Drake lost $300K betting against Argentina in Copa America & they trolled him

Drake was last seen in public on the Fourth of July in the Hamptons. He attended Michael Rubin’s wildly popular all-white party. That’s where he was when Kendrick Lamar dropped the music video for “Not Like Us,” Kendrick’s final song in his diss battle with Drake. Apparently, Kendrick’s songs were banned from Rubin’s party, but the photos from the party revealed that the battle took its toll on Drake. That man has aged twenty years since Kendrick asked “Have you ever played ‘Have You Ever’?”

Speaking of Kendrik’s lyricism, “Meet the Grahams” was stunning for just how much tea was spilled about Drake. Beyond the reveals about Drake’s character, his misogyny and his secret daughter, Kendrick spoke to Drake’s father Dennis, saying: “I’m blaming you for all his gambling addictions/Psychopath intuition, the man that like to play victim.” “Gambling addiction” was new to me, although I admitted never cared that much about Drake’s life in general. As it turns out, Drake really does have a gambling problem. You know how Copa America is happening concurrently with the Euros? Yesterday, Argentina beat Canada in the Copa semifinal. Drake bet and lost $300K on the match. He posted the wager on his IG Stories. After Argentina defeated Canada, the Argentinian team posted a “Not Like Us” clapback. Insane how “Not Like Us” is now international and that the whole world is dunking on that man. It really takes a raging gambling addiction to bet against Messi, right??

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Michael Rubin’s IG.

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19 Responses to “Drake lost $300K betting against Argentina in Copa America & they trolled him”

  1. Flamingo says:

    I have read a few blind items / reveals what a heavy gambler Drake is. And what a fool he acts like at the casinos for it.

    This is just another regular day for him to lose that much money. I will never all at once see in a lifetime.

    • Lauren says:

      Kendrick said the same thing that Drake has serious gambling problems in his Meet the Grahams song.

  2. IFoxi says:

    I mean, he IS Canadian.

    • Lau says:

      Their team is not good enough for him to bet $300K on their victory. If you bet that much money perhaps you deserve to lose it.

      • Creek says:

        It’s the kind of bet someone places to make a game more exciting, to make it feel like they are more invested. I see a lot betting targetting fooball (soccer) fans this way. It’s wreckless addict behaviour, whithout even the veneer of pretending it’s based on a game’s odds.

    • Changing my name because I can says:

      We Canadians don’t claim him.

      • Elaine says:

        Correct. We see him for what he is. Twitter feed was full of, “well now we’re going to lose” when ppl heard about the bet.

      • IFoxi says:

        I don’t blame you for not claiming him, he seems like a giant dipsh1t. I was just saying that, if he wants to bet, of course, he’s taking his country. The issue really is his gambling in general. And that he’s a giant dipsh1t.

    • SIde Eye says:

      Most Canadians can’t stand this poser. He curses almost every Canadian team with his gambling – the Drake curse was a real thing in sports for a long time. In hockey he cursed the Leafs last year when they were up 3-0 in their series by betting on and guaranteeing a game 7, the Leafs LOST that series 4-3 and dis douche canoe was bragging on social media he made money. This year, he put his money on the Oilers (I guess people were pissed and now he’s on a mission to show he puts his money on Canada) which was a bad sign for the Oilers, because a fool and his money shall soon part.

      Can I say Kendrick Lamar dropping the video DURING the party was epic trolling. Lamar has put on a masterclass in how to take down a poser/wannabe.

      I went down the rabbit hole of the Dark Kenny subreddit last night which basically looks for all the clues Drake has left behind letting us know he is a pedophile walking among us in plain sight. There are symbols in videos, things he has said on social media etc. It helped me understand the song so much better. For example “he a fan he a fan he a fan” plays while Lamar’s family dances in the house – you can clearly see an electrical fan running in the background. An electrical fan is code for pedophile. “He a 69 God” Drake went bowling and his name at the alley was 69 God.

      I was on that sub for 2 hours. It dropped my jaw. And yes the scene with the shipping crates – those are the kind of crates used for human trafficking. He straight up accused Drake, through context clues and rhymes, of being a human trafficker. The sub reddit goes into great detail about it.

      I’m happy to see he looks like he aged 30 years in that photo. There’s even a rumor circulating one of the dancers is the daughter he never claimed. No idea if it’s true. I love me some Kendrick Lamar and I’m so happy he punched that damn fool in the mouth.

  3. sevenblue says:

    “What is it? The braids?” 😂😂

    • Imara219 says:

      This will now hence be my clapback against ppl I don’t F with for hood reasons…Kendrick was dropping gems. My hubby and I will drop this line and then immediately giggle all the time

  4. Lucía says:

    Fun fact: Drake did Lollapalooza here in BA a couple years ago. Minutes before going on stage, he ordered the organizers not to live stream it, even though he had previously agreed to let them do so. People were PISSED but apparently the show was trash so. Anyways, we’re also big Kendrick stans over here. No jodan con nosotros ;)🇦🇷

  5. Sara says:

    Guys it’s promotion for a betting site, he hasn’t lost a penny of his own money.

    But the Argentina team did make me laugh when they dunked on him.

  6. Nanea says:

    If he’s happy to part with large sums, he might as well donate to food banks etc in TO.

    Instant gratification and a long-lasting effect.

    And maybe a few people would go back to if not liking, at least not actively hating him.

  7. HillaryIsAlwaysRight says:

    Did anyone tell him this is was not a hockey game?

  8. Jilliebean says:

    I’m fine with DRAKE betting on his home country. DUh what to people expect? He’s Canadian and a gambler and of course he is going to bet that way and BRAGGGGGG about it

  9. phlyfiremama says:

    Seeing this phony finally get his karma rained down on him is amazing!! I’m surprised he even showed his face, but then I remembered his boo Camilla Cabello was there as well. 🤣🤣

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