Are Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston together?


Okay, here we go – I don’t know how many times Gerard Butler has denied this rumor in the past, but it seems we’re in for another round of “Are they dating already?” As I mentioned in previous posts, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston both seemed to arrive solo for the Golden Globes, and yet they sat together, presented together, and posed for these photos together in the press room. It could totally be the case that they’re friends and colleagues and they don’t really give a crap and they’re promoting their film, Bounty Hunter, and whatever buzz is good buzz.


So, there it is. Most media outlets are running stories asking if Gerard and Aniston are together. PopEater notes their “awkward body language” as possible evidence that “there is something going on between them two of them.” Us Weekly notes that they posed for a “series of silly photos” and they “teased each other” as they presented. And Gerard is quoted by USA Today as saying that the Golden Globes were… good? Gerry said: “I had 16 spontaneous orgasms and I don’t know why.”

What’s the verdict on her dress, by the way? I didn’t hate it! It’s an interesting design, with the one-shoulder and slit. The fit was great, but Jennifer usually gets a good fit on her dresses. She never makes that mistake that so many actresses make of pouring themselves into something too tight. I really liked Jennifer’s strappy shoes. Monolos? Or Choos?


Butler and Aniston in the Golden Globes press room on January 17, 2010. Credit: WENN and Fame Pictures.

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  1. bella says:

    I don’t think they’re together, I think they’re just friends and colleagues. But if they are together, I’m not mad at that. I hope they have wicked fun!

    And Jennifer looks classy and beautiful, not like she’s trying too hard, and she looks happy.

  2. Firestarter says:

    Oh boy, here we go……..

    My opinion, I think she looked very pretty.

    Can’t wait for all the “critics” to come in and say she is desperate, “Maniston”, “Chinniston”, trying to get Brad back, inappropriate, pathetic , crying inside for a baby,etc.

    We all know she went home alone last night and screamed at the ocean, clutched her Brad doll and cried herself to sleep in the fetal position.

    Hope I covered everything?! Oh yeah, I forgot one thing: Why was she even there?

  3. Ana says:

    I wish a lot of actresses would wear something other than black every single time. Anyway, I like the slit, don’t like the shoes. Don’t like the way her left boob looks like it might pop out. I don’t think they are together, I think she was just nervous and needed someone to hang all over.

  4. bigelle says:

    why is his face orange yet big fat hand pale as can be!?

  5. Ana says:

    Also, I get that her hair is supposed to be beachy or whatever, but I really thing she should try an up-do to change things up.

  6. Linda says:

    I hope they are, they are gorgeous!!

  7. nana says:

    i remember someone with same long slit last year

  8. vale says:

    When she came onstage I thought three things, in the following sequence: oh man, hair down again? Oh man, black dress, again?? Oh wow look at that slit. I bet someone will compare it to the Angelina slit from Cannes.

    I also get the sense that they’re not doing it, but outrageously want to.

  9. bite me says:

    doesn the bounty come out in march…rachel looks great by the way

  10. Maritza says:

    I think they are friends with benefits. They can enjoy their company as much as they want because they are single!

  11. snowball says:

    “I think she was just nervous and needed someone to hang all over.”


    She looked great, not like the Oompa Loompa fake tan crowd. I’m not a fan of the one shouldered dress thing, so I could live without it, but it’s a change from her usual, so I guess that works. The slit is good, the shoes are good – she does the strappy sandal thing a lot. I’m guessing Manolos.

    I doubt she and Gerard are dating, they look like friends goofing around. And if they are, then I hope she’s getting some sweet Butler-lovin’. :)

    She was with Vince, she can work with the gut and man boobs.

  12. PJ says:

    They could be friends with benefits, or just work buddies. Both of them are good at quick wit and banter.

    I doubt it’s a serious relationship, though. Neither of them seem to be up for that lately.

  13. Gwen says:

    I think she looked great – perhaps a wee bit boring, but great none the less.

    I don’t think they’re a couple but they look like they’re having fun.

