Jennifer Lopez stepped out at Giorgio Baldi last night with friends & her wedding ring

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez at Giorgio Baldi on Sunday night. I’ve seen some outlets claim that she was “dining alone,” but she was clearly out with a couple of girlfriends and one of those ladies drove J.Lo away from the restaurant. Giorgio Baldi is one of the most popular restaurants in LA and it’s become something of a celebrity hot-spot. During Rihanna’s pregnancies, she was there practically every week, sometimes multiple times a week. My point is that J.Lo knew she would be photographed and she either wanted to be seen or she didn’t care that she was seen. Considering the weekend was full of “imminent divorce” rumors, it feels like Jennifer wanted to be seen out and about. Is the message “I’m not hiding away?”

Notably, Jennifer is still wearing her wedding band and her green-diamond engagement ring. She’s been wearing her wedding ring this whole time, I think? Meanwhile, Ben has been seen recently without his ring at times, and wearing his ring at other times. You guys know I don’t put a lot of stock in Ring Watch, but I do think Jen is sending a message by getting pap’d this weekend with her rings. ET also confirmed that Jen and Ben are “quietly” trying to offload their $60.8 million Beverly Hills mansion, which seems to be the root of the divorce rumors in recent days. Maybe it’s just… selling a house which doesn’t work for them, but Ben and Jennifer are still working on their marriage?

And finally, Meghan McCain recently said that when J.Lo appeared on The View, Jen was “deeply unpleasant” and “not a nice person.” Again, that’s coming from Meghan McCain, who is one of the biggest a–holes in the country.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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22 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez stepped out at Giorgio Baldi last night with friends & her wedding ring”

  1. The Hench says:

    With her wedding ring and her Spanx. Just makes me feel better to see that even J Lo goes for a little help streamlining!

    Yes, J Lo knows perfectly well that to get papped here sans ring would just confirm the divorce – so this looks like either they are not getting divorced or there may be problems but J Lo isn’t ready to quit yet.

    • Pinkosaurus says:

      I’m going to assume the Spanx are a testament to the delicious food at Giorgio Baldi. Can’t be leaving with a little pasta pot belly and have all the rags reports she is PREGNANT AND DUMPED!!!1!1!

    • ML says:

      I like the dress in terms of style and JLo looks good in this style, but I wish it were lined. I don’t need to know if she’s wearing Spanx or the color of her bra.

      I’m not sure if she and Ben are still working on their marriage. She looks kind of grumpy here and older somehow than she did a few months ago. Maybe they’re waiting for the kids to finish the school year so they can file and flee? She doesn’t emit joy or contentment in these pix at all. On the other hand, she’s not hiding and this has to be stressful.

      Meghan McCain saying that JLo is deeply unpleasant and not nice is just so incredibly odd. She may be right, but she’s also describing exactly what people have said about her over the years.

  2. sevenblue says:

    lol @Meghan McCain. She should look at a mirror.

    • Jackson says:

      Hey Jen, when the time is right, I will be more than happy to take that stunning green diamond ring literally off your hand. Hit me up, I’ll even pay for shipping!!

    • Isabella says:

      One is a fading nepo. The other is wildly famous in her right.

  3. Jaded says:

    Does this woman EVER stop posing? With the open mouth “I’m too sexy for my spanx” look? It’s yet another blatant attempt to get attention.

  4. Pippa says:

    I think they´re definitely having problems but she´s not ready to give up yet. Not sure about him. I´m not a fan of either of them but for some reason (nostalgia, the romantic in me) I was really hoping they could make it work. I don´t understand why they got married at all if they hadn´t worked out the issues they had the first time.

    • Maria says:

      She won’t be ready to give up until she has a guarantee guy to move on with.
      She is not able to be alone.

  5. BonnieT says:

    I am -still- marveling at the JLo/Ben news of a divorce. How big does your ego have to be that you fund a whole documentary, make an album and plan a tour around “the greatest love story” all while you know your spouse isn’t comfortable with you putting his love letters out there, relationship etc.?! And I’m just marveling at that one point, never mind the problematic coverage of it being “all” her fault, his obvious addictions and whatnot. *waves hand generally

    • Jaded says:

      And let’s not forget the morning after the wedding selfie of her in bed with a full face of makeup and a smug “freshly f*cked” smile on her face. The woman has no shame.

  6. Anita says:

    She seems to be frowning in the photos. It seems to me that she doesn’t realise she’s doing it, even though she knows the photos are being taken.

    • molly says:

      That’s not a super flattering pic of the “girlfriend” either. That’s the downside of dining with JLo while her marriage falls apart. You splashed around the world too!

  7. Amberil says:

    If they aren’t getting a divorce and just going through a rough patch, still trying to work it out, why not clarify it to TMZ ?
    It would be more effective than her posing in front of the paps with her rings

    • Mel says:

      Uhm because the public is not owed explanations on their marriage?

      • Lens says:

        Well they are the ones who leaked stuff to tabloids like “fever dream” “temporary insanity” and who liked toxic relationship instagram posts which set this whole thing off, even before Ben was seen living apart from her at his new rental. If it wasn’t true they would have corrected the gossip. Jlo quickly corrected in people magazine a report she was upset Ben blamed his exwife for his alcoholism remember: ‘This story is simply not true. It is not how I feel. I couldn’t have more respect for Ben as a father, a co-parent, and a person’ she said.

  8. Cafecito says:

    the plastic bra straps, I assumed JLo would have better technology than this

  9. Mel says:

    This is getting out of hand. People need to back off and let them work out whatever their issues are or break up in peace instead of being all up in their business and putting out daily wedding ring “watches”. I’m married, I do not wear my wedding rings most days because I’m not a ring person. This intrusiveness is not helpful.

    • Lauren says:

      You’re anger/ frustration is misplaced.

      They could have put a stop to this last month with a joint statement. Instead, both of their PR teams are running to the media, putting out different stories from some blaming each other . To PR stories about how they are working on things and love each other, but it’s not looking good. Their PR teems keep feeding into the media attention it instead of working together to keep the media out of their business so they can handle things in private.

    • Mimi says:

      She’s literally at a pap hot spot. :-/

  10. Grandma Susan says:

    I don’t know what they serve at Giorgio Baldi, but whatever it is she’ll be dragging her sleeves through it.

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