strikes me is Brad’s beard. It seems like an act of defiance. A cry for help, perhaps. I hope when they split he gets to keep Pax.

  53. Lia says:

    I was just wondering if the Pitt-Jolie kids behaved so that everyone else at the theater could enjoy the show, or were they their reported awful selves? Hopefully, they have been taught theater etiquette, and hopefully, they had a nice time as a family. As for carrying the girls around, I’d be afraid that someone would grab one of them, so I would carry them around, too!

  54. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Sorry, but the “few reasons” you can think of don’t seem to apply to other couples who do exactly the same things the Jolie-Pitts are doing.”

    oh, so now you’re a mind reader? you know what I’m thinking?

    pray do tell, what “reasons” was I thinking of? and to what other couples have I not “applied” those reasons?

    I’ll wait.

  55. YAY! says:

    Wow why so negative comment about Angelina and Brad carrying their kids?? Wouldn’t you even w/ Bodyguards you can totally see in the video that the papz are aggresive in their quest to get a photo.. you’re not Brad and Angelina and you don’t know how it is when these paparazi is rushing in to get pictures of, so STFU hags!

  56. PigskinMama says:

    It’s funny how the whole family color-coordinates their clothes. I guess I would too if everytime I stepped out the door it was a photo op.

  57. jayem says:

    Shiloh looks JUST like Brad in these pictures. She’s even making the same faces. So cute!

  58. Morgs says:

    Does anyone know how Angie Jo did her scarf like that? It looks awesome.

  59. Elise says:

    I agree w/ Cheyenne–the Jolie_pitts
    aren’t doing anything remotely bad here, but the people obsessively bashing them are acting like they are the worst parents in the world. Must be something really wrong in your life if you have to constantly spew negative comments about someone for the slightest perceived infraction. Sad, really.

  60. jassy says:

    a good mother protects their children.
    a good mother does not expose her children to make her pub.
    a good mother does not tell her private life in the newspapers or on tv show.
    a good and very rich mother does not close 6 children in a hotel suite in new york to work.
    And finally, a good woman does not steal the husband of another.
    All this is sad.