Is Angelina Jolie “repressing” Shiloh by letting her dress like a boy?


We don’t have access to this one particular photo that Us Weekly’s “experts” are weighing in on, but you can see it on Us Weekly’s site. It’s a photo from this past weekend of Angelina, Zahara and Shiloh enjoying a little girls’ day out in Los Angeles. Shiloh is dressed in a little bowler hat, jeans, sneakers, shirt, cardigan and apparently, a tie? But I can’t see the tie. Whatever. Anyway, Us Weekly convened a panel of experts to determine whether or not Shiloh’s tomboy style is actually devastatingly horrible. Oh, yes. These are just some of the words used: defy societal norms, ostracized, anxiety, poor academic performance and repressing. All because Shiloh dresses like a little tomboy and not a living doll with perfect princess dresses.

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sending the wrong message to their 3-year-old daughter Shiloh by often dressing her up like a little boy?

Yes and no, therapists tell

“Shiloh at three years old may very well be expressing her preference for certain clothing and playing a role in what she wears. This is quite healthy as she is learning to make choices and think independently,” Manhattan psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, who pens a column in Metro newspaper called “No More Drama,” tells Us of the girl, who was photographed last weekend in a tie and bowler hat. (Big sis Zahara, 5, donned patent leather boots with heels during the same outing.)

“If though, Brad and Angelina are dressing Shiloh in boys clothing to make a social or fashion statement, I suggest they stop,” Alpert continues. “It’s never a good idea for parents to defy societal or cultural norms at the expense of their child to make such statements — it comes with a cost.” (Pitt and Jolie have used their relationship to take a stand against inequality, saying they won’t wed until gay marriage is legalized.)

The cost, Alpert explains, could include Shiloh getting, “picked on or ostracized by her peers, potentially leading to social problems, anxiety, and poor academic performance” when she enters school.

Carol Tuttle, a psychotherapist and the author of “Dressing Your Truth-Real Beauty for Real Women,” says Shiloh’s style is “similar to a look Avril Lavigne made popular, and we still felt Avril’s feminine nature coming through.”

But, “if Angelina is choosing her daughter’s clothes… she could be repressing her daughter’s true nature,” continues Tuttle to

“As parents, when we raise a child more true to our tendencies, personality traits, and nature rather than our children’s nature, we perpetuate the potential for a child to rebel in their teen years in an effort to be true to themselves,” Tuttle says.

That said, “Picking out their own clothes is a very healthy activity for a little 3-year-old girl,” Tuttle adds.

[From Us Weekly]

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about with this, since I’m not a mother and I have never known what it’s like to raise a little girl. But I was once a kid with style issues, so I feel pretty confident saying this: leave Shiloh alone, for God’s sake. She’s a little girl! She looks like she dresses herself, and the combinations she comes up with must endlessly amuse her parents. Right now, she is probably going through a little tomboy phase, like I went through, and like many girls go through. And sometimes that tomboy phase lasts a lifetime and those girls grow up to be stellar athletes or pantsuit-wearing kick-ass businesswomen, or even, (gasp!) pant-wearing lesbians. After I went through my tomboy phase, I insisted on wearing dresses for like two years. And I turned out fine. Sort of. But whatever problems I had don’t have anything to do with a tomboy style phase!

UPDATE: As some of you have pointed out, shortly after Us Weekly put this article online, they changed the headline and the text to make it reflect a more “she’s just a kid, leave her alone” vibe. My guess is that a similar article probably appears in the current issue of Us Weekly, though, and I’m glad we caught it in the original “repressed” state.

Shiloh, throughout the years: with her family in NY on January 6, 2010 & with her dad on December 28, 2009 (credit: INF); with her dad on May 19, 2008; with her mom on August 8, 2009 (credit: Fame and Pacific Coast News).


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  1. Sumodo says:

    Puh-LEEZE! Don’t you think she wants to wear her twin brother’s clothes from time to time? Kids are like that. WTF do you people want? This site is a little over-concerned about celubspawn, and I’m tired of reading it.

  2. Samantha says:

    OMG. There is nothing wrong with how she dresses. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who absolutely loves dinosaurs and has a few “boyish” shirts she likes more than the frilly things. This is not a bad thing, that’s just what she likes. Who cares???? Why must girls have tea parties and boys eat mud? Homophobic.

  3. bite me says:

    oh sweet Xenu and uhm doesn’t Shiloh also have a father, i believe his name is brad pitt

  4. Stephie says:

    What a beauty. She looks a little boyish too, but hey, she’s got some growing to do. I hate how people criticize childrens clothes. Gimme a break. They’re kids. Not style icons.

  5. tiki says:

    it’s not repression if they’re ‘letting’ her dress like a boy. it’s a problem if she wants to wear dresses and they FORCE her into so-called ‘boy’ clothes, just as it would be a problem if she wanted to wear pants/etc. and was forced to wear dresses. she’s a kid, us magazine and your minions. leave her alone. i’ve raised both boys and girls. there’s a lot of interchangeability at that age. sheesh.

  6. Anna says:

    Man, I am amazed at how much fake problems the tabloids can come up with when it comes to Brad and Angelina. I remember at least two interviews in the past year where I read/heard Angelina say that Shiloh was picking out her own clothes and they let her dress the way she wanted. So there. People need to stop reading so many psycho problems into this family’s life.

