Taylor Momsen, 16, caught smoking a cigarette


Seriously, at this point what’s the difference between Taylor Momsen and a teenage runaway who supports herself by hooking? Because there’s absolutely no visual difference at this point. I just saw these photos of Taylor Momsen walking around the Brooklyn set of Gossip Girl today, smoking. Her character was not smoking, Taylor was. Because she’s 16 years old. Because she doesn’t give a f-ck. Because she’s a pantless brat. Because she wants to be the next Lindsay Lohan.

Ordinarily, I dislike the anti-smoking zealots because, hey, I used to smoke all the time, and I don’t like to hate on smokers. Sure, it’s a bad habit. So is drinking and using drugs and having unprotected sex and texting while driving. And all of those things also kill people, as do cigarettes. But there’s something about smoking that brings out the really hardcore zealots. Anyway, I digress – Taylor, 16 years old, pantless, smoking. I really think this has become a Lohan situation. In a few months, I predict Taylor will be living alone at the Chateau Marmont, buying rounds of tequila shots for “industry” types who will treat her just like they’ve treated Lindsay.

Taylor, I beg you. Put down the cig. I know you don’t give a f-ck about anything or anyone, and I know you’re totally punk because you wear your Chanel eyeliner with a dog collar or whatever, but just ease up on the cigs. I get it. You want to be Lindsay, with a smoker’s rasp at the age of 18, and sun-and-cigarette damaged skin by the age of 20. Just buy some Nicorette or something.

P.S. Is it just me or is that a really fat cigarette? Is she smoking Camel Wides?

Taylor Momsen in Brooklyn on January 27, 2010. Credit: Pacific Coast News.


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  1. working says:

    Looks like she’s already gotten her mandatory Hollywood boob job already too. Geez

  2. Doe says:

    I think her face is just skinny, making the cig look fat. But seriously, a young Hollywood celeb smoking a cig? I’m sure he’ll isn’t freezing over just yet… She’s young and really dumb and thinks she’s cool and hip. We were all there at some point.

  3. anna says:

    16— wow…that’s the age. I picked up when I was 15, trying to look older. So stupid, but honestly, what did I know? Everything bounced off of me, literally.

    Hindsight, hindsight, hindsight…

  4. NicoleB says:

    she’s young and trying desperately to be cool…eh moving on

  5. Kl says:

    where in the f*** are her parents?

  6. Mu says:

    I don’t care for the cigs, but she’s 16 with big boobs, a tight dress and no bra?

  7. irishserra says:

    I don’t have a problem hating on smokers. It’s a nasty habit that not only offends others who are subject to that disgusting deadly second-hand smoke, but it also offends my eyes to have to see the nasty teeth and nails; to have to deal with the nasty breath; and to have to see their wrinkled, pruny, almost non-existent lips after just a few years of daily cigarette sucking. Ugh! Why would you intentionally do something that f*cks up your skin, teeth and lips (not to mention your lungs)???

  8. mila says:

    When I was 16 I also was smoking from time to time but unlike her, I was genuinely interested in other people’s problems and would never have said such insensitive thing about Haiti disaster. But a cigarette? It’s not like she’s on downward spiral because of that!(boob job quite possible or maybe it’s just her dress?)

  9. moo says:

    so???? Lindsay HoHan had been openly drinking in bars waaay before she was 21.

    Stars are exempt from the normal rules and laws of the world… didn’t you KNOW that?!?!?!?!

  10. padiddle says:

    Mu – couldn’t agree more! Why is a 16 yr old wearing a tight, short dress with no bra – at this point do her parents even know she is still around? cause they seem oblivious to her existence

  11. Obvious says:

    I have no problem with smokers-as long as they are courteous to the fact not everyone smokes and not everyone wants to. If i’m somewhere and someone lights up next to me I will ask them to put it out, however if i walk into an area where there is smoking, well that’s my own damn fault.

    except for cigars, those make me instantly nauseous as should be outlawed.

  12. Ellie says:

    WOW Irish… Don’t hold back please… There are courteous smokers out there.

  13. oxa says:

    I think it is illegal to sell cigarettes to someone under the age of 18 so why is she not arrested for smoking.

