Brad Pitt called Angelina a “bitch” behind her back


As we mentioned yesterday, the alleged Brad and Angelina split dominates the tabloids this week. On yesterday’s tabloid round up, I missed a few of the cover stories that weren’t online at the time, so I’m bringing them to you now. According to Us Weekly’s cover story, their breakup is less about Jennifer Aniston and more about Brad being lazy and Angelina being a type-A perfectionist. Which…I’m not sure I buy? Angelina seems organized, but type-A perfectionist? Maybe. Whatever. But, the funniest part of the story is that after Angelina yelled at Brad one time, Brad “called her a bitch behind her back.” Yes, because if he did it to her face, she’d smack the goat off of him so fast!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may not be splitting yet, but the new Us Weekly (on newsstands now) reports their relationship might not last much longer.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Jolie, 34, often feels she’s shouldering the parental burden of their six kids, Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, Shiloh, 3, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 18 months.

“Angie felt like Brad wasn’t pulling his weight,” says an insider.

She’s “exhausted and has been overwhelmed” with the kids, adds another. “She has nannies, but she wants to do it herself. Her kids are all in different stages now, running around, needing attention.”

Jolie — whom one source describes as a “type A” who “runs the household” — is demanding on Pitt, 46, even down to the last detail, Us Weekly reports.

“She’ll yell at him when he makes the eggs too runny or burns something,” says a source, who points out how Pitt prides himself as “a Mr. Mom who loves to cook.”

Their spats have gotten so bad recently, one source notes, Pitt took to “calling her a bitch behind her back.”

For more on their rocky relationship – including how Jolie thinks she’s smarter than Pitt; how she thinks Pitt favors “the boys” over the girls; how their sex life “has calmed down” and why Pitt refuses to call it quits – pick up the new Us Weekly today!

[From Us Weekly]

I actually believe some of this story – I’ll buy the dynamic that Angelina thinks Brad doesn’t pull his weight. I’m not sure Brad pulls his weight. I think he loves the kids, I think he’s a great dad, but I sometimes think that he’s maybe not as engaged in family life as he could be. Of course, that could be because we don’t see him out with the kids every other day, like, say, Tom Cruise and Suri. Maybe Brad spends a lot of time with them in the house.

Meanwhile, In Touch Weekly released part of their cover story, and it has riled me up big-time. It’s not the Jennifer Aniston stuff that’s bothering me, though – that stuff is just as dumb as always, especially since ITW seems to want to live in Aniston’s vadge. What really bothered me about ITW this week is the subtle racism employed with regards to the Jolie-Pitt children. It disgusted me.


“One week in late March, I overheard security saying that Brad was meeting with [Jen] in Central Park before going to see Angelina on the set,” housekeeper Anna Kowalski tells In Touch.

While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may have managed to trick the world into thinking everything is fine, In Touch has exclusive details that making the decision to leave was a long time coming for Brad, who friends say has been miserable for months.

But as In Touch can now exclusively reveal, Brad’s growing feelings for Jen helped ease his pain and back in March, he took great pains to arrange a secret meeting in NYC’s Central Park for Jen, himself, and his daughters Shiloh and Zahara.

“One week in late March, I overheard security saying that Brad was meeting with [Jen] in Central Park before going to see Angelina on the set,” former Waldorf-Astoria employee Anna Kowalski tells In Touch. “He took Shiloh and Zahara in the car with him.”

The whole thing was very carefully planned, says an insider, with Brad driven to a location near the Mount Sinai School of Medicine on 5th Avenue, where he met Jen at her SUV in the park. No doubt it was nerve-wracking.

At the time, the last thing he wanted was for Angelina to find out he’d introduced Jen to their children. But for the formerly married couple, it was well worth it.

“Zahara was asleep in the car with the driver, so Jen only got to talk with Shiloh,” says a friend of the actress, who adds that during the 20-minute meeting, Jen was moved to tears seeing her ex-husband’s adorable daughter.

“She said that all that had happened in their past seemed to melt away that day,” says the friend, who adds that after the meeting, Jen remarked that she’s “proud of Brad and thinks he’s a great dad.”