  7. Iggles says:

    This is a stupid article. None of these “experts” know if Shiloh or her parents are picking her clothes!

  8. chixbaby27 says:

    Shiloh doesn’t have a twin brother…she has a set of brother/sister twins that are younger than she is. As for her wearing boy clothes…so what? My 3 year old likes to pick out her own clothes ~ sometimes it’s a tutu, sometimes it’s overalls and a plaid shirt. Doesn’t hurt a thing.

  9. truthSF says:

    USweekly is full of shitt, if any parents are on that staff, they would know how kids go through wanted to emulate what the see or dress how they feel comfortable. Shiloh seems to dress how she wants, and her parents(both, not just Angelina) obviously are opened minded and allow their children to express themselves.

    When I was a kid, I was raised as a Muslim and couldn’t wear any pants. As a tomboy who only wanted to wear jeans, sneakers and hang out with the boys, that was the hardest part of my life, and as soon as my mom left that crappy cult, I became the tomboy that I loved.

    Needless to say when I became a mom to a little girl, she was the total opposite of me, princess dresses and room. She wants to wear all of my high heels and wear my makeup.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Way to go, US Weekly, a total non-story! Any licensed psychotherapists who are commenting on a tabloid story about a 3 year old’s clothing need to take a good long look at their career choices.

    On a side note, I like Angie’s gray wrap in the Us Weekly photo.

    And I wouldn’t worry about what will happen when she enters school, as the family rarely seems to settle down in one place for their kids to actually attend the same school for more than a month or so. What WILL cause the kid to have problems later in life is stupid magazines picking apart every last thing about her because her parents happen to be famous.

  11. IceKitty says:

    I still dress like a tomboy and I’m not a lesbian 😛

  12. Kate says:

    I think this article shows that the quickest way to mess up your kids is to consult a therapist.

  13. Annabelle says:

    Be honest, kids are not adults and they make fun of each other when they step outside the norm- clothes, weight, anything. What’s so wrong with what the psychologists said? If you’re forcing strange style on ur kid, stop it and if it makes her happy, let her. Why is that so bad, again?

  14. atticus says:

    @Lucy2 – couldn’t agree more! You nail it on every count.

    I was a big time tomboy as a kid. I joke that the nature vs nurture argument has been settled now that I have a 4 year old daughter who insists on dressing like a princess morning, noon and night.

    I am quite certain that Brad and Angelina are not using Shiloh’s wardrobe as some twisted social statement.

  15. bite me says:

    ok, uhm calling a child a ho can celebitchy please do something

  16. stinabelle says:

    Oh please. So we’re repressing girls if we make them wear dresses AND if we make them wear jeans?

    She’s three ffs.

  17. truthSF says:

    Annabelle, who said she and/or he was forcing that syle on her or on any of their kids. If you look at earlier pics of Shiloh when she couldn’t dress herself up until the age of 3, she dressed like a girl, with dresses and girlie clothes. It wasn’t until Brad was on Oprah stating how she was going through a peter pan fase, that we started seeing dressed more like a boy, obviously her choice.

  18. Relli says:

    this is totally ridiculous, yet i have had friend comment to me about the same thing with Shiloh. Obviously her parents let her dress herself…… will next weeks story be about how her clothes do not …… wait for it……. DO NOT MATCH!

    I let my son use a pink sippy cup because it came in two pack. Does that mean i should start preparing for the day he might be gay. Agreed these so called “experts” need to re-examine their life’s work.

  19. Embee says:

    “…(gasp!) pant-wearing lesbians”

    LOLOLOLOLOL. You made my day with that one, Kaiser!

  20. Danielle says:

    @Sumodo: The twins are Knox and Vivienne not Shiloh…

    also, I let my 4 year old daughter dress herself a lot of the time and often she doesn’t match or she’s wearing boots with tights and a nightgown and tiara, etc…either way, I’m letting her express herself through her own sense of style. Nothing wrong with that. Also, who cares if she grew up to be gay? Next topic…

  21. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ok, I’m going to go out on a limb with THIS one, too, and say “NO”.

    FFS, she’s a little kid. she’s probably just getting into the picking-out-her-own-clothes thing and maybe she wants to dress more like Dad than like Mom. or more like her brothers than her sister.

    who knows? she’s cute as a button no matter what she wears.

  22. texasmom says:

    The important part of this is what the KID wants to wear. Parents need to make sure kids are wearing appropriate clothes as far as weather and safety (for example, don’t wear shorts the day you take your training wheels off!)but the rest should be up to the kiddo, I think.

    I remember my 4-year old wearing a two-toned purple and silver striped shirt under a sleeveless pastel flowered dress with frilly edging, all with bright red tights with a yellow pattern finished off with white sandals. On the way to preschool we dropped her baby sister off at the sitter’s and the sitter said — “You are such a good mother! I could NEVER let my daughter leave the house dressed like that!” I had to laugh because everyone around here seems to wear “outfits” and moms make it very clear what their daughters SHOULD wear.

    Hopefully our eccentricity will pay off with better body image in the teen years. We DON’T have to look a certain way, we DON’T have to please everyone (because it can’t be done!). We DO have our own lives to lead!

  23. QB says:

    Maybe she wants to do what her brothers do? Little girl like to follow the lead of their brothers and if fits their lifestyle is warm,comfortable and practical , easy to travel and plus if their is a commotion they would not have to worry about Shiloh tripping on her dress or strappy shoes.