  14. Goosie says:

    Yeah, smoking is the least of her worries at this point. I was smoking at 16, too, because it’s an easy way to rebel…most parents freak the eff out about it, in my experience. I don’t know the deal w/ Taylor’s parents, but I’m assuming that she’s smoking less to rebel against her parents and more for the “i’m such a badass, look at me!” factor. Anywho, for Taylor, there’s a whole lot more to worry about than her smoke habit, IMO.

  15. Ellie says:

    oxa – That would be called “Minor in Posession of Tobacco. They can’t prove she bought them…

  16. Essie says:

    Aren’t her stockings falling down? Why is she even wearing stockings? Without a garter belt?

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit that this child is smoking. She probably started when she was 13!! And I will take a wild guess and say that cigarettes are probably not the only thing she’s smoking!!

    I can’t wait to see what happens to this child after “Gossip Girl.” Not that I wish anything bad to happen to her, but she needs to do a lot of growing up because Hollywood only wants you when they can make money off you. (See: Lohan, Lindsay) Taylor needs to stop with the bad girl image if she wants her career to continue.

  17. Icecat says:

    I know nothing about this girl, and for some reason I cannot stand her. I have not even seen anything she’s been in, but she bugs the EFF out of me.

    I can’t talk much about the smoking, I started about that age to be “cool & hip”.. Athough back then we didn’t use the word hip.. 😛

  18. kermit says:

    Black dress, she’s in character according to the article (though honestly, this is how it seems she prefers to dress). Since she’s on the set I don’t know what the cig is about. Wouldn’t be surprised if she smokes but I’d be more convinced if it wasn’t on the set. Unfortunately, teen smoking is a big problem, and more prevalent in Western Europe than in the U.S.

    The other stuff is projection based on appearance. Has anyone seen her drink or act tipsy in any way? Does she seem the partying type? Does she have volatile activity on the set and arrive late? That would indicate a possible Mischa Barton or L Lohan route. However, Momsen says she’s more of a loner type and has stated she’s not like Lindsay Lohan and really doesn’t want to be compared to her.

  19. C-DUB says:

    WHY does this girl never have any pants on? What’s up with her “Mama’s Family” knee highs?

  20. marley says:

    being a person who started smoking at a young age I dont see a problem with her doing so as long as she knows the risks (who doesnt in this day and age?) As long as you are respectful to those who dont smoke its your business. But my question is where are her parents if you can even call them that? There are way too many pedo-bears out there to let your minor offspring dress like a tramp out in public, especially if she is in the public eye.

  21. Jeane says:

    Whatever. I started smoking when I was 14. At the same time I started going out, getting drunk and hooking up with older boys.
    I quit smoking about two years ago. Still do the other stuff, but with moderation 🙂

    Anyway, moral of the story, she’s not a lost cause. It just sucks that her life is being documented to live forever on the internets…. BOY am I glad there was no facebook or twitter when I was her age (and that I wasn’t famous)! Oh the pictures I could have posted….. the dumb things I could have said for the entire world to hear….
    Thank God my generation missed the boat on that one.

  22. Novaraen says:

    Ok…um…now she has breast implants??? She was literally flat before….a la…Ali Lohan. One summer…pics of Ali with no boobs…nothing…6 months later she has D’s. It’s obviously the same thing with this little twit. Man…she really wants to be a Lohan, doesn’t she?

    As for the smoking…someone needs to slap her. She doesn’t even look like she knows how to smoke.

  23. Goosie says:

    Essie, totally! She needs to take a good long look at the career of Mischa Barton. Gossip Girl is fairly popular for now, but things can and do change in an instant in her biz.

  24. pnw girl says:

    i just love how in the top pick her nylon sock thing falling down makes her look like a chipette.

    ya she tries too hard to appear like a bad azz we all know that. Her CD is coming out soon . . . great another avril just what the world needs another retarded wannabe hard chick that sucks.

    she’s lame

  25. Gabby says:

    So, this poser thinks she is so cool, the next big rock star, but people are barely watching her show anymore.. the only think she can do is be in the tabloids to keep her name out there.
    And lets face it, if she was any good at singing, her songs would already be out there playing on the radios right??


    The boob job is more disturbing than the cigarette smoking.

