Lady Gaga unveils new “Sun Queen” look at Vegas trade show


Did you know that Lady Gaga was just named the new creative director for Polaroid? She even got business cards for the gig, which is kind of amazing – it’s not just an endorsement deal, Gaga may have to attend some business meetings and discuss future ad campaigns and look at spreadsheets and stuff. What’s next? Jennifer Lopez being named to the board of GE?

Anyway, these are new photos of Gaga at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, where she not only unveiled a new look, but she came out as the new representative of Polaroid. Not only will Gaga be the Creative Director, she’s got another title: “inventor of specialty products”. God only knows. What do you think of her new look? It reminds me of those strange and wacky hats that upper-crust British women wear. Kind of like the headpiece Camilla Parker Bowles wore for her wedding to the Prince of Wales. It also reminds me of religious iconography – like Gaga is the Sun Queen or the Virgin Mary or something. Whatever.

Lady GaGa has grown into a style icon over the last twelve months – and not without good reason.

The singer’s diverse and outlandish wardrobe, which has included fishnets, stockings and PVC catsuits, has regularly wowed onlookers.

But 23-year-old outdid even herself on Thursday when she arrived at an event in Las Vegas wearing a hat made out of her own hair.

The Bad Romance singer’s hair piece, which was designed to look like a straw hat, ensured she was the centre of the attention at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.
The star finished off her eye-catching outfit with in a sheer black mini-dress.

Lady GaGa attended the event to discuss her role as the new creative director for a speciality line of products for Polaroid.

“Well, I’m definitely a Polaroid camera girl,” she said.

“I really believe in the lifestyle and injecting the things that I love into [this]. For me, what I’m really excited about is bringing back the artistry and the nature of Polaroid.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

WENN notes that Gaga also introduced Monster Cable’s “Headphones by Gaga” at the Monster booth at the trade show… so expect your gay best friend to want “Headphones by Gaga” for his birthday, just FYI. I’m also going to give Gaga some credit – when she signs on to do something, she puts all of her effort into it. That’s probably what makes her such a good spokesperson, and why she got the Polaroid gig.

Lady Gaga in Vegas on January 7, 2010, credit: WENN. Additional photo of Gaga and her business card, from Gaga’s Twitter.



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  1. Dorothy says:

    Good for her! Polaroid needs the publicity.

  2. Erin says:

    love her outfit, not feeling the hair. I know avant-garde is her schtick, but most of the time it just feels like she’s trying too hard, as in this instance.

  3. C-DUB says:

    In the words of Diamond from the movie The Players Club…”Make that money, don’t let that money make you.” Do yo thang Ga Ga!!

  4. LolaBella says:

    I love Lady GaGa! *Sings Bad Romance and dances out of thread*

  5. p3rp3tu4 says:

    Thank YOU I needed a new song since alejandro was stuck in my head all day 😀
    ^_^ *_*

  6. dude says:

    I love gaga, no reason she needs to be like everyone else. Good for you gaga

  7. anna says:

    Go Gaga!

  8. cvb says:

    She is so 2009. It’s so boring…
    d-d-d-d dane,
    po- po- po-po poker,
    pa- pa-pa- pa paparazzi,
    ro- ro- ro- ro- romans,
    ga- ga- ga- ga- gaga.

    If you are so creative do finally something different.

  9. Steeze says:

    sorry. cant stand her. dont like her music and dont get the look. i feel like shes playing a joke on the whole world. ive never found anything shes done (music, wardrobe, performances, etc.) beautiful or thought provoking. just garbage. but people love to consume garbage these days. anyway, polaroid is just using her for the publicity it will get them and since people that consume garbage will spend money on anything she promotes, pretty smart move.

  10. Trillion says:

    Gaga is not only creative and unusual, she is also very smart. Even hearing her talk for a few moments on Launch My Line shows how articulate she is. She puts a lot of thought into everything – a driver, not a passenger. I like that. From certain angles, she resembles a very young Brian Eno circa Roxy Music.

  11. snowball says:

    “If you are so creative do finally something different.”

    Yeah, like Rihanna’s Hard song.

    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah

    I’m so haaard
    Yeah yeah yeah
    so haaard
    I’m so haaard
    so hard, so hard
    so hard, so hard

    I like that she’s actually showing her face more lately. I know some people think she’s ugly, but I think she’s actually quite pretty. Loved her mostly bare face in the Bad Romance video.

    *joins LolaBella dancing out to Bad Romance*

  12. Kathie says:

    I love Lady Gaga, she works the system without apology, her songs are incredibly memorable and she never fails to entertain.

  13. Firestarter says:

    I hate to admit it, but I have decided I actually like that Bad Romance song.

    Liking it really scares me. What am I becoming?

  14. gg says:

    Fire – you’ll be okay, just don’t look at her and you will understand it better. lol

  15. pickelhaube says:


    YES! I saw Gaga on Launch My Line and was thrilled to see that she is intelligent. I am a huge, HUGE fan of hers and love her even more now that I know she has a brain in there. But really, how could she be stupid? She is so creative and cool and unique, and she does it by herself (well, her and the Haus of Gaga). She’s no Miley or Britney (thank God), and I LOVE that we have someone who is talented, creative, and just so fun to look at out there! I was so sick of the same old sh*t, and now we have the antidote….GAGA! The only thing that she’s done that I didn’t love was “Videophone” but that was because of Beyonce, who I loathe with the intensity of a million red hot suns. I cannot even look at that talentless, obnoxious creature without dry heaving and I will never understand why Gaga would waste her time with someone so creatively lacking. Oh well, at least it hasn’t rubbed off on her, as we can see!