  24. Mairead says:

    Me, seriously, you’re calling a 5 year old a “ho”. Really? Other than the odd skirt, I’ve never seen Z in anything that isn’t jeans/trousers/tshirts/sweatshirts. By virtue of them being pink, it means she’s a mini-tramp? Good grief!

    This nonsense article is even more tedious than “The Triangle”. I know that some people will get all bent out of shape about it insisting little girls should look like little girls, but they’re just clothes. End of.

    The suggestion that the parents are ostractising Shiloh over the others (who wear standard boys and girls clothes) is unfair. It does happen occasionally that parents will ostracise one child, but usually they are savvy enough that it’s not obvious to the outside world.

  25. Kim says:

    So I Guess They decided 9 months ago to start dressing her like a boy because I can recall her and Zahara in matching peasant dresses at that Long Island grocery store last April.I wonder if US Weekly is going to have their experts weigh in On Kingston I’ve seen him dress like a dinosour. Zahara wears black boots one time and she is a “ho” You are an idiot.BTW there is nothing wrong w/ Kingston dressing as a dinosaur, my nephew dresses like Batman.

  26. Kaiser says:

    Ugh. I took off the “ho” comment. I leave the comments for just a two mintues and someone refers to a child as a ho? For the love of God.

  27. pickelhaube says:

    This is such bullcrap it makes me sick. I am not a fan of St. Angie but I do like how she allows her children to dress themselves however they like. I think it’s more important for your kids to be able to express themselves in appropriate (non-sexualized) ways than it is to shove them into rigid gender roles especially when they have no idea that those roles even exist! WTF do they want Angie to do, put Shiloh in pageant dresses like those horrid, HORRID parents on “Toddlers and Tiaras”? I watched that show last night and was so infuriated and disgusted at those parents, but I guess it’s OK to do that since the girls are dressed like girls? Those people are the problem, not Angelina and Shiloh! If you want to bash Angie there are WAY better things to bash her over, because I think she’s a pretty damned good parent and I think Shiloh will be just fine.

  28. Leticia says:

    I wish there were a happy medium between the way Suri and Shiloh are dressed.

  29. manda says:

    She is given lots of experiences for socialization, which will shape her into a normal person, unlike another pretty princess celebrity child we all love to talk about!

  30. YT says:

    And Zahara usually wears dresses. It’s not worth the hassle to force children to wear what we want. Some can really become independent when it comes to clothing choices, and some kids prefer running around nekkid … embarrassing yet funny when they escape into the neighborhood. Clothing choices are minor battles in the war of raising healthy, happy children. Let the kids win a few battles.

    The magazine and its panel of experts need to be on a sh*t list of non-reliable sources.

  31. princess pea says:

    I think I’m going to write an angry letter. I cannot believe they would even entertain this discussion. This is bull, and we all know it.

    This is not the 1920’s and women have been wearing pants for a long time. Oddly enough, the human race has not ceased to exist. Did you know that until just a few generations ago, pink was considered a boy’s color?

  32. pickelhaube says:

    And if this stupid magazine thinks this is a problem, I wonder what they would have thought of my childhood wardrobe that consisted of leopard print leggings, random vintage shirts that were my mom’s (BEFORE vintage was cool of course), snow boots and never-brushed hair. They’d probably call CPS or some sh*t, since everyone feels the need nowadays to get in everyone else’s business, because from what I’ve seen, as soon as you become a mother, EVERY motherf*cker on the planet suddenly feels that your child is their business. It’s just a way for people to judge others in an “acceptable” way, since the more traditional forms of being judgmental have become taboo….but nobody sees this. It’s utter bullsh*t!

  33. Maritza says:

    These are free spirited kids they’ll dress however they please. I can only imagine Brad’s mother wishing Shiloh would wear a pretty pink dress once in a while.

  34. Mia says:

    Us Weekly has taken down the article & replaced it with one that states there’s nothing wrong with allowing Shiloh to dress as she wants. Something tells me they didn’t get the reaction they were hoping for.

    This was a non-story to begin with, but it reeked of homophobia. The only people repressing Shiloh are the narrow-minded idiots who are calling for her to wear girly clothes.

  35. Why Not says:

    Shiloh is emulating Maddox, her big brother. She ‘borrows’ his style from time to time, as all siblings do with big brothers.
    If anything is repressing her, it’s the camera flashes, the crowd of swarming paparazzi and the phony polls that label her, criticize her and denigrate the fact she is THREE years old! Pick on someone your own age, you idiots!

  36. bite me says:

    oh crap usweekly did change the tone of the story… hmmm

  37. FrancescaB says:

    Such a BS story…

    When I was 3 1/2 years old, I took a pair of children’s sissors and went at my hair. I wanted it to look “like my brother’s”. My mother had a shit fit. People thought I was a boy for quite some time. I have no memory of the time, and it has had no effect on my life.

  38. Loser1 says:

    Am I the only one whos sees the obvious double standard here?? Everyone criticizes the way Suri dresses (and she always looks clean & pretty) but G-d forbid someone criticizes Shiloh (usually looks like a dirty mess) and all hell breaks loose.

  39. Kim says:

    Brad’s mother? Well I’ve seen pics of Brad’s mom and I’ve never seen her in a dress or any thing feminine so I find it intersting that you would assume she wants Shiloh in something pink and frilly.

