Gerard Butler shows off his gut & moobs in Barbados


Just shoot me now. I can’t believe my future husband, my immortal beloved, my one and only, has let himself go. I mean, sure, I’d still hit it. Over and over. But I would be disappointed, you know? Anyway, these are photos of Gerard Butler over the weekend enjoying some sun and surf in Barbados. I swear, in some of these photos Gerard looks like Jack Nicholson on a bad day. Why oh why does Gerard look like this? He has moobs. And a really big gut. Well… at least I know my love likes to eat.

Only three years ago he was the hunky Spartan whose rippling torso caused an excitable frenzy among millions of women. But Gerard Butler appears to have succumbed to the calorific excesses of the Christmas period and alarmingly piled on the pounds.

Butler, 40, was snapped on the beach in Barbados yesterday enjoying a warm and sunny start to the New Year after spending the Christmas period skiing in Aspen and a cold New Year’s Eve in New York. But long gone is the taut and toned abdomen he showed off with pride in the film 300, and in its place is a flabby big belly that hung over his swimming shorts.

In a pair of loud pink patterned shorts, he wandered down to the ocean’s edge with a female friend for a dip and there was no denying the paunch that hung over the top of his trunks.

It was certainly a far cry from his role as muscular Spartan King Leonidas in 300, the film adaptation of the graphic novel, in which Gerard’s Leonidas go to war against the Persians. But the only battle Gerard will soon have on his hands will be one with the treadmill.

The actor will surely be ordered to get back in shape ahead of international promotional work for his upcoming films. However, for now he’s letting it all hang out – quite literally – on the Caribbean island with some friends, as he spent his first day of his holiday relaxing on the beach.

But he seemed a little embarrassed to be caught by the paparazzi as he made his way back to his resort and rubbed himself dry.

Gerard will be making the most of his island break before he gears himself up for work again, with the release of his new film The Bounty Hunter, which is released on March 19th and also stars Jennifer Aniston.

The pair, who were romantically linked while shooting the film, play a former married couple who are reunited after Gerard’s bounty hunter character learns that his next target is his journalist ex-wife, played by Aniston.

His last film was Law Abiding Citizen, which came out in October and told the story of a man who seeks revenge on the men who killed his family and the criminal justice system.

Last month, Gerard was nominated alongside Susan Boyle, Andy Murray, Chris Hoy and Gordon Brown as a contender for the Scot of the Year crown which will be announced on Burn’s Night on January 25.

[From The Daily Mail]

See, I can tease Gerard about his gut because I love him. But when I hear other people making fun of his appearance, I feel the need to defend him. Sure, he’s out of shape. But it’s not the end of the world. He’s still lovely, right? Or he will be when he stops sucking down pasta and chocolate and actually steps inside a gym for a few days. Sigh… I still love him.

Gerard Butler in Barbados on January 3, 2010. Credit: INF/BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM. Additional promotional photo of Gerard back in his ‘300‘ days courtesy of WENN.


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  1. LolaBella says:

    Ugh. He is not attractive and is over rated.

  2. Popcorny says:

    That’s not Gerard Butler, that’s my plumber flaunting his riches after over-charging me.
    That bastard!

  3. Angel says:

    I love me some Butler but this is just yuck. Nothing wrong with letting yourself go a little bit during the holidays, the guy isn’t working but come on. He went to barbados where half of the celebs are hanging these days and if he didn’t call the paps himself, he knew there was a great chance of being photographed… and he still chose to sport the moobs, the lasagna belly and those God awful shorts. WTF??? He wouldn’t look half as bad if he wore something more flattering. G is on probation as far as my dreamfu-cksthatarenevergonnahappenbutstillwish list goes.

  4. Kelly says:

    You’d still hit it? More like it would still hit you…that gut slapping you over and over and over…


  5. sonola trip says:

    He looks like he’s in his second trimester. I believe congratulations are in order:

    1) For the impending arrival of a baby Butler.

    2) For his unique ability to find swim trunks as pink as his skin and ….

    3) For killing every sexual fantasy I’ve ever had about him.

    Hope mother and baby are doing fine. I’m going to go throw up now.

  6. anna says:

    take your pick:

    a)He knew he’d be papped and is gonna play victim on the next interview about how unfair it is in HW when ppl expect u to be in shape all the time
    b)He deliberately chose to go there(and aspen!)where a lot of celebs are but still isn’t worried much. Bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.
    c)He doesn’t give a sh!t and is just enjoying himself

  7. wow says:

    Forget the weight, I can’t get past the shorts.

