Nick Lachey wants a quick divorce and an $8 million settlement

Nick Lachey is said to want a quick divorce from Jessica Simpson, and is asking for an $8 million settlement that will help him get out of debt and keep his property:

Nick Lachey is demanding $8 million from Jessica Simpson in exchange for ending their marriage quickly reports The National Enquirer.

Nick fears he’s facing financial ruin — unless Jessica bails him out with a quickie divorce settlement!

Insiders say he’s so desperate for dough, he’s willing to take a 40/60 split of the couple’s assets — instead of California’s customary 50/50 deal — if Jessica signs off soon on their three-year marriage.

“Nick is so worried that he’s asked his lawyer to set up an emergency meeting with Jessica’s attorney for some time this month to resolve this quickly” revealed an insider.

“Jessica’s stalling because she knows that the lawsuits filed against her could prove to be a problem.”

Sources say if Nick doesn’t strike the settlement deal soon he may lose both his $5 million Bel Air mansion, plus the $3.5 million condo he’s now building in Vegas.

Star Magazine speculates that Nick may want out of the marriage quickly so that he’ll be free to date Jessica’s ex-assistant Cacee Cobb.

There doesn’t seem to be much truth in reports that Nick and Cacee are an item, though. They were seen talking for a 1/2 hour at a club, but they’re old friends. People quotes a source that denies that they’re an item, and we’re inclined to agree.

Nick recently said the he can’t imagine not getting married again, but that just seems to be the type of guy he is, and he probably doesn’t have anyone in mind. He was said to have flirted with plenty of women at his CD release party.

It seems like Nick’s push to divorce Jessica is all about money.

Here is Jessica in NY on May 12th, [via]

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