  40. snowball says:

    Shiloh’s outfits are snazzier than anything I’ve seen Brad wear lately. She’s an adorable kid and it’s cool that her parents are actually buying that kind of stuff and letting her choose what to wear.

    Next, she’ll go all girly and the idiot analysts will say her parents were worried about her sexuality so they burned all of her boyish clothes and will only let her wear dresses now.

    I can’t believe these people have nothing better to do than bitch about a 3 yr. old’s wardrobe.

  41. Alarmjaguar says:

    HATE! This is ridiculous. All I wore when until I was about 14 were my OshGosh blue and white striped overalls (think conductor’s cap) and jeans. Hell, I still love my jeans. I turned out fine. These ‘experts’ who are trying to force everyone to look exactly the same are the problem (will they soon be criticizing parents for not allowing their kids to get plastic surgery so they can all look like the actresses they see on tv). Let kids wear what they want. Let them play with whatever they want. And make sure they know you love them no matter what. That will help them learn to love themselves and grow up to be confident individuals, not self-hating, insecure wimps. Man, I was grumpy before I read that, now I’m off the rails!

  42. Jo says:

    It seems irresponsible for a therapist to be making such comments when they know nothing about the situation other than being able to look at a picture.

  43. Sigh. says:

    Dang! What I Miss!?!? Someone got tossed out on their ear!?!?

    I think “experts” are making great leaps in logic that because this couple is openly supportive of gay relationships/marriage, that they are hoping to “grow” one at home to make some gains or further some cause.

    I’m not a fan of either of them, but they really should lay off the negative speculation aimed at a very young child whom we DO NOT KNOW (unless she’s had a sit-down with Oprah or Barbara Walters that I missed). All we see her do is walk (unlike constant tantrums or the like).

    They should stick to baseless “body language experts” articles.

    EDIT: I do realize that this ultimately aimed at her mother, but this how the “child services should be called” starts for some loons.

  44. lilred says:

    Oh,for heavens sake I was a tomboy and still am. I get to wear steel toed work boots every day and every once in a while I get dressed up in a skirt or dress. Let’s be real people, this is not a story.

  45. *Lee* says:

    As long as clothing is clean, in good condition, fits properly, and is weather appropriate, I don’t see the big deal. She doesn’t look bad, and to me they aren’t obviously “boy” clothing, it’s just darker colors with no frills.

    And speaking of Suri, at least Shiloh is wearing tennis shoes and a warm coat.

  46. Beth says:

    Loser1 you have such an appropriate name. There’s a big difference in letting a 3 year old wear sundresses in 20 degree weather and letting another wear boy looking clothing. Shiloh doesn’t look dirty and messy. I love how Angelina is getting the blame as if Brad and Shiloh herself has nothing to do with the way she dresses. I doubt either parents decided to put Shiloh in a hat and gave her a sword. Also the kids wear hand me downs. So many are probably from her brothers and some she picked out herself.

  47. daisyfly says:

    She’s a kid, not a doll. If anyone wants to “repress” anyone, it’s these idiots thinking that a girl wearing jeans and bowler hats isn’t “normal”.

  48. lastwordlinda says:

    This is why I don’t buy the gossip rags. Why waste your money. What a load of crap. By the way, my favorite outfit is a man’s plaid shirt or man’s white t-shirt and jeans. No, I am not over-weight, a lesbian or fashion-retarded. I just like to be comfortable. You go little Shiloh. Do your own thing baby girl.

  49. SageAdvice says:

    What is truly interesting about the article is that he doesn’t actually say anything in the end. Really read the thing: all he does is say one thing and then immediately refute himself. And this is a story?

    When I was a little girl, I loved matchy matchy stuff. I had outfits which consisted of a Disney character shirt and stirrup pants/leggings with a pattern of whatever Disney thing on them and I thought those outfits were the SH*T.

    I also wore my dad’s enormous surfing competition shirts with stirrup pants and my Keds. Wow…and now looking back at some pictures of me you’d think my mom was insane dressing us the way she did 🙂

    But yea, leave the kid alone. If she wants to dress in pants and ties (yes, there is a tie), let her. Kids need to be comfortable, number 1. If a kid is comfortable in jeans and sneakers, great. If a kid is comfy in a pageant dress with kitten heels, great.

  50. DrM says:

    @ Danielle – “who cares if she grew up to be gay? Next topic… ”

    PRECISELY! Thank you! Because that IS what this entire magazine article and debate is about. Femininity and masculinity are social constructs and some people (including so called experts) have a complete conniption about anyone who dares to challenge them…and Shiloh’s outfit isn’t even that. Homosexuality has always been a challenge to those constructs and although many people (including USWeekly) won’t admit it that IS what they are alluding to!

    “If you let her dress like that you’ll turn her GAY!! OMG!!!”

    Ridiculous bullsh**. One’s a construct, the other innate. Just tedious this stuff…as Danielle says NEXT TOPIC PLEASE!

  51. Bonfire Beach says:

    I couldn’t care less about her clothes. I worry more about the lack of attention she receives from her parents.

  52. Linda says:

    This is why I don’t like when these celebrity people sell their children’s pictures – by doing that, they make a statement that their kids are fair game to the public!! They are not! While I am not a fan of Brangelina – I certainly do not feel that a baby should be under any scrutiny!! I always dressed as a tom-boy growing up which made my mother happy that I didn’t mind wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs especially because money was so tight.