  14. lucy2 says:

    I think they’re just friends who worked together, and because they presented together to promote their movie, were seated together and interviewed together. I doubt it’s anything more than that.
    The dress was nice, nothing spectacular, but perfect for someone presenting. Her gowns seem to typically be understated. I always like her hair but agree it would be nice to see something different, although I don’t think she looks as good with her hair up. Some people just don’t.

  15. Eileen Yover says:

    Oh God he looks yummy!!!!

    I like the dress, but I wish she would have wore her hair up with it.

  16. PJ says:

    Firestarter, I loved your post! LOL

    Jennifer’s hair was blonder than usual. Wish I knew what she uses to make it so shiny!

  17. Katalina76 says:

    It’s a shame they aren’t together, because man, do they bring the pretty.

  18. Linda says:

    OMG people – this is Hollywood and 2 people who are co-stars in an upcoming movie appeared for pictures together!! Promotion – heck yes – there is nothing wrong with it and every Actor in Hollywood does it – every single one of them!!

    I think she looked great – healthy and happy – loved the slit up the dress and black works for her! She simply looked great!

  19. Nadia says:

    Wow – she’s so beautiful she makes him look good!

  20. Morgs says:

    LOL @ firestarter. Perfect!!!

  21. prettytarheelfan says:

    LOL @ ana-I was wondering what was up with her left boob as well. I think it’s mainly in one of the pictures that it looks like it’s trying to do a slo-mo run to GB.
    It’s the same basic look she’s had forever. She’s very attractive, but perhaps changing it up a bit would be a good move. Of course then the headlines would be “Jen Starts a New Life with a New Look,” Or “Jen preps for Baby #1 with a low-key changeup,” etc.
    Finally, is anyone else amazed that the ONLY thing that ages on her is her hands? I am.

  22. Maritza says:

    I like her shoes but I hate when the toes are hanging out.

  23. alex says:

    can we have a aniston’s thread without mentioning Brad or angie’s name? Come on people it is 2010 let it go already. I know some of you people on here like drama but damn already. Move on

  24. Sigh. says:

    Firestarter —

    You forgot to throw in that’s she doing all of that with a John Mayer soundtrack on constant loop in the background of the sad theater which is her life…

    And #21 (my computer won’t read your whole name) -
    Add “To Angie: Jen Wants Her Man Back – Now!”

  25. Birdie says:

    I don’t think they are together. They seemed to be giving off friend vibes to me.

    Anniston looked attractive, but plain. She covered her usual bases: she always has good hair, good makeup, and a black dress.

  26. Bam Bam says:

    They appear to be both easy hookups, both endlessly going thru other good looking people like kids in a candy store. Convenience and opportunity, but pointless.

  27. ogechi says:

    Jennifer oh my jenny, always looking classy, sweet, lovely and chic. I love-i love and i love uuuuuuuuuu jenny.

  28. Beth says:

    I think they dated or wants everybody to think they were/are. They were all over each other during filming but at the same time it seemed like they were putting on a show on for the paps. And I do think she looks desperate in some of the pictures. Some of Jennifer’s poses look weird because she really wants to show off the slit/leg.

  29. This screams publicity to me. But anyway, yeah, I like Jennifer’s dress.

  30. Mairead says:

    God I wish they were, so I could ignore them in one handy post.

    her face looks lovely here, stunning in fact! very glowy and beautiful makeup.

    hair – she looked like she needed the services of a comb last year; and nothing much has changed in the interim.

    dress – a perfectly serviceable dress, but it should have been left in Liz Hurley’s wardrobe where it belonged. Love the sandals though!

  31. crash2GO2 says:

    So…am I the only one made nervous by that slit? It feels like I’m going to see her crotch at any second.

  32. lolo says:

    His face is indeed orange, my god.. I hate his make-up artist.

  33. Lee says:

    I seriously doubt they’re anything but friends – maybe flirty friends, but friends. Gerard’s face bronzing (the colour IMO looks good on him) should have been spread on the back of his neck, and on his hands too – they look lumpy and pink.

