Is Joe Francis Tila Tequila’s baby daddy?

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It’s so hard to believe a single word that comes out of Tila Tequila’s mouth. The woman will do or say absolutely anything for attention. So you can understand why it’s hard to believe that she is pregnant, even when she might be telling the truth and has proof to back it up. We’ve been hearing various pregnancy rumors from Tila for a couple of months now. The first time, she said she was going to be a surrogate for her brother. She backtracked on that and said no, she wasn’t pregnant but was looking into being a surrogate. Now, she’s flashing a sonogram around to the tabloids and saying that she and late heiress Casey Johnson were planning a family together.

Tila Tequila has been hinting at and tweeting about a possible pregnancy for months, with many speculating the reality TV star is not with child, but rather just desperate for attention.

But now, in an exclusive interview with, Tila, whose real name is Thien Thanh Nguyen, claims she is in fact pregnant and in her first trimester — and to prove it, she even produces a sonogram.

So is Tila really pregnant? Only time will tell given Tila’s often erratic and eccentric behavior in the past. But she says doubters can be assured it’s her actual ultrasound photo because the first two letters of her last name are seen on the upper left hand corner of the photo, which is customary in many ultrasound photos.

Visible in the photo is the gestational sac, which is the earliest sonographic finding of a pregnancy.

Tila, appearing happy and excited, shares with, “I know the whole world is confused as to why I am pregnant while I was still engaged to Casey. They wonder if I cheated on her. Well, while Casey and I were engaged, the world doesn’t know that Casey and I talked a lot about our future.

“She and I were both ready to get married and start a family together. That is why she was fighting so hard to get her daughter Ava back and wanted me to adopt Ava so that I would officially be Ava’s mother too! Aside from that we talked about one of us getting pregnant so we can have another baby of our own. We talked about this for a very long time, and we both agreed that I would be the one carrying the baby.

“So that is the reason why I got pregnant. It was for Casey and I, and that is also why I was so devastated when she passed away because now I have our baby in my belly, but she has passed away.”

Tila says that even though her heart is broken by the death of her beloved “wifey” she plans to be strong for their unborn baby and shares that Casey recently came to her in a dream, telling her not to cry anymore, assuring her that she is watching over her and telling her to just take care of their baby.

“I would wake up crying, and go to bed crying,” Tila says. “We had it all planned out, but now I am left alone as a single mother without her. I am crying right now just talking about this because this is something that the public did not know.

“We were so excited to be mothers and she was so excited to help me through the pregnancy. I will never forget her telling me ‘You are going to be the cutest pregnant girl in the whole world in your pink Teletubby pajamas! I love you so much!’

“But this story breaks my heart. This baby was planned. This baby, which I am currently carrying, was for Casey and I to start our family together. I am still devastated that she’s gone now, however, she came to me in a dream one night when I hit rock bottom. I couldn’t get over the fact that my wife has passed away right when I was pregnant. However, in my dream, she told me not to cry anymore and not to worry. She told me she is in heaven now watching over me and always and forever protecting me and our baby. She then handed the baby over to me, kissed me, and said “I love you T, please don’t cry anymore! Just take care of our baby.” Then that was it.”

“When one life is gone, another one is born… Now I am no longer sad that Casey is gone. She is with me forever now through this baby. As for the baby’s Father… well… that’s a whole other story that I would like to keep private.

“She told me that since I would be the one carrying the baby, that I could choose who I want the father to be, and so I did. That is all I can tell you, however what I can say is that my baby’s father, God Bless him, is definitely someone ‘known’ and definitely someone in the ‘Entertainment Industry’”

[From Radar Online]

As if that isn’t terrifying enough, there’s speculation that the sperm donor for this alleged child is none other than “Girls Gone Wild” douchebag Joe Francis. Francis is bankrolling Tila’s website – doesn’t that make a lot of sense? And also, Tila is Tweeting like crazy about the “baby daddy,” even saying that she wants to marry him.

With the news that Tila Tequila is “100% pregnant,” many are wondering who fathered the child. Tila keeps dropping hints, saying the dad “is definitely someone ‘known’ and definitely someone in the ‘Entertainment Industry.’” Not long after Tequila’s fiancée Casey Johnson passed away, it was revealed that Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis may have been “the secret architect” behind the now infamous engagement announcement video as a way to hype Tequila’s recently launched web site, which is financed by Francis. Additionally, Tequila says that Francis was the one who informed her of Johnson’s death, and that she “hid” at his house afterward. Could this latest development be another—and decidedly more desperate and “bad idea jeans”—machination to gain publicity for Tequila and Francis’ business?