    I think it is horrible that anyone would run such a story about a baby and worse that blogs pick up this story – you all should IGNORE crap like this!

  53. Liz says:

    The lack of attention she receives fromher parents GMAFB. How do you know how much attention she receives. Are you ion their house.They work 3-4 months a year. She probably get more attention than my kids. I don’t have a chef, housekeepers,assistants and nannies to do the chores while I chill with my 4 kids. Thank goodness 3 are in school now so I have some time with my 3y.o. on my off day between doing chores. Thank God for naptime

  54. Bodhi says:

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve read in quite some time. Seriously? People seriously think letting little girls wear “boy” clothes will screw them up for life?

  55. Solveig says:

    I’d prefer to watch my goldfish swimming in its bowl for hours than read crap like this.
    But I haven’t a fish bowl with a goldfish inside no more, =°(
    The only thing that bothers me about the way they (let) dress their babies is that the clothes are often black. Soooo booooring and saaaaaaaaaad. And I’m a person who usually dresses in black, mostly because I’m totally unable to mix the colors. But we’re talking about babies and they need to be and look cheerful.

  56. Bodhi says:

    An aside: what does “ffs” mean?

  57. lisa says:

    I guess all the attacks on the parents have not yielded the effect the tabs and non fans have wanted. So now lets attack their children.. First Zee and now Shiloh..

    Sick really sick. To hate two people for no other reason then they are together. And to the people talking about the attention the child gets.. I would love to know where you get your information. Most children who are in school see their parents what 3 or 4 hours a day.. if that.. less for the ones in an after school programs: daycare or Extended day programs at school. Many of those kids are dropped off at 7:00 and picked up at 6 or later. So please Shiloh’s parent’s work what 3 months.. and they are with their kids a lot.. even if they have nannies (like most celebs) and Angie and Brad have both said they have help when needed.. so that attack should be evenly given to EVERY celeb parent, and other parents as well.. I have 3 friends who work and have nannies.. AND one is an Educator. AND no I don’t think a Teacher makes the kind of money celebs do. But she has a nanny none the less.

    Leave the children alone. Such a low life way to get at her parents. She is a beautiful little girl. Shiloh will grow up to be as if not more beautiful then her mother. And thank God at her age she is learning the measure of herself is what she is on the inside. Not what she wears. WHO needs another Paris Hilton and such..

  58. Praise St. Angie! says:

    bodhi – FFS=for f*cks sake.

  59. truthSF says:

    Amen lisa, I would be more worried if her parents were allowing her to become another Paris or Lindsey.

    P.s. thanks Praise St. Angie, I too wondered what FFS stood for.

  60. Liz a says:

    ffs means for fuck’s sake and
    gmafb is give me a fucking break

    And I’m glad to hear they took it down, it was stupid.

  61. Maddie says:

    It must be a slow week !!! Really how can you repress some one when your letting them pick out the items to wear.

    I was a freaking TOMBOY until some one that my mom knew and hadn’t seen in a long while mistook me for her son.

    That ended my tomboy ways !!!

    I think kids know what sex they are and will more than likely find out if they are confused, do people with letters after their names really think we people that work at normal jobs that freaking stupid.

    The human race is how old?

  62. Sudini says:

    Ugh!! If anything, distinguishing boys as blue and girls as pink is repressing them! I loathe these people who insist on imposing gender rules. And it’s so backwards that they’re saying she’s being repressed by being allowed to personally express herself! These “experts” should be flogged for their idiocy alone..

  63. california angel says:

    I wore princess dresses for the first 6 years of my life and i’m definitely not royalty Lol. My mom also let me dress myself and to this day I still can’t coordinate, but other than that, no long-term effects. : ) Shiloh got her mom’s lips and subsequently, I’m jealous of a three year old. : P

  64. L says:

    And on the opposite end of the spectrum, my younger brother really thought I was cool when we were younger. So much so that he told my mom he wanted the same lunchbox as me.

    Which is why at 5 years old, my kid brother was walking around with a Rainbow Brite lunch box.

    Relax US Weekly-she’s not being repressed.

  65. ien says:

    isn’t what she’s doing, by definition, the opposite of repression???
    she’s allowing her daughter to dress how she wants, which in my mind sounds like a good thing.
    how is she being “repressed”?

    REALLY, who analyzes a 3 year olds clothes!?

  66. says:

    sorry, i know that was really rreally REALLY way too long, im exactually a little bit embarressed, but i wanted to say how i feel because i DO agree with a little bit of BOTH sides and for whatever reason it seemed if anyone dared to say they didn’t agree they were getting pounced on. kids SHOULD be allowed to carve their own identity and dress the way that they want and be comfortable…but i also think that children need to be dressed appropriately and that they learn to do that through gently guidance from their parents and sometimes parents stepping in and saying yay or nay.

    i would hate for her to grow up and be 15 and look at all these pictures of herself and be like, “GOD MOM AND DAD!!! why did you even let me out of the house like that?!?! i looked ridiculous!!!” which is exactly how both of my sisters feel towards my dad, who after my mom passed was left with 3little girs, my sisters were 3 and 5 and literally wore whatever they pulled out of their dressers,no matter how crazy it looked or whatever. and now they actually HATE even looking at those photos cuz it reminds them of how out of control their life was at the time and how my dad didn’t even have the strength or energy to even try to fight with them and help them out… hmmmm…maybe in a house with 6kids and all the world traveling and the parents movies and the working, maybe that’s whats happening here! and hey! she’s probably a smart kid, if that’s what gets her some attention from them then she is gonna keep doing it!!!!! maybe that’s it!~ who knows. or maybe Brad and Angie truly just dont give 2craps about what their kids wear and think whatever is whatever and it’s all cool.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    ROTFLMBAO @ these “experts”. I’ve also read posts by nitwits claiming that Shiloh is going to be another Chastity Bono because she wears boys’ clothes.

