Enquirer: “Oprah’s Big Gay Lie” is that she’s not gay

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I was expecting this week’s National Enquirer cover story to be yet another “Oprah is totally gay” piece. But this one has a new twist! Apparently, Oprah is writing her autobiography (and only the Enquirer knows about it) and she’s prepared to finally tell the truth about the gay rumors, her relationship with Steadman, and everything else. So, the “big gay lie” in the headline is actually that people lie about Oprah being gay, basically. The Enquirer claims Oprah has always had “very heterosexual feelings”. Noted! Oh, but Oprah and Steadman have been broken up for years. For real?

New tell-all shocker reveals ALL the secrets Oprah doesn’t want YOU to know! His other men – her other women — The Big O reveals all in shocking new book!

Oprah Winfrey is ready to publish her own tell-all book – and she’ll finally reveal the truth about her relationships with longtime companion Stedman Graham and best friend Gayle King.

Sources tell The ENQUIRER that the blockbuster autobiography will bare Oprah’s deepest secrets, including the sordid gay lie that’s dogged her longtime romance with Stedman and intimate friendship with Gayle.

The media mogul, who’s worth more than $2 billion, will also confess that she’s spent more than $5 million in the never-ending battle to control her weight, according to those familiar with the contents of the book.

But the book’s biggest bombshells involve the agony Oprah has endured over the gay rumors that began soon after she started dating Stedman, a handsome marketing executive, in 1986, sources say.

“Oprah has long shrugged off the persistent story that she and Gayle are lovers, and that Stedman was just a cover for their secret relationship,” an insider divulged.

“She’ll reveal in her book that she broke up with Steadman long ago, even though they continue to be friends. And she admits that if Gayle were a man, she would have married her long ago. But Oprah has very strong heterosexual feelings, and always has.”

Oprah wrote her memoirs years ago, but shelved the book on the advice of family and friends, sources say. But she’s releasing it now to thwart the impact of Kitty Kelley’s unauthorized book, Oprah: A Biography.

The poison pen author – who has skewered Frank Sinatra, the Bush family and Elizabeth Taylor in previous books – interviewed 850 people, including many once-loyal friends of Oprah, for the 544-page exhaustive tell-all.

“Oprah knows Kitty Kelley will dredge up rumors about Steadman and their relationship, so she decided to strike first.”

Oprah will also address the persistent rumor that Steadman is gay as a “vicious, malicious lie.”

[From The National Enquirer]

Apparently, all of the Steadman stuff aside, one of Oprah’s biggest fears is that Kitty Kelley will attack Gayle King, and that Kelley will use anecdotal evidence to prove their sexual relationship. This includes a night when Gayle spent the night at Oprah’s apartment, back when they were starting out in Baltimore. Oprah lent Gayle a pair of panties and that was it. Gay!

Even though I think this report is pretty much crap, I do think Oprah should be slightly worried about Kitty Kelley’s book. I read Kelley’s The Family (about the Bush family) and The Royals (about the Windsors), and she honestly considers it “research” to just reprint whatever tabloid claim is out there. The Royals in particular reads as a flat-out assault on Princess Diana. While I doubt most of Oprah’s loyal fans give Kelley’s book a second glance, Kelley will promote the hell out of it, and Oprah might have to do some damage control.

Kitty Kelley Discusses New Bush Family Biography

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29 Responses to “Enquirer: “Oprah’s Big Gay Lie” is that she’s not gay”

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  1. JulieNewmar says:

    Nah, Steadman’s not gay. He’s just a gold digger. And I’m sure getting a paid piece on the side every chance he gets.

  2. bdthomp says:

    Spent $5 million in the never-ending battle trying to control her weight? That’s insane. Her trainers aren’t complaining, that’s for sure.

  3. rreedy says:

    I already know all I want to know about Okrah!

  4. Sumodo says:

    Whatevah! Oprah is in damage control mode, just like everybody who’s ever been in Kitty Kelley’s sniper fire. Somebody will get hurt in all this.

  5. tinitina says:

    Steadman is gay, everyone in Chicago knows that he frequents gay clubs all the time, I doubt she’ll admit that in a book though.

  6. angry one says:

    I’m so sick of people calling stedman a gold digger. first of all stedman is a business man. he had more money than oprah before she became OPRAH! people who talk shit about him clearly don’t know what it is that he does and having worked for him and his company for over 10 years i must say this he is a headstrong and very determined person. he never bragged about his relationship with oprah. he is a very respectful man I’ve ever met and i only hope to be half the person is. so julie newmar…get your shit together.

  7. BEEBEEC says:

    BI BI BI.. well, she prefers gay.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    *files this under the so-freakin’-what category*

  9. lilred says:

    SoOprah is gay because she and Gayle stayed ovr night in the same apartment? Then I must be too,cause I’ve stayed at my friends apartments over night too before…That makes me gay…hummmm it will certainly be a shock to my husband, all this time and he’s never even suspected.Lol
    What a crock.

  10. Tazina says:

    It’s so ridiculous, how everyone is perceived to be gay, Tom Cruise, Matthew McC, etc., etc. Oprah….even when they’ve been in relationships for years with the opposite sex. Oprah is not gay, nor is Tom Cruise and Matthew McC.

  11. Seer says:

    Have you ever read Kitty Kelley’s books?! If I were Oprah, I’d do whatever I could to try to distract the public from buying Kelley’s book, because it’s going to be nasty! Oprah is doing the smart thing. Even so, I hope she’s prepared, because Kelley’s book is going to make her look bad, and will probably be a #1 seller.