    He still rocks though on a whole because his actions basically says he just don’t give a flying f&*K. He may be like Renee Zellweger. SHe canbring on the punds for a movie role and drop it soon afterwards. He probably falls into that category.

  8. Firestarter says:


    He is just gross. Plain and simple.

  9. Telly says:


  10. pd says:

    he is gross. never been hot and he has a wierd way of speaking out of the side of his mouth.

  11. Tammy K/ says:

    I do not understand why women find him attractive. Pd is right he speaks in a weird way out of one side of his mouth.

  12. Solveig says:

    Yes, he’s still lovely and I love him too… But, you know, I’m undecided, should I dislike more his bloating guts or the pink swimsuit he’s wearing?

  13. KateNonymous says:

    I have never gotten the attraction.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    Dang, he needs to change his name to Shamu. He looks like a beached whale.

  15. Peach says:

    I go outside. I see girls walking around absolutly content with guys half this attractive, if that.
    In fact, I’d be willing to wager plenty of readers here have hubbys/boyfriends with a bit of a belly.

    Oh and also, I don’t care. I would TOTALLY hit that.

    Snark aside? I’ve dated men with 6 pack abs. I don’t find them comfortable to snuggle with. Yes, they are fine. But the hardness is not appealing to me on a cold night. Bring on the pooch. It’s soft and warm and I enjoy.

  16. nikki says:

    he eats the same diet than Leo Dicaprio this day!!? pretty thin girlfriend and fat ass

  17. Larissa says:

    I for one always quite understood the attraction…he had a ripped bod combined with the most amazing captvating eyes
    so what was there not to be attracted to?

    what women find attractive nowadays after all? keeps me wondering!

  18. Firestarter says:

    Special effects people! He was thinner and in better form in 300, but they also used special effects to make him even more ripped.

  19. Cadiebelle says:

    I don’t mind real men carrying some weight – but, BUTTler is an actor, paid BIG bucks to look good. Even at his best weight he has a tendency to look bloated and moon faced. I hate the double standard in Hollywood – women have to be anorexic, men can just be big fat pigs. And Gerry isn’t even a good actor.

  20. Miss Thang says:

    I hope this post sticks in the memories of everyone who complains about women’s weight being criticized!

    Gerard is not built like the regular thin guy you see with flat abs. Even when his abs are toned they stick out like a bumpy gut. It’s just the way he’s built. He has a great deal of natural muscle. My husband is built the same way. He can shape up in no time and look fantastic, but when he lets himself go a layer of fat forms around all those muscles and he looks heavier than he really his.
    That gut is not all fat, I bet it’s actually quite hard beneath a small layer of fat.
    If you like Gerry then you know that he doesn’t like working out. He is always saying in interviews that he doesn’t care what he looks like until he has to appear naked in a film.
    I think he’s a beautiful man no matter what shape hes in. Fit does not equal attractive to me.

  21. journey says:

    i’m sure it’s all just a plot, Kaiser, he paunched out, put it on view for all to see, then after all his fair weather fans and the paps write him off he’ll sneak into a gym, put himself on a strict dietary regimen, and when he’s once again a smokin’ hot scorching scot, he’ll ride in and swoop the one true love of his life off her feet, that’s you, Kaiser, and carry you off to a private little love nest on the shores of scotland! (and it’ll turn out that the only reason he agreed to do the aniston bounty hunter movie was because they agreed to pay him enough that the two of you can live happy and wealthy forever and ever amen on the hollywood largesse!)

  22. Rose says:

    “That gut is not all fat, I bet it’s actually quite hard beneath a small layer of fat.”

    He’s over weight. Not all fat, just over weight and out of shape. Not a good look for a lead actor.

  23. glowkey says:

    @Firestarter: special FX to get him to appear more ripped in “300”? This was one of the things that was repeatedly shot down by nearly everyone associated with the film…where’s the proof that CGI or other FX were used to specifically get him to look the way he did, rather than that being his actual body as a result of constantly working out?

  24. Cheyenne says:

    I think those ripped abs in “300” were due to a hefty dose of steroids.

  25. Kaye says:

    I think he looks like a bazillion other 40 year old men. He’s not that fat. He’s just aging pretty normally. Not everyone can be Madonna. I’m very “meh” on Gerard Butler in general, but I loath the way bodies get scrutinized in the press. I’m sure he’ll shape up for his next movie role if he needs to.