    At the ripe old age of three and a half, nobody’s gender identity is set in stone. I lived in boys’ Levis and Lee Riders until I was 12. I played softball and basketball with the boys. When I turned 13 I developed another kind of interest in boys altogether.

    Shiloh will probably turn out to be like her mom, who is not a “girly girl” type at all but she’s very much a woman.

  68. Jorja says:

    It must be a slow gossip day if the US Weekly headline is questioning Shiloh’s outerwear. Any child psychologist will tell you it is important to allow children (if they show preference) to dress as they like, to self-express. Suri and Shiloh have parents that allow their daughters this freedom; we should applaud them not criticize them. For cripes sake we are in danger of a Republican resurgence with the Brown win in MA. Why not convene a panel of experts to discuss that?

  69. Bodhi says:

    Ah! thanks!

  70. tfb says:

    I think its a new low for the tabloid rags to be speculating about a toddler’s sexuality. I mean there are actually professional writers who are paid to comment on a kid’s sexual preferences? Wtf?

    That said, my cousin Lisa was a super girly-girl. She had these fabulous red sparkle Dorothy heels and wore them from age 4 on. She dressed a lot like Suri Cruise. Anyway, she came out as a lesbian to the family at the age of 22 and we all still love an accept her. Oh- And she’s still girly and frilly.

  71. Solveig says:

    lisa, I also find quite disturbing that someone, a stranger, most times a loony, knows the habits of those babies: if and when they go to school, how many nannies they have and why, how many time they spend with their parents, what they wear, etc.
    I hate that someone can give me the chance to judge a child (no matter if it’s a positive or a negative opinion) I hate the fact that those babies are in the spotlight 24h a day. It’s also their parents’ fault and as fans or “haters” we should be enough honest to aknowledge this.
    In most eurpean countries children’s faces in magazine pictures (and tv shows) get blurred, so it is impossible to know what a child looks like. It is called respect of children’s privacy. And if we pretend respect we should avoid to comment on threads about babies.
    So threads and magazines’ crap would disappear.
    Plain and simple.

  72. says:

    CRICKEY! i just wrote this incredibly (too) long post about what i really thought and felt about the whole situation, and a lot of it agreed with what some of these experts or critics were saying and a lot of it also agreed with most of you guys, and my points came from quotes from ANgelina in past interviews about Shiloh and the other kids, and a lot of it came from what i’ve learned about my own crazy and cute and funky and nonconvientionally dressed family and also about what i feel is appropriate dressing at approprate times and how children need gentle guidance…….. and i forgot to post it, i deleted the whole darn thing!!! lol!!!!! that is sooooo annoying.

    my biggest point was, it’s not that Shiloh kind of dresses in boyish clothing or whatever, it’s that she is wearing straight up BOY clothes, hand me downs and everything, whether they fit her or not. and although thats totally fine at home or the occasional lets just be silly and wear dress up stuff to the grocery store, it’s not really appropriate to wear to special family events and playdates and stuff… you can see that the other kids-the boys included-actually appear to have quite a bit of effort put into how they look-new hairstyles all the time…and not just ANY old hair cut, but very edgy and pushing the envelope type stuff. like maddox having a blue mohawk sparked thousands of copycats all over the world for little boys. he and Pax also seems to always look pretty cool with neat tshirts and accessories, arm bands and hats and stuff. Zahara always looks really cute, except people complaing that they are not properly taking good care of her ethnic hair (which i know nothing about except it drives the black women that i work with NUTS)so it seems strange that Shiloh-the beautiful stunning biological child that ANgie made lots of weird comments about when she was born-she was too pretty-too privledged-didn’t have to go through enough-she didn’t feel empathy towards her-she was a little blob!!!-it seems strange that she would be the only child of the whole family that walks out of the house every single day in her older brothers hand me downs…not Zaharas hand me downs. Not cute little cotton track type pants or yoga pants or leggings that you see Violet in all the time, which are certainly not girly and prissy, but old big baggy frumpy boy clothes. i think THAT is the problem that people are having.

  73. BitterBetty says:

    I am officially over brangelina “gossip”. I mean 70 comments over the same repetitive crap nonstory? really? the fascination with this couple is completely media saturated. wake me up when these two break up.

  74. Lucy says:

    Psychotherapist says it all. It amazes me that these “experts” are still allowed to make comments about repression and whatever else. If the kid has supportive parents then how she dresses at 3 years old will not affect her.

    People are throwing up a fit over Suri and her heels, and now Shiloh and her lack of heels.

  75. Cheyenne says:

    Shiloh likes to play football with her big brothers. She got a tooth knocked out in the process. Her mother cleaned her up and she ran right back to the game. She’s a feisty little thing and would probably have a fit if she were forced to dress up like Suri Cruise in silk party dresses, high heels and long dangly earrings. Kind of hard to play football in silk party dresses and high heels.