  34. San says:

    I agree with Ana, I don’t think they are together, I think she was just nervous and needed someone to hang all over.
    I can’t understand why she is always nervous in public at the age of 41??? and why do she reach for the nearest man to comfort her?
    I think if she wore a nice bold color like Sandra Bullock’s dress would have been more nice. Sandra’s dress also showed class.
    Jen seem more into showing skin. I wish she would have chosen to show class instead.
    I think a lot of the stars like Mariah Carey resorted to showing too much skin.
    Courteney Cox was gorgeous and classy. I liked that her hair was up. Courteney’s look was just perfect.
    I hope Jen and her people don’t try the fake pr stunt of acting like they are dating since Bounty is coming up soon.

  35. Becks says:

    I lover Jen – I think she always looks great, even in the holey jeans.
    Out of all of her movies there is only one I didnt care for and that was :The Good Girl” or something like that.
    I liked the rest and I think she is very talented.
    Maybe I just like her cause she gets dogged on alot, by mean and jealous people?
    Anyways, I like her and think she looks great in the pics.

  36. Lardy Chops says:

    Agree an updo would have been a nice change. But the fit & cut of the dress are fantastic. Really sexy without being slutty. Well done Jen.

  37. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Firestarter and Sigh. :

    You two are hilarious! Firestarter, I can always count on you to bring humor to the table….thanks! ;-)

  38. Phowie says:

    If we use as a rule of thumb of the photos of Brad and Angie during the promotion of Mr.& Mrs.Smith then we can assume that the farther apart the two people in question stand (in Brad’s case, hands in pockets too) and try not to even look at each other then the greater the likelihood they’ve got something going on. With these two its doubtful.

  39. Tru says:

    ummm didn’t he have manboobs last week???

    I don’t think they are dating but they use each other for feed the hounds, to make it seem as if they are.

    It just seems as if Jenn has the same look that she always has, pretty and boring, this look is same as always.
    I would like to see her hair up or different..she is pretty though. yawn

  40. gee_gee says:

    I think they look great together. Jen looks great, and I think she makes G.But look better. Whether or not they are together? Eh. No matter.

  41. Sunnyjyl says:

    They both look marvelous. Definitely together to promote their movie. They certainly don’t look like they hate each other but, not ‘together’.

  42. loca says:

    Jen kind of looks like a hot mess. Not my favorite of her looks.

  43. lennie says:

    Only to promote the movie maybe??? Let’s face it, it wont be the first time she will do that!

  44. guest says:

    watch that hand jen!!! plus he seems to be standing on her dress…lol. they’re cute.

  45. juiceinla says:

    I love the dress, and she looks amazing. Hope she isn’t as tan as that one photo.

    Is it you Kaiser that has all the love for Gerard? If so, breathe easy. I think this looks less like a “Couple” and he looks more like a flirty outrageous Rake, messing with a good friend. And its first time I have ever thought he was totally drop dead gorgeous…sadly they look good together, but he isn’t settling down anytime soon.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    Nice shoes. An updo and long earrings would have looked good with that dress.

  47. Solveig says:

    I never thought that I would say this, but she is stunnig.
    And they look good together.

  48. skibunny says:

    Wow!!!!! She looked gorgeous. I always love her look….so classy!

  49. prettytarheelfan says:

    @ Sigh: It’s prettytarheelfan, which has been my handle for everything ever, but is kinda long for this type of forum.
    @ Tru: I noticed that too! I think he’s been manxed into his tux. (Manxed=Man-Spanxed=those really tight athletic shirts that give men a pec lift.)

  50. cee says:

    It is Bounty promotion time everybody. So Aniston will feed the rumors and try and continue the triangle to keep herself in the headlines. Brad and Angie will never be free of this woman. All Hollywood know what she is. God I wish Butler would take her. She looked a little heavy but I like the dress. She does not have the Angie class for that slit though. Angie never let anything but a long gorgeous leg show.
    Aniston, well you saw. Classless.

  51. clare says:

    Jennifer looks great! They look like good friends,imo.
    Am with all the women who wished Gerard’s face wasn’t orange.

  52. Solveig says:

    Reading comment’s like cee’s one makes me think that brangelina and Aniston are siamese twins and I’ve never noticed it, I must be blind.
    With the due respect to your opinions cee, I’d like to know what is the reason why the Bounty promotion and rumors about Jennifer and Gerard are linked to Brad and Angelina and why those rumors and promotion would damage the Brange and their lives and why they “will never be free of this woman”.
    Are you talking about the infamous curse of the evil chin?

