NYT bloggers go insane on Christina Hendricks, Michael C. Hall & more

Golden Globe Awards 2010 - RED CARPET

Jesus, what the hell is going on over at the New York Times’ blog sites? The bitches over there are going completely crazy! I’m not joking either. In the past 48 hours, NYT bloggers have referred made snide reference to Christina Hendricks being a “big girl”, saying that Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have “put on a little weight” and then, the pièce de résistance, some motherf-cking douchebag attempted to take Michael C. Hall to task for wearing a knit skullcap to cover his head since he’s been battling cancer, for God’s sake. Bitches.

First, the Christina Hendricks thing. To be slightly fair to NYT blogger Cathy Horyn, she wasn’t the one to originally say, regarding Christina Hendricks at the Golden Globes, “You don’t put a big girl in a big dress. That’s rule number one.” No, Horyn just quoted some “stylist”. But Horyn’s inclusion of that quote – and her agreement with it – makes her a bitch. Yes, Christina’s dress was less than fabulous. But it wasn’t a question of a “big girl” in a “big dress”. Sometimes it’s just a bad dress. Oh, and add to that this little ill-timed quirk of the NYT’s photo editing: in the original online piece, Gothamist notes that NYT published this distorted photo of Hendricks… it‘s below, on the left, and the unaltered photo is on the right. The distorted photo was taken down after a few hours.

Original NYT distorted photo of Hendricks, courtesy of Gothamist.

Ugh. Now, the Cox-Aniston-Hudson thing. NYT blogger Andy Port (a woman) wrote this below a photo montage of Cox, Hudson and Aniston:

Maybe it’s just me, but I could have sworn that some of the ladies who showed up at the Golden Globes on Sunday had put on a little weight. It’s almost criminal to name names, because the very actresses whose body-mass indexes have been the subject of endless tabloid speculation are the very ones now sporting sexier curves. You could definitely see the difference if you concentrated solely on the upper arms. Instead of a Barbie-doll circumference, there was suddenly, amazingly, a womanly roundness to their frames. More Marilyn than Twiggy, that’s for sure.

[From The New York Times]

You know what I thought when I saw Courteney Cox (photo below)? I thought “Jesus, that woman needs to stop messing with her beautiful face, she looks like a wax figure and oh look she just got her boobs done.” When Courteney hears that one person thinks she looks like she’s “put on a little weight” Courteney will need to schedule an emergency session with her plastic surgeon trainer. As for Aniston and Kate… just stop it. Their bodies are fine. Just shut up, bitches.

Golden Globe Awards 2010 - RED CARPET

Oh, the last one. This was some blogger at the NYT blog The Moment. The guy (or girl, who cares) was apparently tweeting as celebrities showed up, and the blogger wrote about Michael C. Hall “Is Michael C. Hall playing Bob Marley in an upcoming movie. Don’t get the hat or what he is hiding under it.” Shut up. I hate you.

A blogger for the New York Times apparently didn’t get the memo that Dexter star Michael C. Hall is battling cancer.

As first noticed at PerezHilton, on Sunday, the Times’ style blog the Moment made a surprising Twitter comment about the knit skull cap Hall wore at the Golden Globes.

“Is Michael C. Hall playing Bob Marley in an upcoming movie?” the Tweet snapped. “Don’t get the hat or what he is hiding under it.”

In fact, Hall, 38, disclosed Jan. 13 that he is being successfully treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he called a “treatable and curable condition.” His spokesperson told UsMagazine.com that the cancer is in “complete remission.”

The “Moment” blogger eventually realized the unfortunate oversight with a red-faced Tweet: “So sorry that Michael C. Hall has had cancer. Thanks for clarifying why he is wearing a knitted skull cap.”

When the actor won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television drama, he joked about his Japanese hat (covering up hair loss that is often the byproduct of cancer treatment), “it is nice to have a justifiable excuse for accessorizing!” The accessory itself, he said, was “pretty simple but maybe a little fancier than your normal thing.”

[From Us Weekly]

Okay, even if you’re somehow a fashion/entertainment/celebrity blogger who has somehow missed the news that Michael C. Hall is in remission from Hodgkin’s lymphoma – which Hall himself announced days before the Golden Globes – how could anyone look at him (photo below) and think “Why is that idiot wearing a skullcap?” Hall looked obviously ill at the Globes. Like, he’s fighting for his life and he’s lost weight and his color isn’t that great. So, beyond the skullcap signifier (and the fact that an entertainment blogger should actually follow entertainment news), there was plenty of visual evidence that Hall wasn’t at his healthiest. Sure, I’m glad this blogger apologized. But the guy’s still a douchebag.

