Ben Affleck embarrassed with Jennifer Garner’s marriage confessions

2010 Park City - Celebrity Sightings - Day 3

Last week, Jennifer Garner’s interview in Parade Magazine came online, and many were surprised with how much Jennifer revealed. Mostly, I was surprised with how much Garner discussed her divorce to Scott Foley seven years ago, but she also talked with some detail about how her current husband Ben Affleck, saying that he is a “very persuasive” and “very good” writer, and that he may have wooed her via e-mail initially, I think. Jennifer also said that Ben is “sexy and kind, but he’s also a riot. We can be very goofy together” and that they steal time away together, “You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper.”

Well, Ben is now at Sundance, promoting his new film The Company Men, and it seems like most of the questions he’s been fielding are about his wife and those pesky e-mails. Which seems to be annoying Ben:

BEN AFFLECK has chastised his wife Jennifer Garner, after she embarrassed him by revealing he pursued her with a string of seductive emails.

Garner, who married the Pearl Harbor star in 2005, said in a recent interview with Parade Magazine that Affleck had wooed her online, gushing that he’s “sexy and kind” and a “very persuasive writer”.

But the candid comments left Affleck cringing, because now he is repeatedly fielding questions about his personal emails in interviews.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Affleck says, “I do write e-mails to my wife, that is true. Sounds like the kind of thing that my wife was looking for something to say in the interview… and that’s what she came up with. So, thanks for that, because now here I am, doing another interview and then they ask me about that. So, thank you honey.”

[From Contact Music]

I also saw on E! News last night that all Ben Lyons seemed to want to talk about was Jennifer and Ben’s directing of Blake Lively in The Town. Ben seemed to take the questioning in stride, not saying much about Blake (especially not anything about his rumored crush on her), but calling Jennifer a “fantastic” mom. Anyway, The Company Men sounds like a real downer of a movie, but it’s nice to see Affleck working in dramas again. It costars Rosemary DeWitt (she was on the first season of Mad Men, and in Rachel Getting Married) as Affleck’s character’s wife (below):

2010 Sundance Film Festival - The Company Men Portraits

Affleck Arrives at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah

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  1. ChickenTetrazzini says:

    If I was Ben, I’d be embarassed for marrying Jen to begin with! She is SO UGLY!! It is actually painful to look at her, I don’t know how he does it.

  2. meow says:

    Chicken Tetra-

    Could you please post your picture, so we may see how beautiful you are.

  3. Lisa says:

    This could not be as embarrassing as Ben Affleck paying for a page in Hollywood Reporter and praising Jennifer Lopez, when he was wooing her.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Jennifer, you might recall, said lots of cringe-worthy things at the end of last year. “Breeding” and “suckling.” I can’t go any further because I might…(BLAAAAAAP) vomit.

  5. nAynAy says:

    I think that Jennifer Gardner is very pretty. Poor Ben, I’m sure there could have been much worse things she could have told them about Ben. Who cares about his e-mails that he sent his wife. That bothers him? If it does, that sounds to me that there might be trouble in paradise.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Yeah, considering he survived Circus de Lopez, I can’t imagine anything Jen Garner could do or say would be embarrassing! He really made a fool out of himself during the Lopez time.

    I think this is the double edged sword of fame though – everyone wants to know about your personal life, but as soon as you tell them anything, you open the door and they want to know everything.

  7. hmm says:

    If they agreed that they wouldn’t discuss their marriage to reporters then she should have respected that. When I read the simpering Parade article it sounded like she’s trying a little too hard to be convincing.

  8. bella says:

    It’s ridiculous how the press feels the need to over analyse every minute detail to create a story of strife where there is none.

  9. CiCi says:

    oh pls. he was joking around. i don’t thnk he was humiliated or anything.

    and ben is HOT.

  10. Linda says:

    I’m not seeing what it is about him. A regular guy, a little tired. That’s it.

  11. Sumodo says:

    Garner is a lot like Goopie. She makes EVERY LITTLE THING LIKE THE FIRST TIME IT EVER HAPPENED. Have you ever seen the Gwyneth Paltrow website? She makes a roast chicken and OMG! It’s like she’s created LIFE! Overly self-absorbed, and Garner is the same. WAIT! I just remembered something: didn’t Gwynnie reportedly DROP Ben Affleck because she read his emails? He must write one helluva email!

