Oh, now they’re mad that the Sussexes get to keep all of their Nigerian gifts

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Prince Harry and Princess Meghan’s Nigerian trip was special for so many reasons: their charisma, their amazing schedule of events, the flawless execution, the prioritization of their security and safety, and most of all, the reception they received. Nigerians were so pleased to meet Harry and Meghan, so pleased to spend time with them and welcome them (especially Meghan) to the country. Everywhere the Sussexes went, at every single event, they were given beautiful and thoughtful gifts of clothing, jewelry, paintings, pieces of art and more. The gifts came from individuals, charities and organizations. The Sussexes get to keep all of it too, because it wasn’t a royal tour, remember? Well, that’s just one more thing for the British media to throw a tantrum about.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry underwent a three-day tour of Nigeria last weekend and certainly didn’t leave empty-handed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were given over 20 special gifts during their visit and they were able to take them home after no longer having to follow royal protocol. The couple were showered with an array of presents, including jewellery, artwork and clothing.

Usually royal protocol means family members can’t accept some gifts given to them during visits. The official royal policy states that gifts from individuals not known to the royals are to be refused “where there are concerns about the propriety or motives of the donor or the gift itself.” Gifts that can be accepted are flowers, food and books, if they cost less than £150.

It adds: “In all cases, and particularly on official overseas trips, organisations and individuals should be discouraged from offering extravagant gifts, i.e. gifts of high monetary value. Whilst always remaining sensitive to local custom, Households should explore alternative gestures of goodwill during preliminary discussions about engagements.”

In terms of gifts offered by commercial enterprises in the UK, they should “normally be declined, unless they are offered as a souvenir of an official visit to the enterprises’ premises, to mark a Royal marriage or other special personal occasion.” The policy states: “When gifts are accepted, the consent of the Member of The Royal Family should be contingent upon the enterprise undertaking not to exploit the gift for commercial purposes.”

All presents that are accepted by the royal family are logged on a strict royal record, with many being housed under the Royal Collection or placed on a loan with a reputable organisation. While Prince William and Kate Middleton will have to follow the strict guidelines for any royal tours they do, Meghan and Harry have more freedom.

During the trip, Prince Harry was gifted two paintings – one of his late mum, Princess Diana, and another of him and Meghan. He also was given clothing, including a traditional Nigerian waistcoat and a Hula cap. When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex watched a volleyball match take place, they were then given traditional scarves that boasted the colours of the Nigerian flag. They also got complete Nigerian outfits and personalised T-shirts which read “Harry Dreams Big” and “Meghan Dreams Big.” Meghan received a shawl to match her gorgeous, yellow Carolina Herrera gown on the final day of the tour. She also was given some beautiful traditional Nigerian coral drop earrings and the Sussexes also got some wooden beaded necklaces.

[From The Sun]

Even during the tour, people were joking about how much extra luggage the Sussexes would need to haul all of their gifts back to Montecito. What does the Sun expect? For Harry and Meghan to send all of the gifts to jolly olde England so they can sit in some dusty room? Incidentally, the “royals can’t accept gifts” rule is always broken – Camilla has gotten so much jewelry from the Saudi royal house, they basically had to bend the gift rules forever. Charles also clearly takes bribes and accepts literal suitcases full of cash, for “charity.” In exchange for which, he provides knighthoods. Princess Kate also loves some gifts and freebies, especially jewelry.

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    Are we supposed to be outraged by this?

    • PC says:

      That’s how shortsighted not taking the half in/half out solution ĥas become. The printer broke… remember. Where their concerns should center is locating the missing £80M worth of jewels that have mysterious disappeared. They were last seen in the possession of Princess Missington. The UK has missing crown jewelry and a missing princess. They need to be worried about that.

      • Asantewaa says:

        No the royals, being the colonisers as they are. would rather steal than receive gifts openly, or stuffed carrier bags and suitcases with cash, from dodgy people.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        I read this article and my first thought was: Nizam of Hyderabad necklace says what now? One of Her Late Maj’s favourite jewelry pieces is AWOL like a certain princess they all want us to forget, but we’re expected to now be the emotional caretakers of King Cluck’s pwecious feewings, and all because Harry got a painting of him as a child being held by his late mother.