The normally prolific Tequila has been posting, with even more frequency, both on her blog about her unborn child (“[T]his baby….saved Mommy’s life, because many times before, Mommy has wanted to kill herself….but now with my baby….Mommy is going to live a long happy life now and be with my child”), as well as on her Twitter account. And although she’s insisted that she’s now “retiring” from Hollywood to be a mother, and will not “exploit” her baby, she can’t seem to control her virtual diarrhea, as evidenced by her manic Tweeting on the subject.

[From Jezebel via GossipRocks]

For now, I’m just going to continue to be in denial about it and chalk it up to yet another publicity stunt. I mean, we are talking about a woman who posted photos of herself crying in bed after her “girlfriend” of a few weeks died. She has absolutely no shame and will stop at nothing to keep herself in the spotlight. Now, if in a few months she is posting pictures of her “baby bump,” I suppose I will have to believe it…but even then, I’ll still be skeptical. But just in case: Is there a way for Child Protective Services to be in the delivery room? With parents like these two, this child- if there even IS one – is doomed.

Is Tila Tequila's Broken Heart Making Her Physically Ill?

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  1. JulieNewmar says:

    If scum and scum mate what do you call the offspring?

  2. Phowie says:

    @ Julie Newmar: mucus

  3. dee says:

    @ julienewmar

    its called ‘a load that should have been swallowed’.
    gawd this chick makes me sick.

  4. snowball says:

    Joe Francis, Tila Tequila and baby are three words guaranteed to hit my gag reflex.

    I’m guessing if it’s a boy, it’ll come with its own fake boobs so he can be like mommy and he can fondle them when he’s underage, just like daddy.

  5. nAynAy says:

    Wow, I feel just awful for this child, having to go through life with a mom like Tila. Her + Joe Francis = GROSS.

  6. Nadia says:

    @ Phowie – brilliant!

  7. lucy2 says:

    It’s like the plot to a horror movie.

    Seriously though, I don’t think either of these morons are capable of speaking the truth, so I’m sure the whole thing is just for publicity. I think they are both sick, exploitative a-holes and have some seriously bad karma coming their way.

  8. mollyb says:

    I saw the ultrasound on another website and I wasn’t totally convinced. I had a very early ultrasound done with my current pregnancy (@ 6 wks) becuase of some minor bleeding and a history of miscarriage. Even in that early of an ultrasound, you could see a small bean-shaped creature. Tila’s (supposed) ultrasound looked like nothing. But I’m not an expert of anything . . .

  9. bros says:

    10 bucks says she has a ‘miscarriage.’ she is addicted to trying to elicit sympathy-the beating, the milking casey’s death, now this. If she really is pregnant with joe’s devil spawn and her leprechaun egg, this is of course, another sign of the apocalypse. but i dont think she is really pregnant.

  10. Kittypants says:

    I would give anything in the world to dropkick Joe Francis in the face.

  11. kelbear says:

    I don’t think she is pregnant. Soon she will be saying she had a miscarriage to cover her up her story.

  12. Sudini says:

    This is so wrong, that two of the world’s most vile people should be able to procreate.
    It’s like the world is collapsing in on itself in slow motion…Nnnnooooooooo!

  13. bella says:

    How many times has she been pregnant in the past 6 months or less? What is this, 3 (supposed) pregnancies now? If she is pregnant, I hope she gets huge and stretch-marked, so she looks like she’s carrying the monstrous mixed-species breed it will be.

  14. Lem says:

    aww, c’mon. think of the wonderful name that baby would get.

    Herp Francis, Tiltha Money Rollsin Johnson. Tiquila Tosaveya Togonewild. Toline my Heiress with Franckis. CaseyTila McWifey Joe Johnson & Johnson Tequila Fracis. Screwier Thien Thanh Nguyen
    Attention ploy Fame Wh0re Tampon Distraction Fetal Distress.. gotta admit is has a ring to it :)

  15. Phowie says:

    BTW, anyone know how you can be ’100% pregnant’? Can you be 87.5% pregnant? Or 23.7% pregnant? Can you be pregnant just in your big toe?