  12. cara says:

    ben is gross

  13. Kim says:

    More and more it sounds to me like you are rooting for this couple to fail, that’s becoming really apparent everytime you write a piece on them. BTW did you happen to actually see his interview on accesshollywood when he was asked this question? He did not seem embarassed just caught off guard but he was looking at the camera as if talking directly to Jen, I thought it was endearing. Jen is promoting a movie called Valentine’s Day what kind of questions do you think they are going to ask her?
    And also, since when is taking your kid to school considered “pimping” them. Damn this board is brutal, Jen was right the internet has realy become a space for tearing people apart.

  14. TxGal says:

    I don’t feel that this is a happy marriage. Probably they wouldn’t have married if it wasn’t cause she was pregnant. I get the feeling that Affleck will always be a dog in heat with other women.

  15. Linda says:

    BTW, she looked absolutely spectacular at the Globes. Boring couple tho.

  16. Samantha says:

    Why would he be embarrassed of that? Hubby and I used to email each other all the time. Lots of people use email to woo. I don’t think its anything to be embarrassed over. -_-

  17. Kaiser says:

    I’m not rooting for them to fail, I just think they have as many problems as the next couple, and I hate the media whitewash with this particular couple.

  18. boo says:

    Where’s that pic chicken tet?

  19. bite me says:

    so ben a so called recovering alcholic and gambler is pretty boring to the tabloids ok

  20. Stephie says:

    He should be embarrassed about that haircut. And grateful for having a lovely wife and family in spite of the “rumors.” Putz.

  21. ogechi says:

    Jennifer is so pretty. I wonder why somebody should open his/her mind to call somebody ugly. Its totally unfair and unacceptable. Besides she has achieved so much in her young life that few women her age can achieve in their life time.

  22. hatsumomo says:

    Well, maybe Jennifer is still in her ‘honeymoon phrase’. Even after a few years and couple of kids and a few million dollers. I still get that way with my man when we go out for drinks with friends and I have to bust out with the camera and make everyone nauseous looking at pics of him asleep, drooling, eating , cuddling the cats, being wonderful. And I tell all the cute stories of the things he does. And he gets embarrassed but for me its just really exciting. And Jen seems like the type of girl who does the same thing. Barring showing the paps pics of Ben asleep and drooling of course.

  23. kristin says:

    I saw this and thought he was just being goofy – – not actually mad or anything. I like them together, and I think she’s a nice normal person. I think she keeps him grounded.

  24. Sigh. says:

    Wasn’t everyone going OFF about how he and Lopez’s very public relationship played out beat-by-beat, for all of the world to see/criticize a few years back?

    Maybe HE’S learned the lesson to keep that stuff to himself because then it becomes what did you say in the e-mails, what did she send back, how often, did you send a pic of your junk, what sealed the deal, etc., and the MOVIE becomes secondary.

    But he made it seem like Garner spilled that to make herself/this relationship/interview seem more interesting, while trying to bolster him at the same time. She seems nice enough, but a little…vanilla to me. Not a bad thing, unless you prefer spicy foods.

  25. lio says:

    Yesterday, you gave us a lecture on disrespect and self-estime. Today you think that a young mother is too ugly to even get married…Strange

  26. ChickenTetrazzini says:

    I don’t make my living based on my looks, so how I look is really irrelevant. And I do not post my pics on the internet for any reason (no Facebook, Myspace or any of that crap). I value my privacy, believe it or not. Besides, it’s my opinion that she is ugly, and attractiveness is all subjective. But if you’re really curious, I look like the twin sister of Price Oskar of Prussia….


    I am not saying that she shouldn’t consider herself attractive, or shouldn’t get married. I am saying that I PERSONALLY FIND HER UGLY. I mean, I don’t hate her or wish her ill, I just think she’s ugly. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and I would probably like to be friends with her, but I don’t have to find her attractive. How is this contradictory to what I said? It’s a f*cking opinion.

  27. snowball says:

    Puhleaze, it’s not like Jen started talking about their sex life in detail, including his measurement. Ben has zero reason to be upset with her unless he’s just an ass and is trying to pick a fight.

    The first time I saw Jen on Felicity, I thought she was gorgeous, which I know is a subjective thing. But when has anyone heard about her being a bitch to her costars or fans? A diva on-set?

    She loves her kids, loves her husband and is prone to gushing. So what? If your friend said the things she has about them, no one would think it was any big deal.