        That King is not mentally well. Full stop. Seriously, the madness of King George III had nothing on this narcissistic abuser, and shame on all the hobgoblins in his court that enable him.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I will not be surprised if they got gifted land too. Nigerians are very generous and out do each other in gift giving. The fact that Meghan immediately wore one of the gifts, such as the aso oke skirt with her trusty staple, the white shirt has been loudly applauded.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        She also wore a gifted set of coral earrings at another event.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      Nigeria was welcoming their sister home. Her ancestors spirits are now at peace knowing that they eventually returned home.

      She was stolen from them, she was removed from her culture, heritage and language. They are showering her with her heritage – and she basked in it and loved every single item. She appreciates her heritage and the meaning behind all of the items she was gifted.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Why yes @Amy Bee! We are to be super duper angry (incandescent even) that Harry & Meghan graciously accepted lovely, non stolen things by their hosts/people of Nigeria, and wore them!!!!! I’m doing my super duper angry dance now! /s

      How dare they not follow “royal protocol” when they’re non “working royals” and invited there because of the IG and other philanthropic things! ‘Royal protocol’ is a bunch of gobshite in the first place. lol @ the 150 pd value of acceptable items.

      The Koh-i-Noor diamond wasn’t a gift. It was a theft. Much like other things.

  2. Lady Esther says:

    I loved allll of Meghan’s looks but that blue skirt was absolutely stunning…paired with the white blouse it was *chef’s kiss*

    • Miranda says:

      That outfit might be one of my all-time favorite looks for Meghan, because the fact that she just threw it together on the fly really cemented in my mind how effortlessly chic she is.

      • Kristina says:

        I agree and she really gives off Carolyn Bessette Kennedy vibes with the effortless chic. Carolyn was always was of my favorite inspirations for clean elegant and beautiful, simple looks. Meghan always looks spectacular!

      • Christine says:

        Same! Add to it that apparently it is complicated to tie it and get it exactly right, I am in awe of her. This is where being friends with women comes in handy, no one was going to let Meghan wear that in any way that wasn’t fabulous.

    • Lusaka Mom says:

      Lady Esther
      It’s not a skirt but a wrapper. In Southern Africa, we can them chitenge/ chitenges. It’s like a small ‘bedsheet’ for lack of a better term. You have to wrapper it around you. I think Meghan was given one with belts that made it easy for her to tie it. It’s not easy to do and walk in. But she walked in it like she has been doing it for years.
      You can Google it and see how it looks.

      • acha says:

        Princess Meghan wears her heritage with pride and grace! I love the chitenge on her, I bet she studied youtube about how to wear it correctly!

      • Lady Esther says:

        Thank you very much @Lusaka Mom, I didn’t know anything about the type of garment and it’s great to learn from you. Many thanks 🙂

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Thank you for the education @Lusaka Mom. Love the chitenge (thank you for the correct word). Meghan looks fabulous in it and I love the pattern/colors.

        The coral earrings are my jam. Meghan wears them so well.

    • Lusaka Mom says:

      You are welcome Lady Esther.

      *on belt, l meant strings. If you zoom in, you will see the strings attached to the chitenge.
      I am proud of her, she walked like a pro with sandals 👡 that we Africans love to rock the chitenges with.

  3. Lolo86lf says:

    I just can’t with the hypocrisy, the double standards, the pettiness of it all. Harry and Meghan were not given expensive jewels such as diamond necklaces or tiaras (Meghan would look fabulous with them on). The BM are so prejudiced against the Sussexes

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Those coral necklaces are probably valuable but nowhere in the realm of the Middle Eastern private jewels that Elizabeth and Charles/Camilla have received. Or the bags o’ cash.

    • Joyful Liluri says:

      The BRF has centuries of “gifts” looted, plundered and stolen from the colonies they tried to grind under their heels.

      They also refuse to return any of those looted “gifts” even when asked for them back – point blank – by the nation they were stolen from.

      The BRF need to shut the hell up.

  4. Pinkosaurus says:

    I try not to give the garbage tabloids clicks but I did skim through this article and couldn’t help but notice they didn’t include any pictures of the Harry and Diana portrait. I’m sure Billy the Basher would be infuriated Since he claimed all of Africa already, claiming sole ownership of Diana is probably next.