  26. TaylorB says:

    I can tell you one thing, if my parents saw a photo of me dressed like that and smoking at 16 years old I would STILL be grounded. But I guess times change.

  27. kermit says:

    Gabby, Taylor’s working on her first album with her band “The Pretty Reckless” to be released later this year. The band has a web site with demos. At 16, that’s pretty young to release an album. She’s doing this along with Gossip Girl and modeling. I’ve heard some of her stuff on youtube and the band’s web site and I think its good for the punk genre that she’s going for. It’s more Courtney Love than Miley Cyrus, a smaller market.

  28. PallMall says:

    irishserra, please come closer..Whooosh-POOOF. Thank you.

  29. Cinderella says:

    If she’s going to be punk, she needs to lose the granny knee-highs first.

  30. Kat says:

    This year’s Lohan, next year’s rehab disaster. Wait and see, folks, wait and see.

    Permissive parenting=f-ed up child.

    Yes, at 16 she’s still a child. Where the hell are her parents? Have a backbone, please. Unless you want your daughter dead by 25.

  31. Snarf says:

    Lindsay Lohan V2.0

  32. kermit says:

    I don’t know what the demographics here are but in New York City’s lower East side and East Village and in areas of Brooklyn, the punk style of say 14-year olds to early 20s is quite like what Taylor Momsen sports. The makeup, outfits, whole look is fairly typical. Actually, I’d say she’s rather mild lacking the outrageous hair colors and body tattoos. Taylor Momsen lives in NYC.

  33. Shay says:

    I went to an innercity high school where kids would kick someones ass for smoking cigs in the bathroom. We would have battles on a daily basis of cussing out or physical fights. It wasn’t cool to smoke cigs. She looks silly IMO.

  34. Mandy says:

    Yes, we all did stupid things as teens. We all experimented with smoking and drinking, and probably dressed provocatively or inappropriately at times. A lot of us probably had shitty attitudes, too (though probably not as bad as this little brat). But the difference between our rebellion and girls like Taylor and Lindsay is…money. These girls and rich and famous, rules don’t apply to them. Their parents are apparently indifferent, and there’s no one else to tell them when to stop.

  35. Laney says:

    Kermit – Totally agree. She has never been spotted coming out of a club drunk, stumbling around the streets drunk, caught with older men, caught doing drugs, etc. People are projecting so many things onto her because of her appearance, which is pretty effed up. I hate smoking but I’m not going to criticize people for doing it. TONS of teenagers smoke, she’s just in the public eye. People love love love to see young female stars fall from grace, which to me is far more offensive and unhealthy than Taylor freakin’ Momsen smoking a cigarette. Geez people, lay off of calling her the next Lilo. It’s like you all just can’t WAIT for it to happen, salivating for it.

  36. Allison says:

    yeah, taylor you’re so badass now…not stupid or ignorant or a wannabe or anything…

  37. Bete says:

    Kaiser, I totally disagree when you basically lumber smoking with other activities that don’t don’t have a similarly high death toll, when smoking contains more chemicals, at least 500 chemicals and that ammonia is used to enable more nicotine uptake in the body. It’s clearly one of the deadliest and most addictive pastimes and I say that, as a former 30 a day smoker for two decades.
    Smoking has killed more people than the Holocaust, so to reduce its significance is quite puzzling. Then again, you’re no authority. You’re a gossip blogger.

  38. Goosie says:

    Laney, what I find objectionable about her are her interviews…she comes off like a spoiled, poseur brat.

  39. Ben says:

    Irish I can use that exact same argument towards obese people which most people would find abhorrent if I started vilifying them like people find it okay to do with smokers
    (everything except the second hand smoke, which where I live laws have been passed that noone can complain about being forced to breath second hand smoke as it’s banned except for outdoors, no bars, etc.)
    People also complain smokers are a burden on the health system taking tax money but the taxes smokers pay on cigarettes pays for everyones health care in Australia. They do take up hospital beds though.

  40. la chica says:

    you just basically made her day with this post. lol.

  41. mik says:

    This girl wants to learn things the hard way. so be it!