    Didn’t Ben say once that one of the things that he loves about Jen is that she’s perfectly happy to live in Boston and do non-celeb stuff. And his friends like her, which is more than he ever could say about the other Jennifer.

    Much ado about nothing. If Ben was truly pissed, he would have told her in private and deflected the interviewers question. It’s not like he HAD to answer.

    Jen is so far removed from Goopy it’s almost inconceivable.

  28. scorpiogal says:

    Wow Chicken Tetra- you must have really high standards for beauty! Say what you will about Jenn’s personality, but she is quite lovely.

  29. Jen Garner just appreciates her man. It’s unfortunate that our society seems to view that as a negative thing. I would guess that Ben was being sarcastic in that “girls have cooties” way guys seem to hold onto from childhood.

  30. RobN says:

    Couldn’t care less about them one way or the other, but I don’t know how anybody can call her lovely or beautiful without having to mention that she’s got a chin that could stop a speeding train. It’s like saying that Jay Leno is hot; he’s just not. He’s a nice man with a nasty chin, just like Garner seems like a nice woman who is always trying to have her picture taken from the same angle so the chin doesn’t show.

  31. ChickenTetrazzini says:


    Nah, I really don’t, and I think we all have met someone who we don’t think is attractive, but after knowing them, they become attractive to us because we like who they are as a person. But I KNOW we all have seen one person that we consider just plain hideous, and Jennifer Garner is that person to me. I don’t know why I think she is so ugly, and I am no beauty queen either (I’m sure someone somewhere thinks I’m ugly), but I just do. I am not judging her value as a person based on her looks, she could be a wonderful person, but I just have trouble looking at her face because it is so off-putting and unattractive to me. I wish her well and all that, but I just don’t think she’s attractive. Like I said, it’s all subjective, what is beautiful to one person is another person’s Quasimodo, you know?

    Also, I probably shouldn’t have said that about Ben being embarassed to marry her, that was pretty sh*tty and I apologize.

  32. Phowie says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And BTW, it’s written ‘self-esteem’. Anyway, these two created 2 of the cutest baby girls ever with dimples to die for so at least they are contributing to the beautification of the world in their own small way.

  33. TG says:

    My problem with Jen and Ben is that she tries to sound so saintly yet she hooks up with a guy who openly and outrageously wooed a married woman (JLo). And then after that went down in flames he tries to paint himself as this normal guy next door. And then last year, I think, she was being interviewed on the red carpet and Gary Busey interrupted their interview and she acted all haughty and high and mighty when that is exactly what her husband did with JLo while she was married. And yes, I think Jen is very pretty and they do seem down to earth so maybe they both changed. I don’t know.

  34. Morons says:

    I think she is nice and he just pretends to be nice, but really isn’t. He’s probably cheating and his piece had a bad reaction to Jennifer’s comments.

    PS Chicken Tetra is obviously ugly on the inside and that’s where it counts! So sad to have such ugliness eating away inside that you’d need to trash someone else’s looks.

  35. Johanna says:

    @kim I agree.
    I’m not jumping on the bash kaiser bandwagon but I too get the impression that you have it out for this married couple & SJP & Matthew Broderick. I’m not sure of what media whitewash you speak of because they’re not really up there in the A-list couples so I hardly hear from them except when one of them decides to promote one of their horrible films.
    That being said, you’re a writer on a gossip website so I GET IT. it’s your job to analyze every detail & speak your mind so on that note, I love your witty sarcasm & I usually see the humor in it versus the bitchiness.

  36. gloaming says:

    The girl’s in lurve, it’s sweet…..

    The only thing I find odd about her, I don’t know how to explain it…. she’s sort of like a Stepford Wife. She’s always got that maniacal smile on her face.

  37. Rory says:

    Ben was in love with JLO Fact.

    You can all say whatever you like. He was IN LOVE what is the difference between BEN and Jlo and Brad and AJ circus.

    Anyway, Ben now got Jen2 and he wanted to settle down etc. Jen also wanted to be with the A LISTER. I think Jen chased him however, Jen can say whatever BS she wants. She thinks by saying all this crap he would love her again or it would save the marriage. She is like one of those Mothers compettive mothers who bang on about brest milk and scars all the time so digusting. However, I digress.Ben is not in love with Jen G. I doubt that he ever was and he wants to leave so bad however, she got preggers for the 2nd child and now he is back to square one.

