Rihanna showed off her natural curls ahead of her Fenty Hair launch

Rihanna is minting money with her wildly popular Fenty Beauty line, and she’s largely a billionaire from Fenty Beauty, although she obviously has other businesses and her successful music career. Last week, Rihanna announced an expansion – she will debut Fenty Hair products later this week. Earlier this year, Beyonce launched her haircare line, Cécred, which seemed like it was full of good products. It came across as a thoughtful extension of Beyonce’s personal brand and it felt like Beyonce was truly trying to give women some better haircare options. I’m not sure Rihanna’s Fenty Hair line is being seen as anything other than a cash grab.

That wasn’t all though – Rihanna was criticized for sharing some Fenty Hair promotional images where it definitely appeared like she was wearing a blonde pixie wig. The internet was definitely clowning on those pics, especially the one where it looked like Rihanna was getting her wig washed. So… Rihanna decided to show her natural hair in an outing on Sunday. She stepped out in New York ahead of the Fenty Hair launch and showed off her natural curls and short hairstyle. She looks cute… so why was she selling haircare products while wearing a wig?

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. sevenblue says:

    Can wigs get washed like that?

    She doesn’t need to be the face of every product she is launching. It is okay to use models to showcase the products, but I think it should be showed on natural hair if you are selling hair products. Kim is hiring all the popular people / models for her skims promotional campaigns. It makes the brand look more professional that way.

  2. Glamarazzi says:

    Maybe she felt she had to show her grown hair because Beyonce showed her grown hair in her promotion for Cecred?

    It does kind of make you wonder why they don’t put out wig-care products too. Maybe there isn’t as much of a market for those?

    • Snuffles says:

      There is a HUGE market for wig maintenance. I swear if Beyoncé started a wig line I would bust down the door to get their first.

  3. Lemons says:

    Does Rihanna even try anymore?

    Beyonce’s Cecred line really make me want to spend some money on my hair…Like…I don’t want to, but the marketing is top notch and the hair professionals and doctors on the IG. Beyonce’s wash day video wasn’t a deal maker or breaker for me, but seeing how healthy her hair looks made me believe that the line is very good.

    This shot of Rihanna ahead of her launch does not sell me on the product. I can definitely get the same results using Head & Shoulders. Like…I understand the album is not coming, but other people are doing your hair with your product…this was the best they could do?

    • Green Desert says:

      @Lemons – I have been using Cecred for the past few months (since it launched). I have 3B curls. It is a GAME CHANGER for me. I stress “for me” because I know we all have different hair needs, but it does seem like it works for all hair types. I love the deep conditioner, the leave-in conditioner, and the finishing oil. I never did second-day curls before (iykyk), but now with these products I can sometimes get away with third-day curls. The products are a little pricier, but worth it if you can swing it.

      I swear this is not an ad, lol.

    • imara219 says:

      Agree! It was sad that Beyoncé had to do it but when she did prove it was her hair, it felt masterclass. The whole video from start to finish was just well done showcase of her product and health of hair and it was clear that it was done before the drop. Rihanna’s feels like an afterthought for some reason. I aslo feel like Beyonce did years of research and really leaned into what works. Wasn’t Tina a hair stylist back in the day, so there is a knowledge-base to pull from. I want to try Beyonce’s line. I feel I’ve spent the years after having my son looking for a line that would work on my natural hair and his.

  4. Localady says:

    I think her natural hair looks great

  5. Lindsay says:

    It’s humid AF here in Texas, USA and I’ve got the Native American fuzz going on because I just don’t want to struggle with the Dyson, today 😓

    Queen RiRi certainly helps me feel better about my ethnic hair, because I’ve long detested it.
    I wish I had her millions as I totally get why wealthy ladies have a glam room and a daily personal stylist.
    I would absolutely have the same if I had the economy!

  6. Lauren says:

    @ Glamarazzi

    The thing I learned about Beyoncé is that she doesn’t always wear a wig, and a lot of the time, the public is seeing her real hair. Pictures and videos of Beyoncé as a child showed that she had long hair even then.

    The problem is that people refuse to believe that black women can have long hair. Then you had the people who were jealous that her hair is long and theirs isn’t. That is why Beyoncé did the video showing her hair.

  7. Sarah says:

    I think Beyonce has been growing her hair out by wearing wigs and weaves since it was in a bob that was seven or eight years ago or longer. Her hair wasn’t that long when she was young. Not putting heat on your hair can get a lot of growth. For children too. She dyed it recently. Dye isn’t good for hair. It will be back under wigs and weaves soon. It seemed like a natural progression for Rihanna and Ms. Tina. Rihanna’s hair hasn’t been braided under wigs for years. I don’t think this has been in the works for long, but with the beauty and clothing lines it makes sense. Of course Beyonce’s mom was a hair stylist.

  8. Bean says:

    I honestly thought Fenty Hair was a wig line at first.

    • Mee says:

      @BEAN Me Too!!! I thought she was coming out with a wig line. Which would sell very well.
      Anyway, I’ll see how 4C hair people like Cecred.

      • imara219 says:

        @Mee As a 4c lovely who enjoys natural hair styled wigs. I was excited for either Beyonce or Rihanna to create a wig line or a wig care line. I think it’ll sell well. I too am waiting on more 4c hair reviews for Cecred but from what I’ve seen I’m going to go on ahead and try a leave-in.