Paula Abdul will be getting huge paydays for future reality shows


Paula Abdul walked away from her cushy gig as the “nice” (read: loopy) judge on “American Idol,” and now that move appears to be paying off. Amid rumors that Paula’s old frenemy Simon Cowell is trying to lure her onto his new “X Factor” show, it’s also being reported that ABC is heavily courting her, both for that show and for their hit talent show “Dancing With the Stars.” The rumor is, ABC is offering Paula a cool $1 million development deal to do both shows. No word on whether she’d be a contestant or a judge.

Paula Abdul has a million reasons to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.”

ABC has offered Abdul a $1,000,000 development deal, with one catch — she has to appear on “DWTS,” sources tell TMZ.

ABC has been going after Paula for a few years now, trying to get her on “DWTS.”

According to the proposed deal, ABC would allow Paula to do “The X Factor” with Simon Cowell. We’re told Simon and Paula met a week ago to discuss the show, and it looks like it will happen.

Paula has to make a quick decision — we’re told the ABC offer is contingent on Paula doing “DWTS” this season, which starts in March.

A rep for ABC says they don’t comment on prospective cast members.

[From TMZ]

Who knew that Paula Abdul would be in such high demand? Seriously – if you or I showed up to our job barely able to speak in coherent sentences, would anyone be flashing a seven-figure paycheck in our faces? Sometimes, Hollywood baffles me. But hey – if ABC is looking for loopy, they hit the jackpot. And Paula does have a lot of loyal fans who will probably follow her to her next gig. I guess as long as ABC understands what they’re getting with Paula, it’s all good.

Photo note by Kaiser: Damn, Paula looks great in these photos! Here’s Paula leaving Larry King’s studio on january 18, 2010. Credit: Pacific Coast News.


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  1. dee says:

    I think I’d rather watch her dance than have to listen to her. Wouldnt surprise me if the shows ratings drop tho, she’s the main reason I stopped watching AI a cpl yrs ago. Too emo and phony, cant stand to listen to her babble and her constant crying drives me up a wall.

  2. lucy2 says:

    I know! Seriously, no offense to her because she seems like a nice enough person, but she brought nothing to AI except a lot of weepy, incoherent ramblings about nothing. She seemed to have no knack for judging great vocalists, and was unable to offer any sort of constructive criticism. So naturally, networks are throwing millions at her.
    Honestly, I doubt she has THAT many fans. Didn’t she already have a reality show that flopped? People will watch her with Simon, but alone? I’m not so sure.

  3. Beth says:

    I hope Paula isn’t a contestant because that wouldn’t be fair to everybody else. Maybe she will the professional not the celebrity.

  4. Sumodo says:

    Isn’t Paula in too much pain to dance?

  5. neelyo says:

    There are many many lucky people in show business, but she’s got to be in the Top 10. She’s managed to do a lot with very little.

  6. alibeebee says:

    yes she is in too much pain she has RSD which is a Debilitation pain condition. hence the reason for her loopiness. they put you on some pretty heavy drugs due to the pain which is so bad it manifests itself on your body a simple bonescan x-ray will show you have this disorder. when i learned she had this condition i totally understood her loopiness. it’s a sideeffect. imagine being on level 10 pain level 24/7 with no end in sight!

  7. ogechi says:

    Am not Paula Abdul’s fan. But all the best to her endeavors.