    I doubt he has a crush on BlaKe Lively. It sounds that Blake is using him to get headlines. Ben has better and juicer BV’s.

    I feel sorry for him, Ben is getting his career back on track. He is writing, directing and doing very good movies. All he needs to do is dump the stone around his neck that is Jen G. I always thought GOD WILL HUNTING was not written/co written by him. However, guess who has not written or directed since GOOD WILL HUNTING. Just saying…all it not what it seems. Cos, he is the pretty one it does not mean he is stupid

  38. princess pea says:

    I don’t know how anybody can call her lovely or beautiful without having to mention that…”

    I know how. It’s sometimes called tact, sometimes manners. Some people feel that it’s unnecessary to mock a person’s looks, or go out of your way to state that they doesn’t fit your beauty ideal, especially concerning those aspects of appearance that are beyond their control. If you like or dislike someone simply because of their looks, that’s called being superficial. Treating people alright, no matter how big their chin or bushy their leg hair, is part of being a decent human being.

    Insulting people for how they look doesn’t make you cool. It didn’t in high school, and it doesn’t now. Being anonymous on the internet shouldn’t be an excuse to be an asshole.

  39. First comment is hilarious. Haha

    I agree about how Jennifer is a lot like Gwyneth.

  40. rzrlvr says:

    @ TG
    Jlo was married when she was with ben affleck? really? I’ve only recently become addicted to celebrity gossip *sighs* but i thought before ben was p. poofy/diddy/doody (whatever).
    I know she was married to the eyebrow guy for about 5 minutes, and then a dancer for about ten, but i thought the dancer was before Poof diddy. LOL

  41. bite me says:

    j.lo married the eyebrow guy, then dated puff daddy, then marrid chris the dancer then ben happend and then marc divorced his wife and married her.

  42. snapdragon says:

    after the cringefest that we all endured during ben’s “bennifer” stage, this interview is nothing.

  43. Birdie says:

    ChickenTerra is not alone, personally I have never seen Jennifer Garner as “beautiful” quite the contrary I think she’s one of the uglier celebrities out there… For my tastes, her eyes are quite close together, her mouth bothers me with her tiny teeth and the way she speaks it seems like she would have a lot of excess saliva/drool/spittle. She’s definitely goofy looking.

    I think she got pregnant and pushed Ben into marriage. I also think he is still wrestling with his old demons (namely drinking/gambling/cheating) and while he appreciates that Jennifer is a good mother, it is not a love match for Ben.

    People get so defensive about Jennifer Garner, and I think its because she seems acessible or “regular” in some way, like she could be your neighbor, or your friend. The thing that bothers me about that is she’s not regular, nor would she be any of our friends. She should take precautions to shield her kids better from the paparazzi if they bother her so much. Garner is not as famous as Brad & Angelina but we see Violet and Seraphina far more often than the Jolie Pitt kids. Jennifer’s image is so mom-ish and mom oriented that the photos of her with her kids make her much more popular that she would otherwise be, so I think on some level she accepts the paparazzi. I will give her credit for being a good mom though, her girls always look happy and healthy, and she is very hands on with them.

  44. Rory says:

    I do not think Ben wants the same media circus that was Bennifer He has said so in press twice last yr. Which was quite telling and yet suprising. Hence, I believe he was not happy about Jen banging on about his private life.Jen needs to keep quite about her Hubby’s/family’s private life. She needs to get some movies and act and stop with the Mother Earth routine. She isn’t GOOP although, she is so jealous GOOP but she won’t get Ben back. Ben is literally out the door. She went after her co-worker vaugh(Clint Eastwood’s look a like) which is her normal MO and when she did a movie with Ben it was like all her Christmas’s came true. However, everyone who knows Jen has said she is 2 faced&Bitchy and not smart about it.

  45. RobN says:

    Princess, they are celebrities who make their entire living based on their looks. They work because of their looks, they buy fancy cars and houses because of their looks. Does anybody think Jennifer Garner got ahead because of her great acting talent? The public decides whom they like and find attractive and those people work; when we change our minds, then those people don’t work. You don’t think there are much more talented actresses out there who can’t find work because they aren’t attractive? If you’re going to make bank because of your looks, then your looks become a fair topic of conversation.

  46. annie says:

    Ben looks like Kevin Federline. Not my type, but, hey, the rest of you knock yourselves out.

