Is January Jones already over Jeremy Piven?


Last week I mentioned that Jeremy Piven and January Jones were spotted together at some of the after-parties for the Golden Globes. They were even photographed together (these are the photos) with January looking a little shame-faced and Jeremy looking predictably smarmy. At the time, I kind of thought it was just a drunken, convenient hookup for two single, unattached television stars. But it looks like love may be blossoming… sort of. January and The Piv were spotted together at a football game Sunday night, which could mean they are dating. Of course, the NYDN and E! News noted that they didn’t really seem that into each other.

It appears as though Hollywood’s Casanova has struck again.

One week after Jeremy Piven was spotted leaving a Golden Globes party arm-in-arm with January Jones, the unlikely duo popped up again – this time on the sidelines of the Saints-Vikings NFC Championship game Sunday night in New Orleans.

Though most would assume the coupling of Piven and Jones would be a one-time deal, the television stars have defied doubt.

But whatever romantic spark exists between the two may already be fizzling.

According to, the couple “didn’t seem to be paying much attention to each other.”

While Jones was reportedly using her Blackberry most of the time, Piven was tweeting photos of himself on the sideline.

[From The New York Daily News]

Eh, I didn’t see it working anyway. January could do much better than the Piv, although I suspect she has crappy taste in men. As for the Piv, I thought he only went for jailbait? You know the rumors – the Piv likes his girls to be very, very young. Like, teenagers. January doesn’t fit the bill, but maybe the Piv was trying something new and it didn’t work out.

Jeremy Piven and January Jones leaving a post-Golden Globes party on January 17, 2010. Credit: Pacific Coast News.


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15 Responses to “Is January Jones already over Jeremy Piven?”

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  1. Dorothy says:

    I know how wrong it is but I love him!

  2. lucy2 says:

    I have to take issue with E news’ story. Is he really known as Hollywood’s Casanova? I sincerely doubt that.
    He is good on an otherwise bad show, I’ll give him that, but besides that it seems most people think he’s a joke.

    She could do light years better than him. She is so pretty and talented, but I have to agree, she must have crap taste in guys (Ashton Kutcher? Please).

  3. Jay says:

    I hope she is over him.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Did you read the Interview Magazine cover article on JJ a couple months ago? She is a moron, and admitted several times in the interview that she “wasn’t up to speed” on some topics. Thank GOD she has “Mad Men” right now. I don’t see her having much career success when that ends.

  5. Phowie says:

    Is January Jones already over Jeremy Piven? Was she ever under him?

  6. Kathy says:

    LOL! That picture. It’s pouring down rain and he’s covering HIMSELF, leaving her to get wet.

    January Jones’ taste in men is matched with her talent. What a talentless woman. She’s only tolerable in Mad Men because she plays a vapid character. I can’t stand her personally. She’s all looks, no talent.

  7. Black~Kat says:

    Side boob… Yes, the one she’s walking arm in arm with too.

  8. stinkfinger says:

    it’s so comical – we just saw him at aninni beach looking at real estate by ben stiller’s house. and not with any of the biatches he’s been said to have been with lately. he must not have brought his wig as he was wearing a wool skag beanie, “at the beach” – he’s such a tool, he stopped right in front of us, looked at us like, “you know who i am, don’t you, do you see me, do you know who i am?”

  9. Julie Newmar says:

    @ Black Kat .. LMAO

  10. canadianchick says:

    @Stinkfinger, omg what a weeny he is, next time kick some sand in his face accidentally for us all.

    JJ-hmmm she’s pretty but needs to improve her taste in men. Remember when Brittany Murphy on either Leno or Letterman said sarcastically about Ashton K-“well for him, Demi’s age doesn’t matter, and for Demi, size doesn’t matter, LMAO. JJ aim higher!

  11. EMV says:

    I love how they made JJ size B boobs look like DDD’s in GQ the other month. I wish I could learn a few camara tricks for myself.

  12. archiepelago says:

    She really is a very beautiful girl and I thought she was great in Season 1 of Mad Men but her character arc seems to have hit the other side of the rainbow.

  13. The Wrestler says:

    She’s cute. He seems like a moron.

  14. Susan says:

    Please tell me that he isn’t really into jailbait. I thought he was into scummy porn stars and vapid models. Oh wait, isn’t that Ms. Jones? Talking about this vapid, talentless blonde reminds of the early 90’s when pretty boy Pitt was beginning his career.

  15. Susan says:

    Stinkfinger = did he ever buy that property you were talking about? Maybe we should drop by your house this Cinco de Mayo for a kick the sandcastle “parr-tay”