  5. sevenblue says:

    lol. So, they want them not to get any taxpayer support, but also to follow all the rules set for those who get supported by taxpayers. So salty.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I think they’re extra salty about H&M being non ‘working royals’ that actually work and are being invited to Commonwealth countries as non ‘working royals’ for truly important things like the Invictus Games, mental health and female abuse.

      They’re salty because the couple(especially Madame Duchess Meghan) the BM/BRF smeared to every end, in a completely horrific manner, was the one that would be the most relatable to the Commonwealth. And the BM/BRF, kicked her out. Abused her with their words and lack of words defending her.

      The BRF are begging for invites for all their bs and the opportunity for them to give CW countries pictures of themselves! lol

      It also bugs the eff out of the RR’s that there are literally hundreds of people in H&M’s circle and most likely, Canada, Jamaica & Nigeria, that have seen current pics of Archie & Lili. (I might be a little jealous-that’s it) The BM has been snubbed in so many ways. Rightfully so. Love that for them. That this whole IG trip was kept tight. Amazing & kudos to the secret keepers. The so called ‘lawless’ countries showed more integrity than the country from where Harry was born. Thank you, Nigeria. You wore honor very well.

  6. Louise177 says:

    They’re acting like Harry and Meghan got millions in gifts when it’s probably just a few thousand. Besides the working Royals always keep expensive jewelry and art and other products from tours and companies.

  7. StillDouchesOfCambridge says:

    Enjoy your gifts. Montecito 14M mansion won’t be big enough they’ll have to rent more space

  8. Debbie says:

    How in the world could they write that story with a straight face without including Charles’ suitcases full of cash?! That is so disingenuous. It would be a refreshing note of honesty if the BM just took out a front page add stating, “Dear Sussexes, we miss you. We can’t quit you. We’re sorry” instead of these absurd columns.

    • Eurydice says:

      Ah, but the loophole is “concerns about the motives of the donor.” If Charles doesn’t have any concerns about the motives behind a suitcase full of cash, then it’s perfectly all right.

    • SussexWatcher says:

      💯! This bags of cash and all of the jewelry Camzilla receives (not to mention the missing crown jewelry that either she or the disappeared wife stole!) needs to be mentioned in any article about royals receiving gifts. And speaking of gifts, I think Meghan’s gift of letting her wedding dress be displayed (and earning money for that nasty institution) needs to end! I know she’s not petty like me but I’d ask for that to be returned to me immediately.

    • OliviaOne says:

      OOoff! Came to write just that! 100% the ridiculous people not bringing up how Charlie was carrying suitcases full of cash which in itself, a gift of cash is so crass many aristocrats will insist on telling you.

    • what's inside says:

      Exactly. The suitcase donor cash is known to C-Rex, personally.

  9. MrsCope says:

    Bitta, bitta, bitta. Reasons they’re mad include:

    : Meghan’s shoulders
    : Meghan’s back
    : Meghan and Harry holding hands
    : Meghan and Harry getting gifts
    : Meghan celebrating her heritage
    : Meghan and Harry traveling
    : Meghan and Harry shaking hands and taking selfies
    : Meghan wearing her own clothes
    : Meghan wearing her gifts

    These folks cannot be serious. Meghan (we know it’s not Harry because they’re ready to write his redemption story) makes them so mad because she will not be broken. That must be infuriating for Salty Isle. Meanwhile they worship a cruel and incestuous class/system that will never accept them and they will never benefit from. Why would I want to be someone’s princess when I can be my own QUEEN?

    • SussexWatcher says:

      lol! I wrote something similar below. The obsession is REAL!

    • Christine says:

      You are so right, I’m sure they all have Harry’s redemption story written and ready to go to print at a moment’s notice. It’s like how the media has the obituaries of famous people ready to go, and they just keep revising until they die.

      They are putting everything on Meghan, every bit of their anger is directed at her, not Harry.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      @Mrs. Cope, the reasons why they’re mad also includes:

      *Nigeria celebrating Meghan’s heritage and making her a princess of Nigeria.

  10. Dee(2) says:

    They constantly want to have it both ways. They can’t be nobodies who shouldn’t have been invited because they aren’t ” working” royals, AND should break the rules of hospitality and not accept gifts as private citizens because of royal rules. They just sound bitter that they were genuinely received with pleasure and they know the others are just tolerated. Also I’m sure if they felt it would be improper or if they felt a gift was too extravagant they would either politely and privately declined, or donated it.

