Seward: Prince Harry was ‘hurtful’ to his dad by issuing the ‘no meeting’ statement

King Charles grows more diabolical by the day, at least according to the nutjobs trying to defend him. I don’t even know what to call it, this whole month-long melodrama over Prince Harry’s three-day visit to the UK. Harry knew what he was doing when he issued his simple and gracious statement about how he would not see his father during his visit, because his father was too busy. Harry putting that out there, on the record, ruined Charles’s “snubbing Harry” plans in real time and set off a one-sided briefing war in which Charles and his courtiers have not been able to keep their stories straight from one day to the next. Currently, we’ve been told that Charles would have made time (MAYBE) for Harry, if only Harry agreed to put himself in a dangerous situation with no security. Now monarchist nutjob Ingrid Seward is crying about how King Charles is terribly hurt by Harry’s statements and Harry’s moves to keep himself safe. Seward is inadvertently painting Charles as particularly diabolical.

Prince Harry’s statement that his father was “too busy” to see him on his recent UK trip was “unnecessary and hurtful” for a tired King Charles, a royal expert has claimed. Harry is said to have turned down the [royal lodging] offer because it did not come with any security provision and instead stayed in a hotel. And according to royal expert and biographer Ingrid Seward, Harry’s previous statement was of benefit to nobody.

She told the Mirror: “Harry’s unpredictable behaviour is hurtful to his father. Even if he were too busy to see Harry – and that is quite possible – to issue an announcement to this effect is unnecessary and benefits no one. This is especially the case when his father is still undergoing cancer treatment and could well be very tired and emotionally fragile.”

“When Prince Harry turned down his father’s offer to stay at a royal residence during his three-day trip to London in May, it was a surprise to the royal household. The King was aware Harry had no UK base. He could not fail to be aware Harry was unduly anxious about security. But he was not aware that Harry would issue a statement saying his father was too busy to meet him. It was hurtful and even if true if they had been under the same roof a meeting might have been arranged.”

“The King is wary of his troublesome son. Whatever he does to try and help him is turned into a snub. Nothing is ever Harry’s fault. It is either the fault of the British Government, or the lack of security afforded him by the Metropolitan Police. They have offered him a ‘bespoke’ arrangement, assessing each visit individually. Not good enough for Harry. He had his own arrangement to stay at a luxury private hotel where the entrance and exit are hidden from peering eyes and cameras and even the hotel staff don’t know what VIP guests are staying.”

And now with security proving to be a major issue for Harry, Ingrid, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, believes it could prevent Charles from fulfilling one long-held wish.

She added: “Harry and Meghan’s security fears could well be a stumbling block to any kind of reunion with the Royal Family. But no doubt they have been invited to Balmoral this summer. As the late Queen discovered, Scotland offers the only quality time a Monarch has to devote to family. It would be very sad if Charles was denied the pleasure of seeing his grandchildren just because of Harry’s unfounded security woes.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

I genuinely feel sick to my stomach at this public gaslighting – “Harry’s unfounded security woes” and “The King was aware Harry had no UK base. He could not fail to be aware Harry was unduly anxious about security.” Charles is the reason why Harry has no UK base, having evicted his son and grandchildren from their family home in the UK. Charles is also the reason why Harry’s royal protection is nonexistent in the UK, because Charles has never made those arrangements with RAVEC to ensure that the Sussexes are fully protected whenever they visit. Charles orchestrated Harry’s lack of safety and Harry’s homelessness in the UK, then blames Harry for not wanting to put himself in unsafe situations for a father who refused to schedule a meeting with him? Not only that, I’m deeply uncomfortable with the palace repeatedly briefing the media about Harry’s lodgings in the UK. The palace is maybe one week away from naming the hotel where Harry has stayed in his recent visits.

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  1. equality says:

    Poor tired KC. Too tired to get out and about and to confer unearned titles on other family members.

    • StellainNH says:

      …and “emotionally fragile”….PUHLEASE!! That man has the emotional range of a head of cabbage!

      • Pomski says:

        Between Charles’ emotional fragility and Kate’s physical infirmity, this is the weakest monarchy since the days of scurvy. QEII knew she would be the last Windsor with grit and fortitude and I hope her tomb allows ample room for thrashing about in anger.

    • Lau says:

      All of these shenanigans scream pathetic. Even a child wouldn’t be that petty and absurd.