    ‘Hey mom, I’m pregnant but don’t worry, only 35%.’

  16. nana says:

    she is pregnant with fart

  17. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Phowie

    23.7% pregnant is the result of Becky Sue wearing the panties that Cousin Jethro just jerked off on.

  18. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Phowie: LMAO *spits Coke on the monitor* dammit! ;-)

  19. Neelyo says:

    If it’s a girl they can name her ‘Publicity’

  20. Leek says:

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t just come out and ask the Johnson family for money.

  21. bella says:

    @ Leek –
    Tila thinks they are homophobic, because they didn’t take any of her vast “hints” (read: thinly veiled threats) after Casey’s death.

    @ Lem, Phowie & Julie – LMAO!

  22. Roma says:

    Oh. Dear. Gawd. The comments today are hilarious.

  23. JCaV says:

    Is it just me or do Tila and Francis look like they have a brother and sister look in the top pick? Maybe the same sperm doner?

  24. Lil says:

    I uneven could read till the end! I have no stomach for this!

  25. Lady D says:

    Where’s Peach? Never read a more accurate description of J Francis than the one Peach gave. LOL @ rapist rapist rapist etc. If he does sue you Peach, I’ll donate to your legal fund.

  26. snapdragon says:

    ugh…that is gonna be one ugly, orange child.

  27. Jamee says:


    You and me both. I’ll hold him down and you take the first shot

  28. wow says:

    @Julie – It could be called Bile.

    @ Neelyo- Priceless!!!

  29. Diane M says:


  30. MsTriste says:

    If this story is true, it is beyond alarming. BUT…thank you to MSat (CPS in the Delivery Room – LOL – and the posters for some great laughs :)

  31. Shay says:

    Is there no one who can have this check committed? Where the hell is her family? We need a Tila Blackout week. No blogs/gossip mags should do any stories about her for a week. I’m sure she’ll blow a gasket and they’ll have something major to report on her the following week.

  32. Fire says:

    I call false. On my recent sonogram they have my whole last name printed on it.

    Funny comments, guys!

  33. Larissa says:

    On my first and second sonogram I didn´t have my name printed on it and I was really upset about it… in place of my name it was written NO ID.

    Maybe , in case she is really pregnant (yuck) she might have been TTC for a while and thought all her try outs were going to succeed and was celebrating before time… or whatever, I don´t really wanna think too much about it!

  34. ! says:

    @Fire I agree. They showed my full last name, too.

    Also, #1, you call it the world’s most virulent STD.

  35. mollination says:

    This is exactly what she wanted out of this. She is going to milk this thing dry, IF she’s even pregnant which I don’t think she is. I think it will be a “miscarriage” after we get about ten more rounds of publicity through potential baby-daddy’s etc.

    C’mon, CB, you’re above this. You know this is bogus.

  36. gee_gee says:

    I need to make myself right with the Lord. This could be it y’all.

  37. me says:

    Hollywood to be a mother, and will not “exploit” her baby, she can’t seem to control

    bitch is already exploiting the baby, and its not even here.

  38. john says:

    hey Tila! The Geiko lizard called, wants his look back!

  39. yae says:

    Did I step into the Animal Blog?

    Oh… a picture of a hyena with his arm around a weasel.

  40. CAROLYN says:

    The father is The Game. A rapper. Google it. She and him have admitted it.

  41. Boo says:

    Oh, god, can you imagine if already underaged woman raper Joe Francis had a DAUGHTER? I can see a storyline very near to that of Push/Precious. Gross! Gross! Gross!

    Hopefully this isn’t true, and if it is, someone takes that child away as soon as it’s born (and watches Tila’s drug intake during pregnancy).

  42. gg says:

    Oh great, it’s the two founders of The International Society of Stupids.

  43. {{sith^lord}} says:

    Seems to me like Tila DID cheat on Casey with Francis. She was at his house, right? Once CJ died, they knew where to find her (Francis’ house). Someone telephoned Joe, informed him Casey had died and he told Tila. Now she can say w/e the hell she wants regarding her and Casey’s supposed plans and agreements. Casey prolly committed suicide when Tila wouldn’t stop sleeping around.