RuPaul and his husband, Georges LeBar, first met at a club in 1994

We’re now five episodes into Drag Race All Stars season 9, and between that, RuPaul releasing his memoir The House of Hidden Meanings in March, and it being pride month, E! News ran a sweet little story over the weekend on RuPaul and his husband Georges LeBar’s “Love Story!” Ru and Georges, who was raised in Australia but had an American father and a Wyoming ranch to inherit, met on Georges’ 21st birthday at a nightclub in New York on January 24, 1994. Happy 30 years to them! I hope they exchanged the traditional 30th present of pearls. Of their first meeting, Ru detailed in his book how smitten he was with a man taller than him. But it was Georges’ depth, not height, that Ru ultimately fell for. (The line’s corny as hell but I’m sticking with it… for love!)

Meet cute: “For the love of my life, Georges LeBar,” read the dedications in RuPaul’s 2024 memoir The House of Hidden Meanings. “Thank you for the love, laughter, sweetness and kindness to the love of his life. You are my favorite.” And while it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, RuPaul really did see his future husband from across a crowded room. As he detailed in his book, he was newly single and out dancing at Chelsea hotspot Limelight on Jan. 24, 1994, when he spotted a man who seemed to be a head taller than everyone else on the floor. No slouch at 6-foot-4 in bare feet, the then 33-year-old “Supermodel” performer was drawn to the guy’s goofy moves, describing him as “gorgeous and a little wild, with a thick unibrow and high cheekbones.” So RuPaul headed in his direction.

Georges with an s: The roughly 6-foot-8 gentleman in platform shoes turned out to be Georges “with an s at the end,” from Perth, Australia. He was in New York studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology after attending art school in Paris. His father was American and, one day, Georges shared, he would inherit his family’s ranch in Wyoming. And he was celebrating his 21st birthday that very night. RuPaul asked if he could put his arms around his shoulders, not used to hugging such a tall man. Georges agreed and literally swept him off his feet. They ended the evening talking at Florent, a nearby restaurant, and exchanged numbers. The next day, RuPaul — having an extra business class ticket no longer going to his ex — invited Georges to accompany him to London, where he was cohosting the BRIT Awards with Elton John.

Ru asking Georges to renovate their Miami condo became a pivotal moment for them: Left to his own devices in Miami while RuPaul was traveling and living part-time in Los Angeles, Georges ended up needing to go to rehab for a meth addiction, according to the book. RuPaul wrote that he wanted Georges to move to L.A. with him after he finished treatment, but Georges wanted to stay in Florida to focus on his sobriety. So, RuPaul told him, they’d have to break up. They still talked every day, their split not destined to be permanent, but RuPaul chose this period of his life for The House of Hidden Meanings to end on.

For richer and richer: Now they’ve been together for decades, through triumphs and tragedy, in sickness and in health, for richer and…for even richer than that, RuPaul’s Drag Race having turned into a global franchise. And Georges did inherit a 60,000-acre ranch in Wyoming, so the couple split their time between there and a palatial Beverly Hills mansion, where they share a color-coded primary closet separate from the also-fabulous space housing RuPaul’s meticulously organized drag wardrobe.

[From E! News]

“Where they share a color-coded primary closet…” I don’t want to go to Disneyland. I don’t want to go to Paris. I want NEED to see this closet!! And I hope there’s a fainting couch in there cause I’m pretty sure I’m gonna black out from the euphoria. Just hearing the words “color-coded” gets my heart rate up, swoon. Ru has been candid about his sobriety journey, but I didn’t realize it was something he and Georges each went through. I’m glad to see it made them stronger, individually and together. Incidentally, when they got married in 2017 they kept the January 24 date. I love that from the anniversary perspective, but personally I wouldn’t want to get married on my birthday. Not that it’s been a question. Or that anyone has asked. Ever.

Spoilers for previously aired episodes of All Stars
As for the season of All Stars underway, I am enjoying it immensely! And I know I’m not alone in thinking the smaller cast, no elimination format is paying off in spades. Before the season began I predicted Gottmik would be a leading contender, and **spoiler alert** no surprise she became the first queen to win two challenges. In her original season Gottmik won Snatch Game playing Paris Hilton. Who did she play this time? Lassie. As in the dog. Ok technically she played Pal, the dog actor who played Lassie. The point is it was BRILLIANT, woof woof.

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9 Responses to “RuPaul and his husband, Georges LeBar, first met at a club in 1994”

  1. Jais says:

    They’re a ridiculously attractive couple.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    Rupaul showed his house on AD’s YouTube Channel. His house is bonkers.

    • Eurydice says:

      Thanks, I have to check it out. I couldn’t live in bonkers, but I love looking at it.

    • Gossiper says:

      Yes! I happened upon Rupaul’s AD house tour recently and it was dazzling. Rupaul seems like a very deliberate, thoughtful, and happy person. I’m an enormous fan like so many. I know he has faced adversity and heartbreak in many ways. I wonder how he stays so joyful.

  3. SarahLee says:

    I too want to see this closet!

  4. Nanea says:

    They look great together, and in the photos I’ve seen over the years, they come across as well-matched.

    I had no idea though that they met 30 years ago.

    Off to look at that AD house video.

  5. hmmm says:

    No words on the fracking? 🤔

  6. JFerber says:

    RuPaul is an icon, period. I knew someone who worked with him and she said he was extremely nice.

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