  47. Seer says:

    I wonder about Garner’s “confessions” about her marriage. What kind of “confession” is it to say that Affleck is such a wonderful man and that their marriage is so fun and everything is so beautiful? I hope they’re having a great time, but I hardly call these kinds of comments “confessions.”

    Then I wonder about Affleck’s credibility when he claims to be “embarrassed” by his wife’s comments. Why would anyone claim to be “embarrassed” when someone is talking well about you and your life together as a married couple? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    I like Judge Judy and there are times when I watched her show, and she said something that made a lot of sense to me. She said: “When something doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.” I’ve applied that to what other people have said, and it turned out to be accurate for the most part!

    I think they make a good- looking couple, but I’m wondering, could this so-called “confession” and “embarrassment” have been a publicity stunt? I think celebrities have to come up with some pretty creative ploys to stay in the public eye. Their lives sometimes seem like a soap opera. But I find them interesting and fun to read about. Some of them do some pretty kooky things!

  48. TG says:

    In answer to rzlvr I know someone else already covered this but yes, JHo was very much married to her dancer Chris Judd, now that could have been a contacted marriage, but I find it hard to believe because what did she have to gain from it? And he looked so awkward and pitiful when Ben was openly courting her while married to Chris Judd. So I don’t think Ben is such a nice guy. Maybe Garner did trap him in marriage, I always thought she tried to trade up when she divorces Foley, but I realize now there are many men out there who can’t handle a successful woman, esp. the actor types. Not sure what when down there. I do like Jen Garner though, at least a couple of her movies and I don’t think she is whoring out her daughters. They always look happy together and she is always just doing ordinary things that she did before she had the kids. Unlike, Denise Richards, Halle Barry and Jessica Alba to name a few.

  49. Cindy says:

    Jeez why would he be embarrassed that she told everyone he sends her emails, it’s not like she said he loves blowjobs.

  50. princess pea says:

    RobN – Sure. But someone said they didn’t understand HOW ANYONE could mention a particular celeb without mentioning how hideous this or that… I was EXPLAINING HOW it can be done. I think I’m just getting sick of OMG FUG EW I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH!!!!11!!1 kind of bull. Let’s bitch about celebrities together, and maybe we can find something other than looks to harp on. C’mon, they’re mostly self-obsessed airheads, they do lots of things to mock. Why looks?

  51. Lee says:

    Lol, I agree Annie!

  52. PJ says:

    I like it when people’s faces are slightly offbeat, like Garner’s. Her dimples are great!

    Most Hollywood faces are too cookie-cutter, they all look alike. Especially the noses — I can’t stand it. I’d love to see an actress who has a real nose.

  53. snapdragon says:

    i love it when people make statements like “ben never loved jennifer garner” or “she trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant.” how do you all know so much about people you’ve never met? that cracks me up.

  54. Cinderella says:

    I am a Jen Garner fan, but I’ve always had reservations about Affleck.

    I totally believe he was stepping over the line with Blake Lively. It will be interesting to watch the body language when they promote the film.

  55. moo says:

    The INTERVIEWER should be ashamed… not Ben or Jennifer. He’s there to promote HIS movie, and these stupid media people just want to stir up the shit themselves, not the actors!!! But everyone does it now – it’s all about who’s doing who. SUCKS if ya ask me.

  56. Morons says:

    I think so too, Cinderella. Either Blake or someone else, but definitely someone. He’s mad because he’s trying to get his freak on and she’s ruining it for him. Poor baby. Ugh

  57. javelin says:

    I bet he’s being a pissy bitch b/c she was referring to some very cringe-worthy emails and reminding him that they’re still on file. ooh, hollywood is fun.

  58. BW says:

    I agree with lucy2 and bella and boo, THAT was funny! But Kim, I’ve got to save your quote somewhere, next time I’m just flabbergasted at all the hatred on some site: “Jen was right the internet has really become a space for tearing people apart.” It’s short and profound; pretty much says it all. It’s just sad.

  59. stanhope says:

    I thought Ben’s real wife was Matt Damon anyway. How do you spell beard….J E N N I F E R

  60. shadowd says:

    Wow, you people are turning into bullies now.

    Here is a couple who have almost no drama, not pimping out their kids, says nice things about each other (In the interview he was being funny), and are rasing their kids away from Hollywood, so their kids will have a chance at a normal life.