  11. Smart&Messy says:

    Hahhaha salty tears. Tomorrow it will be about their gifts being inferior to what the royals get. The diamonds Camilla gets are so much better than Meghan’s coral earrings.

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    It’s amazing England ever gets anything done with the amount of time they spend monitoring every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽thing👏🏽 the Sussexes do! They’re constantly “worrying” or harassing or scolding or begging the Sussexes to return or reminding them they’re not welcome or obsessing over bare shoulders/car doors/gifts/hand holding/and jam that I’m shocked anyone has time to go to school or work. How is their economy still running? Oh wait. How is there any empty newspaper space to write about the Leftover Royals? Oh wait.

    That entire country needs an intervention! Please take note, Salty Isle: they’re just not that into you. It’s over. They won, you lost. You tried to bury them but you forgot they were a seed.

    • Brassy Rebel says:

      “That entire country needs an intervention!” Co-sign.

    • MaryContrary says:

      No one in England outside of the press and the BRF care about any of this.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        You’re right, MaryContrary. Only the royals and their sycophants need an intervention. But they need it badly.

      • MsIam says:

        Maybe you should all chip in and buy billboards like Republic does and let them know this. Obviously the dropping tabloid circulations and TV stations going off the air is not getting the message across. Its disgusting how they keep yammering on about Meghan and Harry.

      • Rnot says:

        If no one cared then the press poison wouldn’t sell. It’s an ugly and embarrassing reality but the British people do support this. They live in a democracy. If they wanted the monarchy ended, then it would end. But polls show that more than half of them want to keep it. Charles and William are the official national mascots so their behavior will continue to reflect on you until you fire them.

      • swaz says:

        O YEH 👀👀 they do care and support this 😢😢 Netflix said their biggest consumption of Meghan and Harry is the UK.

      • OliviaOne says:

        I would argue that very few people really care here in the UK too.

      • Square2 says:

        They might say that they don’t care but they believe everything the BM & RR reported/write, line, hook & sink. That’s why many people in the UK said they don’t like Meghan but couldn’t give you a concrete reason for why. Even Brits Republicans don’t like Meghan. So, yes, majority people on the Salty Islands need intervention.

        P.S. They still like/love Harry; (for them) it’s that Amercan woman led him astray.

      • @MaryContrary

        If “No one in England outside of the press and the BRF care about any of this” then who is watching those disgusting morning shows that broadcast racism under the guise of “opinion”

        Someone is watching those shows

    • Looty says:

      Kaiser is a one-person thermonuclear intervention.

    • May says:

      That entire country needs an enema.

  13. I love that they were showered with gifts. They deserved every gift that they received. Harry and Meg are private citizens and they no longer report to the crown. Salt isle can cry more.

  14. Someone_Hears_a_Who says:

    The official royal policy states that gifts from individuals not known to the royals are to be refused “where there are concerns about the propriety or motives of the donor or the gift itself.”

    Does anyone else remember when there were people on here insisting in 2019 that she could not accept babyshower gifts? It kind of sounds like she is allowed to accept babyshower gifts.

    It also sounds like if this had been a royal tour that most of the items they were gifted on the trip are gifts they would have been allowed to personally keep .

  15. Jais says:

    Boo hoo.

  16. Brassy Rebel says:

    They “underwent” a tour? You undergo a root canal, not a tour. Think of the hysterics the derangers would have if they were given (and accepted) bags of cash. 😆😂

    (I guess you could say that Caribbean tour of W&K was something that was “undergone” but that was an exception to the rule.)

  17. Hypocrisy says:

    It wasn’t to long ago we witnessed WanK getting new iPhones 📱 so the “no gifts” is just another made up story to attack the Sussex’s. It’s getting old and the tactics they use have been predictable for awhile. I love the blue wrap skirt she was gifted and wore.. I spent yesterday morning on Etsy looking for a similar one and found it from a Nigerian shop. I have it bookmarked for my birthday wish list. So many wonderful things about this trip are being shared and reported on then you have the isle of hate, the BRF and their propaganda team are really tarnishing the worldwide view of the entire country.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      “In terms of gifts offered by commercial enterprises in the UK, they should “normally be declined, unless they are offered as a souvenir of an official visit to the enterprises’ premises, to mark a Royal marriage or other special personal occasion.” The policy states: “When gifts are accepted, the consent of the Member of The Royal Family should be contingent upon the enterprise undertaking not to exploit the gift for commercial purposes.”.”.