  26. Solveig says:

    @glowkey, you’re right. He’s got a well defined body in Tomb Raider II too.

  27. Firestarter says:

    Oh please, you all really believe that Butler looked like that IRL w/out the benefit of special effects? Look at the movie! My god, the King of Persia was NOT really 9 feet tall, all the warriors were not real, but hey Butler was. Yeah right. If he was so buff, where are all the photos of him during the period of 300 where he looks like that? I have seen him thinner, but he has never had the body that he had in 300.

    Keep on believing that, and I have some lovely beach front property in Phoenix I am dying to sell for dirt cheap, care to buy it?

  28. anna says:

    firestarter, there are actually tons of photos and videos on youtube that show behind the scenes on 300, interviews and his training and believe it or not.. he DID look like that.
    It’s just sad he let himself go like this. I’m not saying the 300 body should be kept cause that was a lot of work but this is a mess mr. butler.

  29. I could watch the 300 every single day forever & never get tired of the men in leather panties, but all those dudes had airbrushed abs, regardless of being in peak physical condition.

  30. Solveig says:

    Firestarter, it is obvious that he looked that way ’cause of special effects, especially considering the fact that the whole movie was a special effect, few things were real in 300 and everything was excessive.
    But it’s also obvious that he can have a great body if he exercises again. You can check it in Tomb Raider 2 (but don’t do it for God’s sake, it’s a bad movie).

  31. Firestarter says:

    Folks, I never said he wasn’t in better shape at one time, I simply commented that his body was not all his body in 300.

    I have seen pictures of him and he never looked the way he did in the movie. Just my opinion.

    Solveig- I am sorry to say, I have seen TR2. Yes, he did look better there.

  32. Catherine says:

    Sorry, but I think he is still adorable. Besides has anyone been to a beach lately? There are some serious fat asses that would make this man look positively anorexic.

  33. morgs says:

    He did crossfit to get in shape for 300. check out the workouts on YouTube. They are hard core. Most crossfitters only do one workout a day, those guys were training for hours a day to look that awesome. Crossfit is no joke.

  34. Ophelia says:

    He definitely looked like that in 300. He was ripped. But, I admit, I prefer the soft bellied guys. I think it’s sexy when a guy is confident enough to let himself go a bit and then walk around like nothing happened. Confidence is everything really. God it must suck to be a guy. I don’t know though, maybe guys want confident girls too. I’ve been faking confident for a while just to see how I’d feel, and my husband seems to like it. Strange side effect: I actually got more confident. Anyway, point is, I totally get it, Kaiser.

  35. snowball says:

    He looks like a real guy. He’s admitted that he has a tendency to let it all go when he’s not working (was it on Leno?) and he looks like the kind of guy who’s probably burly rather than sculpted anyway.

    The moobs I’m sort of meh on, but it is true that once you’ve built them up, if you let them go and get chubby, you get moobs. Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I’d hit it, even with those revolting shorts.

    And on the other hand, below him is Jason Statham. Hot body, but he’s a midget and it looks like all the hair that doesn’t grow on his head has been transferred to his face. That’s some seriously out of control scruffiness. As hot as he can be in his movies, I would rather have Gerard as is.

  36. Karen says:

    @pd & Sammy K/ : Oh my god right? I have always found the way he chews on/ speaks out of the side of his mouth to be so annoying! Perhaps he chews? Anyway he is an awful actor and pretty unattractive. I don’t understand the appeal AT ALL.

  37. Laurrie says:

    He is paunchy, pasty and, generally, mediocre.

  38. Shannon says:

    Well good for him, clearly he’s eating more than a cracker at every meal. If this were a female celeb being called fat, we’d all be up in arms over it. I don’t see how him being a man makes it any different. It’s not like the guy is fat, just a bit squishy. Squishy is perfect for cuddling. I’m not going to call him hot, but I didn’t think he was attractive with ripped abs either. Nothing to do with his body, I just don’t like his face.

  39. SageAdvice says:

    He’s chunky. I don’t like chunky on guys or gals. If you are overweight, to me, you look unhealthy and unattractive.

    It doesn’t matter that there are millions of obese people in this world who make him look small. He’s not small.

    A “real” body is not a fat or overweight body. I am so tired of hearing and reading that. The average person is overweight or fat. All people are real people. I don’t know of any humanoid robots among us, so stop it with that nonsense.

