Nicole Richie: eating disorder rumors are “insulting and irresponsible”


Nicole Richie is the March 2010 cover girl for Marie Claire UK, and these are some of the sultry photos from the shoot. I think Nicole looks lovely here – I love the dark, rich brunette hair, and her makeup looks great. Most of the clothes she’s wearing are from her new clothing line, Winter Kate, named after her daughter Harlow’s middle names.

In the interview excerpt, Nicole addresses some of the lingering rumors about an alleged eating disorder. The rumors began in earnest several years ago when Nicole dramatically lost a lot of weight. Incidentally, many people noted that she had begun to be styled by Rachel Zoe at the time. Zoe and Richie both denied their separate eating disorder rumors at the time, and for a while it seemed like Nicole and Rachel were on the outs. However, they recently made up, and their friendship continues. They just went out to dinner the other night. Equally strange is the Rachel denied her eating disorder rumors again just a few days ago too. For her part, Nicole calls the rumors “extremely insulting and irresponsible.”

This month, the cover star that everyone is talking about, is Nicole Richie – who graces the March issue of Marie Claire.

Once the wild child side-kick of Paris Hilton, Miss Richie has undeniably undergone one of the most dramatic makeovers of the decade – blossoming into a beautiful young mum, who’s boho-chic style is eminated world over.

And in our cover shoot, not only is she looking drop dead gorgeous with her newly brunette locks, but the 28-year-old gives one of her most honest and open interviews to date, talking candidly about those eating disorder rumours.

‘I felt it was a little unfair to say someone has an eating disorder when they don’t’ she says. ‘It’s extremely insulting and irresponsible.’

‘An eating disorder is serious and it’s a disease.’

The former reality TV star dropped down to a size zero back in 2006, and was snapped looking remarkably frail on the beach in her bikini.

But since the birth of daughter Harlow Winter in January 2008, and son Sparrow just over four months ago, Nicole’s appearance has transformed dramatically.

And with her happy home life, a successful jewellery line, and a fledgling fashion collection getting rave reviews, there’s no looking back.

‘I’m just one to live in the present and enjoy the time that I’m having. Going into my past is just not something that I do,’ she says. ‘Right now I’m just living my dreams.’

Read the full interview with Nicole in the March issue of Marie Claire, out now.

[From Marie Claire UK]

I’ll give Nicole the benefit of the doubt, I think. While I don’t think she lost so much weight initially (back in 2006 or whenever) the healthy way, I do think Nicole is much healthier today. I buy her transformation to earth mother and fashionista, and I don’t think she’s doing anything to damage her health. Anymore.

Photos courtesy of Marie Claire UK online.


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  1. Lady Nightshade says:

    She looks like a 12 year old girl, she really should gain some weight

  2. ! says:

    Insulting? To tell everyone with a straight face that you’re naturally that small (hey, we all saw The Simple Life, sweetie), and expect us to believe it, now that’s insulting!

  3. ien says:

    she looks so pretty in these pictures…
    she kinda reminds me of mila kunis in them
    and i don’t think she had an eating disorder, i think she had drug problems.

  4. meme says:

    Insulting? Irresponsible? Remember those pics of you in a bikini looking like a concentration camp victim? The recent pics of Rachel Zoe in the Carribean looking like a skeleton? STFU

  5. wif says:

    I wouldn’t even have recognized her.

  6. sickofit says:

    i do not understand her. she was so pretty in the simple life, she is a natural beauty, but as thin as she is now again this can not be healthy. what is her problem? i dont get it…

  7. JulieNewmar says:

    @ Meme

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Those bikini pics of her a while back looking like she’d starved herself for a month were atrocious.

  8. Roma says:

    I think she looks a lot like Brittany Murphy in those photos. In fact, startlingly so.

  9. Maritza says:

    She looks very beautiful with dark brown hair, the blonde did not look good at all. She still looks healthy, not anorexic like Rachel Zoe.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Would she have rather everyone said she was cracked out on drugs? Because it was one or the other at that point. She was grotesquely skinny, like Rachel is now.

    Nicole looks healthier now and seems to have her life in order, but I think it would be better for her to acknowledge some issues in the past rather than throw the blame back at everyone who noticed them.