  42. meglet says:

    aaaah that photo looks fake, cigs simply are not that big (even if she does have a small face). Ofcourse she would smoke – the pics just look very odd. Along with her suddenly huge chest, how/when did that happen??

  43. Lia says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how that cute little girl from the Grinch turned out to be such a skank. Does she not have parents? Was she raised by wolves or something? (my apologies to wolves everywhere….). Is she just really stupid? It’s kind of sad.

  44. Lenore says:

    “Smoking has killed more people than the Holocaust, so to reduce its significance is quite puzzling.”

    Godwin! I call Godwin on this! Thread over! Tobacco = Zyklon B, Marlboro is WORSE THAN HITLER! An analogy of the finest Portman-logic! Congratulations!

    As a lifelong non-smoker, never had a SINGLE PUFF despite being surrounded by smokers all my life, there is nobody I find more goddamn irritating than self-righteous anti-smoking zealots. Between them and PETA (I’m a vegetarian) I don’t know who to loathe the most. Nothing makes me want to pick up a Zippo and a pack of cancer sticks more than the anti-smoking lobby.

    Seriously, it’s a teenage girl who smokes. Seen it before. The fake tits on the kid are far more disturbing to me than the cigarette, sorry.

  45. mila says:

    “Smoking has killed more people than the Holocaust, so to reduce its significance is quite puzzling”

    You know you crossed the line here right?Now you’re on the territory of RIDICULOUS

  46. Rose says:

    Why does everyone think her boobs are fake? My daughter is 18 and slim and has boobs like that, not fake, just large(and god love her has done since she hit puberty).
    As for smoking, meh, I smoked at 16, I don’t now as an adult with more sense. Hardly worth a hanging.

  47. Bete says:

    Lenore, wake your intellect and go and actually read the figures that are related to tobacco related deaths and do the math: they exceed the 6 million Jews that died in concentration camps. D’oh. It’s one thing for a non celeb to smoke, quite another for a celebrity teen to flaunt cigarette smoking. Had a look at what Lindsay Lohan looks like lately?

  48. shadowd says:

    Ok people, relax a bit, she is only 16, lots of people smoked at that age because their friends were, or they were trying to be cool, we all pass through this rebel phase.

    She is in the “Do not give a F*ck” phase, it happens, and as for her comments, have you talked to 16 year olds? Some of them watch cartoons and MTV, and have no idea what is in the news. Still once again she is only 16 years old, there is a reason she is considered a minor.

    Finally, so she does not wear pants, or go out in garter belts, most people do not because it attracts the wrong type of attention, and boys/men try and take advantage, but I am guessing she has at least one Bodyguard, who will probably seriously hurt someone who tries anything, also in her line of work attention is part of the business.

    Cher was very similar in her younger days, and now she is an icon. Not that this girl is a Cher, but she is still very young and still deciding where her life is going.

  49. princess pea says:

    Lenore, you can’t see me right now but I’m applauding you. The self-righteous zealotry about anti-smoking makes me insane.

    It would make sense if there weren’t laws all over about not smoking indoors, in cars with children, within 9 feet of an entrance to a public building… and ten years ago, there weren’t. But there are now.

    @ Bete – a) you can’t blame all of Lilo’s issues or her appearance on cigarettes. Unless you are actually trying to imply that she is otherwise taking very good care of herself. NO tanning, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, late nights, alleged other drug use…
    b)It’s not very good science to say that something which lasted a relatively short period of time is comparable to something which has continued perpetually for over a century.
    c) Godwin’s Law. You lose.

  50. Chicken Tetrazzini says:


    I applaud your efforts, but these anti-smoking nazis get off on feeling superior to smokers, so they will never change. Personally, I just laugh at them because they are so f-ing pathetic. Can you imagine being so lame that you have to whine and cry like a 5-year old because *gasp* people are doing something that is perfectly legal? I do smoke, but I don’t smoke around people who do not smoke, because I try to be considerate of others. However, they get SO MAD when they try to preach to me and I just laugh. They really expect you to cower and profusely apologize for being “sooo disgusting, worse than Hitler” (HAHAHA!) so it blows their minds when I refuse to go along with their sad little attempts to bolster their (apparently nonexistent) self esteem. I don’t know why people cannot mind their own business…but I am glad that I do not have their sad, pathetic little lives, and I’ll take being a nasty smoker ANY DAY over a self-righteous, arrogant, pompous, preachy prig. Hating smokers is one of the last acceptable forms of prejudice, since people cannot hate on minorities, etc., any more (which is a GOOD thing, don’t get me wrong), they gotta find SOMEONE to feel superior to. Sad.