    • ELX says:

      Just last week BP was adamant that they did not want the Sussexes in the UK at all and they would not tolerate a “royal court.” BP and “Daddy Dearest” have repeatedly referred to the Sussexes as being ‘exiled.’ Who are they kidding?

    • Campbell says:

      I worry that Harry is becoming inconvenient for the BRF the way Diana became inconvenient. He should tell them nothing about where he stays or where he goes.

  2. Joyful Liluri says:

    I don’t think they know where he has stayed. They would have leaked it ages ago – even just to their media vultures so they could stake it out for photos.

    • I don’t think they know either because if they knew which hotel they would have staked it out and harrased hi when he would come and go. Harry has some place he stays and it drives the crazy that they don’t know. Also Harry did not hurt anyone with his truthful statement about not being able and see Chuckles. He just put what he was told that as usual when Harry comes to town Chuckles can’t see him because he is busy. They are pissed he got it out there before they could start with the snubbing articles,

    • Harpervalleypta says:

      Yep, I agree. It’s this comment:

      >even the hotel staff don’t know what VIP guests are staying

      Because of course there are hotel staff who know the VIP guests. It’s just that the only staff that know are those who can’t be bribed by the rota and all the tabloids.

    • LRB says:

      I think he stayed with Diana’s family. The Earl has property or properties in London surely. Or one of his friends. I doubt he stayed in a hotel.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I have a number of theories about where Harry has stayed (even before the Frogmore Cottage eviction by his less-than-loving-Pa). Won’t share them.

        The not-so-funny one I’ll share, is that he’s been sleeping in a tree by the Kensington Palace Pond. The place where 2 women have been found dead and no actual conclusion on their deaths. You would think web cams would have been installed after the 2011/2012? death of the 1st? woman, being so close to KP.

        Don’t believe he’s staying with any of the Spencer’s either.

        How is Harry being ‘hurtful’ to Charles by reiterating what the BM had previously claimed previous to Harry’s statement? C word*, please explain better. /s

        *because she can’t and won’t.

  3. HeatherC says:

    This really has nothing to do with Charles I think. This is all the media being butthurt they were denied headlines like “Harry begs to see king but king refuses!” “Harry snubbed again!” etc when he pre-emptively usurped their plans and I love their pain.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @heatherC – I agree with you. As diabolical as KCIII can be, I do not see his fingerprints on this. This is clearly the tabloid media writing the same Sussex story over and over then again and again because they have run out of “new” Sussex stories to generate click$.

    • goofpuff says:

      I am sure that Camilla and Charles (or at least their BP staff) approves of stories about them with that ROTA where they are trying to place themselves in a good light. To their view this story looks great because they are incapable of empathy. They think everyone is too stupid to see through it. I mean it always worked before.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @HeatherC: Charles and the press are partners. He’s in support of whatever the press writes about Harry and would have sanctioned the story that he and Harry were going to meet and when they didn’t that he snubbed him. Charles is not innocent in these press games.

      • HeatherC says:

        I absolutely agree. But the press is throwing its own tantrums due to lack of access to the Sussexes and some smart released statements as well.

  4. ML says:

    Can the BM publish the hotel information? The BM has stricter laws on paper regarding privacy and libel…if they placed Harry in danger (which they would) by providing his location and stating the level of security (no guns, for instance), couldn’t that be considered a crime?

    • sevenblue says:

      They do illegal sh*t all the time, then they make an insincere apology. They took inside photos of H&M’s house once with a drone when they rented a place in UK outside the royal protected area. So, they couldn’t move there since the photos created a security risk.

    • Jais says:

      Didn’t they release where he was staying in Canada? I’m quite sure they could out the hotel information.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Canada… and before that in Afghanistan… I mean all this is partly why Hazza is suing the fxck out of these tabs in the first damn place.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I think the location of the Sussex Canadian home was “leaked” by a Canadian news outlet and then “picked-up” by the British Tabloid Media Industrial Complex.

  5. lanne says:

    Really, these ratchets need to stop talking on behalf of the royals. It’s like having an old racist uncle give the speech at a wedding between a white person and a POC. It’s cringe city.

    Calling a man’s security woes unfounded, a man who lost his mother to papparazi chase that may very well have been orchestrated by the royals, is a spectacularly thoughtless and outlandish take. This bitch would tell a victim of a racist attack to “get over it” and wonder why they didn’t want to go to a Civil War re-enactment. Or call a combat veteran a coward for not attending a fun fireworks display. What a terrible human being she is.

