Jennifer Lopez worked out for months to fit into that New Year’s bodysuit

2010 Times Square New Year's Eve

Does everyone remember Jennifer Lopez’s ridiculous bodysuit for her New Year’s Eve performance in New York? Of course we do. Personally, I’m still trying to Magic Erase that junk from my memory. Anyhoodle, the National Enquirer had a funny story about that bodysuit, and all of the hard work it took to get Jennifer into that monstrosity. The story is actually a little sad, if it is true. Jennifer was dieting for two months to fit into that junk!

Jennifer Lopez dieted and worked out for two months so she could squeez into a skintight catsuit for New Year’s Eve!

The 40year-old mother of two shed about 20 pound before her sizzling performance in Times Square, the Enquirer has learned.

“No one had any idea how hard J.Lo worked to get into that outfit,” a family source divulged to the Enquirer. “She spent the last two months toning up on a special diet and exercise regimen.”

Husband Marc Anthony put in a state-of-the art gym at their mansion in suburban New York to help her out, said the source. The result was a temperature-raising experience for the shivering revelers in Times Square, as well as TV viewers who watched J.Lo belt out her song “Waiting for Tonight” on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 18 2010]

Here’s what I don’t get about this J.Lo Renaissance we are in the midst of – why? Why does Jennifer need this? Why does Jennifer need us to buy that she’s still hot and young and capable of pulling off a gross bodysuit? Is she trying to redo her former career as a singer and actress, her old glory days? Is she just narcissistic enough to think that now that a few years have passed, we’ve all been dying to relive La Vida Lopez? Or can she just not help herself? I mean, this is the woman who won’t shut up about how “layered” Monster-In-Law was, or how she deserved an Oscar for a film no one saw or cared about.

Jennifer Lopez peforms at New Year's Eve celebration in Time Square

2010 Times Square New Year's Eve

2010 Times Square New Year's Eve

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42 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez worked out for months to fit into that New Year’s bodysuit”

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  1. Lway says:

    ……. and she still looked like shit. So sad 🙁

  2. me says:

    and ABC didnt want Adam Lambert for NYE concert but accepted this crap far more offending than a few homosexual acts on stage… my eyes still bleed from seeing jlo like that … did she really think she looked good? i mean i would worry if i were her about that…

  3. Attagirl says:

    She could have worked out 24 hours a day but she’s basically shaped like a bowling pin. She reeks of desparation and delusion.

  4. BitterBetty says:

    Should’ve spend all that time and effort learning to sing.

  5. lastwordlinda says:

    If I had worked my ass off like Lopez is reported to have done, I would have worn something with much more class than that thing she was wearing. It looks like she bought it at Walmart. For Hallowe’en. And I bet she was still wearing Spanx underneath.

  6. Kathie says:

    Whatever she did it didn’t work! She looked like a teletubbie who had been attacked by a glitter pen. I’ve always thought she was so pretty with her wide dark eyes and beautiful skin and I am sorry to see her like this.

  7. bros says:

    there is no way she lost 20 lbs over the last couple of months. she did not look 20 pounds heavier in october or november-what is this complete load of crap story? i buy that she dieted and tried to tone up, but please, 20 pounds?

    even so, she should evolve as a person-motherhood and getting older has done nothing to mature her or change her perspective on life-its still all about the outfits and the attention whoring (remember her golden globe gold dress recently? the most ridiculous outfit of the night and just DESPERATE). she is becoming a caricature.

  8. Firestarter says:

    She should’ve worked a little harder.

  9. p3rp3tu4 says:

    AH turn it off…it gives me bad chills, like real Aliens with new bits…looks away…

  10. snowball says:

    “Husband Marc Anthony put in a state-of-the art gym at their mansion in suburban New York to help her out, said the source.”

    Probably a rhetorical question, but why wouldn’t she have one there already? Did they have their elliptical in one corner of the bedroom like I do? Does she have Marc sit on her feet so she can do situps in the living room? I really doubt she ever went out to the gym where all the peasants work out.

    That picture of her being carried looks like someone’s sinking their hands into freshly risen bread dough.

  11. bella says:

    If I’d worked out for 2 months, you can bet I’d have chosen something I looked a-freakin’-mazing in to wear!

  12. ll says:

    She doesn’t need state of art excercise equipment.If she wanted to lose weight fast she should of been on the skeletor diet.A little bit of coke ,a little bit of crack and you’ll lose weight fast.And as added bonus you’ll have energy to go on all day without food ,while looking like you’re out it like skeletor

  13. Susette says:

    @Snowball – Good point! Especially since she did that triathalon a while back. With all the training she did for that, you’d have thought she’d already had a gym.

  14. Popcorny says:

    As I see it, the thing Lopez is known best for are Ben Affleck, Gigli and some song about being from a Block. In that order.
    So I do not understand the posturing of a “comeback” but DO thank articles like this for the heads-up that a flurry of absolute steaming-crap is on it’s way.

  15. Ellen Smith says:

    Her ass looks saggy.

  16. Sudini says:

    Aww, I do feel bad now knowing that she worked so hard in an attempt to feel good about her body.