Even though Brad wasn’t happy with the way his life was going with Angelina, the friend says, Jen said, “at least he had this beautiful little girl.” And for Jen, who had been trying for children with Brad when they were married, that was a lot.

[From In Touch Weekly]

I’m not Aniston’s fangirl, but I think even Jennifer would be horrified to have these thoughts and feelings attributed to her, even in this fake, tabloid, phony, gross way. “At least he had this beautiful little girl”? So, Zahara doesn’t count because she’s black? Or because she’s adopted? Brad has six beautiful children, but I guess ITW is only counting the white children. There’s the sideways assumption – and not just by In Touch - that if Brad and Angelina split, he’ll only care about custody of the white children, and this article just seems like more of that same crap.

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  1. nana says:

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married for five years and had no children so that when they split it was just the two of them going their separate ways. He and Angelina have six children who would be affected if they lost their father. Why would anyone wish ill will on innocent children is beyond me. He and Angelina had been dogged with breakup rumors since they got together. Leave them alone. And they are not media whores. Instead the media themselves are whores. They pick up information from each other and then they try to outdo what the other magazine has said. Look at the new OK! magazine, they already have Jennifer and Brad reuniting and spending their lives together. Give me a break!

  2. Phowie says:

    “She’ll yell at him when he makes the eggs too runny or burns something.” If my man even knew which appliance in the kitchen was the stove I’d faint with happiness. Brad, come to my house, I’ll take your runny eggs and you can burn whatever you want! I promise not to complain. I’ll even watch the kids!

  3. Toe says:

    Angie should invite Jen to their house and have a 3way in the “cave”. When Jen complains to Brad about his monster goat, he replies “i’ll cut mine if you cut yours”.

  4. Dorothy says:

    I think it is probably because she is adopted, my brother and sister and I are all adopted and people have a hard time believing that we all love each other the same as if we were blood. I am 35 and family “friends”still bring it up it is very annoying.

    Plus every story you read is Nicole’s adopted kids, brads adopted kids…

  5. Kayla says:

    I hope that second story isn’t true, because geez Brad, if you’re having an affair, or trying to keep a secret in general, the absolute WORST way to do that is to tell a child. Especially if you’re trying to keep it from the mother! No matter how many promises you extract from that kid, 9 times out of 10 the first thing out of their mouth when mommy walks in the door is exactly what you did that day.

  6. Essie says:

    These lies are just ridiculous. I mean, a hotel maid is privy to information from bodyguards? Those are not very good bodyguards if they plan things and talk so loud that a hotel maid can hear them. And, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston “met in Central Park”??? Last March?? And not one single person saw them together?? Think about that for a minute, people!! Central Park in NYC!! Nobody saw them! Okay. I rest my case.

  7. lio says:

    Brad Pitt cooking eggs by himself for his family has to be the most unbelievable story ever published on this couple ;-D

  8. SageAdvice says:

    I highly doubt any of this is true and quite frankly the second story seems like a work of pure fiction.

    Anyway, there is zero racism in that article. Absolutely none. I’m a black woman and even I can see that they didn’t mean it that way. If that part is true (which I highly, highly doubt it is) where she supposedly said “at least you have this beautiful little girl”-I doubt the magazine meant anything other than that she saw that one and said that one was beautiful.

    My mom has been told countless times by people who know she has three girls that one of us is beautiful because we were the only one present at the time.

    Seeing “subtle racism” here is bonkers.

  9. Jazz says:

    I doubt very much that Jennifer has even met his children.

  10. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Yes, because if he did it to her face, she’d smack the goat off of him so fast!”

    PLEASE, Brad, do it to her face! :)

  11. mila says:

    I can’t see the racism. Sure,the story is ridiculous but I think you’re reading too much into it

  12. Bonfire Beach says:

    I didn’t get a racism vibe or snub of the adopted children at all from this story. IF (and that’s a big IF) it’s true that Jen met Shiloh, I took it as her speaking in the moment because Shiloh was right there and she is Brad’s daughter.