      Hmmmmmmmmmm. iPhones are a pretty commercialized gift.imo Man, the arms of the movers of the goal posts are, 1. Very muscled 2. Tuckered out.

      Pretty sure iPhones cost more than 150 pd. What do I know, well, I’m not a mover of goal posts and changer of royal protocol!

  18. Shoegirl77 says:

    How on earth will they fit all those gifts in their eleventy billion bathrooms?

    • Eurydice says:

      Under the sink. There’s a running joke in my family when receiving a terrible gift – “Oh, I have the perfect place for it!” It’s under the sink.

  19. sunny says:

    Hoes can stay mad. They wanted them broken, they pushed them out, and they got exactly what they wanted. Newsflash, Meghan and Harry aren’t bound by their rules anymore. So, like, they have no place to complain about this.

    On another note, One of the charities they partnered with is Giants of Africa(a charity started by the Toronto Raptors President, Masai Ujiri. There work focuses on leadership through sport(and just black leadership more generally), I follow them through different channels since I have been to several of their events. They had an amazing video about their work and the Sussexes visit on their linkedin that they shared out yesterday. Worth checking out if you are unfamiliar with their work or if you are just interested.

    • Wagiman says:

      Apart from multi millions of stolen jewels, what about Tampon’s millions of pounds in cash in shopping bags? . Btw Sun They’re private citizens. GFYS

  20. Tessa says:

    Derangers constantly try to get something on the sussexes even studying tax rules

  21. Proud Mary says:

    Speaking of dust, “royal protocol” was dusted off and placed back on the shelves, the day Harry married a black woman. Please show me when they’ve ever used that for any other royal. The Guardian has written extensively about all the stolen, umm “missing”, gifts and jewelry from the palaces. No other BM outlets have said a peep. Puhleez! One minute Harry and Meghan are not royals so therefore they don’t serve to be treated like the others; next is they are royals, therefore, protocol. Also, let’s see the accounting of all the reported gifts of nonworking royals like Zara and that sponge she’s married to.

  22. Miranda says:

    I think Prince Philip could probably claim the most impressive “gift” that any royal has received: the Prince Philip movement. Being quite literally venerated is way more extravagant than even jewels and suitcases full of cash, I think.

    (If anyone is unfamiliar with the the Prince Philip movement, I urge you to look it up. It’s absolutely fascinating. Unfortunately, what’s left of the movement has apparently shifted their allegience to Charles. Boo.)

  23. Concern Fae says:

    Cue the years of outrage over not having access to Harry and Meghan’s customs declarations to make sure they paid duty on everything upon their return to the US. While ignoring the missing gifts of the U.K. royals.

  24. Tessa says:

    Didn’t Charles assistant fawcett sell off some of gifts Charles received and gave them to shops. This is not talked about any more just trying to get something on harry and Meghan by the dm and other outlets.

    • OliviaOne says:

      For what it is worth, a person I know who makes a sustainable product was approached to be featured in a book commemorating Charlie’s coronation. This would be a book featuring 50 or so brands of new products that are sustainable, products that were eco and new in their approach of things.
      My friend said, sure that would be really cool and really helpful for our brand. Right?

      They asked her to “chip in” 100,000£ for the privilege …. Did I mention that the printing and binding was sponsored already? Yeah…

      • BeanieBean says:

        I’m reminded of the Who’s Who Among American High School students we were scammed with. They made it seem like such an honor! My parents coughed up the money & I’m not sure where that book ended up (although we did get one). It wasn’t close to a hundred grand, but still.

      • OliviaOne says:

        I just read their wikipage.. sounds like a printed geek version of Facebook (I mean.. facebook was all geeks to begin with but you get my drift). What was the expectation? Exposure?

      • CiCi says:

        I was in that book Who’s Who Among American High School students. My older sister was as well. We both competed in the Miss Connecticut teen pageant. I think that is how we ended up on that list!

  25. Nokitty! says:

    The person writing this ridiculous article must have a quota to meet. It doesn’t matter what royal protocol exists when private citizens are receiving gifts. I can’t believe someone wasted time to write this.

  26. Kittenmom says:

    Shopping bags full of cash being the notable exception to the gifting protocol, of course!