    I predict she will do a complete one-eighty when she hits puberty and will be raiding Angelina’s and Z’s closets and make-up kits.

  76. bubbles says:

    has anyone seen the Dereon kids line?
    it should be called “lil’ hoochies”.
    wouldn’t it be funny to see Brangelina’s girls dressed in that?

  77. Ruby Red Lips says:

    A disgusting article – these ‘experts’ are a bunch of w*nkers who are apid far too much for small minded nanny state thinking.

    Shiloh is beautiful 3 year old, she can dress however she or her parents deem fit.

    I agree with other posters that this is so abhorent to discuss a toddlers sxuality – wtf is wrong with these people!!!!

  78. Eileen Yover says:

    If it is a problem than I guess I’d better curb my 4 yr old son who likes to wear princess dresses and dress up heals while in the backyard kicking his soccer ball…..

  79. Mairead says:

    Can I just point out that everyone looks back at clothes they wore as a kid and is embarrassed. Plus for those talking about being embarrassed as a teenager – that’s part of their job description: eat, go through money, get stroppy sometimes and be embarrassed by their parents.

    Also, although I am a loyal devotee of the Empress Z, I don’t have a problem with how Suri Cruise dresses – I’d prefer it if she wore socks in winder and decent coats and jackets, but if she likes the pretty dresses and ballroom dancing shoes (which is what they are, not kitten heels), then feck it. She has much bigger problems ahead of her.

  80. DD says:

    poor Shiloh is going to have an abundance of material cataloging her entire childhood, mental, emotional, physical state, with accompanying commentary from “experts” and the rest of us common folk.

  81. Eileen Yover says:

    I agree- I can’t imagine having my kindergarten photos with my backward curling iron crinkle hair and Holly Hobie dress hanging out there for an eternity! Scary!

  82. Maleficent says:

    Goodness gracious!

    80 plus comments over something so ridiculous.

  83. teri says:

    Isn’t Brad Pitt her father? She does have a father so quit laying blame all on Angelina. Picking on children is tabs new low, trying to get Brad and Angelina to talk. By the way Shiloh is so beautiful.

  84. Blitz says:

    I can’t believe people think Shiloh’s preferences weigh into this at all. Even a no frills girl wouldn’t pick so stylishly butch, kids aren’t that matchy-matchy. These are adult decisions, same as with Suri. THAT’s the problem, not the other way around.

    If the kid WAS actually picking, there’d be no discussion at all.

  85. la chica says:

    i don’t normally comment on Brange threads but i have to make an exception to say kudos to the Brange for not playing the whole “princess” thing. let Suri get completely messed up by that BS. Shiloh looks refreshingly normal.

  86. Emma says:

    yeah the first time when i saw shiloh dressing like a boy i was like OMGGG..

    i dont hope that shiloh sgonna be like a boy.

  87. GatsbyGal says:

    It’s so weird…I know there’s no way this could be possible, but the baby already looks like it’s had plastic surgery. Those lips are outrageous!

  88. Danielle says:

    my son is 2 years old and he likes trucks and wrestling and all things “boy” yet he also likes to wear his sisters tap shoes and her girly “twirly” nightgowns around the house. i have no doubt in my mind that he is just looking up to his big sister and imitating her. my mother made a comment about him being gay and my response was “maybe he is, maybe he isn’t but letting him wear this stuff won’t TURN him gay and i don’t care what he is as long as he is happy.” i certainly hope brad and angie feel the same way about their children.

  89. Leek says:

    She is such a cute little girl with two seemingly great parents and the writer of the article clearly wasn’t stalking the Jolie-Pitts when the parents were dressing her b/c her wardrobe was much more feminine before she took control.

    Parents have to choose their battles and kids don’t get to make too many decisions so maybe she gets to dress herself. My son has ridiculous hair. We all have our issues. 😉

  90. Ana says:

    Like kids care about clothes….they want comfort.

  91. nj says:

    Oh please. I remember so clearly hating dresses as a kid. I was a pretty child (at Shiloh’s age) who hated pretty. I had thick gorgeous hair my mom would brush and fix with ribbons or bows and when I walked to school I would mess it up on purpose.

    I feel so bad about that now.

    My sister however, would wake up and six AM at the age of two and put on her own tights and dresses. In other words, she was a Suri Cruise.
    This is what little girls are like. The day came soon enough where I liked to dress up and look pretty, though I seem to lack the shoe gene. And I still am a tomboy, but kids like that.
    Leave the girl alone. She’ll have beauty in spades someday. I’m glad they let her be a shabby, happy little kid.

  92. nana says:

    when my niece was 2-3 yrs old then she cries out loud everytime someone calls her cute, pretty or beautiful. she hates those words and correct everyone that shes handsome because shes a boy. she does not want to wear dresses and her fave color is blue. she only wear her favorite shorts with pockets and pulls it down and it doesnt matter if her butt shows as long as the knees are covered coz she thnks its a boy thing. Now shes 5 years old and her colors are pink and yellow. she likes pink socks and put too many colored hair clips and headband. she said shes already a girl.

    shiloh is adorable. you can tell that shes very creative that shes exploring and imagining lots of things may it be to clothes or bedtime story characters. i would be proud if i am her mom. that would make you smile while you see her growing and changing every day.