  13. Katalina76 says:

    I don’t think it’s subtle racism, I think its’ because, as the article stated, Zahara was asleep in the car. Jen didn’t meet her. If she had, I imagine it would’ve read “at least you have these beautiful girls.”

  14. JulieNewmar says:

    Brad Pitt is a doofus…. but I’d eat his runny eggs.

  15. UrbanRube says:

    If the man cooks, he gets my vote. If he really isn’t doing the heavy lifting involved in raising children–and I don’t mean just watching them and keeping them happy, which is work enough, but something a babysitter can do–then I hear Angelina. It doesn’t give her the right to criticize everything he does, and she does have to remember she wanted this number of children, but it can be demoralizing to feel you’re the only one taking developmental challenges seriously. Which school is best? How do we handle this particular issue with the toddlers, with the school-aged kids? Are there books we should read in order to educate ourselves about the next stage of childhood, etc. Some men don’t do any of that and everyone in the family suffers for it.

  16. N.D. says:

    I tend to agree that you can sense pro-biokids attitude of those publications if you read a bunch of them. It’s NEVER non-bio and non-white kids who “melt Jen’s heart” and such. But it could be percived as a mere incident that it happened to be Shiloh when you read this article as a stand alone.

  17. haribo says:

    Racism??? That is really far fetched!According to the article she saw only the one child. It would be natural to say something like that.

  18. N.D. says:

    And this talkative hotel maid whom they insisnt on calling ex-housekeeper for whatever reason is a very interesting character. She seems to be hanging with security team a lot. Allegedly she was watching sec cameras when that “tall dark-hired man” came to AJ and someone took pains to explain to her that it was a dialect tutor. Then we find out that she’s presented when bodyguards are planning secret meetings for their client.

    Was she having an affair with one of the security guys at Waldorf and were they carrying it in surveillance room? Because otherwise I don’t see how she could be in such places and see and hear such things.

  19. lucy2 says:

    This Anna Kowalski somehow managed to hear quite a bit while working there, didn’t she? Sounds like an overactive imagination and desperation for attention, if you ask me.
    No way did they meet, especially with the kids, because I agree with Kayla, the first thing any kid would do is tell their other parent!
    I don’t see Ang as a type A perfectionist. That’s a Reese W type, not Ang. There’s been a ton of reports of how messy they all are, and besides, no perfectionist would put up with Brad and this hobo phase he’s in.
    The only really believable thing in this? Ang’s smarter than Brad. THAT I believe.

  20. Brad might call Angie a bitch behind her back, but I’m sure Angie calls Brad a bitch to his face. LOL

  21. snowball says:

    That pic of Angelina laughing up there reminded me that she actually looks soft and approachable when she smiles. Yes, I know, I wouldn’t smile either if I was dogged by the paps everywhere I went.

    Does Angelina look high-maintenance. Oh, yeah. I don’t think you can be as super-involved as she is with her charities, the kids, her jobs and god knows what else and not be more than a little Type A.

    Brad has the same things to handle, but he never gives the impression that he’s the one in charge of the family. Either that, or he’s lost a lot of brain cells from all that pot smoking when he was younger.

    I don’t think he’d call her a bitch. Aside from the whole did he or didn’t he cheat while married thing, I actually think Brad has kind of a gallant side. No reputable source – actually none at all that I can remember – has ever said he talked smack about any of his girlfriends or Jen, and he’s had the opportunity.

    It’d really be a stretch that he’d disrespect the mom of his kids by running around calling her a bitch.

  22. Beth says:

    Both stories are obviously false. Too many things don’t make sense. Brad has said many times he doesn’t cook just grills. So that “a Mr. Mom who loves to cook” line is laughable. Funny how nobody saw Brad with Jennifer and two kids. If he was so scared of Angelina finding out, Brad wouldn’t have taken the kids. They talk about everything. I don’t see racism just biological verses adopted. The tabs always do this. After Shiloh was born all of the breakup rumors were “Brad Leaves and Takes Shiloh” or “Brad wants Jennifer to adopt Shiloh”. A lot of the haters and Jennifer fans always say Brad gets the biological kids and Angelina gets the adopted kids. They don’t believe he loves his adopted kids.