    I feel sorry for her. She has to wake up in her own skin every morning and live inside her own petty, scheming, bigoted little mind.

  6. Blithe says:

    What’s in this for Seward?

    • Tessa says:

      Honors from her pals c and c. She spent the years after Diana died writing books that trashed her.

      • Brassy Rebel says:

        She is despicable. Even for a royal “expert” she’s off the charts deplorable.

    • Barbara says:

      $$ and cooperation for future trashy lying books.

  7. Miranda says:

    “The King is wary of his troublesome son.”

    Ominous Henry II vibes there. Will no one rid him of this troublesome son?!

    • Beth says:

      Wicked, wicked nonsense. All one has to do is Google Neil Basu and Prince Harry. And I happen to know there’s a lot more. They know, too.

      • Julianna2 says:

        This!!! Thank you Beth for reminding all of us of what Neil Basu said.

        From Sky News November 30, 2022 – “Neil Basu said teams from the force investigated and prosecuted people behind the threats, which he described as “disgusting and very real”.”

        Ingrid Seward and all the other so-called media that try to make it sound like Harry is over-reacting and Charles, William (they are not royal by their actions) and their staff all keep exposing their ugly souls and behavior.

        The constant ‘gas lighting’ by all of them is appalling!

    • Tessa says:

      I thought of that too. Very creepy phrase by ingrid

  8. Eurydice says:

    Harry’s announcement did benefit someone – it benefitted Harry, who was probably sick and tired of being pestered about whether or not he would meet with Charles. In any case, this “hurt” is a smokescreen to conceal that Charles was “too busy” to acknowledge UK veterans.

    • Jais says:

      It makes me laugh to think how much the royal reporters must’ve been calling and badgering the new Sussex comms guy in the UK. You know it must’ve been excessive and then he answers them with a statement and everyone gasps and says how dare you actually answer our questions.

      • Amy Bee says:

        My guess is that the press was pissed off that it was allowed to run with the story the week before that Harry and Charles were going to meet and Harry’s team said nothing until he arrived in the UK. It was such a good move.

  9. Hypocrisy says:

    Narcissistic parents get meaner with illness especially when faced with their own mortality. I learned this the hard way when my narcissistic mother needed a kidney, I donated mine only to be told that I deserved renal failure not her so she deserved my kidney and I did nothing special. Illness and age seem to bring out the very worst in these people, I think we are seeing that in Chucky.

    • Chantal1 says:

      @Hypocrisy I agree with your comment about Chuck. And I’m so sorry you went thru that! What a wonderful and loving gesture that was to give your mother one of your kidneys. She’s extremely fortunate bc organs are rare and the wait list is so long. No one deserves renal failure or any other disease and her comment was just cruel. I learned that my fathers’ issues were just that – “his issues” and had nothing to do with me. Therapy also helped. I mostly called him out on his bs and hurtful comments and kept it moving. But dealing with narc parents is really hard. Wishing you the very best!

    • Harper says:

      @Hypocrisy I’m sorry you endured that and I hope that the Universe rewards you tenfold for your kindness to your mother.

      Also, it feels like CRex doesn’t have cancer anymore, based on the twisted messaging toward Harry coming from BP the past few weeks. It takes a certain energy to create and encourage these narratives and if CRex was actually spiraling down the mortal drain then there would be more urgent matters for BP to attend to.

    • fortunegum says:

      How awful of her. I am so sorry that she didn’t recognize your gift.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      Thanks everyone, I made my peace with exactly who and what my mother was. I am twenty years past all of this. I can live with my choices and have had a lot of therapy to deal with the rest.😊😉

  10. Chantal1 says:

    What the what? Why is the BM still beating this same tired drum? Its hilarious that C-Rex discovered that Harry is playing chess while he and his heir are playing Connect 4. They FAFO! Harry’s magnanimous statement to repeated inquiries and the Spencers publicly supporting Harry really has shaken the BM and the BRF to their shallow core! However will they get away with blatantly lying and gaslighting without the Sussexes pushing back on those bs narratives? What a conundrum! Of course telling the truth and behaving like adults with some sense would never occur to them…

  11. Giddyy says:

    That picture of KC and his Side Piece reminds me of two vultures. That coldly assessing expression tells me all I need to know about them. They are both incredibly unpleasant people.