    A “real” person is not someone who isn’t a celebrity. Celebrities are “real” people too. They tend to be in better shape than the average (not “real”) person because they have access to trainers and better food choices.

  40. Goddess711 says:

    MmmmmMMMH! More t’love! He’s still Gerard and I love me my Gerard Butler! Yum!
    Guaranteed this is just one of those “guy things” with the metabolism that will burn off any excess he’s got going on for the next movie. Kinda unfortunate really, I love him looking “real”.

  41. dovesgate says:

    May I be the peanut butter in a Gerard Butler/Jason Statham sandwich please?!

    He’s not as ripped as he was but he’s probably one of those lucky men who can spend a week in the gym and look freakin’ amazing.

  42. glowkey says:

    @Firestarter – well, DUH, the King of Persia was not 9 feet tall.

    We’re not talking about special FX being used to make someone’s height appear much bigger, etc., etc. As I said, WHERE is the proof that CGI or other FX were used SPECIFICALLY to make Gerard’s body look more buffed than he actually would have appeared in any behind-the-scenes footage or other photos? He has said himself that it was all him – not saying he couldn’t have lied, but that’s not at issue right now.

    Just answer the question instead of throwing around tired cliches…?

  43. j. ferber says:

    Shannon, But “squishy” sounds even worse than fat (LOL). Yuck. But I agree, he is squishy. I have NO idea what anyone sees in him.

  44. p3rp3tu4 says:


  45. Babalon says:

    They used prosthetic devices for the abs in 300. Sorry, it’s true.

    He’ll tighten up, don’t worry.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    This is what he looks like off steroids. No big mystery to it.

  47. MeowMeow says:

    Um I will take his gut and moobs anyday. That dude is HAWT.

  48. PigskinMama says:

    Why is this pudge always being shoved down our throats.

  49. MooMooMooMooMoo says:

    EW how can you want this?! You all need to head over to to read about his rudeness & how he treats women. He’s a PIG. He’d probably let you suck his dick, just so he could cum on your face and kick you straight out the door.

  50. Frank says:

    Face it, he used steroids to get in shape for 300, and this is what he normally looks like.

  51. t-rae says:

    Lard Gerard!

  52. Judith says:

    Photos can make anyone look fat and/or unattractive. Even with a little extra weight Gerry still looks good to me! Those who say they can’t see his appeal must not have seen any of his movies. He’s a great actor and a man who loves (and LIKES) women. The men who make these snide comments about Gerry secretly would kill if they could BE Gerry today.

  53. Nikki says:

    Dang. Ya’ll are so shallow. He may be a mega star, but he is still a person. Think about your dads. Do they look like a hot hollywood star? Didn’t think so. (Sorry to those dads who do look great). But seriously, he’s a regular person.

  54. charoula66 says:

    Ilove Gerry as he was,because i believe to him…I think now with more kilos more Gerry feel like us,now he is just…Gerry not the famous GERALD BUTLER…Now he is real Gerry is his self,and we love him always as he is…

  55. Jen says:

    I actually like him overweight cos:
    1) His pot belly somehow looks sexy.
    2) There’s more to his body!
    3) His trunks are tighter as you can see in pic 4 and his crack is visible.
    4) His flabby rump will get bigger and beefier and fatter and rounder.
    😀 😀 😀

  56. Green Is Good says:

    I don’t understand getting yourself into great shape, and then pissing it down the toilet.

    I don’t think he should be have to be in his epic 300 shape. I read the Men’s Health article. Gerry and the other hotties in that movie had to bust their asses to look that smoking hot. But this is plain unhealthy. He’s only 40 years-old. This is the time when he should be caring for his body as the shrine one’s body is.

    Just saying. The guy is talented and good-looking. Don’t f*ck with your obvious assets.

  57. Sandie says:

    Okay, back off people. He’s still an amazing guy.
    1) The Abs were REAL in 300, he trained 4 to 6 hours a day to look like that. No Prosthetics people!
    2) He talks like he does with the mouth affectation because he is partially deaf in one ear and his lips crook up because he’s trying to listen as well
    3) Give the guy a break, he likes to eat, and he’s a real man, not a HW stereotype
    4) Are all of you perfect???
    5) He’s one of the nicest guys out there, always reaching out to his fans, and to help others.
    6) To me, he’s still hot.

  58. verlup says:

    I’d still hit it too, I LOVE HIM! He’s still so damn cute and I’m sure he’ll lose it all and be back to his studly old self again soon enough.

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