  93. Istanem says:

    I wore my brother’s clothes until I was like 4 and even then I wouldn’t put a dress on until I was 7. Anyway – isn’t this article aimed at the wrong people, I would suggest Katie Holmes needs to hear some of these words the psychologist had to say. I don’t think Suri was the one that went and bought those high heel shoes herself now did she ?

  94. SisterAgnes says:

    Such a disgusting article. It really reflects the obsession the tabloids have with all things Brad and Angelina. It’s essentially bullying, the tabs vs Brad/Angelina; we’ll keep at it for as long as we have to until we get what we want. Which is what exactly? A break-up? A broken family? The relentless, negative, harsh stories has to be overwhelming of them. And why for goodness sake? Because they are together? I will never understand the level of vitriol directed at them. It’s disgusting.

  95. ogechi says:

    What a beautiful kid…Am loving this adorable face.

  96. May says:

    oh what a load of BS… Three year olds like to dress themselves. My son goes out in shorts, gumboots and those eyeshade things you get on longhaul flights as a hat. Weird to say the least but I won’t stress about it because he is expressing is individuality. I wish they would just leave this family alone now – especially the kids who must be having a helluva time dealing with this!

  97. snapdragon says:

    so she wears boys clothing? i lived in overalls until i was about 12; now i am all about skirts. as long as the little girl is comfy and dressed appropriately (warm sweaters in winter, etc) who gives a fig?

  98. coucou says:

    Can you imagine what it must be like to just walk out from the house to the car, have hundreds of photos taken, and then generate tabloid articles and blogs on not only HOW but WHY you decided to dress your kid just to get out a little?

    How do they do it? Brad & Angie must be very, very strong. I would freaking lose it. I don’t care how she dresses her kids, FFS, LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT so they can have some sort of “normal” life with their famous parents before they hit 16 and get photographed doing whatever the hell they want.

  99. Toe says:

    I like Shiloh the way she is, a kid.

  100. Jag says:

    Omg that infuriates me! I was and still am a tomboy, and no, I’m not a stellar athlete nor am I a lesbian, so just because someone is a tomboy, it doesn’t pigeonhole them into a specific role later in life. I have worn dresses and prefer pants. I like to do “manly” things like shoot pistols and work on things myself around the house. When will people stop stereotyping what female and male are? How about we all can do what we want and no gender has to be a certain way?

    I absolutely LOVE IT that Angelina and Brad let the kids have their own personalities. Things with my own mother would’ve been so much better had she not preferred my sister because sis was the “princess” who wore dresses, did her hair and wore makeup. There is nothing wrong with either of those types of person, but to put down the tomboy – because she isn’t a “girly girl” – is wrong.

  101. says:

    this is sort of a strange discussion and i think it’s so funny that so many people say that they don’t really care and if that’s how she wants to dress than thats fine because let me tell you, if your neighbors had a family with little boys and girls and the little boy came outside to play everyday in his sisters pink hoodies and sparkly pants with stars on them you would have something to say. dress up time and being silly around the house is one thing, i don’t chastise my son when he plays with his little sisters fairy wings and stuff like that, but i certainly can’t imagine a boy being dressed in girl clothes EVERY SINGLE TIME they go somewhere going over very well. sorry. i can only imagine the things that would be said.

    in my opinion, they are the parents that buy the clothes so i’m guessing they just don’t really care how their kids dress and act like they don’t want to put too much emphasis on looks -even though that’s how they make their money, by being the most beautiful people on earth!!!! if they wanted to and it was just an issue of comfort, they could by her normal comfortable girls clothes, like the 100% cotton pants at Gymboree and stuff that are wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more comfortable than any pair of denim pants-girl or boy. she’s a kid, she’s 3, most kids don’t care about what they wear, although some do, andi have a feeling if she got up everymorning and they said, “ok sweetie, open up your dresser and pick out whatever you want to wear…” and that dresser was stocked with comfortable, age appropriate tshirts and pants and shorts and stuff that would be find-no one would care if it matched and stuff. however, that’s not the issue-the issue is that they have all the money in the world but dress like a family of poor people who have to share eachother’s clothes and since zahara still fits in the girl clothes, Shiloh can’t have them yet. i mean, jaaaaaasus. the issue is that she is wearing her brothers BOY clothes that are too big for her and look sloppy…not that she’s wearing mismatched striped and plaid and to boil it down to that is sort of doing a disservice to the topic that people are trying to discuss, like i said earlier, if it was PAX dressing in ZAHARA’s skirts and tshirts and tight little leggings out in public i doubt so many of you would say- eh, who cares, he’s a kid.

  102. mollination says:

    The putting “brangelina supports same-sex marriage” line right after mentioning defying social norms through the children’s reflection was just overkill. GIVE. ME . A. BREAK.

    However, before shiloh was born Angelina did express some worry about her looking like this little white, blond-haired, blue eyed thing next to all the other kids. She also called her a little blob with no personality when she was too young to talk. I COULD see Angie trying to combat this little stereotypical doll thing by making her a little tomboy. But I don’t think that’s actually the case, because Brad even said on Oprah that Shiloh wanted to be called “John” after seeing Peter Pan.

  103. fellow.. I’m not significantly into reading, but somehow I got to look atmany articles inside your webpage. Its amazing how interesting it’s for me to go to you extremely often.

  104. libertyanne says:

    Nothing wrong with her wearing different syles. She doesn’t need to be prissy or butch all the time. She will always look feminine in my opinion–especially with those lips.