    Oh, and I find it hilarious that so many of the most virulent anti-smokers I know smoke weed. Um…HELLO! Hypocrite alert! Ridiculous.

  51. working says:

    Rose – I think the reason that everyone thinks her boobs are fake are not because thin ppl can’t have big boobs…it’s because she was flat as a board quite recently. I don’t think girls “mature” that quickly…

  52. wow says:

    It never fails that when smokers smoke around those who don’t, that aweful smokes makes it’s way towards the people who DON’T smoke. I hate that. Smokes gets into my hair, my clothes … and I don’t even smoke. I’m so glad they passed those laws about smoke free restuaraunts.

    Smoke your cancer sticks outside folks. Most people aren’t going to care so long as you and YOUR health are the only ones being affected by your actions. This goes for smoking of ANY kind.

    Anyway, I’m starting to like this girl a lot more. She pulls off the whole “I don’t give a f*&k” attitude way better than Kirsten Stewart. ANd her outfit fits into that whole “gossip Girl” look that they have going on over there with the whole cast.

  53. kermit says:

    Rose: regarding breasts, same thing happened with Ali Lohan. Both Ali and Taylor are 5’8 to 5’9 or even a bit taller, very slender, and I think with Ali the breasts were noticeable even before her height growth spurt. It depends on the outfit, sometimes the bra, but I don’t think either one of them had breast enhancement surgery and I find claims to such ridiculous. There are earlier pics of Taylor with noticeable cleavage. People have to accept that from 14 upwards, little girls become teens that may start to physically mature at varying rates. Taylor and especially Ali look 3 to 7 years older than they actually are.

  54. H says:

    Okay, I’ve tried to resist posting but I can’t. If you smoke and your great with your decision then fine. But let’s not pretend that it doesn’t increase your risk for lung disease, heart disease and stroke. They aren’t happy ways to die folks, if you’ve ever seen someone gasping for air, on tons of oxygen, with morphine being the only way you can relax your breathing, you wouldn’t be so non-chalant. I’m an RN and I have seen it, it’s hard on the person and thier family. People who start smoking in their teens have higher risks for lung disease. They’ve done studies, introducing carcinogens while you are still maturing seems to be worse in the case of cigarettes. That’s what bothers me about seeing her smoke, it’s not cool it’s destructive to your body.
    And some of you are right, obesity is bad also. I’ve seen patients loosing legs because of out of control diabetes, that was caused by being overweight. Not a great way to go out either.
    My brother is a smoker, I love him a lot. He started in his teens and in his thirties has smoker’s hack. I worry about him but I don’t preach to him and he doesn’t pretend like smoking is some great healthy thing for him to be doing to his body.

  55. mikayla says:

    If she were Miley Cyrus this would be all over Nightline, Dateline, 2020, Goodmorning America and the Today show not to mention all the entertainment shows. Miley’s far from an angel but she gets a bum rap compared to this girl

  56. mo says:

    meh, she tries too hard. donde tu pantalones, little J?

  57. Valentine says:

    *shrug* She’s just trying to make it obvious that she doesn’t give a f*ck. Her choice. And as for the hating on smokers, I can’t stand it. I smoke. I am a courteous smoker – not all of us want to offend the sensibilities of the anti smoking zealots, though sometimes it’s tempting, because really, it’s just as discourteous to say all smokers are disgusting as it is for a smoker to smoke around someone who dislikes it. I am definitely a smoker. I smoke far too much. But a couple of my best friends really don’t like smoking. So I don’t smoke around them. Ever. Some of us have manners. Rant over…sorry!