    The Enquirer wrote: “And she admits that if Gayle were a man, she would have married her long ago. But Oprah has very strong heterosexual feelings, and always has.” Also, Oprah loaned Gayle a pair of her panties when they were younger. HOW does this make a lesbian? A LOT of women say that if their best friend was a man, they would marry him! Also, maybe Gayle had an accident, and needed to borrow a pair of clean panties. WHY does that mean she’s a lesbian?

    If Oprah admits in her book that she’s gay, I’ll believe it. She portrays herself as someone who is ethical, honest, open, and sincere. At least that’s the impression I have of her. I think if she was really was gay, she would have admitted it long ago.Or would she? Maybe Kelley knows something we don’t know.

  12. Dhavy says:

    Does anyone really care if she’s actually gay?

    If that was true I doubt any of her fans will turn on her

  13. lastwordlinda says:

    I think it would turn lots of fans off if it came out that she is gay. She lost tons of fans when she went all new-agey a couple of years ago. The bible-thumpers did not like it at all. Revealing something she has denied for years would blow the lid off her credibility. Personally, though, I don’t think she’s gay. But she must be celibate because if she hasn’t been with Stedman for years, she ain’t been gettin’ nothin’ or the tabloids would have been all over it.

  14. Tru says:

    many years ago, I went to a club for my first time here in Chi, let’s just say Steadman was Gay for pay many, many yrs ago..I saw him w/my own eyes–posed up-like a statue–waiting for the highest bidder–everyone that knew Stedman. laughed at Oprah when she started dating him..

    I’ll just say he goes both ways, cause I know a couple of professors that were fighting over him at a college I was employed at..this was maybe a year before Opie hit the scene.

    He has done well for himself, I also know his good friend “Benny” they are JUST alike.

  15. MaiGirl says:

    I really don’t care one way or the other, but I have never believed Oprah is a lesbian. I am sad to hear that she and Stedman are no longer together, if that’s true. They seemed to have a good, if low-key, relationship.

  16. flinty says:

    Where is Chicken Tetrazzini?

  17. Sincerity says:

    I’m quite sure that Oprah consulted her attorneys and will review Ms. Kelley’s book thoroughly to find some way to sue her and her publisher. Anyone who becomes as wealthy and influential as Oprah Winfrey is bound to amass enemies over the years looking for an opportunity to throw their hands and hide them. Miss “O” will win in the end.

  18. Aspie says:

    I never thought she was gay either. But if she ever was (or is), who freakin’ cares??

    Also, it was funny the way that she interviewed Rosie O’Donnell this past week about her family documentary and Rosie never acknowledged or apologized to her for insinuating that she and Gayle had a “little bit gay” relationship in the past. But Oprah never asked her about it either so I guess it was pretty much bygones between the two of them.

  19. Cheyenne says:

    If she’s gay, she should come out and find out who her fans really are. I don’t think she’d lose that many fans if she did. This isn’t the 1950s any more.

  20. GatsbyGal says:

    “Stedman, a handsome marketing executive”

    HA HA, WHAT?

  21. knotstu says:

    Well she looks kinda happy to me….(LoL)

  22. richard s says:

    I met Steadman once at a hotel in Dallas. He seemed like a nice enough guy. He was looking for a house phone and came up to me to inquire. He is not very photogenic, much better looking in person. My Gaydar did not go off at all, not that I bat a thousand on that account.

  23. ~A says:

    To the person who called Oprah “Okrah.” You are a racist. I call you on it.

  24. Dirty Martini says:

    To the person throwing around the racist word, you are hysterical. I call you on it.

    Maybe its a typo.
    Maybe its a reference to her rural southern childhood.
    Maybe its racist.

    But you don’t know, so don’t leap to the conclusion.

  25. canadianchick says:

    Hey if they’re both gay, it’s a free country. Next!

  26. Shannon says:

    Well I guess I must be gay, because my best friend of 10 years stays over at my apartment frequently and we even *Gasp* sleep in the same bed. Seriously, ridiculous. Some people in this country are so damn homophobic. I’m sure Oprah does love Gayle, and that Gayle is a very supportive confidante. She is probably one of the few people in Oprah’s inner circle that can be trusted completely. That doesn’t make them gay lovers. I think people are just jealous that they have such a strong friendship.

  27. Phowie says:

    Back when George W. Bush was running for his 2nd term I remember reading an interview with Gore Vidal in which he was quoted as saying that in his opinion the hands-down best candidate to run against Bush and put him out of office would have been Oprah Winfrey. I was shocked because up until then I thought I was the only person who had had the same thought. Who cares if she’s gay or straight. She’s an incredible communicator and can influence public opinion in a way never seen before. I would still love to see her run for office. Senator Oprah!

  28. Oprah is an amazing humanitarian, no doubt about it. However, I think what he means is that people tend to think of her as Oprah the entrepreneur, or Oprah the talk show host, or Oprah the rags to riches story. They do not appreciate her for the humanitarian that at her core, she really is. They are missing the plot. I mean, that’s how I took it as soon as I read it.

  29. Natalie says:

    I admire Oprah and whatever she has been doing has been working for her (aside from the dieting, but who cares). She has a beautiful face, speaks well, acts with integrity, and if she ran for political office, she would have my vote. I am a white female and would have preferred Hillary for president, but Oprah would be great!! It has become obvious that we need a strong, smart woman to run this country!