Brad and Angelina: Are they or aren’t they split up?

Brad Pitt Takes a Stressed Angeline Jolie Out in NYC!
There’s a lot of inevitable speculation as to whether Hollywood’s golden couple with the six kids will stick it out or call it quits. Of course the tabloids have been running breakup stories about these two for years, but this latest rumor seems to have more teeth than the average split story. This one originated in British rag News of The World, which claimed that the two visited an LA-based divorce attorney to disentangle their fortunes. Whether that was true or not remains to be seen, but The NY Daily News quotes a “source” that says that Brangelina did consult a lawyer, but that it’s just customary given their wealth and that they’re just preparing for the future:

After days of speculation about a possible breakup between Mr. Pitt and his other half, Angelina Jolie, word is surfacing that the power couple did indeed visit a high-powered L.A. lawyer last week – but only to cover their assets.

“They aren’t married, so they need to protect their children and property in case there’s a rift in the future,” a source says.

That certainly makes sense, considering the two are worth a whopping $330 million combined.

So why are rumors of a breakup running rampant?

“People hear ‘legal papers’ and assume it means a divorce,” our snitch continues. “But it could mean exactly the opposite. Either way, they’re making sure to get their ducks in a row, which they’ll need whether they split or stay together forever.”

That’s not the only reason for so many whispers: Rumors started swirling when the couple was a no-show to a pair of recent award programs.

“There was a lot of talk when they didn’t attend the Globes or the SAG awards this past weekend,” says the insider.

“But that’s not entirely out of the ordinary for them. Although ‘Inglourious Basterds’ was nominated, Brad wasn’t up for anything individually, and neither was Angelina. Besides, they’re Brangelina. They can do whatever they want.”

[From The NY Daily News]

So, according to this story, they did see an attorney but it was just to protect their assets. Why aren’t there impending marriage reports then? Couldn’t they have been drawing up a prenup? It just seems like the longer these rumors go on the more likely they are to be true. I know that’s faulty logic though, especially when we’re talking about Brad and Angelina. These two, and the overhyped triangle with Brad’s ex Jennifer Aniston, have helped keep the tabloids afloat for years. Gossip rags will make up the most outrageous, libelous stories about Brad and Angelina just to move copies.

Yesterday Kaiser reported that the split stories may be some kind of payback to Brad and Angelina for not making the rounds at the awards shows this season. Neither are nominated, but Brad’s film Inglourious Basterds is doing well and would be a sufficient reason for them to get decked out and to show up and smile. People are wondering whether Brad and Angelina will show up at the Oscars to help quell some of the breakup rumors.

E! Online reports that while Brad and Angelina are still a maybe-happy couple, they’re not going to attend the Oscars together. They write that “multiple sources close to the couple tell E! News that the unbroken Brangelina will not, despite a report to the contrary, be attending the Oscars on March 7.”

There’s at least one media personality that is convinced that Brangelina is kaput, though. Howard Stern told Rosie O’Donnell on her Sirius show that he’s sure they’ve broken up based on his sources.

And in one more piece of Brangelina news, The Daily Mail reports that Brad Pitt bought a bachelor pad complete with it’s own cave. This may be technically true, but it’s not a new story. We heard a couple of weeks ago that Pitt purchased another home adjacent to his Los Feliz property. The Real Estalker confirms that the particular home shown on the Daily Mail (there are more photos here) “is actually adjacent–as in next damn door–to Mister Pitt’s longtime compound in The Oaks.” It’s the same home. The Real Estalker also reports that it’s not likely that Pitt bought the place as a “bachelor pad” because it’s right next to his mansion and is a real fixer upper, by his standards.

Brad Pitt Takes a Stressed Angeline Jolie Out in NYC!

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  1. bite me says:

    would Howard Stern source beIan Halpurn the guy that wrote the book about them

  2. SageAdvice says:

    While I’m not a fan of this couple (clearly), I would take everything Howard Stern says with a big fat grain of salt. He’s a shock jock, so he’ll make some innocuous “shocking” comment about anything in the news to get attention.

    As for seeing a lawyer, it’s unsurprising to me that they did (if they did, I guess) considering the huge amounts of property and money they share.

    I do find it curious that they’d wait 5 years to draw up legal papers of some kind (who knows what kind and who knows what for). There are really only so many things you go to a lawyer for…

  3. N.D. says:

    Then in the end of that show Howard Stern himself admitted he was joking.

    BTW People claims Brangelina were out on dinner the day the Earth Stood Still because of their split.