  53. wow says:

    I love Jen. She always looks fabulous to me. Killer body, killer, legs. Gerard looks hot in these pictures, and I think they both look like they are having fun. SHe is absolutely beaming in some opf these pictures. And “look wise” they would make a gorgeous couple.

    However, I doubt they are together, because she doesn’t seem to quite be his “type”. ;-)
    But if he were to date her, they’d replace Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney as my fav celeb couple.

    Speaking of…

  54. wow says:

    Also, “16 spontaneous orgasms and I don’t know why”

    Hmm… does anybody know where Kaiser was during the taping of this? Note to Kaiser: I’m all for sharing the dude but only on equal ground.(Giving Kaiser the side-eye and throwing in a hair-flip) :-)

  55. Kaiser says:

    wow – I swear I wasn’t underneath Gerard’s table giving him “sliders” throughout the ceremony. I would have reported it if I was there!

    I, too, am worried about an Aniston Vadge Attack. But I bet the dress had something built-in so we don’t have to worry.

  56. princess pea says:

    My money is on pals. And yes, co-stars, who both have an interest in seeing their movie do well. But there’s no reason to believe that they don’t get along, either. In my imagination, they don’t make a very good couple; too different. So… pals.

  57. justathought says:

    If GB is JA’s lover…. he would of been an attentive gentleman and let her call out the winner as did many of the men presenters paired with women managed to do.
    Doing the opposite was a clue that she means nothing. These two are in competition with each other. All we saw was artificial hype to promote their upcoming movie!

  58. sdfjosznomail says:

    I can’t actually think people believe these two are a couple.


  59. DrM says:

    Her shoes are Versace apparently

  60. asiont says:

    she should do something with herself.

  61. rh says:

    I think they make a gorgeous couple! Not sure they are together, but they should be!

  62. Cheyenne says:

    Are GB ad JA together or not?

    Did she go home from the GG with him, or did she go home alone?

    That should definitely give you a clue.

  63. emma says:

    those shoes aren’t manolos or jimmys, they’re versace.

  64. Macca says:

    Cee, people like you really need to move on. Angelina has the worst dress sense and if we INEVITABLY will mention the boring brange, at least be honest and say Jen does actually know what to wear. She looks amazing, I am not a fan of her work all the time but she is harmless. It is sad people on the internet and gossip mags that keep this story going. And you are too dumb to realise that all the headlines about her being lonely, wanting Brad back etc are just to sell mags. Get over it. It was 5 years ago. She moved on from the fact that a woman moved in on her husband, perhaps you should stop comparing her with angelina.

  65. dee says:

    Doubt they’re together. As soon as they finished filming, Gerard went off his own way. They haven’t even been in the same country until they had to sell their movie, which by the way, looks horrible. He was vacationing with a bruenette recently.

    Gerry was licking Katherine Heigl’s face during the promotion of the ugly truth. If you didn’t know she was married, you would think there was something between them too.

    Aniston was just as clingy with Owen Wilson on the red carpet and he was rumored to be with Kate Hudson during that time.

    This is how she promotes her movies.

  66. ng says:

    I think she looked desperate, insecure and pathetic. I didn’t recognize it was JA at first, I saw the dress and thought: that woman is desperate for attention. And then of course! it turns out to be jennifer aniston. That dress would be passable on a 20-30 year old young starlet, on a 41 year old single woman it look desperate. And, on top of it, it does bring to mind Angelina’s similar recent dress, which looks even more pathetic if it’s even possible for her. BTW, I have always hated angelina for what she did, but I feel like jennifer really needs some sense slapped into her.

  67. Sam says:

    @ANA – I so agree! Why doesn’t Jennifer try an updo for a change? That beach tousled hair is so not appropraite for a red carpet event – it is not classy at all. An example of class – Marion Cotilliard – absolutely classy. Kate Hudson by far the most gorgeous package of the night.

  68. Bete says:

    They’re probably f-k buddies. They try to keep a distance via their body language, but they obviously can’t.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    A slit up the front is all well and good — but not if it shows your panties when you’re walking.