    I have to say, she’s a beautiful woman and sometimes the clothes just don’t do a girl justice, no matter who you are. She still looks amazing and healthy.

  17. QB says:

    She looks the same. Is kind of sad when you work out and diet and you end up looking the same , is so freaking depressing.

    I heard rumours that they are selling a couple of their property’s because of the bad economy.

  18. yadira says:

    I feel worse for the dancers who look like they are ready to collapse underneath her.

    HAHA @ teletubbie!

  19. ogechi says:

    guess Jenny is selling lots of mags this year. shine on girl and continue occupying headlines…

  20. Hellen says:

    She looks fine…just not in that outfit.

  21. fandancer says:

    Mid-life crisis much? She needs to embrace her age with some dignity…ugh. Between this lovely number and the “Louboutin” boxing get-up…??? She is starting to remind me of Pamela Anderson; you’re somebody’s MOMMY. Stop it.

  22. Cinderella says:

    If she wants to keep paying her bills, she needs to take a different direction.

    No More Onesies.

  23. nj says:

    To be fair, would ANYONE look good in that thing? And personally, as a somewhat modest and non-flashy dresser, I think a catsuit on anyone, even a perfect body, is really kind of much. Wedgies are not becoming on anybody.

  24. gg says:

    She looks great to me – but the outfit is tragic.

  25. Sigh. says:

    If you deep-fry a turkey, it doesn’t matter how lean it is on the inside.

    She shoulda picked another “skin” to show off her figure.

  26. filthycute says:

    The guy holding up the MASS of J.Lo’s posterior and ego (and pancake makeup) looks Biblically depleted.

    Someone get him a friggin Red Bull and an IV drip.

  27. hatsumomo says:

    and she still failed.

  28. No Sensi says:

    I love the,er bottom pic – her cruelly squished ass being captured upclose by all those cameras!

  29. Novaraen says:

    She worked out two months for a stupid brown sparkly catsuit that looks like crap?!?!?!

    AHAHAHAHA….JLo…you slay me! So dumb…so dumb…

  30. Boo says:

    For 40, she’s got a great body. Horrible bodysuit.

    Why is she trying to be sexy and relevant? All she’s ever sold is sex…what’s she supposed to try and sell.. Her talent? Her intelligence? She’s just doing what she knows…

  31. Ana says:

    Whatever, she totally has like three Spanx underneath that suit to smooth everything out.

  32. Jacq says:

    Ok, the outfit smacks of desperataion and longing for the good old days. But, what about the fact that she still looks pretty darn good for the fact that she had twins? She got BIG. She will, however, be one of those in my mind that had a good run and should probably fade into being a beautiful suburban housewife with stellar wealth.

  33. trish says:

    I saw a picture of her in that suit when she smashed a male dancer’s face in her crotch.
    How about posting that picture.
    Take that Adam!

  34. Twinkle says:

    I agree with Attagirl. However, there is no way she lost 20lbs. I think she was double Spanxed. Maybe even triple layers.

  35. Sue says:

    Why would you lose weight on very thing that was your trademark? What happened to her “booty”??????

  36. Dhavy says:

    She has no talent so no matter how many skimpy clothes she puts on, she’s not going to look like a 20 yr.

    She should embrace her age and stop being such a diva and making comments about her deserving an Oscar (yeah when hell freezes over) and maybe be a little nicer, she can maybe get a decent role and leave the singing to people who can actually sing

    The only star that reinvents herself and always succeeds in Madonna, so JLo let the talented do their stuff and maybe one day in the future we will remember you for the big booty you used to have

  37. Peachiz says:

    Bless her heart…she waz just tryin to top that Green fiasco from the Diddy-waddy-Daddy-whuteva Days…member dat ting? And she got WAY too ‘pushy’ with ‘beautiful Ben’. He didn’t need no “Puffy-duddy” makeover.

    But man, she really “blinded” him for a while – and he still gave her that PINK rock! Thankfully, he ended up with the RIGHT “Jenny from the block” – and they made two beautiful baby girls, thank you very much – BUT, Mrs. Anthony needs to be a Mom for a minute. And, she needs to realize that she is a lovely woman – and no need to TRY SO HARD – ya already got it. Peace.

  38. Nicole says:

    She’s in great shape and she looks good for her age, but the bodysuit was a very bad idea! It was NOT flattering AT ALL! The way the light reflects down the center of her stomach gives the illusion that she has eaten too much.

    But honestly, who would look good in that thing? It’s absolutely unforgiving, in that it would highlight any flaw you want to keep hidden. Personally, I would never have the guts to wear it LOL. So I guess I’ve gotta give her props for that, at least.

  39. Squirrel says:

    Don’t be fooled by the kids that I got
    I’m still, I’m still Jenny in a sock
    used to have a little now I have a lot
    desperation is where it’s coming from…

  40. coucou says:

    Her stylist needs to be fired. Leave this sort of stuff to Britney Spears; I think it’s the same one like hers, but just not in flesh-tone.

  41. Ogechi says:

    @Nicole nice comment

  42. Francesca says:

    All I can say when I see her like this is, ” Oh No….” She looks like the Grinch, in brown, minus the hat.