Did Angelina Jolie & Lady Gaga have an affair?

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Remember Ian Halperin? He’s the guy who wrote what was supposed to be a bombshell tell-all about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, pulling the curtain on their tortured relationship or whatever. I forget the name of his book… it was something along the lines of What The Gerbils Saw or some such nonsense. Halperin is also the dude who has, like, the sh-ttiest research ever. He kept getting basic facts wrong, stuff like, oh, when Angelina was pregnant with twins. He claimed she was pregnant with twins in 2006. Seriously.

Anyway, Halperin is still running his dumb website, and his latest “scoop” is that Angelina Jolie is “obsessed” with Lady Gaga, and that they had what I can only imagine was a black-rubber-sheet-and-vodka-soaked rendezvous in Beverly Hills recently. Oh my!

A source close to the actress told IUC late last night that there was recently a secret rendezvous between the two at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that lasted all night. Apparently, Angie is obsessed with Lady GaGa. Still, I reserve judgment on this one until I see more proof. Developing…

[From Ian Undercover]

Sure. I’ll buy it. Angelina + Gaga = Fabulous. Is this supposed to be scandalous?

Lady Gaga Performs at Radio City Music Hall!

But I seriously think that you could send in any ridiculous, insane, anti-Angelina “tip” to Ian Halperin and he would dutifully publish it at this point. I’m going to start flooding him with tips.

Tip: Brad and Angelina consult lawyers for gerbil custody agreement.
Tip: Angelina grooms Zahara for global domination.
Tip: Brad wears the leather dominatrix outfit, because that’s the way the gerbils like it.
Tip: Angelina has vodka-soaked affair with Dina Lohan, Dina owns rubber sheets.
Tip: Brad has beer-soaked affair with Dina Lohan, Brad brings dominatrix outfit.
Tip: Britney Spears tries to take custody of Jolie-Pitt twins.
Tip: Brad sends sexy texts to Jon Hamm.
Tip: Taylor Momsen teaches Shiloh how to apply eye-makeup.

And on we go…

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  1. Sarah says:

    That is just absurd.

  2. Sumodo says:

    I needed a laugh. Thank you.

  3. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “What the Gerbils Saw”…BRILLIANT.

    I gotta hand it to him, this is the best (made-up) story yet.

    oh, and this?…

    Tip: Angelina grooms Zahara for global domination.

    THAT one is true, but don’t spread it around.

  4. scarlet vixen says:

    OMG. Hilarious.

  5. Anna says:

    Oh lordy, isn’t it enough already?! These tabloid writers should stop eating marihuana-soaked clowns in the morning, this is getting ridiculous.

  6. bite me says:

    at least its not Madonna

  7. tommysgirl54 says:

    hahahahahahahahaha I am no fan of Saint Angelina but jeez this is just stupid.

  8. JulieNewmar says:

    Pfft. Ridiculous… but funny.

  9. shemsu says:

    Um… i dont find it too much of a stretch to believe. We know Angie likes women, right? ANd we pretty much know that her and Brad ‘do not restrict each other’. Id be more surprised to find out it was not true.

  10. andrea says:

    she is looking weird and waxy on the regular. in that pic, i see a little pam anderson face or something. botox for angie?

  11. Dave says:

    It wasn’t Lady Gaga it was me I was dressed like Lady Gaga

  12. {oh!!} says:

    This is the worst rumor yet.

  13. Dave says:

    Btw in 2008 this idiot implied AJ had a fling w/ Gwen Stefani .

  14. Cheyenne says:

    Oy. Just oy.

    This much IS true, though:

    Lyin’ Ian’s crappy book, which he predicted was going to be a smash best-seller, was sinking like a stone on Amazon last week, ranking at #24,000-something.

    Over the weekend, NOTW posts the break-up rumor. NOTW referred to Halperin’s book several times. ZOOM go the ratings! Lyin’ Ian’s book is up to #1500-something.

    Alas, best-sellerdom keeps eluding Lyin’ Ian’s masterpiece. As of right now, the book has sunk back to #8,500-something and heading downward.

    So maybe Lyin’ Ian thinks he’s found a magic bullet: Each time his book’s ratings go down, leak another bullshit rumor.

    Time and the ratings will tell.

  15. lucy2 says:

    That is pretty funny.
    Next week: Angelina and Tiger Woods?