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47 Responses to “NYT bloggers go insane on Christina Hendricks, Michael C. Hall & more”

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  1. bite me says:


  2. Kayla says:

    Maybe I’m just totally jaded by the constant OMG WEIGHT discussion with celebrity gossip, but the first two only illicit a minor groan from me and seem like the normal bitchiness.

    However, WTF on the last one! I have no idea how anyone could have missed understanding that Michael C. Hall looked ill. My best guess is that the guy was in SUCH A HURRY to post his mean snarky comment in a mad dash for attention that he didn’t even think first. He only thought, wow, this is a fantastic comment, I’m hilarious!

    PS, I love Michael C. Hall, stay strong dude! <3

  3. Dingles says:

    I thought Christina looked fantastic and the dress accentuated her knockout figure- if you have curves like THAT you’d be crazy to hide them. And the dress is beautiful, but maybe I’m a bit biased since Mr. Ferocia Coutura himself designed it.

  4. Snarf says:

    The only way you could miss MCH cancer announcement or obvious signs of having an illness is if you have your head firmly entrenched up your own a**

  5. bros says:

    good points re: douchebag twitterer. Entertainment reporter FAIL.

  6. embertine says:

    The second comment reads like a big compliment to me, regardless of how the ladies in question choose to take it.

    Regarding Ms Hendricks, I think she looked fabulous, and see no reason at all why a “big girl” shouldn’t wear a big dress. Besides which, she’s not fat, just has big boobs; isn’t that the look all the desperate starlets like Montag are trying to achieve anyway?

  7. hatsumomo says:

    Maybe because I’m biased and so is my man, we love Christina! We both think she is one of the most beautiful wonderful attractive instantly recognizable(and yea even that s-word) ever! He likes her even more than Aria Giovanni or Bianca Beauchamp! And he was kinda pissed when I showed him that NYT article yesterday. A computer nerd actually caring for once what gossip blogs had to say. And for the record, I didnt think her dress was ugly.

  8. artbitch says:

    I just don’t see how Christina Hendricks is big at all. Big boobed maybe. Oh wait I keep forgetting anything over a size 8 (British sizes here, I dunno what the US equivilent is) makes you a ‘bigger’ girl in the media’s eyes–well I just feel silly now!

  9. lucy2 says:

    The comment about Hall is just wrong, anyone with half a brain, especially someone “reporting” on the entertainment industry, is aware of his situation.
    As for the other women they’re alluding too? Please. None of them have changed, some of them are probably still a little underweight. Crap like this contributes to all the eating disorders and starvation that happens in Hollywood and beyond.
    Christina looks awesome, healthy and beautiful, and the only thing I didn’t like about her dress was the color because it clashed slightly with her skin tone. I cannot believe they used an altered picture. Way to go, journalism.

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    Christina is a beautiful woman with curves that she doesn’t hide, which makes her one of my heroes!

    Michael C, please get better and don’t listen to the assholes ok?

    This “journalist” should be banned forever and also fired from wherever he “works”. Stupid fucker.

  11. Fire says:

    I’m not super crazy about Christina’s dress, but I wouldn’t call it “big.” She has big boobs and that ruffle at her hip kinda helps balance her out, making her look a little less top-heavy. The color is great for her hair and porcelain skin. It could have a little more material up top, but everybody seems to show off their “assets” these days, so more power to her!

    Oh, and yes, that blogger who made the comment about Michael – he is still a DOUCHE! His “apology” makes him look like an even bigger asshole – “so sorry” that he has had cancer? How about “what a dick I feel like for asking about the skull cap!” He should have known better – he’s in entertainment news, right? Total FAIL!

  12. Samantha says:

    I’m glad its in remission. Yay MCH! :D I would love to have Will.I.Am punch that blogger in the face. Such a jerk.

  13. canadianchick says:

    @snarf-hahaha thanks for the chuckle, you are so right!

    *healing thoughts* for Michael C Hall. I loved SFU and my hubby is a fan of Dexter.

    I’m all for Marilyn Monroe sizes coming back-I hate the eating disorder culture. Shame on NYT-maybe they are so hungry their brains aren’t functioning.