  70. sina says:

    They were friends with benefits. They might have hooked up at some point, maybe during the shooting of The Bounty Hunter but they are def. not an item now. After a one night stand men move on quickly but women often linger and maybe feel a little resentful. I think that explains why they were a little awkward at the presentation esp. Gerry.

  71. You Go Girl says:

    how could they be, when he’s gay?

  72. lurker says:

    I just wish that she’d wear something other than black. You would think with a body like that and all these designers at her disposal that she’d be able to find something different that is still looks great. (I’m thinking a nice vibrant fushia or coral – something different, but that would still complement her skin tone.)

    Does anyone remember her white chanel strapless gown that she wore to the emmys a few years ago? That was one of my favourite looks on her. Although the dress still wasn’t a colour, at least it wasn’t black.

  73. Betsy says:

    This is purely for publicity. Part of her job is maintaining her celebrity status. Sometimes that involves pretending to be involved with someone that she really isn’t involved with. She knows very well that a lot of people fall for it. It’s common practice. It’s business.

    Her dress is lovely. She looks great in black, the slit is very sexy, but the cut makes her breasts look uneven.

  74. Firestarter says:

    Knit pick much????

  75. Elise says:

    OMG, that pic Cheyenne linked to is rather risque! I thought she looked pretty good, until I saw that pic. I didn’t like her behavior when she was presenting. She acted all cutesy, “let me see” w/Butler, trying to get a laugh. That kind of “Rachel” schtick is cute at 20, but at her age, it’s time to act more mature. And, the awards are about the winners, not you.

  76. allie says:

    I dont know if they are an item but they should be. Great looking couple. Shes classy, beautiful and sexy. He is hotttttt.

  77. Enonymous says:

    I am tired of seeing both of their mugs. Aniston for being in every mind numbing magazine cover non stop for years now and Butler for following in the footsteps of Aniston and accepting any shitty movie that is thrown his way just to bombard us with the same old trash. And now they have unfortunately joint forces for their latest crapfest. You would think with the world being so overpopulated with people that we could see some fresh faces in Hollywood once in a while but noooo, it is the same old people all the time.

  78. SageAdvice says:

    OK well…

    They are clearly not a couple. Quite clearly. And they aren’t pretending to be. As a matter of fact, Gerard himself denied the supposed “rumors” so, no, they are not a couple. How that means that Jennifer is faking a relationship with him to sell their movie is a mystery to me.

    And for all you “she’s desperate, pathetic” people out there…are you just completely non-affectionate people? Do you not hug your friends or hold their hands or take silly pictures with them? What is wrong with some of you where you think that taking a picture while hugging someone is “hanging all over” them?

    And you are never too old to play around with your friends. Some of you must be the most boring old sad sacks in the world if you think a 40 year old woman can’t say “let me see”.

  79. nana says:

    That depends who you ask. If you ask Jennifer, she will say yes, they are dating, but, if you ask Butler, he’ll say he’s just banging her for a week, before she starts ovulating and begging to get her pregnant. the gown btw looks like a combi of AJ’s black gown in academy and the long slit in cannes. when they presented yesterday, the audience seems started to whisper like bees.

  80. bros says:

    snnooorrre-this has huvane written all over it. this is pretty much her MO at every award season and for every bad movie she has to do promotions for. she is so completely pointless. i cant believe the golden globes even let these two in to promote that craptastic movie together.

  81. SageAdvice says:

    When has she stated that they are dating?

    I don’t seem to recall her ever saying that they were dating.

    And anyway, every single actor on this planet goes around shopping their movies, be they crappy or not, but when she does it, it’s the end of the f**king world.

  82. Nobody's Fool says:

    You know, you can tell someone the plain and simple truth – the art of publicity stunts in Hollywood by playing the match game (look at Tom Cruise as a prime example) , and people will say, “Oh! You’re knit picker! He looooooves his wife! He’s not gay!”

    Maybe she’s not going with this guy, but you think Vaughn was a real match-up? C´mon people!

  83. jsan says:

    Always the same hair and always a black dress. Yawn.