  23. elle em says:

    I don’t believe any of the shit that the shitmongers write. There should be laws to protect celebrities from the shit that these tabloids make up just so that they can sell their toilet paper. Enough lies already!

  24. joe says:

    Here is my two cents. First I don’t think this is a racist thing I think it is just that bio children are considered more important then adopted childrn in the tabloids. If Zahara was white it would still be the same. Also if Brad did not has “his own bio” boy you can bet the tabloids would still be mentioning that Brad was telling Angelina to get pregnant so he could have a boy. Shiloh and the twins will always be “more important” in the tabloids. Sad but true.

    Second I think that things started to be different around the time the twins were born. The twins had barely been born and Brad was getting drunk with QT and signing up for a movie. How old were the twins when Brad started filming (a few days, a month) He left Angie (granted with nannies – but I do believe that Angie wants to parent alot herself)following a C section with 6 children. I don’t know about you but that would make me angry. Notice also that when Brad is filming Angie is really at home. Brad however when Angie films (like in New York) flys all over France, LA etc. I do think that Brad loves his children but probably Angie has a good beef here. You fans might put up with anything from Brad but I don’t think that Angie does.

    I also don’t think that things are the same as before – happens to all peole who live together – you have that I’m so in love stage – then whatever- then you really bug me. Hopefully they can make it work.

  25. RobN says:

    Story is not racist but it’s certainly ridiculous. You don’t want Angelina to know you met with your ex but you introduce your 3 year old to her? Because 3 year olds have such a good sense of knowing when to keep their mouths shut?

  26. Anastasia says:

    Oh geez. My husband and I have been together 20+ years and I can’t find a couple yet who haven’t called each other something behind the other’s back or to their face!

    Really tired of all these fictional stories. Is there one a day or something?

  27. Wens says:

    I agree Elle the tabloids shouldn’t be allowed to print out and out lies about people – there are children involved here and they must get to see and here all the sh*te that is printed about their parents – have these people got no common decency?!?
    Also I see no racist slurs in the fairytale that never happened, as in the story Zahara was asleep in the car and never met the fairygodmother – yeah secret meeting in Central Park ha ha ha ha that made me laugh too!

  28. nana says:

    “At the time, the last thing he wanted was for Angelina to find out he’d introduced Jen to their children. ”

    how stupid he is then to bring along kids who can talk now. hes not therefore worried that shiloh would tell her mother that they met a woman in the park. I wonder why Shiloh didnt hack Jen’s chin with her sword for calling her beautiful. Shiloh only preferred to be called pretty boy.

  29. e.non says:

    a brad/jen hook-up in central park and no one witnesses two of the highest profile and most recognizable faces…


  30. Kitty2000 says:

    You’re asking if tabloid “journalists” have common decency??? Are you kidding??? I’m just glad they write stuff that doesn’t even sound mildly plausible. At least then we can be pretty sure they don’t even take themselves seriously. It all just sounds like bad soap opera writing to me.

  31. Wow says:

    I just don’t think they are checking for each other like that. And I think they pulled this story from one similar to the one from 07 or 08. It sounds very familar.

    And I’m not even going to touch the whole white/non white, adopted/ birth children issue because I’ll go off on a major tangent. So I’ll be nice and spare you all. But to sum it up in a word… ” ugh!”

  32. Cheyenne says:

    This sounds like typical ITW fiction writing. From all reliable sources, Pitt and Aniston have not communicated for years, and I don’t believe there is any way Pitt would introduce Shiloh to Aniston. It would be like rubbing in her face “Meet the kid you wouldn’t give me.”

    However, ITW is giving its readers what they want to read. And they know their readership. For weeks now I have seen comments on other web sites saying that Brad should go back to Anison, take the white kids with him, and leave the [insert racist adjective] adopted kids with Angelina.

