Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel are engaged, maybe


One month ago, Marilyn Manson announced in an interview that he and Evan Rachel Wood were back together. Evan and Marilyn have a tortured (and torturing) history together and apart (you can go here for a summary), and most people’s reactions when learning of their reunion was along the lines of “Dear God, that poor girl… what’s wrong with her? What’s wrong with him? Mother of…” I’m just paraphrasing. The most recent guy that ERW had been connected to was Alexander Skarsgard, so I have no idea what is going through her mind at this point.

Goth rocker Marilyn Manson, 41 today, has proposed to his actress girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.

The singer – the ex of burlesque pin-up Dita Von Teese – proposed on stage in Paris on Monday night.

A delighted Evan, 22, said: “Yes!” Imagine what a show the wedding will be…

[From The Mirror]

And the transformation of ERW to Dita Von Teese will be complete once ERW wears a purple Vivienne Westwood as a wedding dress, and then divorces Marilyn only months later. Seriously. It will be like that Alfred Hitchcock movie Rebecca, and ERW will walk around, starring at haunting photos and paintings of Dita. Also, isn’t proposing on stage totally cheesy? I would think Marilyn would be too “cool” for something like that.

Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson in Germany on April 22, 2007. Credit: WENN.

Special Screening Of "Across The Universe" - After Party

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  1. Anna says:

    Kaiser, I hate to admit it, because I love MM (ERW, not so much), but that is a very astute and wonderfully cinematic observation you made there at the end. I think that while ERW is not too young to be dating Marilyn Manson, she’s entirely too young to be getting hitched, in general. What’s the rush with people these days? And I agree, I think that her transforming into a not-so-sizzling Dita is weird and will not benefit her in the long run. Changing for a guy never does. As much as I wish Marilyn Manson happiness in life, I don’t see this being for keeps.

  2. bella says:

    I tend to agree with you, Kaiser & Anna:

    A woman should be secure enough in who she is that she does not feel she has to change (or morph into someone else entirely, as it appears in this case) for a man. Changing an unhealthy habit or “fault” out of love for someone is one thing; morphing into someone you are not is a whole other issue, and unhealthy in and of itself.

  3. Dorothy says:

    He has not done anything interesting in years (IMO) and his creep factor is off the charts! He says crazy shit just to be in the papers and remain in people mind.

    But really he is just some middle aged goth dork who is desperately trying to be different. I actually feel sorry for him and when I think of how his life must be I feel sorry for him.

    Oh and what is that crazy bitch (ERW) thinking????

  4. Jazz says:

    Ewwww, just ewwww.

  5. Goddess711 says:

    That’s great! Now we can stop hearing how suicidal he is without her. That might be why she said “yes” as well. She’s young and might feel pressured to be with the freak if he pulls his “I’ll kill myself if you leave me!” routine. UGH! Poor kid. If that’s all she’s got to look forward to at 22?

  6. Firestarter says:

    Good for them. Two yuckos together.

  7. LolaBella says:

    Hey, if this keeps her away from my Alexander Skarsgard, I’m all for it!

    Now if I can just convince Alan Ball to fire her from True Blood (she SUCKS as Queen Sophie!)…that would make me even happier.

  8. Gwen says:

    @LolaBella: I totally agree on both points. AB should rush some of the storylines, then all would be good..

  9. hatsumomo says:

    Well ladies, to play the devil’s advocate here, how do YOU know Alex didn’t do something to ERW to scare the hell out of her straight back to MM? I’m just saying beautiful people arent all they’re cracked up to be.

    whatever Congrats to them I guess. They better have a fricking awesome ass wedding!

    And one more note, My man and I just dwnldd MM’s new album and it sucks balls. I really am beginning to believe his creative streak is over.

  10. Marty says:

    Congratulations to the both of them. They are both awesomely talented people. I hope they have more kids then the octo-mom!

  11. Firestarter says:

    I am still dubious that ERW and Alex were an item.

    Date, maybe, but nothing serious. That is what I prefer to believe!

  12. Tammy K/ says:

    Didn’t he say in an interview that he wanted to bash her head in?

  13. GatsbyGal says:

    Also, isn’t proposing on stage totally cheesy? I would think Marilyn would be too “cool” for something like that.

    Haha, nothing about this guy is cool anymore. He’s a middled-aged man for god’s sake who still dresses and acts like a 15-year-old high school student.

  14. LolaBella says:

    @ Firestarter: I’ll settle for a good ole cheesy Hallmark card over Mansonspeak any day. LOL.

    This guy is 41, how much longer does he plan to continue with this ‘shock/goth/rocker’ persona? It’s bordering on a pathetic caricature now.

    Also, I wonder if he’s going to get married in ‘character’ or as Brian Warner?

  15. Cindy Kennedy says:

    Wonder when he will ever quit wearing all that makeup.

  16. gg says:

    Looks like Booberry has lost some weight!

  17. Celebitchy says:

    I love ‘Rebecca’! I saw that movie in film class and read the book afterwards. Lol at EVR being haunted by Dita!

  18. Aimee says:

    I think that it is so cute that Marilyn Manson proposed to Evan Rachel Wood even though she is 23 and Manson is 41 and I don’t think she was to young to be hitched to Manson, oh and I DON’T think that Evan Racel Wood was to young to be hitched to manson and I LOVE Marilyn Manson