  58. Amber says:

    She tries so damn hard to act grown up, not that smoking is such a big deal, as I am her age and have been smoking for years, but what I wonder is why people in the New York district are selling them to her, when’s it’s illegal for someone of her age to be buying them or having them bought for her in that perticular state. All the people working in the surrounding area know who and how old she is, so I’d be suprised if they are selling them to her, just wondering how she gets ahold of them and manages to smoke in complete public and on camera without any consquences, it makes no sense. Aside fromt that I hater her music, her acting, her ‘modelling’ and I most certainly hate the way she ‘tries so hard’ doesn’t she realise that ‘trying’ to act so mature just makes her immature. I really wonder what happened, she was such a nice kid, now look at her. I’m so suprised anybody tolerates her, and seriously, where the fuck are her parents. I think she takes her character Jenny Humprey a little too seriously and is now thinking that she and her character are one and the same, so tries to be ‘in’ off stage, but end up looking like a careless wannbe prositute.

  59. misha says:

    She seems incredibly immature.

    16 years old, smoking, boob job, and dismissing the disaster in Haiti because “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.”

    What a brat.

  60. Judgement says:

    I really don’t see people’s issue with this. She’s smoking a cigarette. Big deal…

    All the other stuff I’ve seen about her on the internet (that she dresses provocatively, that she wants to be such-and-such, that she’s had a boob job etc) is distasteful.

    The judgemental attitudes from people here is laughable. You need to go out and get lives, instead of picking on a girl who is learning (as we all do, in our own way) to become an independant adult.

    Jealously will only get you so far folks.

  61. gaby says:

    why are you all over reacting about a 16 year old girl smoking?
    its no big deal so what if she smoke let her do what she wants also,
    why should she have to wear a bra? free country

  62. rygestop says:

    meditation can help

  63. webistereview says:

    I am afraid to admit that this photo is photoshoped and fake. I you observe closely you can see that the hand is very blurred and the cigarette drawn on.

  64. jenny says:

    She does actually smoke, she is quoted as saying she does: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/03/taylor_momsen_doesnt_want_to_b.html

  65. webistereview says:

    I am sorry to admit but her hand is SO photoshopped.

  66. akldfl; says:

    Look. She can do whatever the f&ck she wants. And besides, that cigarette looks photoshopped. Let her turn into the next Lohan, there’s nothing you can do about it. She’s said before, also, that she doesn’t want a guy. She IS a loner, and has been her whole life. Leave her be.

  67. zoe says:

    give her a break, ive been smoking and drinking since i was 13, not that im proud of this but its her choice so back off.

  68. BJenkinz says:

    Those arent fake she is just turning 16 .. Its called nature.. They hang too much to be fake.. They look awesome.

  69. Hello Kitty says:

    So what?What’s your problem ? Yeah,she smoke! And,hell,yeah,she has only 16. So? How many kids doesn’t smoke?! Look at Kristen Stewart. She’s around 20 now.And she smokes probably like Tay. Somewhere around 16-17. It’s not a crime. I’m not encouraging it,but i smoke too and i’m 16 too. xD

  70. Shannon says:

    Oh Cindy Lou Who what happened to you?

  71. Rennolds says:

    I assume you all who smoke at her age or YOUNGER are just like her then. Heh.

  72. cluffin says:

    i just heard the new song, thought ‘yum’ then googled her and found out i’m a couple of months older than she is, oh my! i’ve smoked since i was thirteen, it’s no biggie… god cigarettes are expensive in britain

  73. Kaety says:

    I love how FAKE that cigarette is. It is completely photo shopped. And even the underage Taylor Momsen isn’t dumb enough to walk around in public smoking a cigarette. I mean, hello breaking the law.

  74. she says:

    i just wanna say that i highly doubt she has a boob job seeing that shes only 16 so if her boobs look bigger, they very well could be. but that doesnt mean its because she got implants. and i know tons of people who smoke and are only sixteen because theres a lot of people in the world who do it.

  75. Lux says:

    You guys are only ragging on her because she’s a celebrity. There are thousands of kids who do this everyday but it doesn’t matter as much as this because you believe that she could be a role model to others when parents are supposed to fill that position. I’m 16 and I smoke too, I find that buzz a temporary relief from stress. It may just be my mind tricking me into believing that but you all should know that to be in the music/film industry, you mature quite faster than a normal child. So stop with some of these ignorant comments. She knows the consequence and you know you can’t change anything.

