Naomi Watts is probably not pregnant

Naomi Watts has not been seen out in a form-fitting top in ages, and we’ve been guessing she’s pregnant. She even wore a loose top to the press conference announcing her new role as an AIDS envoy for the UN.

Reader Millie, a Naomi Watts expert, has said that she doesn’t think Watts is pregnant.

We got all excited when we saw this People Startracks photo today, (inset) because it really looks like Naomi has a baby bump.

It turns out the wind was just blowing her top out, because when you look at the HQs you can see her stomach through the fabric and it’s perfectly flat. She doesn’t seem to be wearing an engagement ring, which Schreiber was rumored to have bought her, either. Oh well.

Watts is still with Liev Schreiber, though, and they look quite happy together. That’s something.

Here they are out in Tribeca, NYC on 5/16.

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  1. Angelika says:

    I think Naomi Watts is such a natural beauty.. And I don’t know why, but there’s something about Liev Schreiber that’s amazingly HOT and SEXY 😉 Naomi used to be with Heath Ledger, right? When they dated, I always thought she seemed pretty cold and arrogant, but now she looks so happy and pretty with Liev =) And she’s obviously doing a great job for charity and seems to be a great person!

  2. celebitchy says:

    She does seem like a nice person! Heath seemed like kind of a jerk at the time she dated him, but he seems to have changed for the better in his latest relationship too.

  3. Angelika says:

    Yeah, I think Naomi and Heath just didn’t fit that well – she was much older, too, and they simply didn’t seem to be very happy. Their kissing always seemed pretty unnatural!

    Heath looks so incredibly happy with Michelle now, and Naomi and Liev are a beautiful power couple =) I’m glad that they’re both happy in their current relationships now!

  4. millie says:

    Thank you for the pix and the comments! I’m no “Naomi expert” (LOL) but I was SO convinced she was pregnant before, mainly because, I think, she put on a little weight now that she’s not filming and probably wants to get pregnant. Plus all those quasi-maternity tops threw me off. After seeing pix of her drinking wine and hearing about her eating sushi, however, I’m pretty convinced she’s not (YET) pregnant. I agree that she’s naturally very pretty and I like that she doesn’t use botox to get rid of every line, like her friend Nicole. I vastly prefer Liev to Heath–I’ve seen his movies and he’s a really talented actor, with an incredibly sexy voice (he narrates for Nova and Discovery a lot) and very masculine looking. I hear that he’s even much better and hotter looking in person. Definitely more charismatic than Heath, who, imo, was just a boy when Naomi dated him. Naomi looks very happy with Liev who seems to enjoy the photogs and the spotlight a bit more lately. He’s going to have to get used to it if they get married. I kind of get a feeling that they’re privately engaged, but she won’t wear the ring until she makes it official to avoid more speculation in the press. If you want to see a good Liev movie, rent A Walk On The Moon with Diane Lane and Viggo Mortensen. Liev is wonderful in it (he plays her husband) and it’s just a very sweet and good movie. Liev said in an interview that he “found himself taking his shirt off a lot” in the movie, trying to keep up with Viggo who “pretty much cornered the market on animal magnetism” there.. I still liked him better than Viggo 🙂

  5. millie says:

    P.S. Another reason why I like Liev is that he has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Heath always struck me as someone very insecure and very much on the defensive.

  6. celebitchy says:

    Heath was young at the time he was with Naomi, so that probably explains why he was insecure. Now that you are saying all these nice things about Liev he is looking a lot hotter to me. There is something really masculine about him, like he’s a take-charge kind of guy. I will rent that movie – thanks for recommending it!

    They look really happy together and it is a contrast to earlier pictures where they’re trying to hide from the paps.