Father’s Day gifts and deals including pop-up cards, a dad joke button and emergency kits

From Rosie: Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday and in my house, we usually get a “nicer” gift, like a baseball hat or jersey, and a cheaper joke gift. My kids have gotten really into cheesy jokes this year because their principal tells one daily during morning announcements. They opted to get this “Dad Jokes” buzzer for their dad this year. We’re all going to have a lot of fun with it. Everyone loves a good Dad Joke! Reviewers mention that it’s great at parties, in offices, with kids, and more. “I bought this for my brother for Christmas. He is a total Dad Jokester! I crack up every time he pushes this for his daughter. Sooo funny!” “I gave this to my adult son to use in his office…There were four adults sitting at the table when he began pressing the button. Within a minute, we were ALL laughing. A truly fun purchase.” “Good to leave on a coffee table and not tell people what it is! No one can resist touching it. If you leave your guest alone with it, inevitably you will hear them laughing. Great party starter.”

Dad Jokes Book Dad Jokes Button

Gifts and Deals
Gifts for Dad
48% off Dad Jokes: Over 600 of the Best (Worst) Jokes Around
21% off Anker Magnetic Power Bank 10,000mAh, Wireless Portable Charger
42% off DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver, Power Tool Combo Kit
34% off Fanttik E1 Max 3.7V Mini Electric Screwdriver, Precision Electric Screwdriver
30% off Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Classic Fit Crews 3 Pack
31% off GOLDTOE Men’s Cotton Blend Athletic Crew Socks, 6-Pairs
16% off Jeasona Mens Funny Fun Crazy Funky Dress Crew Socks
12% off Callaway Golf Supersoft 2023 Golf Balls
29% off Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
40% off LilyAna Naturals Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness
33% off Ultrean Food Scale, Digital Kitchen Scale
20% off CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking Women/Men, Anti UV Ray
37% off REALINN Under Sink Organizer, Pull Out Cabinet Organizer 2 Tier Slide Out
38% off Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

A set of serums that will leave your skin brighter and healthier

From Rosie: Last month, CB mentioned Sunday Riley’s serum kit. I’ve personally had great results and totally recommend it. Since it is a little pricey, though, I started looking around their Amazon page and found that they have a three-pack of their popular serums in travel size for $36. It includes their C.E.O. face-brightening vitamin C cream and two nighttime serums, Luna, a retinol night oil, and Good Genes, a lactic acid leave-on treatment. The Sunday Riley Jewel Box Kit has a 4.5 star rating, almost 500 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. Users rave about the amazing work each serum does on the face. “These little bottles lasted a LOT longer than I thought they would, and in that time (6 weeks maybe) my 56-year-old dry, eczema-prone, rosacea-prone face was legit transformed…My fave product is the lactic acid stuff (Good Genes). I have no idea HOW it works, but together with the CEO brightening serum and Luna night-time oil. I am telling you my face has cleared up and looks bright, fresh, and healthy.” “This product works so well that I am willing to jump from the $35.00 set I purchased to the $76.00 dollar set. It works great. My smoker lines around my lips have almost disappeared completely and the balance in my skin has greatly improved.”

Fun beach coasters to keep sand out of your drinks

From Rosie: These are hands down one of my favorite purchases from last year. I’ve already broken them out twice this year. They’re starfish-shaped drink holders that you can use outdoors, especially at the beach to keep sand out of your drink. They fit most drink containers, like water bottles, cans, solo cups, beer or soda bottles, sippy cups, etc. You can also throw your snacks, phones, sunglasses, etc. in them. A four-pack is $13. They have a 4.7 star rating, almost 1,600 reviews, and an A on Fakespot. Users love how these adorable one-size-fits-most outdoor coasters keep their drinks sand-free. “I have used these in sand & grass without them falling out/topping over. Plus they are soooo cute!” “I was able to use each to hold the drink, lotion, and other things I brought to the beach, and nothing got sandy!” “We have some beach chairs without cup holders and these are great to not get your cold, sweating drinks full of sand. They fit a wide range of size cups and the design is super cute.”

A foot peel mask that makes your feet super soft

From Rosie: It’s summertime, which means our feet get shown off a lot more than other times of the year. A few years ago, my sister sent me this foot peel mask as a birthday present and I loved it. I’m going to use it again this year ahead of a beach trip in July. You simply wear the mask around your feet for an hour and then within a week, the dead skin and calluses on your feet peel off. There are eight different scents and you can buy it in packs of two, four, and eight. The Demora foot peel mask has a 4.4 star rating, just under 69,800 reviews, and a B on Fakespot. People absolutely love the results that they get at such a good value. “[M]y experience with the DERMORA Foot Peel Mask was nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re seeking a solution for dry, cracked feet and a chance to experience the joy of baby soft skin, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the DERMORA Foot Peel Mask a try.” “This peel is very effective! I also really appreciate that two peels are included so I can repeat the process in a few months. It’s a great value.” “Dermora Foot Peel Mask works like magic. I started to get dry, hard callous feet. After 2 days my feet were as soft as a newborn babies feet. I no longer had any calluses…I’m a forever customer.”