  12. Chrissie T says:

    Probably not a hotel. All the hotels would be staked out by the press. I think the palace don’t know where he’s staying and Harry won’t tell them because the info would be leaked. I also think his security team checked in advance and advised him that the royal residence he was offered wasn’t secure.

    • TN Democrat says:

      Probably a wealthy friend with aristocratic ties the royals are afraid to cross? The aristocrats have been awful calm and quiet through a number of recent Windsor shenanigans (Rose getting thrown to the press wolves to distract from the “Keen is missing” drama, limited numbers invited to the con-a-nation, the lowly usher pulling focus from the society wedding of the year). The Windsors/press would reveal Harry’s location in real time (while Harry is in the UK) unless they feared immediate repercussions.

      • Interested Gawker says:

        Some years back Tatler said it was no longer fashionable to insult or disparage Prince Harry because ‘he was living his truth’, which was both shady and hysterically funny but also shows how out of step the Windsors are with the same aristos they didn’t lift a finger to honour at the coronation. I think the royal family are so consumed by their deals with the media and the calamity of sunlight from Harry’s court cases freaking them out they have alienated themselves from what should have been their traditional support. The Spencers turning up for the IG anniversary seemed to enrage them and that might be a side reason why. The Windsors aren’t as English as those families. Many would take the Spencers over the Windsors any day. Rose curtsying to Cam seemed like an odd detail but highlighting that deference to the Crown might be more important to them than the William rumours getting fanned. Maybe clinging to the Rocksavages is also needing the gravitas of an older family at their side -apart from the WanK mess. Tatler seem to relish insulting the royals and never thought much of Kate at all.

    • OliviaOne says:

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they find out he is staying in one of Hugh Grosvenor’s homes? He owns most of Westminster and they are still friendly (no matter what the firm and Bulliam says).

  13. rosa mwemaid says:

    “. Not good enough for Harry. He had his own arrangement to stay at a luxury private hotel where the entrance and exit are hidden from peering eyes and cameras and even the hotel staff don’t know what VIP guests are staying.”

    The press giving out information again, there can’t be many hotels like that and those who choose to use these sort of hotels could recognise it from that description.” for those who want to hurt him not knowing where he is, is the best form of security.

    • Hypocrisy says:

      For one they don’t say he was offered a room to stay with his father, he was offered a room in a royal residence. That could have been in Scotland for all we know. Then you have the issue of a vindictive old man offering you a room when he literally has done everything to undermine your security and threaten your family. Prince Harry isn’t a fool, why would he stay where Chuck has complete access and control when we all know Chuck can not be prosecuted for any crime no matter how heinous.. sounds like Chuck tried to set him up and Prince Harry said, “I don’t trust you”. Good for Harry.

  14. The Hench says:

    Harry was not hurtful by saying Charles was too busy to see him – CHARLES said he was too busy to see Harry. Grrrr.

    This revisionism annoyed me so much that I actually scrolled back to the stories that Charles was putting out ahead of Harry’s visit – and the main line he and his people took was that he was going to be ‘too busy’ to meet with Harry – that his schedule was ‘packed’. Harry’s statement was a direct response to that “your father is too busy to see you” take – in fact, just bloody agreeing with what they were saying at the time. Here’s the Telegraph’ version of Charles’ excuse:

    “The King and the Duke of Sussex will both be in London at the same time next week, raising hopes of a reunion. However, any potential meeting between the pair is likely to be brief as the King’s diary is “quite busy”, The Telegraph understands.

    The Duke will no doubt hope to see his father again next week, should their diaries permit. It is thought that Charles will make time to see his son if he is able. But on Wednesday, he will have his weekly audience with the Prime Minister before he hopes to attend the first Buckingham Palace garden party of the season, medical advice pending. He is also understood to have various appointments and engagements scheduled for the rest of the week.”

    I see the press have all conveniently forgotten that this is what the King said originally….

    • Jais says:

      Well, the king is allowed to brief it but his son is not allowed to actually say it. One rule for the king that does not apply to others. Especially not the spare.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, I think Charles was planning to string Harry along until the very last minute and then slap him with “Sorry, dear boy, maybe next time.” I love that Harry put a stop to it – and if Charles was butt hurt, so much the better.