  11. Brittney says:

    The doe eyes and pout are a bit Brittany circa 2005, yes. (Still so sad about her.)

    If she had an eating disorder, the cocaine addiction couldn’t have helped… but I’d bet it was just the drugs.

  12. whateva says:

    news flash? thin-ness doesnt automatically = eating disorder. good GOD. relax. oh, and have another donut…!

  13. Icecat says:

    I think she looks great. I give her props. She DID turn her life around. Yes, getting pregnant had something to do with that. But, I think motherhood suits her. She seems to be stable and healthy now to me. I agree it was in the past. Lets’ stop re-hashing 2006 for gods sake.

    You Go Girl!!

  14. MsTriste says:

    I think she’s trying to look like Angelina. Has she had some surgery done? She just looks different somehow.

  15. Peach says:

    Yah, Nikkie dear, we all saw you back in 2006. No diet, no healthy eating makes a woman that slim. 86 lbs is not a normal number for an adult female of your height. Sorry chica. But you had something unhealthy going on. You were the queen of the pro-ana sites. Drugs or bulimia or anorexia. I don’t know. And really, it’s none of my business.

    But lets not play pretend sweetie. You were fucked up. You’re not now. I hope it sticks.

  16. lucy2 says:

    @whatever, it wasn’t just thin. She’s a very petite girl, sure, but she went from tiny to skeletal, real close to what Rachel Zoe looks like now. Something was going on with her.

    As for talking about it still, she’s the one talking about it in the magazine. Once she regained some weight and looked healthier like she does now, no one really talked about it anymore.

  17. meme says:

    of course she’s had work done but she’s also very photogenic with pro photogs.

  18. QB says:

    When you can see someones skeleton , is pretty clear that person is sick , maybe is anorexia , bulimia or drug addiction but you are sick. She could have passed as one of the anorexic twins they could have been tripplets.

    And when you have a history of being a drug addict , is not hard to guess that you have an issue.

    Alesandra Ambrossio is naturally skinny , she is super tiny but you can’t see any of her bones,

    Miranda Kerr is super Tiny and in the picture she looks the smallest she did not look like Nicole.

  19. browser. Anyhow keep up the good work.

  20. ,,,, says:

    A friend of mine made and sold shirts that said, “It’s not anorexia, it’s the drugs.” As others have said, whatever it was, it wasn’t right.

  21. Aimee says:

    I, too, think that there is something Nicole isn’t owning up to…However, I can admit that I am feeling slightly defensive for her.

    She was boozing it up during the Simple Life and trying to kick a drug habit. Those two things alone would make a person pile on the piles. But look at her ankle size compared to Paris Hilton’s…her entire bone structure is just smaller.

    She’s also an active person. People in LA walk a ton and now she has kids.

    I think she looks much healthier than when those bikini pictures were taken.

  22. kelbear says:

    Love the dark hair.

    I am sure she is dieting and working out too much since we all know what she looked like in her Simple Life days. Add on a few lbs and I think she would look great.

  23. Enonymous says:

    I think she looks great here and well done to her for improving her life, and she is right about the word anorexia being thrown around way too often and too easily. It is a serious disease and ignorant people who don’t realize that should not use the word as an insult. Besides, most anorexic and bulimic sufferers are not always very thin, most of them can look a normal weight but they can still suffer from it.

  24. Ana says:

    All you have to do is google Nicole Richie Skinny and you will find horrible pictures:

    The sad thing is, she looks healthier in this magazine spread. Although, I always thought she had a combination of an adderall/coke/eat disorder.

  25. alin azmi says:

    in denial….?

  26. Eden says:

    She looks beautiful and seems like a cool person, she’s always been fun to watch. It does seem like motherhood and marriage have stabilized her and helped to get her will to live on track. Looking at those links that Ana provided there is no way something wasn’t up psychologically with a woman that thin..whatever it was, it wasn’t a healthy mindset reflected by her body. Either way, I wouldn’t talk about it with the media either if I were her. No ones business but her own. She obviously has healed enough to move onto the next phase of her life and I respect her for her re-invention. It takes hard work to take steps to heal yourself and move out of those destructive mindsets. Especially in the public eye.