  84. Ana says:

    I take goofy pictures with my friends, but I wouldn’t if I were at the Golden Globes. But I guess that’s just me. She may not actually desperate, but the posing screams it. That’s just my opinion. No need for eye rolling.
    I really wish her dress was in a wine color…I think it would have looked great.

  85. Dhavy says:

    She wears her hair down because she doesn’t look better with it up because of the nose and chin

    Someone bigger did the slit already dear Jen, you just look like second hand

    And Butler will go for a real woman, not a clingy, desperately searching for another husband Aniston. She can’t even handle him even for a photo shoot ugh!

    She’s so blah

  86. rosemary says:

    I used to believe that Jolie was hotter…but Aniston is surpassing her by far.
    Jolie looks like a desicated shell of a human being, while Aniston looks healthy and sexy.
    Good on Aniston!

  87. Beachbum says:

    Aniston looked awesome.. Everyone should look so great at 40 and over, but not everyone ages well. Just look around you.

  88. N.D. says:

    I think she looks fantastic. Although after seeing that pic Cheyenne posted – she should have been more carefull while wearing such a dress.

    And no, they are not a couple.

  89. Granger says:

    She looked gorgeous, but I wish she’d try some more colour in her red-carpet wardrobe too.

    By the way, I have plenty of 40-year-old girlfriends who are aging just as well as Aniston. Let’s face it, women 30+ just take much better care of themselves now than when our grandmothers were young. But I’m sorry, it goes without saying that one reason Aniston looks so good is because she doesn’t have kids! She gets a lot of sleep, doesn’t have to worry about taking care of anyone but herself, and has a lot of time to devote to her appearance. Not saying that’s a bad thing — it’s just a fact. Personally, I’m much more admiring of busy working moms who still manage to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

  90. Al says:

    I think that we are starting to realize that the best man for this girl might be a woman. It’s worth a try!

  91. prettytarheelfan says:

    Lurker: I LOVED the white gown, if it’s the one I’m thinking of.. She and Brad were still together, it was kind of a Grecian Goddessy with some gold embroidery…now I’m going to do research.

  92. prettytarheelfan says:

    The emmy’s gown from 2004 is on the right.

    Not, by nature, a huge JA fan, but she and Brad looked like a golden couple that night. Loved that dress.
    However, I also found one of her in red…I swear the “wearing black” thing is something that she’s doing more as she’s getting older. I really think she looked great in golds, whites, maybe even a wine-warmer colors seem to complement her tones and “cali-girl” hair…

  93. Tony says:

    Jennifer should change nothing about her appearance. If I were a gal, and looked so beautiful in black, you’d see me wearing nothing but black. Period. Her hair looked perfect, not overly made up, not too casual, really nice. Gerard is a grand looking man too. Bet he has to beat the women away with a stick. Poor guy ;)

  94. Jay says:

    @Al I so agree with you. That explains why so many women here got hard ones for her.

  95. snapdragon says:

    her body is amazing but i wish she would do something different with her hair.

  96. Fashion faux pas! says:

    @ Cheyenne. WOW, that pic is just WOW.

    Nothing says classy like showing your crotch to the world on the red carpet. Jen should know better, unless this is the kind of attention she wants (which might be the case, give her choice in scripts lately).

  97. james says:

    If I were her I would do him, If I was him I would do her. So what’s the big deal? She is so hot and I’m not gay but he is also. Leave them alone.
    Is she reaching for his thang in this photo? Then again in another she seems to be running away. Jenn is too much.

  98. RHONYC says:

    3 words:


    that butler’s a fine-ass piece o’ scottish man-meat!



  99. uSheep says:

    is it me or is gerard’s hair graying

  100. larry says:

    She copy Jolie wearing split dress. But funny is Jolie legs is long but her legs is short, fat thigh and short legs ha ha

  101. jeny says:


  102. BRAD says:


  103. Kathryn hawk says:

    How can people think that Jenifer Aniston is beautiful.For heavens sake look at her,hugh chin,crooked jawline,eye set to close together,is the new standard for beauty? I can’t believe such nonsence.What are they trying to make us believe? It is an insult to our intelligence