  15. Tessa says:

    Ingrid harry is not troublesome. Ingrid has no shame she still writes derogatory books about Diana. I guess Ingrid found Diana troublesome

  16. Tina says:

    Harry’s statement was brilliant. I think going forward the Sussexes will be more proactive with statements like this and the way they quickly handled the missing cheque situation. Shut the nonsense down immediately. Charles is mad because he looks awful and everyone sees it. I think he and the courtiers are mad because Harry is not simply ‘taking it’ as he has his whole life. Charles has no power over him and he hates it. I honestly think Harry knows it’s over with his Windsor family and has made peace with it.

    • windyriver says:

      Agree H&M’s people were on top of the check situation pretty quickly, but there was still a little room for the BM to run with it. It was Newsom who really shut it down cold. The CA governor personally taking time during a busy event to comment that it was a total non-issue and being completely overhyped – it was a beautiful thing.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        windyriver, I agree. The one thing that people may not have thought about is the damage to Archewell, because of the paperwork issue that was caused by the state. Clearly, no one wanted a lawsuit because of the damage to the Foundation. So, the Governor made it clear there was no issue with the Foundation–and he sounded annoyed that the media made a big deal out of a grain of dirt.

      • booboocita says:

        As a Californian, all I have to say is: I LOVE my Governor!

  17. Jais says:

    Whew yeah. That line was jaw-dropping. The king is aware that Harry has no UK base. No shit. He’s the one who evicted Harry from his Uk base. No one’s forgotten.

  18. Alex Can says:

    This is how monarchy works. Unchecked power at the hands of deeply flawed individuals made more flawed by their position and entitlement. Charles doesn’t want Harry to come back, full stop. He is threatened by his star power. And Harry hopefully knows whats going on and has given up on his desire for family instead of the intrigue and manoeuvrings of an institution. It was never going to happen. The crown is powerful and corrupt and will do anything to protect itself.

  19. OriginalMich says:

    IMO, Seward is mentally ill and possibly a raging alcoholic. The fact that the royal family claims her is beyond gross.

    Also, this line: But no doubt they have been invited to Balmoral this summer.

    So, she’s a fantasist as well.

    • Laura D says:

      @OriginalMich – the problem is KCIII will let the press know he’s invited Harry and his family to Balmoral knowing damn well that Harry won’t turn up. The MSM can then revert back to the usual “poor Charles” headlines coupled with the Harry bashing and evil Meghan clickbait.

      I’m more petty than Harry because I would let the stories run for a few weeks and then make it known that I’ve accepted “Pa’s invitation” and will be flying in shortly. It would be hilarious to then see KCIII having to backtrack and tell the world that although he invited Harry he’s far too busy holidaying to meet his son! It really would be the final nail in the “KCIII wants a reconciliation with Harry” nonsense!

  20. Maxine Branch says:

    Truth is hurtful when you prefer lies and propaganda.

  21. Barbara says:

    Loved that Sewer Rat thinks that Chuck is “emotionally fragile.” He hasn’t been fragile since he was in diapers.

  22. Amy Bee says:

    The “bespoke” security arrangements for Harry is the refusal to provide security when Harry is in the UK. As Kaiser said the only person to blame for this situation is Charles and press needs to the drop this narrative that he can’t see his grandchildren, he has no interest in them. Ingrid is upset that Harry didn’t allow the press and Palace to use the narrative that Charles snubbed Harry and that he also shut down the false story that they were going to meet.

    • Jais says:

      The bespoke security arrangement is that almost every single time Harry has requested security for something for himself it has been denied. Seems like its only approved when the monarch has a reason to want Harry for something. It’s basically at the king’s whim. RAVEC says should we give him security for this reason and the king says yes or no. The court docs have shown the answer has been no every single time unless it’s a “royal event”

  23. Hanna says:

    Hurtful? What about the king taking Harry and Meghan’s home that they paid for at Frogmore and said nothing when Harry and Meghan being abused daily by the family and the British media. Big ego and thin skin. That’s what I think.

  24. Is that so? says:

    If every time someone speaks, the truth about your behavior hurts your feelings, behave better.

    Is Ingrid trying to identify the list of possible places, Prince Harry might be able to stay at for assassins?

    “He had his own arrangement to stay at a luxury private hotel where the entrance and exit are hidden from peering eyes and cameras and even the hotel staff don’t know what VIP guests are staying.”

