Heather Locklear & David Spade have split; Richards & Sambora have not

I never believed these two were a couple, because there was only one report of them going out to dinner and kissing that got repeated a couple weeks after it first came out. Other than that there wasn’t much evidence and no pictures, although Spade did defend Locklear to the press by saying that “She’s still nursing the knife wound in her back” [from Denise Richards] He also did a dumb skit on his show about it, using paper dolls to pretend that Richards apologized for saying he dated Locklear before she split up with her estranged husband, Richie Sambora (video below.)

MSNBC’s “The Scoop” is reporting the relationship between Spade and Locklear is over:

The actor’s rebound romance with Heather Locklear has ended, according to In Touch Weekly. The star of “The Showbiz Show” hooked up with Locklear after her split from rocker hubby Richie Sambora, and reportedly “isn’t happy” about the split.

“Heather isn’t in a rush to get into another serious relationship,” a “pal” told the mag. Her spokeswoman didn’t respond to The Scoop’s request for comment.

Locklear’s ex, Richie Sambora, is still dating his neighbor Denise Richards, despite reports that the two have broken up. Richard’s rep confirmed that they’re still together and said that Sambora’s recent comment at a Bon Jovi gig in Germany, in which he claimed to be “Single and ready to party” was just part of his rock-star personae.

Now Richards is flying to Europe to join Sambora while he’s on tour.

The actress will fly to Dublin, Ireland. where Sambora is set to perform with Bon Jovi on Saturday on their “Have A Nice Day” tour.

Richards’ representative hit out at reports the couple have broken-up insisting, “Denise and Richie are still together.” A source tells Us Weekly the actress will leave her two young children, Sam, two, and Lola, 11 months, with her parents while she goes on the trip.

Bon Jovi have a break after their show in Dublin and the couple will reportedly spend a romantic weekend together in Europe. Richards recently reached an agreement with estranged husband Charlie Sheen, extending her temporary restraining order against the actor.

That sounds kind of desperate and we’ve joined team Sheen in the Richards/Sheen divorce battle. With the latest news that Richards is starting her own children’s clothing line to directly compete with her husband’s business venture, she’s clearly out to get him. Plus, whose rep ever confirms a rebound relationship? That’s just lame.

As for Sambora and Locklear, we’re not sure who to root for because it doesn’t seem like anyone is at fault. Denise Richards can take the blame there as well.

Here’s Spade doing his dumb skit in which he pretends to talk to Denise Richards, using paper dolls to act it out:

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  1. millie says:

    I’m not on Sheen team (I think he’s despicable, no matter what’s going on with her), but she’s definitely losing ground in this battle, making desperate and pathetic moves. Her affair with Richie was a truly disastrous idea, given her frienship with Heather.. what a skank to do it to her best friend. I don’t care if Heather and Richie were already on the outs.. it’s just bad taste, bad timing. Richie really looks like a tool and Denise is just dumb as a rock. I still believe most of her allegations about Charlie, I just think that she could have handled everything so much better. Honestly, it’s like she totally lost her mind.

  2. celebitchy says:

    It’s probably true that Sheen is a conspiracy theorist, and he clearly likes hookers and porn. He’s entitled to his opinion about things, and I doubt he spent as much time on it or was as obsessed with it as Richards alledges. He probably wasn’t a great husband, but he probably wasn’t as bad as Richards made him out to be. She does seem dumb as anything, and now that she’s chasing after Sambora and releasing her own kid’s clothing line I just don’t trust the crap she said about Sheen. It seems like she timed it to interfere with his clothing launch too. Richie seems like a dupe, you’re right. I haven’t covered this much because I’ve been kind of sick of it and I don’t think these people deserve to be paid much attention to.