  33. Leek says:

    I didn’t get the racism vibe at all. I got the impression of a parent not wanting to wake up an exhausted sleeping child. That’s if it were even true, of course.

  34. Blint says:

    I agree about not wanting to wake up the sleeping child in this instance, but I think Kaiser makes a good point. I’ve also heard people who profess distain for the press’s cruelty toward Jen (waxing chapter and verse about it, in indignation), then turn around and not lament for a moment their theory that Brad may take the bios, leaving the others behind. All this while believing that Jolie is a less than stable mother. THEN happily go on to debate the parentage of the bios based on no real evidence except in their own twisted minds. That group is AT LEAST as sick and deluded as the people who worship Brangelina. Brangelina brings out the sickos all around.

  35. Carrie says:

    I don’t know if this particular article smacks of racism, but the tabloids in general seem to take pains to separate the biological children from the adopted children in all Hollywood families. I have always been acutely aware of this and sadly, am always pleasantly surprised when one of the tabs manages to just call an adopted kid a “son” or “daughter”, not “adopted son” or “adopted daughter.”

    As far as I can recall (and I read a lot of celebrity gossip sites and mags) no celebrity has ever made that distinction themselves- I’ve never head a celeb talking about “my adopted son/daughter”.

    I think the bio kids are more “interesting” to the public because people want to see who the kid resembles…

  36. Cheyenne says:

    The taboids are freaking hilarious. While ITW, Star and OK have Aniston reuniting with Brad Pitt, the National Enquirer claims she’s moving in with Gerard Butler.

    Tell me which is crazier.

  37. snapdragon says:

    meh…i’m sure my husband has called me a “bitch” behind my back once or twice…probably because i was being bitchy. when you’ve been together a while these things happen. such a non-story.

  38. Corina says:

    I don’t think this was racist or even excluding the adopted kids at all…if Jen (or the tabloids) were trying to imply that only his white/biological children were acceptable, she would have said “girls” because Brad has another white biological daughter at home. So to me it seems clear that the single reference was for the single child that Jen supposedly met. Of course I think it’s all bs anyway, and I do think sometimes the tabloids exclude the other kids – but we are as a culture obsessed with evaluating the generic offspring of beautiful people. So it’s not surprising I guess. That being said, I don’t know if it was intentional or what, but ALL of those kids are friggen gorgeous. I don’t see how it could be intentional since most babies and small children are adorbs, and I seriously doubt even Brangelina are adopting based on looks, but damn! Every single member of that family has at least one strikingly beautiful feature, regardless of their genetics!

  39. chachachachia says:

    Puleeeez, what a bunch of hogwash. These so called “sources” get paid by the rag mags so naturally, the more they make up, the bigger the story, the more money they get. It’s all about the money. Anjelina Jolie couldn’t care less about all these false claims, as she has made clear by her statements.

    And Jennifer Anniston should have had enough class to have her PR agents call off the cheap headlines run by People magazine (5 years after Brad cover story).

  40. Camille says:

    I’m with poster #1 (nana I think?) on this article. Completely agree with you! Well said :D .

    At this point the tabloids are beyond a joke and this is why I haven’t bought one in years now! I’d rather come here, the writers are good/entertaining and give a mostly balanced opinion on things. Team Celebitchy!

  41. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “And Jennifer Anniston should have had enough class to have her PR agents call off the cheap headlines run by People magazine ”

    by that logic, shouldn’t the Brange have enough class to have their “reps” call off the ridiculous stories that the tabs constantly print?

    know why that’s faulty logic? because NO celebrity, nor their rep/PR person, has pull over what gets printed about them.

    Unless they sit down for an interview (which Aniston didn’t for the latest People article), and even THEN they’re often quoted out of context or not accurately. or, in the case of Jolie, they simply fabricate an entire interview.

  42. Maritza says:

    If the tabloids are always publishing false stories than why do we even bother reading and writing about them? Where there is smoke there’s fire…

  43. loldongs says:

    “Their spats have gotten so bad recently, one source notes, Pitt took to “calling her a bitch behind her back.””