  27. slippers4life says:

    You know, on this trip, I feel like they really stepped into the power of who they are. Especially Meghan and the way she used clothing and talked about clothing. Every…single…royal or Invictis tour, it’s non stop coverage about what the women ate wearing. Not only did Meghan wear Nigerian pieces that she was gifted, which not only looked great and on the mark, it was a massive sign of respect for the country, she spoke about
    it openly. After seeing all the trauma in her eyes and after seeing how guarded she can sometimes be (for completely legitimate reasons), I felt so happy for her to see that she clearly felt held and safe in Nigeria to really show us who she really is. She is genuinely a remarkable human being and everyone, literally everyone, from the Sussex Squad to Angela Levin, saw that. What they’ve been through and they are still here!

  28. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    That airplane picture tho. 😆😆😆

    MerlinsDad doesn’t give two figs for anything royal but even HE knows they can accept all the gifts because “didn’t they kick them out or something? So, no longer royal, right? They just can’t pick a lane can they?”

    Stay salty BM.

    Where’s Kate?

  29. MsIam says:

    Will there be an article about how much food the Sussexes ate next? Is there some imaginary protocol on that?
    These people are so full of hate and desperation that its a wonder they don’t spontaneously combust.

    • Couch Potato says:

      Now you’ve given them something else to write about! LoL:-) Just wait for the headlines “Meghan and Harry disrespected the late queen – they ate food with GARLIC”.

  30. Vixxo says:

    Funny thing about this is that he goes on to list gifts that all royals accept as personal gifts. Inexpensive and thoughtful. The materials though are the really expensive types but not unheard of.
    There wasn’t any shopping bags of money.
    I hope they did get shopping bags of money. They would put it to good use and pay for security

  31. QuiteContrary says:

    I hope we get to see some of the gifts on display in their home office… the traditional mask they received would like great on a wall or shelf.

  32. Harpervalleypta says:

    With all these photos of the women in Nigeria dressed so fabulously, I just want to fly to Nigeria and get my own planeload of clothes.

    I’m a white American, but I come from “peasant stock” and the clothes available here in my size are nowhere as wonderful as the outfits all those women in Nigeria are wearing.

  33. Beverley says:

    Let me get this right. Sussex something, too many gifts, blah blah blah, royal protocol whatever…

    But, where Princess Missington?

  34. tamsin says:

    I wonder what happened to the beautiful strand of South Sea pearls gifted to Meghan in Fiji during their fist tour. I will guess that they will never see the light of day, and Meghan was never allowed to wear them during the short time she was in the UK. At least she gets to keep the beautiful coral earrings, which she wore right away.

    • Feeshalori says:

      You read my mind, that popped into my head as well reading this thread. That was such a beautiful set because I think there were matching earrings too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan had to leave that behind since it was given as a gift on an official tour so it’s probably sitting gathering dust in the royal jewel vault.

    • Berkeleyfarm says:

      Those pearls are exquisite and would have been an awesome addition to Meghan’s jewel box for official appearances. They coordinate with a variety of the neutral colors she favors. I hope she got to keep them, but as petty as the BRF has been, I doubt it.

  35. Lurker25 says:

    I’m sure the former colonies in South Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere would like their “gifts” of jewelry, gemstones, ebony, ivory, ancient artifacts etc returned. Since they’ve long been claimed as “gifts” and not plunder…

  36. Saucy&Sassy says:

    As an American, the only thing I say about this article is why wouldn’t they keep the gifts?

    Please tell me that they aren’t insinuating that the Sussexes are supposed to give these gifts to the brf? Cry more.

  37. Bad Janet says:

    Can you imagine them refusing personalized gifts, like a painting of Diana and embroidered clothing? Not only would that be outrageously rude, it’s much poorer form to ignore the cultural aspects of gift giving than to accept them.

    Meghan used to share her freebies with the office staff. They so want to make her look like a grifter. Ironic, given the exploitative history of the British upper crust.

  38. Eating Popcorn says:

    Then Prince Charles kept a suitcase full of $$$ where was the outrage???

  39. L4Frimaire says:

    Since they were there on behalf of Invictus and Archewell, assume they have a policy regarding gifts and they’ll probably record what they received and may even have to declare to IRS, which a lot of businesses do. However, that’s would be based on their own internal policy, nothing to do with whatever the UK does. Were they supposed to make a show of refusing the gifts?