A popup card for Dad he’ll love

From CB: Dads are notoriously hard to shop for, but my dad always like a nice card. This popup bonsai card by trusted brand Freshcut should arrive by Saturday if you order it early enough. You can add a gift note or deliver it yourself. There are also houseplant and flower options including a monstera plant, a snake plant and a prayer plant. I have their orchid card and use it as decoration on my dining room table. This listing has 67 reviews, 4.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say the card is so sturdy and pretty and that the recipients love it. “I sent this to my Mom and she loved it! It was very realistic looking and very high quality.” “I bought this for my cousins birthday. She absolutely loved it. I thought it was lovely. Great gift for the money. I’m happy with my purchase.”

A blanket and towel ladder to help organize your space

From CB: I need more room for storing towels in my bathroom and this blanket ladder looks like it would fit perfectly. It’s metal and sleek looking and is so affordable at just $25. It’s free standing and easy to lean against the wall or can be drilled in. This listing has 440 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it was easy to assemble and looks nice. “We really like this rack. It stands up well leaning against the wall in our bathroom for a towel rack option that didn’t requiring drilling holes in the wall. It’s also something different to do and looks cute.” “Bought two of these to build into a vertical herb garden. The parts are easily rebuilt into many shapes and heights. I expect the metal to hold up pretty well. Planter boxes are zip tied with heavy duty ties.”

A packable survival kit with tools and first aid supplies

From CB: This small survival kit comes with several tools including a little shovel, fishing line, fishing hooks, flint, carabiners and more. It also has first aid supplies and would be great for bringing along while camping or backpacking or just keeping in the car for emergencies. This listing has over 1,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say it’s a great little kit and love the multi use tools. “This has everything a camper could hope for, and more! It is perfect for the casual family camper, or the person who does serious outdoor explorations.” “Unbelievable how much stuff they fit into this pack, I could survive alone easily in the wild with this pack and some other essentials. Recommend.”

A set of snack boxes for meal prep, on the go and more

From CB: This set of snack and bento boxes is on sale for 20% off, making them under $16. These would help with meal prep and would be great for packing lunches. You get four dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe containers, all with lids, in different color options. These have 471 ratings, 4.7 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say they make it so convenient to pack lunches and have healthy snacks on hand. “Feels like a solid investment for meal prepping for my healthy snacks at work.” “Bought these for my small children. We love them. Compartments are deep and hold plenty of food. Lid and containers are very sturdy.” “This 5 compartment bento style lunch box is perfect for lunches for my 3 children, ages 11, 13 and 15. It is enough food for all of them, and they get to customize (if they want) what goes into them.”

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  1. mellie says:

    I bought the foot peel/mask based on another blog I read frequently. I can attest that it does the job, I have lots of callouses and dry skin from hiking and it really ‘sloughs’ off the skin, but be aware that you’ll have skin peeling off your feet for several days – at least I did.

    • Flamingo says:

      Same, I got the Amazon one and it peeled for almost 2 weeks. But my feet were baby soft after. They also have a moisturizing foot mask. I would soak them at night and put soft socks on in bed. To try to keep the flaking off the bed and floors.

  2. LadyMTL says:

    I’ve been using the Luna oil for a few months now, and it’s fine. I’ve noticed a slight improvement in my skin, but since it’s dark blue I always have to apply it at least an hour before bed so it’ll absorb properly haha. (I’ve used a lot of different retinols over the years, and my fave is Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform.)

  3. Flamingo says:

    Happy early Father’s Day to everyone celebrating.

    And to the rest of us that no longer have a dad on this mortal coil or just dipped out. Big hugs to us all.

    I do appreciate this year I received more than a few emails from brands. Asking if I would like to opt out of Mother & Father Day ads. It actually helped me a lot. I hope more brands do that in the future.

  4. goofpuff says:

    These posts are fun 🙂 I love seeing what you guys find in the interwebs. Can we branch out beyond just Amazon?

  5. alsf says:

    Does anyone have a lightweight travel backpack they like? I just took one on a trip but it was heavier and clunkier than I liked. I’m leaving for Malaysia/Singapore soon and I would like to a better, affordable, bag. Part of the problem is laptop sleeves – they take up a lot of space/padding if you’re not carrying a laptop. . . .

  6. MS. Lib says:

    Thanks for the Sunday Riley. I had to dig to find the $36 travel pack. It is perfect for my next trip.
    Expensive but works great!