    Yet, their are a lot of harsh comments about them, have we on “Celebitchy” become Perez Hilton? I hate the people on Perez who appears to hate their lives so much that they cannot but help say mean a**hole things about others. When I left there, I bounce to other sites, until I came to this board, you were never this mean before, you gave thought-worthy comments and witty cheap shots, but you never tore into anybody like this. (You did to some, but they really deserved it)

    I hope this is not where Celebitchy is going, we were an intelligent group who did gossip, but we were not here to destroy anyone, we said what had to be said, but we were never mean about it.

  61. Ally says:

    Almost off topic, Rosemary DeWitt has the most amazing face, and she’s a wonderful, subtle actress. She was the best part of “Rachel Getting Married”.

  62. Joel McHale's Forehead says:

    People don’t like Jennifer Garner because she is a climber. A climber is someone who goes from one person (Scott Foley) to a “better” (richer, hotter, more powerful, whatever) person (Michael Vartan) to an even “better” person (Ben Affleck). She seems really fake, her chiseled jaw is unattractive, and people are entitled to their opinions. I will gladly accept bets on how long this couple lasts. I give them two more years.

  63. Jag says:

    He is embarrassed because he wooed his now-wife with emails, and she told the world how sweet he was? He’s such a jerk. Answer the questions quickly, then say what you want to say, Ben. Or take one question to say the answer, and that you’re not going to be answering that one again that day, then entertain the rest of the questions. It’s not rocket surgery. 😉

  64. Big mistake, Ben! says:

    Nice try Jennifer Garner!

    Sorry, don’t believe a word you are saying, it is easy to see that Ben is miserable with with you and your marriage.

  65. momo says:

    Awww, wooing by email is so romantic and old school gentlemanly, not anything to be embarrassed about. It’s like love letters.

  66. SassyOne says:


    Regarding your puzzlement over how he could feel embarrassed…

    Maybe he does not at all see himself in the same light as his wife does. Perhaps he feels he has made some sort of marital transgression, and she is the forgiver/martyr/whatever.

    Just a thought. Kind of fits with the relapse rumors, too.

  67. lulu says:

    in my opinion, Jennifer G. looks amazing on film- Juno and as Electra. In photos, she isn’t as beautiful. I have no idea why, but I remember the scene in Juno where she knelt down to touch Juno’s pregnant stomach. I thought Jennifer was so stunningly gorgeous at that moment.

  68. hoganbcmj says:

    Rosemary DeWitt also popped up in an episode in Season 4 of Mad Men. She also plays Tara’s sister on United States of Tara. She’s a good actress with a lot of charisma. I’m glad to see her getting A-list work.

  69. fast says:

    Perfect work you have done, this internet site is really cool with excellent info .

  70. Kat says:

    I agree with Lulu. Jennifer Garner looks ugly in photos but, in camera she looks gorgeous. She’s beautiful. I don’t know maybe she’s not photogenic but, have you seen her in Alias? Daredevil or Elektra? She’s spectacular.

  71. anom says:

    She seems ordinary and looks pregnant and fat..

  72. Omg would all u haters shut up?! Gosh, in the whole grand scheme of things, Jen could’ve said ALOT worse things than talking about some spicy emails! Whatever! Why are u guys so judgmental?! Yeah, maybe Ben was a little embarrassed, but like some people have already said, he didn’t act like it on the show! It makes me want to puke when it talks about how Ben chastised Jen for saying such things! Its so obvious that this whole thing is a load of crap. I LOVE Ben Affleck, and I really lov him and Jen as a couple. For those of u who are on here bad mouthing Jen saying she’s far and ugly and that Ben is a dousche, u guys r losers who spend all their time on commenting and putting people down to make itself feel better. I agree with Meow. Why don’t you haters post a pic of yourself on here, cause I’m guessing ur no beauty either. Sheesh!

  73. Omg would all u haters shut up?! Gosh, in the whole grand scheme of things, Jen could’ve said ALOT worse things than talking about some spicy emails! Yeah, maybe Ben was a little embarrassed, but like some people have already said, he didn’t act like it on the show! Its so obvious that this whole thing is a load of crap. For those of u bad mouthing Jen saying she’s far and ugly and that Ben is a dousche, u guys r losers who spend all their time putting people down to make itself feel better. Why don’t you haters post a pic of yourself on here, cause I’m guessing ur no beauty either.