  4. JulieNewmar says:

    remember the few months leading up to Madonna and Guy Richie’s split???
    * just saying

  5. Sumodo says:

    I think they went to the attorney to set up a foundation for their money in Haiti.

  6. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I would totally believe that they visited the attorney simply to get things in order (NOT for a divorce)…makes sense since they’re not legally bound to each other, except through the kids, but yet still have lots of assets.


    …first there were denials about ANY of it. yet now, we have a “partial admit” that they DID indeed visit a lawyer, but not for what people thought. (I realize that all of this info has come only from “sources” and “a rep for the couple”, so who knows if ANY of it is true…)

    methods like this, where you leak out a little bit of the truth at a time, are SOP for a big bombshell that you don’t want to FULLY admit right away.

    bottom line…I’m STILL not convinced either way until I hear it from THEM. which I know is unlikely given their “no comment” stance on most things.

    should give the tabs some fodder for a few weeks, though.

  7. Rosalee says:

    Any break-up is difficult, but I doubt they have, each time a new asset is involved so are legal documents. Preparing for future issues is simply smart. They never seem like a couple on the edge of a break-up, the tabs have been feasting on the alleged break-up for years..but I do recall that photo of Jen and Brad walking on the beach and had arms around each other and he was wearing a t-shirt with the word “trash” clearly written across his chest..maybe there is some clue hidden in that ugly mess on his face..

  8. I think this is just a pre-nup type thing, even if they don’t get ever get married. It would be a smart move considering how many kids & how much money they have. But these stories are tired.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    Oh for God’s sake. Flip a coin.

    NOTW, one of the most notoriously unreliable sources on the planet, says they are preparing for a break-up. Life and Style, one of the most notoriously unreliable sources on the planet, says they are preparing a pre-nup.

    As for them not attending the Oscars this year, they didn’t go in 2007, when Babel nominated for best picture. And Angie has to be in Venice shooting The Tourist.

    Believe whatever you want. But you can take this to the bank: that story that started in the Daily Mail (another unreliable source) that a friend of Doug Pitt told Ian Halperin that Doug is urging Brad to leave Angie is bullshit. Like anybody connected with either Brad or Angie would talk to Lyin’ Ian.

  10. Birdie says:

    One thing you go to the lawyers for is A WILL…. Hello – if they are not married and have 6 children together, it all happened in a whirlwind and they probably haven’t had time to update or create their wills. G-D forbid something would happen to either one of them, or both of them and the kids were not provided for.

    Angelina is probably thinking of her own and Brad’s mortality around this time of year because of her mother’s death. Who could blame them for “getting their ducks in a row.”

    Getting a will written sells far less tabloid covers than divorcing.

  11. Linda says:

    I don’t like the two of them and I’m sick of hearing about these two “super-human wonderful walk on water” people…but I feel sorry for those 6 kids if they do split! Really, these kids are too young and they need to keep it together for them.

  12. texasmom says:

    My sister came into a lot of money, TRUST me, rich people spend a LOT of time talking to lawyers. And ANYONE with kids should have a will!

  13. snowball says:

    Rosalie, one of the first things I thought of was that photo spread of Brad and Jen wandering along the beach nuzzling and holding hands the day before they announced they were divorcing.

    Not saying Brangelina is kaput, it just floated in my head that I can’t remember any relationship Brad left in an angry way.

    I think it’s weird that neither one of them is going to be at the Oscars. Whether she’s filming or not, there’s no way she would be forced to stay working if she wanted to attend. I also think it’s kind of scummy that Brad won’t be there to support his movie and friends who were nominated. I don’t care if he’s done it before, it seems rude.

  14. WeirdWeirdWorld says:

    Shame, the irritating couple (I say irritating because they are EVERYWHERE) won’t catch a break.

    They show up together at some award ceremony looking super in love and the tabloids say they are doing damage control and are putting on a show to disguise the fact that they are really breaking up.

    When they don’t show up? They have really broken up and can no longer fake it. The rags ask, why don’t they just bloody show up and put rumors of a break up to rest?

    Truth is, the tabloids will never let this story go (just in case they get it right one day – and claim to have broken the story).

    The sad reality is Brangelina will be in our lives FOREVER. Even when they really do break up (nothing lasts forever in Hollywood after all), the tabs will be putting some new dramatic spin on the saga: “Brangelina kids threaten suicide in desperate bid to get parents back together”, “Ange depressed without Brad”, “Brad and Jen reunite: Ange furiously mad”.

    And so it goes…..