  27. EMV says:

    sorry but i have to disagree. a lot of people ARE that skinny, my mother was one of them and now she’s in her 50’s and she never had an eating disorder. Yes Nicole is probably on drugs, but i’m sick and tired of people judging small people for being too skinny. it’s hard enough to be short but it’s harder when people who aren’t short tell you how to live your life.

  28. Squirrel says:

    Fine if she does not want to talk about it to the public, but then can’t she completely stay out of the public?!

    Duckface would hopefully react better than that if pictures like that were shown of her daughter in 2 decades.

  29. pumak says:

    she’s unbelievably amazing! she and aniston are my absolute bests

  30. MJ says:

    She did look like she had an eating disorder several years ago, before she had Harlow. Since then, she’s looked fantastic. I think she’s at a good weight now. She looks healthy.

  31. scarlet vixen says:

    As much as I didn’t want to at first, I kinda admire and identify with Nicole Richie now. I had my first child the same week that she had Harlow. And I appreciated how she seemed so involved in her pregnancy and in her child, and how in love with her kids she is. I’ve also been critiqued for being too heavy at times, and accused of being too thin at times. When I was 18 I had two teachers attempt an ‘intervention’ because they thought I was anorexic (I wasn’t). I was just super busy and stressed and kind of unhappy and eating was something that simply wasn’t a priority–I forgot to, didn’t have an appetite, etc. I think perhaps when she got super-skinny she was stressed, unhappy, etc.

    And I absolutely don’t think she’s doing drugs now! She has beautiful babies she’s obviously madly in love with. No mom in her right f’in mind–and no family members around–would let a new mom do that kinda sh*t. It seems she’s made a positive life change, and maybe people should get off her back about 2006 or when the f*ck ever and leave her alone about it.

  32. psychochic says:

    @Scarlet Vixen – You also described me during my senior year in HS. It was so busy and stressful it caused me to lose a bunch of weight. Skinny doesn’t always equal an eating disorder or drugs. I do think Nicole was too skinny at one point but she looks beautiful and healthy now and that’s the most important thing.

  33. ligeia says:

    her arms don’t look too skinny here so i think she’s fine. when person is undereating their upper arm usually looks thinner than lower/elbow part and hers looks proportionate.

  34. Ana says:

    I don’t think she has a drug problem (anymore) either.
    But I remember hearing it reported that she basically lived off of chicken broth after Harlow was born. She said it was because Harlow couldn’t tolerate a lot of food, but I still thought it was weird.

    Of course anyone with a brain knows that not all skinny people have an eating disorder. Eva Longoria is incredibly tiny and I don’t think I have ever heard anorexic rumors about her.

  35. Dhavy says:

    When I first saw her and Paris Hilton I couldn’t even stand watching them for 1 minute but she’s made such a transformation that I’m actually impressed. She looks good now but she shouldn’t lose more weight. I do think that Rachel Zoe had a lot to do with the way she looked before when she looked like a a skeleton

  36. Tate says:

    Ummmm, can you say “Photoshop”? She is completely unrecognizable in these pictures!

  37. I’m all for living in the present – I think Nicole has come a long way, and I hope she’s happy and stable where she’s at right now.

    I just think it’s dangerous to completely ignore your past. Old habits die hard. . .

  38. DrM says:

    I think she looks like Penelope Cruz’s younger sister in these photos she looks great. However in the the photo links posted by Ana she looked utterly horrendous…particularly the one with the purple top with the belt cinched around her waist…there was something very very wrong and it would be nice if she would talk about it, even if she doesn’t wish to say what it was, so that other young women don’t think being that size is achievable, “normal” or attractive.

  39. Kylie says:

    I wonder if she would let Harlow loose weight like she did in 2006 and say the same thing? I think not. She DID have an eating disorder. Look at the pictures of her,there is no denying it.

  40. NicoleAM says:

    I think something was going on in the past concerning her weight too. She wasn’t super skinny her whole life, and when your bones are visible and your head is too big for your body (the lollipop effect) red flags go up. I have been consistently underweight for my height since the age of 5. But I still look proportioned, and my bones aren’t popping out. That only seems to happen when you’re starving yourself.
    The pics look great, she looks healthier now, she should either avoid commenting on it or just ‘fess up.