  25. MsIam says:

    Seward, the Rota rats and the Unroyals are fast becoming the whining irrelevant ones. I guess this blew up their plans to write “poor sick Charles, ignored by his youngest son” stories all summer. Now instead it will be “I’m not the asshole, Harry is!” Lots of luck trying to sell that to the world, Chuck.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      It will succeed in the tabloid press.

      • MsIam says:

        The fact that we are on version number 1,999,999 of “who snubbed who” says that it’s not succeeding. They keep trying to find a narrative that is believable and where Chuck comes out looking good. Those two things are mutually exclusive in the real world.

  26. Mina_Esq says:

    I’m sure Harry was also hurt when his father had some staffers tell him that his father was too busy to see him. Oh but no, the bigger hurt is to Charles for having the public know what a dogsh*t father he is. These people are such clowns. I hope Charles lives long enough to regret his mistreatment of his son and son’s family.

  27. vpd4 says:

    All this drama, this is worse than any “Real Housewives” series. They really are obsessed. It’s just so tiring.

  28. Izzy says:

    Aren’t the garbage media ASKING the Sussex spox for comments about the issue of whether Harry will see his father? If they’re silent, Harry is “cold” or “sulking”. So they comment, and he’s “speaking out of turn” or some such BS. There’s no winning. From now on, any queries of this nature, “will Harry see his father when he goes back to the UK for ____,” should just be answered with “ask the palace, we have no information.”

  29. Saucy&Sassy says:

    “But he was not aware that Harry would issue a statement saying his father was too busy to meet him. It was hurtful and even if true if they had been under the same roof a meeting might have been arranged.”

    Well, now isn’t that interesting? IF they were going to be under the same roof? Which roof would that be? IF?

    So, even though King Snubby was busy (if true), no one should say that but him or his media lapdogs? How does this make the Snubby look better?

    Here is where I’m scratching my head. Harry simply issued a statement because of all of the inquiries from the media. He said King Snubby’s calendar was full and that he had other priorities. I just assumed that those priorities had to do with his health and not over doing it. Oh, silly me.

  30. Wls145 says:

    I feel that when Prince Harry comes to the UK and where he is staying King Charles knows. And the news papers know that. If anything should happen to him it will be on him. They always say hotel, I’m sure that they have staked out every hotel in the hopes of getting the exclusive. I don’t feel he’s at a hotel, I feel it’s a private residence. Maybe even with the Duke that’s getting married soon. They wouldn’t dare stake out his place or places. Just my opinion.

  31. catherinecarleisle says:

    Kaiser said the palace was one week away from naming the hotel where Harry has been staying. Well, it didn’t take a week. A Murdoch media reporter in a podcast specifically named the hotel today. That ridiculous story about him refusing to stay at a royal palace because of security concerns was the set up. The reporter used that fact as a basis for naming the hotel in order to compare the security arrangements.

    • MsIam says:

      So basically his dogsh*t father and step-mummy really want to put his life in danger. Charles really is the King of the Red Mist. smh.

    • rosa mwemaid says:

      It appears that they have named it. Harry will have to find somewhere else.

  32. Tessa says:

    Ingrid wrote propaganda about Diana and blamed Diana for Charles affair with Camilla.

  33. JFerber says:

    Wasn’t it his dad who was too busy to see him? But when Harry says his dad is too busy to see him, it hurts Charles? Can I just say, “What the

  34. bisynaptic says:

    I bet they don’t know where he’s staying.

  35. blunt talker says:

    when Harry came over to the UK in February in a 24 hour trip-I truly believe the King asked something of Harry and Harry declined-Charles and Willy have been beefing and vomiting over it ever since-Harry knows what he and his family’s security needs are so they can stop talking about security for Harry and his family-when they took Harry’s home from him they made the situation unworkable for Harry-while royals are laying low during this election cycle-they need to reflect on their interactions and cruelty towards Harry and his family-you will not get in God’s kingdom mistreating all of God’s children whether they are related to you or not. God bless and keep the Sussex family safe.

  36. ChattyCath says:

    History is going to be so cruel to C&C. Maybe not in the immediate future. They’ll be a ‘devoted couple’ ‘so strong’. But in 50 years time his short reign will be written about in essays. ‘What led to the end of the Monarchy in the UK’