    Also, Louis XV was awesome, if he is the inspiration for this look, I will love Gaga even more, since I am a huge history nerd. I love her big shouldered dresses, they remind me of Victorian times, and Tsarina Alixandra of Russia…I would die to meet her and ask her this stuff! One day….

  16. Firestarter says:

    @gg- Good idea! Anything to get me through this strange time in my life! LOL!

    *ponders existence*

  17. singerinwhite says:

    *shrugs* Her music isn’t really my thing, even though quite a number of her tunes are really catchy ( “Teeth,” “Bad Romance” )

    I have, however, always admired her for her visual appearance and performances. It’s incredibly creative and unique, and it’s something that makes her stand out from the rest of the oversexed and manufactured female pop artists. There are times when I feel that she’s using her sexuality as a small part of her act – and not a staple of her visual imagery and performances. Everything sort of blends in for me.

    I’ve also heard NUMEROUS stories about what an utter sweetheart she is to her fans, and how she takes her time with each and every single one of them she meets whenever she can. That in particular is something I’ve always had an incredible amount of respect for in regards to Lady Gaga.

    Go Gaga 🙂

  18. Ooofah says:

    23? No f’n way she’s 23.

  19. california angel says:

    Not that I in any way care, but that’s a man baby. Either way, it would be awesome inspiration for a lot of peeps to have a mainstream tranny singer IMO.

  20. Bellaluna says:

    Shes such a butter face.

  21. gg says:

    @ Fire – my conscience at this time forces me to come clean and admit I just bought this album. :red: I could not fight my A-A-ddiction.

    Speaking of which, my husband played me some British hits from a 70s disco band, Boney M,
    See at 1:37 – I see some gaga derivatives from this band. It’s a hoot too. and unfortunately the song is catchy. It’s got the same BPM and they go, “RA-RA-Rasputin …”

    Another Boney M tune has a little break in it exactly like in Poker Face – the “mumm-mum-ma-muh..” part, also with the same BPM. I didn’t check to see if theyre also in the same key. Very cleva.

  22. Firestarter says:

    @gg- I just downloaded Bad Romance from ITunes.

    *peeks from behind GIANT sunglasses*

    I have The Prodigy, System of a Down, Drowning Pool Rob Zombie and now ……… *whispering* gaga.

    WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LolaBella says:

    @ Firestarter:Who would have thought that you would be talking about your loverboy Rob and GaGa in the same sentence, huh???

    “I want your horror, I want your design”
    Sing it out loud!

    LOVE IT!!!

  24. Peach says:

    We also have a transexual (read: calling someone a tranny is the same as calling someone a fag)appointed by Obama serving our country.
    Who. Gives. A. Shit.

    Ignorant comments are very 2009. The decade of suck.

    [steps off her soapbox and joins the dance party. Walk, walk fashion baby…]

  25. Firestarter says:

    @LolaBella- I KNOW! The end of days is approaching!

  26. Jessica says:

    She looks like Rebecca De’Mornay in the first pic…

  27. Trillion says:

    Firestarter: It took me a bit to warm to her and now I LOVE her to bits. When I was “coming up”, I had strong female singers to admire like Sinead, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Mia Zapata, Chrissie Hynde, Diamanda Galas, and performers like Laurie Anderson. I mean, the generation of girls following us need something better than (fill in the blank). I think Gaga fills a giant void. I hope The Noisettes hit it super huge here too and show all these (fill in the blank) types what a real musician is.

  28. coucou says:

    OMG she’s wearing clothes? SHOCKING

  29. jsan says:

    cvb – very good!! So true!!

  30. mollination says:

    I don’t take kindly to you comparing gaga to Jlo.

    JLo just likes to put her name on everything so she can fancy herself a “triple threat” or master of the pop universe or something (of which she is neither. she does a lot of stuff, but the only thing she does *well* is dance, and I’m not even sure she can still do that).

    Gaga is really something. I know a lot of people think she is contrived when it comes to the whole “ooo I’m so ny-art-scene-abstract”, and I tried to be one of them at first, but the truth is she has the chops to back it up. She is really something incredible.

  31. california angel says:

    Um Peach, my transsexual friends have no problem being called that and refer to eachother as that, so didn’t mean to be so 2009 nor did i mean to be ignorant.

    Edit: By “tranny” I just meant it as a shorter version of the word transsexual and not in any derogatory sense is swear. I appreciate where you are coming from but I’m disheartened that you just assumed I meant that to be discriminatory. Additionally, the actual PC term is trans-gendered, if you would like to be picky about it.

  32. Emily says:

    @california angel, I’ve always thought “tranny” is derogatory. It’s certainly mainly used as an insult. Peach is right, it’s like using “fag”. I’ll do that with my friends (I’m gay and most of my friends are too), but I won’t use it for someone I don’t know, in case they think I’m being homophobic.

  33. I just just can’t seem to fully understand your point of view. Are you certain we’re articulating about the same situation?

  34. Mark says:


  35. Music SE says:

    This is a nice idea of Palaroid. They need to become more popular again. I think Lady Gaga would help the company.