Lindsay Lohan drinking in public again

Though it’s not exactly a surprise, Lindsay Lohan appears to be back on the booze again. Again. Again. This is the third time she’s been spotted drinking in public since her massive rehab, right? It gets hard to keep track. I’m only one person – if I were to actually try to keep track of all the terrible and salacious things Lindsay Lohan does in one day, I would have to cease all activities. Including sleeping and bathing. Both of which I’m pretty sure Lohan herself avoids. According to Rush & Malloy, Lindsay was spotted downing at least two vodka cocktails at the Beatrice Inn on Friday night. According to the report, Lohan was actually with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos (who’s also dated an Olsen twin [I really don’t think it matters which one] and Paris Hilton) though Brody Jenner was also with the couple. Various reports said Lohan was all over Jenner… which would make sense, considering she was supposedly actually there with Niarchos. It just makes more sense – in the Lohan context – to come with one guy and have sex in the bathroom with another. On top of making a gross spectacle of herself as usual, Lohan also partook of some “liquid courage” – not that she needed any.

The “I Know Who Killed Me” star knocked back “at least two” vodka cocktails Friday night at the Beatrice Inn and later snapped at snappers trying to take her picture, according to our spies.

Lohan, who checked out of a Utah rehab center in October, downed the drinks while partying with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos and MTV reality “star” Brody Jenner, sources tell us.

[From the Daily News]

But don’t worry, one of Lindsay’s ever-present enablers was on hand to quickly explain her behavior.

“Lindsay is learning how to work through her addictions and, once in a while, she chooses to have a cocktail,” says a friend, attempting to explain. “People overexaggerate [sic] her behavior when in fact on Friday night, many people commented to her on how composed she was.”

Lindsay’s last reported slip was on New Year’s Eve, when she was caught on video swigging Champagne on the Italian isle of Capri. One source contends that drinks were showing on Linds on Friday. Confronted by paparazzi at the Beatrice, “she started going berserk,” claims a witness. “She didn’t want them taking shots of her with Brody.”

“[If she got in a fight,] that would be shocking,” argues her rep. “Most likely, there were so many photographers and she probably couldn’t get to her car. Lindsay is always polite, but sometimes doesn’t want to have her photo taken.”

[From the Daily News]

My heavens, we wouldn’t want to overexaggerate anything. If Lindsay’s behavior was so bad that her friends (all of whom I’m sure are well-educated and joking) are forced to make up new, redundant words like “overexaggerate” then things must have really gotten out of hand. Oh wait, the friend is actually claiming that Lindsay’s behavior was really restrained and she’s well-behaved when drinking… it’s the rest of us that are overexaggerating everything. Got it. Honestly I really don’t understand why she bothers to keep up the charade. There are some people for whom you can tell rehab will never hold. At least until she’s hit rock-bottom, which Lohan clearly hasn’t. It’s pretty obvious that her many trips to rehab this year were just done to save her “career”/get her out of legal trouble. She clearly doesn’t take her sobriety seriously. At least stop insulting us Lindsay. Like we really believe you just had two drinks. I misunderestimated you.

Picture note by Jaybird: Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving Barbuto after eating dinner with friends last night. She later stopped by club Socialista in New York City. I’ll give you two guesses as to what’s in her purse. Scratch that. I’ll give you two guesses as to how many bottles are in her purse. Images thanks to Splash Photos.

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