  14. Cuntastic says:

    Christina H. is hot. Those bitches are just jealous that they’re (probably) horrible, ugly people.

    And mocking a cancer patient? Sheesh.

  15. Giz says:

    I stopped reading NYT blogs over a year ago. The blogs are like reading the NYP.

  16. Alarmjaguar says:

    STFU! I can’t believe what horribly people those bloggers are. That’s one thing I appreciate about sites like Celebitchy and GoFugYourself. They (and their lovely commentators) focus on clothes and behavior and (usually) avoid saying mean things about people’s bodies (plastic surgery aside, but if you make that decision, all bets are off). Keep it up!

    Oh, and to state the obvious, Christina Hendricks is beautiful.

  17. LolaBella says:

    I thought Christina Hendricks looked good in her dress. I did think that she would have looked even better in it if it had less tiers of fabric around her hips.

    When I saw Counteney Cox on the red carpet, my first thought was it looked like she had stop messing with her face. When the camera panned down to show her dress, my second thought was that she looked GOOD and HEALTHY!

    You have to admit that she thankfully did not look as frightfully emaciated as she has in past years. In my mind that is a good thing.

    That NYT blogger wasn’t the only one to make insensitive, tactless statements about MCH’s beanie, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was in fact douchey.

  18. ligeia says:

    “I can’t believe what horribly people those bloggers are. That’s one thing I appreciate about sites like Celebitchy and GoFugYourself. They (and their lovely commentators) focus on clothes and behavior and (usually) avoid saying mean things about people’s bodies…”

    lol…i think you haven’t been reading many comments if you honestly believe that. two words: pear ass.

    oh and the commentator who called her a big girl is some anorexic looking person who asked every (thin) star about their diet secrets.

  19. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ ligeia — I said ‘usually’…it is certainly better than most other sites, but not perfect:)

  20. Marie says:

    So it is okay for you guys to call Kate Winslet chunky but not okay for them to do the same?

    For the record, I think both women are pretty perfect.

  21. Maddie says:

    Just like racism, sexism will never go away, just look at Heidi, the late Brittney Murphy and the rest of the women in Hollywood, if you don’t look a certain way or weigh in at 99lbs your considered fat.

    Micky Rourk made a comeback in a movie most women make their comebacks doing spreads in Maxim and the like.

    I see nothing wrong with the Hendricks, but I guess if your not slender enough your fair game.

  22. Annabelle says:

    What are u so mad about? The comments about Courtney n Kate were complimentary. Besides, it’s the exact same kind of comments u make about others!

  23. Megan says:

    My opinion is that too many people have too much time on their hands and too much negativity in their hearts. Very sad for them. Christina Hendricks isn’t big…her chest is big, but that’s pretty enviable to a lot of people, and her figure is very va-va-voom, not heavy at all. God bless them all for enduring the public criticism.

  24. andrea says:

    amen, christina has a killer figure – the only people who have a problem with that figure is, i dunno, misogynists and pedophiles? she looks like a WOMAN. thank god at least one of them does!and a very attractive one! i thought the color and shape of the dress were great – i thought the only problem was that the hem of the dress should have tapered more – those are some voluminous ruffles and you’d need a more fitted skirt to avoid giving the illusion that SHE is that voluminous, rather than the ruffles. other than that, great dress for her. i LOVE that she went for full-on FEMALE, played up all her coloring, etc, rather than getting a boob reduction and bleaching her hair standard blonde.

  25. andrea says:

    p.s. cathy horyn has never been a terribly well-regarded/liked fashion writer.

  26. Kaiser says:

    re: “pear ass” – I wasn’t the one to say it about Jennifer Love Hewiit, her boyfriend was! I just repeated it.

  27. Solveig says:

    While God was distributing boobs to the women (and amanda Lepore), Christina Hendrics queued twice.
    (and she took mine too apparently)

    Ps, are those dairy stores natural?

  28. Skipper says:

    We should all be so lucky to look anything like Christina Hendricks. She is stunning! The people at NYT must all be ugly, jealous fat-asses.

  29. lizzie (greeneyedfem) says:

    I cannot believe that this NYT blogger distorted a photo to make a (false) point about Hendricks’ size. That is despicable, and BEYOND unethical for anyone to do, let alone a professional journalist.

  30. Eileen Yover says:

    I thought Christina Hendricks was by far the most stunning woman there! She looks gorgeous!!
    Fight the fight MC Hall, my two favorite shows: Six Feet Under and Dexter! He’s amazing!!