  16. Juiceinla says:

    The Worst rumor?? I totally beg to differ- this is the most fabulously sublimely (even if absurd) rumor…

    Maybe Halperin is an evil genius and he just finally figured out that no one really knows anything about anything in the gossip world, but we all still believe the hype anyway, so why not make it fun?

    or maybe he’s a money loving deuce.

  17. Cheyenne says:

    @lucy2: You made me spit out my Pepsi Cola all over my keyboard. Now you owe me a new one. ROTFLMBAO!!

  18. Jen says:

    Is it wrong that I love this rumor and wish it was true?

  19. lizzieb says:

    Saint Angelina have an affair?? NO, she would NEVER do that (again). How dare they imply! hehe

  20. alex says:

    LMAO. I don’t know if I should feel sad for the people that actually believe this lol. That Ian dude is really a piece of work isn’t he. The dude is more obssess with Angelina Jolie that the haters

  21. alex says:

    The thing that get me and I find so funny is that the tabs/media and the haters are saying Angie have no “friends” but this idiot is saying someone close to her. So which one is it then. Do AJ have friends or not? Do you think that someone close to Angie will be talking to Ian aka Liar? He needs to take his meds.

  22. truthSF says:

    3.Praise St. Angie!:

    “What the Gerbils Saw”…BRILLIANT.

    I gotta hand it to him, this is the best (made-up) story yet.

    oh, and this?…

    Tip: Angelina grooms Zahara for global domination.

    THAT one is true, but don’t spread it around.

    Praise, I agree with you on the Zahara Global domination, it’s sooooo true, lol.

  23. Dan says:

    yes Angelina may be bi but surely she would have better taste?

  24. Kaiser says:

    Praise – I had to throw in one “true” tip to make the others sound believable.

    TIP: Angelina got drunk with the gerbils, and they decided to decorate Brad’s cave.

  25. Trillion says:

    Please let it be true and please let there be a tape.

  26. Kim says:

    I dont know if this is true or not. Hollywood is filled w/ a bunch of pervs and Angelina is very messed up so it could easily be true. Ian isnt that much of an idiot. He has written alot of TRUE facts about celebs. Probably half true and half false im guessing

  27. Beth says:

    Didn’t Angelina have a relationship with just one woman? I don’t get why people are saying she has sex with every woman and man she meets. If she had all of these affairs wouldn’t it come out by now? Look at Tiger Woods.

  28. Catherine says:

    Who’s ass was this story pulled out of?

  29. Cheyenne says:

    @Catherine: Lyin’ Ian’s.

  30. Dhavy says:

    Yuck! If I was to have an affair with another woman it will not be Lady Gaga

    It is the best made up story about AJ so far though

  31. SageAdvice says:

    OH Kaiser, I was totally in Brad’s cave after the Gerbils and Angie had their way with it.

    They covered the walls with Lisa Frank rainbow pony stickers, made a maze of Hamtaro figurines and Ange contributed some black rubber sheets and used sex toys. Do you think Brad’ll be pissed and call her a bitch again?

  32. Cheyenne says:

    @Sage: Maybe Brad will want a threesome this time?

  33. Essie says:

    So, the affair was at the Beverly Wilshire hotel?? And nobody but Lyin’ Ian’s “source” saw them? Amazing!! But, at least Lyin’ Ian is “reserving judgment” until he gets more proof!! What a great journalist he is!!

    Suggestion Kaiser . . . please don’t repeat anything that idiot writes on his blog. Please. Nobody else does and you shouldn’t either. He is a man who cannot be believed and his lies should stay on that blog and be read by his minions and acolytes. They all believe him. Let it stay that way. Thanks.

  34. Sigh. says:

    Kaiser —

    You’re gonna NEED Brad’s “bachelor batcave.”
    Zahara is soooo gonna take. you. down.

    P.S. Take some rubber sheets — they should be good for insulation, and vodka for sterilization of the deep, extensive wounds you’re gonna get.

  35. betsy says:

    “The first line of Halperin’s biography reads “Ian Halperin is also a former winner of the Rolling Stone magazine Award for Investigative Journalism.” This came as news to us, so we looked in our own archives and discovered this claim has been greatly exaggerated: He did win an RS honor, but it was the College Journalism Award in 1985 and it was split among the staff at Concordia University’s student newspaper in Montreal.”
    This is how Halperin twists/lies about things. First sentence in his books are lies.
    from RollingStone.com

  36. e-non says:

    was this before or after the affair with the language coach.

  37. PJ says:

    This is off-topic, but Angelina definitely has Botox! She’s laughing really hard in the picture, but there is no expression on her forehead at all. It would be impossible to laugh that hard without some sort of expression lines.