    Brad wins some serious man points for this.

  44. Ana says:

    A secret meeting…..IN PUBLIC! haha.

    Anyway, it’s easy to believe because a lot (though, NOT ALL) men don’t handle as much in a household. Most of the women I know go to school, take care of the kids, work, pay the bills…etc. The man may work, change a few diapers and do the occasional load of laundry, but still not as much.
    But that’s just the couples I know.

  45. Ursula says:

    Both Brad and Angie camps are leaking these stories to the press to build teams for when they split. Get ready for Team Brad and Team Angelina. I hope he does not throw her under the bus like he did to his ex wife 5 years ago.

  46. Mairead says:

    oooh how daring, he called her a bitch behind her back! So in these knock-down drag-out fights that they allegedly have every hour on the hour what terrible names does he fling? Meanie-pants? Doo-doo head? :roll:

    A “secret meeting” in Central Park? *guffaw*

  47. K McFarlane says:

    After five years together (and six kids) – what relationship wouldn’t feel the strain sometimes? We only have two kids but I sometimes feel frazzled and think my husband could do more. And our sex life certainly isn’t the same as when we first got together…doesn’t mean we’re not happy. I think half of these things would be true of anyone in that situation and certainly aren’t indications of imminent breakup – or anything really.

    The rest just sounds made up. Brad’s been photographed with the boys more than the girls, so let’s say that Angie thinks he favors them. As for Brad introducing the kids to Jen – don’t buy it for an instant. I’m certain that he’s moved on. If he’s unhappy with Angie, it won’t send him back to Jen.

  48. wilson says:

    If I had to put up with the bony bitty ripping my shirt if I didn’t agree with her I would call her that too, but to her face and I would probably leave a person that resorts to violence and shirt ripping when they are not getting their way. She is a B&$%H

  49. Aleisha says:

    I just lurve all these tabloid stories where they quote, exactly word for word, not just what some celebrity said, but what they “thought” too….

    Ah you gotta love those tabloids, they find a sucker ready to believe anything they say…. lol

  50. Cheyenne says:

    @ aleisha: I’d estimate the average IQ of their readers at 45, give or take a couple of points.

  51. khaliente says:

    Pirate Cuervo, that was hilarious.

    As a etnicity myself, I didn’t read anything “racist” into that purported article. As for this article, do you really think Aniston and Pitt meet up as central park with a Jolie Pitt kid and no one noticed.


  52. Joy says:

    To: Kaiser:

    Where in the world did you find “subtle racism” from ITW’s article? Or, any racism for that matter?

  53. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    I feel really sorry for the people that believe this garbage. Seriously.

  54. Amy says:

    I don’t understand why jen and Brad is still linked together after 5 years of divorce. What is going on?.People marry and divorce all over the place, it is common. why can’t the media let Brad and Angie live their lives and let Jen move on with her life. It’s been 5 years and counting and people are still obsessing over a relationship has went kaput long time ago.I don’t understand why Jen cannot come all out and tell the medai to move from.As for this story, I don’t believe a word of it,I can sense that it is a story that all made up, the writer’s wishful thinking. I can dictate a faint hint of suble racism in the writer’s mind. But this is a false story.

  55. Debbie says:

    I feel I must comment. First of all, it was my understanding that Jen didn’t want kids – which right off would invalidate the marriage. I also read that Brad wanted kids – which begs the question- didn’t they discuss this? Secondly, I believe that Angelina is a very messed up woman as a result of her own fathers abandonment – hence the serial adoptions. And finally, Brad is a D**k head who seems to hone in on vulnerable women ( Jens parents divorce, Angie’s parents divorce ). the one thing they both have in common is vulnerability. Oh, wait a min. didn’t I read somewhere that Brads mother was dominating? It was her who pushed her son into acting, maybe he say in Angie the ‘mother figure’, but, having had enough of ‘real life’, he wants to return to Jen’s glamorous one. Conclusion – Angie is a loser – ah! but then again, the readers of those pages knew this already – right?