    Kaety, don’t go in to denial, this world isn’t pure. There are other pictures of Momsen smoking especially in Warped Tour. It’s real. Laws are broken. Get over it.

  76. vannessa says:

    ok seriously, leave her the fuck alone. im prettty sure she can do whatever the fuck she wants to do and make her own decisions. everyone has idols. shes mine and maybe lindsay is hers. you have no right to tell her how to live her life because shell learn from her mistakes.

  77. b says:

    no talent. no talent. no talent. anyone can sing in a rock band like she does. its not hard. doesnt take vocal talents or anything. like the look of her band, but shes trying too hard to copy led zeppelin font in cover album. and for christs sake. shes SIXTEEN. and she crawls around in her underwear. makes miley look like an angel. At least miley is almost 18. taylor is just a no talented babysmokinskankin machine


    where did all the people with talent go in hollywood
    i swear my weener dog could do the crap these people do

  78. bonkerzz says:

    I find it so unfair that she’s underage and she’s smoking but someone else would get in big trouble
    dont hate =)

  79. justagirl says:

    give her a fucking break
    she’s obviously doing better than everyone commenting on this because she’s out there making money whilst having the time of her life, last i checked it was legal to smoke at 16 , so its her fucking body if she wants to whats it got to do with any of us , i cant remember how i ended up on this page but anyway , i seriously doubt that shes had breast implants, bear in mind again she is 16 , theres a thing called a period , she has one too , you’ve probably all seen the tampon pics, well anyone i believe her body is still growing , doesnt mean she has had breast implants, you’re all so casual to turn a blind eye to other peoples mistakes but the second its someone famous you’re all so quick to judge, theres a tv show called 16 and pregnant , nobody says anything about that, people will always drink and smoke underage and nothing will change that so your pointless comments judging her are pointless , bitter are we?

  80. justagirl says:

    well didnt notice this one, so what about haiti , are you doing anything
    she has to work , maybe doesnt have time shes not even an adult yet
    not her fucking responsibilty
    just saying.

  81. Mario Starr says:

    I smoked when I was her age. Big effin deal. She looks hot with that cigarette between her lips and probably gives a darn good hummer with her nicotine stained lips. Can’t wait till she turns 18. I’d tear that up.

  82. Nikki says:

    People are saying shes had a boob job because shes 16 and a D cup. but i was a 36DD when i was 13, all naturally!

  83. Amy says:

    Be your own person instead of idolizing another one. Using the word *f_ck* numerous times in a paragraph does not make your point sound good or come across any better. It actually makes you sound pretty unintelligent.

  84. Stephanie says:

    Its seems like some of you guys have never been a teenager! So what if she smoked at the age of 16. I used to be a smoker and I was 14 when I started it.

  85. Kyla says:

    That cigarette looks fake

  86. jess says:

    i love her 🙂 shes awesome me n my friends are 12 and we dont give a sh*t if taylor momsen smokes why does everyone make such a f*cking big deal about it. XD

  87. MyMedicine says:

    Oh my god it’s her life if she wants to smoke she should smoke. And if she wants to dress like that she should dress like that. She just doesn’t give a fuck what other people are thinking and that’s cool but not the smoking.

    Live your own lifes and let other people also live their own lifes.

    I know it’s illegal but I think with age of 16 you know about the risks due to smoking and it’s your own decision.

    btw If the grammar isn’t correct I’m from Austria sorry.

  88. Kath says:

    Just saying, I’m 13 and I’ve never smoked a cigarette before. And I’m pretty sure most teenagers here in Taiwan don’t smoke until their 18.
    It’s not like “no big deal”, smoking is retarded and anyone who thinks it’s cool don’t have a brain.
    Some people don’t care what they’ll look like in a few years, they just like to be unhealthy and look twice as old than their real age.
    Just saying, but there are prettier ways to die, but whatever.

  89. Allison says:

    So what? it’s not like she’s doing drugs! don’t make a big deal over it! taylor is awesome!

  90. theprettyreckless. says:

    ohmigoshh. calm down guys. i agree with allison at the bottom. it’s not like she is doing drugs. come on, i bet most teenagers will smoke before they are the legal age.

  91. arginine says:

    I really relate to that post. Thanks for the info.

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