  31. jaundicemachine says:

    Oh CB, fishing for compliments are we? ;)

    I’m just teasing – but it is good to be reminded of the blatant superficiality and caliber of cattiness on so many other gossip sites.
    Not that gossip isn’t inherently catty, I just appreciate the thoughtful, professional way this blog presents an argument. Intellectual criticism vs OMG she’s fat!

    Thanks again, CB!

  32. asiont says:

    the comment about michael is just dumb and cruel, just a complete idiot could wrote sth like that…

    I hope michael gets better soon, he’s such a great actor

  33. wow says:

    Hmm, I guess I don’t get it. Those blogger comments are tame compared to what some of us post here about some of these celebrities (myself included). All except the MCH one, seemed pretty normal when it comes to red carpet.

    Having said that, I think CH looked fine in her dress. Loved the color. And I love that women like her and JA are curvy. I also think Courtney Cox needs to lay off the botox, because she is starting to look, I don’t know, “different”. She is naturally pretty so I hope she doesn’t go too far with whatever she’s doing to her face.

  34. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn she is hot hot hot… actual NATURAL boobies for a change… an endangered species, no orange fake tan and no skinny twig BS going on… HOT… I bet all the men are jealous of the guy who gets to nuzzle those babies…

  35. pickelhaube says:

    Christina is absolutely GORGEOUS and she is not fat, period. These douchebags need to f*cking STOP this sh*t, so f*cking WHAT if a celeb gains some weight? So what if MCH wore a hat for whatever reason? I mean, I know he has cancer and I obviously wish him the quickest possible recovery and best health, but even if he wasn’t sick, he wore a hat. SO F*CKING WHAT? These retards act like this is the most serious business on the planet when it isn’t anything close to important. Ridiculous and absolutely asinine…and just plain nasty.

  36. Roberta says:

    Well said! I can’t believe that the NY Times hired these people. Especially the one who said the comment about Michael C. Hall. He should be ashamed of himself. Seriously, I couldn’t have said that better. If you’re in entertainment news, then follow it! And Jesus, have some respect. Kudos.

  37. anon says:

    jeez, CH is not a BIG GIRL. she’s a slim girl with amazing curves. she looked frickin stunning in that dress.

  38. fizXgirl314 says:

    damn, I sound like a dirty old man *blushes*

  39. Jojo says:

    Christina might be big for Hollywood but still very beautiful by any standard. Her dress, however, did not do her any favors. The color is not good on her skin and the fit is not flattering at all, I think it makes her look much bigger than she is.

  40. SageAdvice says:

    Christina Hendricks looked great, I thought. Maybe I’m biased because we both have massive chimmies :)

    But yea, I also thought her dress looked amazing. When you are super curvy like that, having a bunch of big ruffles like that doesn’t make you look bigger, in my opinion, it just accentuates your curviness.

    Again…I might be biased because I basically have her figure but I’m not nearly as tall as she is so I can’t get away with huge ruffles.

  41. Feebee says:

    More Marilyn than Twiggy sounds like a compliment to me.

  42. Zelda says:

    I’m 99% certain that the second comment, about those 3 women being curvier, was intended as a compliment.

    What does it say about people’s OWN opinion of size if they hear “curves” and scream “stop saying they’re fat!”

  43. Carrie says:

    Christina Hendricks is breathtaking and very, very sexy.

    Michael C. Hall is an incredible actor and from what I have read, an all around nice guy. Wishing nothing but a speedy recovery for him.

    All the little twiglet actresses looked exactly the same, in my opinion. Not heavier, not lighter.

    The NYT blogger(s)- idiots!!

  44. Jenna says:

    Mmmhmmm mmmmmmhmmm Mr. Hall. :)

  45. irishserra says:

    If looking fat is looking like Christina Hedricks, Sign me up! I think she’s so gorgeous, that even if she was overweight, she’d still be stunning.

  46. NicoleAM says:

    MCH is adorable…and hot, sexy, talented etc. I guess the blogger was so focused on his “fashion faux pas” that he/she didn’t take a look at the rest of him. He looked so pale! I hope the cancer it gone and never returns! Get well soon! And I’m so glad you won!

  47. ! says:

    I think anyone called Christina fat must be jealous of her nice frame and ginormous boobs. All the comments on her appearance are just uncalled for.