  15. lucy2 says:

    Since when does anyone turn to Howard Stern for this sort of insight?
    Anything is possible, of course, but I would think people with their means visit lawyers all the time. I can’t imagine that they don’t already have their ducks in a row and have had for years. No one with that amount of money should be without a will or some sort of agreement.
    I have to wonder how much of their property is legally shared, or if they buy individually.

    I think you’re right WWW, even if/when they do split, it won’t be the end of it. For heaven’s sakes there’s still Brad/Jen stories and they’ve been split for 5 or 6 years now, right? So I’m sure we still have decades of tabloid crap to come!

  16. princess pea says:

    Angie’s not actually in Inglorious Basterds, so I’m not 100% certain why her being busy should mean that Brad can’t go to a major event in support of his project and his friends. I know from the constant media overexposure that this is not a couple who can’t handle time apart; they seem pretty strong that way. Ang regularly goes off to the impoverished parts of the world without Brad, he was in Germany last year filming without her, etc etc. I know, everyone would go crazy with gossip if he went without her, but they’re going crazy with gossip ANYWAY. What difference would it make?

  17. Tess says:

    The breakup is pre-ordained.

    Only question is whether it happens sooner or later.

    It would be a miracle if these two are still a couple in their retirement years.

  18. e.non says:

    heh. just as i called it.

  19. Tubie says:

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. By the way, WTF is up with Angie’s knees in that last picture??

  20. PJ says:

    It would be very tough for them to break up, because they both seem totally committed to the kids. Yet they have chosen not to marry, so it’s a legitimate question to ask how committed are they to each other?

    It’s been a year or two since they’ve gotten any more kids. Maybe the whole point of their relationship was to acquire children, and without that excitement, the relationship might have run out of steam. They also may be too exhausted from child-rearing and high-powered careers to have much time and energy for each other.

  21. Godzilla says:


    The News of the World is actually fairly reliable, being as it is very litigation-shy. They’ve broken many true stories over the years which the star(s) in question have denied up to the bitter end, and let’s be honest, Bradley looks exactly like a man who’s had all the life sucked out of him and has wants out.

  22. Vilanna says:

    What happened to Brad? That beard is just creepy. Please shave it off.

  23. Cheyenne says:


    NOTW is “litigation-shy”? Did they have a recent epiphany or what? Over the past four years they have paid out millions of dollars in lawsuits after having been found guilty of slander, libel and illegal wiretaps, and one of their editors went to jail for wiretapping.

    And don’t forget that completely fabricated interview between Michael Jackson and whoever that they printed after Jackson’s death.

  24. hmm says:

    If a tabloid wrote a story that Angelina ate a child, the people that hate her would be online talking about why they totally believe it. Don’t you remember when she wore that vial of Billy Bob’s blood, blah, blah, blah. I just find it interesting that this couple that people call so controlling and manipulative of the press are usually on the negative end of the tabs. They are undergoing this latest brouhaha because of an unreliable tabloid that is routinely sued for printing lies. If they deny, they’re spinning. If they don’t deny, the rumors are true. They can’t win and at the end of the day the tabs win because the haters have proven that they will pay to read the same stories week after week after week.

  25. joe says:

    There is to much smoke to not be any fire. I really do believe that these two are trying to make their partnership work with their six children. However, once the tabloids get this far usually they are right. Not right away but you never see this many tabloids and sources say the same thing and not have some truth to it. It is kind of like Guy and Madonna they denied, denied , denied but the tabloids were right in the end. I think that Brad and Angie are trying but they certainly are not like they were three years ago. I really think that if they want to move ahead they need to move out of LA (that is where they seem to spend most of their time lately), they need to take at least a 2 year break from movies and conscentrate on each and the children. They have the money – why not. I also think that they really became to public. If they had never walked a red carpet together, never given personal interviews (about tube time, etc.) and never sold baby pictures I think that they would have been much better off. And for those that say the tabloids will get the pictures anyway. NOt so- look at the twins. There has only been one picture of them in the airport at Oscar time (it was obviously set up) other then that there really have not been any pictures. Brad and Angie can make sure that their children do not get photograped if they don’t want them too. Take a lesson from Johnny Depp and Matt Damon. They need to become more private.

  26. Beachbum says:

    No denials as of YET. More PR for THEM..JMO

  27. Kim says:

    When have they ever denied a breakup story? they didn’t deny Brad was headed to rehab , Brad was texting Jen, That AJ had TB, that Brad was not Shiloh’s father The tabs have been printing Breakup and ITS Over stories for the last 5 years.I ‘ll believe when they release a statement saying its true