Usher’s car supposedly robbed of $1 million worth of goods

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Usher’s car was reportedly robbed of $1 million worth of Christmas presents about a month ago, including furs, jewelry and clothing and $20,000 worth of cash. This report sounds suspicious to me due to the added detail that two laptops were stolen that just happened to contain “the only versions of vocal tracks that have never been heard before.” Doesn’t that sound a little too convenient? Like who only keeps one copy of such important files? Usher was in Atlanta parked across from a mall when the goods were lifted.

R&B singer Usher had over $1 million worth of Christmas gifts — as well as laptops containing the only copies of new tracks he was working on — stolen from his car last month, reported Access Hollywood.

According to an Atlanta police report, the singer’s GMC Yukon was broken into on December 14 and over a million dollars worth of jewelry, $50,000 in furs and clothing and about $20,000 in cash were snatched.

But he told police he was most upset about the loss of two laptops, as they contained the only versions of vocal tracks that have never been heard before.

A witness reportedly saw a man pull up to the vehicle and break into the car.

The alleged incident is currently under investigation.

[From Parade]

Usher’s sixth album, Raymond vs. Raymond, is due out in February. Two singles have been released so far, Papers and Hey Daddy, and neither have done particularly well. Hey Daddy, out last month, peaked at 94 on the Billboard 100 while Papers, out in October, fared better at 31 and number 1 on the R&B chart.

It just strikes me as strange that Usher’s songs were stolen and that there are no other copies available. Maybe we’ll hear that his CD release date will be pushed back after the tracks were “stolen.” Also, who keeps $20,000 in cash in their car? It all has the whiff of fraud about it. It could have happened that way, though. Someone might have robbed Usher’s SUV full of loot along with his laptops. The fact that we didn’t hear about it for a month makes it seem more legitimate, like he didn’t plan it that way. The way I envision it, Usher was legitimately robbed but then he figured that he’d claim that the car contained laptops with some new never-before-heard tracks. That way, he could buy some more time on his album. Or maybe he just left a car full of a million bucks of stuff sitting across the street from a mall and was dumb enough to leave his computers and important files in there too.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    That’s where I keep all my one of a kind items! And stacks of cash too. Because nothing is safer then my car alarm and a thin window of glass.

  2. Just a Poster says:

    The only thing I can think of is… “Dumb ass!” oh wait that was 2 words.

  3. mel says:

    Sounds fishy and why would you carry all that in your car. Come up with something better Ush.

  4. Firestarter says:

    OMG! My car has just been robbed! My Jack-in the- box antenna ball is gone!

    *dials 911*

  5. QB says:

    Didn’t his suitcase got rob one time at a hotel and it had some stuff that was worth 1 million dollars a couple of years ago. He seems to be loosing a lot of stuff and is always worth 1 million.

  6. Mia says:

    No one here in Atlanta really believes he was robbed of $1M. I’ve been to that strip mall where he was robbed. It’s got 5 stores & a small, opened parking lot. If he was in the AT&T store, he could see his SVU in the parking lot. There’s no way anyone could rob the man without plenty of folks seeing it. Don’t know what really happened to his stuff, but I’m not buying this story.

  7. Lizzard says:

    I could actually see the possibility of him having that much cash in his car. He may have JUST gone to the bank for employees or friends Christmas cash bonus. In my office we get cash as a Christmas gift every year. Our boss goes to the bank and withdraws thousands of dollars to give everyone at the main office and IT 50-100 or more. Plus he has way more money than the people I work with- so 20,000 doesn’t seem all that bad actually.

  8. pickelhaube says:

    LOL Kayleigh!!

    Usher must be running low on money to pull this ridiculous stunt and expect to get away with it. Come on dude…seriously. ESPECIALLY in Atlanta? Who would leave ANYTHING of value in a car there? That place is f*cked! DUMBASS! That is, if it’s true, which I doubt.

  9. moo says:

    probably Lindsay Lohan…….

  10. gg says:

    lol @ Firestarter!

    and @ pickelhaube: I know, right? I lived there for 27 years and you just don’t keep things in a flash car with dark windows etc. Screaming for a breakin that car was.

  11. Sincerity says:

    I don’t know what to believe. We’re talking about Atlanta, GA and the economic situation there is pretty rough right now. Even my cousin who lives there may lose her home.

    I’m assuming Usher may have been followed by career criminals, if he stopped by the bank before he arrived at the mall. They may have even followed him while he was shopping, too. It would not have taken much time for seasoned car thieves to break into his car. In Atlanta, anything is possible.

    Hopefully, he’ll be able to recreate the artistic property he lost. I’m not sure, if his insurance will cover his intellectual property losses. I wish him only the best.

  12. lucy2 says:

    @moo – I agree, someone should check Lohan’s alibi…

    If this is all true, certainly no one deserves to be robbed. But if you’re stupid enough to have a million dollars worth of stuff in your car and park it and walk away…