    I guess I never noticed it before because there are so few photos of her actually smiling. Usually she’s photographed with the same frozen expression, so it’s not so obvious.

  38. se for verdade eu apoio para que elas assumem para toda a imprenssa 😀

  39. ol cranky says:

    ya know. . . nobody’s seen the gerbils of doom in ages, I’m surprised there isn’t a feature story speculating about what’s wrong with them

  40. Weeble says:

    Wow, I can’t believe this silliness was even posted here. This is a pretty pro-brangelina site, so the sheer ridiculousness of this I thought would barely get a mention…

  41. skibunny says:

    This is old news. I heard about this ages ago and the focus was more on Lady GaGa than Angelina. I dont think it’s so far fetched considering Miss Jolie herself has admitted to being a switch hitter and doesnt believe in monogamy. Maybe “Brangelina” is just a business and she and Brad have an agreement to raise these kids together and that’s the extent of their relationship. I sure dont see alot of chemistry there! This stuff doesnt come out of nowhere. There is usually some truth behind it.

  42. Wholesome1 says:

    Yeah, right, sure, absolutely. I believe everything I read : )

  43. Essie says:

    I’m several years older than Angelina and I have zero wrinkles on my forehead, even when I laugh/smile. Angelina is only 34 years old and I seriously doubt she has had botox. Botox freezes your entire face, not just the forehead. (See: Kidman, Nicole and that Heidi person.)

    e-non, I think the affair with the language coach took play DURING the affair with GaGa because, as you know, Angelina rolls like that. Girl can handle multiple affairs,on opposite coasts, all overnight in five-star hotels, right in front of the “sources” that blabber to the tabloids and, out of respect, the ragmags refuse to publish all the photographs taken of said affairs. Aren’t they nice?

  44. DD says:

    I’ve just been informed by a source close to me (the voices in my head) that Jolie had an affair with my great grandmother…
    See how easy that was? Now I’d like a paycheque.

  45. Orbit says:

    Halperin is an idiot. He even gives gossip journalists a bad name.

  46. CLBT says:

    RE: Anna
    wtf. “eating marihuana soaked clowns?”
    a. I don’t think ANYONE has used that spelling of marijuana since the early 20th century.
    b. how does one go about eating a clown soaked in marijuana??

  47. Blint says:

    That was funny. I don’t think anyone would pass out if they learned Jolie had affairs. But they’d laugh their asses off at the idea that Ian knew anything about it. I doubt there’s one sane person out there that takes his “research” seriously. Anyone describing themselves as an “award winning journalist” based on a GROUP award they won in college is clearly a deceptive weasel- it pretty much says it all.

  48. truthSF says:

    According to People magazine, Brad finally cut his beard….down to a goatee that is.


  49. Sage says:

    So if I tell Ian that I’M hooking up with her, think he could make it true? I’ll be the Gerbil, uhhh. Guinea Pig.

  50. Tazina says:

    Low sales make for desperate (and ridiculous) measures…AJ & Lady GaGa? I had to laugh when I saw how people got their shorts in a knot over Brad’s beard…like it was something important and worthwhile to comment about online, hair on a chin….too funny.

  51. Jazz says:

    I can’t take this Ian turd seriously, every time you see him on TV he’s wearing huge Dame Edna glasses and looking like a fool.

  52. Davide says:

    Oh, please – get a life!!!

  53. Ruffian9 says:

    What Catherine said. Also, AJ is just GORGEOUS in that pic.

  54. judy says:

    Well I know for sure that assgat is lying because if he really knew the truth he would have known that the rubber sheets were UNDER the black satin sheetsc !!!!No one acutally lays on the rubber sheets without the satin sheets..sheeeesh

  55. Kylie says:

    This is just as stupid as all the Break up rumors.
    My god Angelina is a beautiful woman!
    She looks amazing!

  56. Amy says:

    If this were true, it would be hilarious but fitting.

  57. Eme says:

    Essie, practically everyone in Hollywood over the age of 25 has botox, and Angie ABSOLUTELY does. And botox doesn’t freeze your entire face when you inject it into your forehead. She’s also had it in the crow’s feet.

  58. Kelaa Khaa says:

    Thank you Kaiser!

  59. Ursula says:

    All these are diversionary tactics, designed to take people off those split rumours. I bet his source is the Jolie camp.

  60. Beachbum says:

    All deflection tactics at hand, designed to take the HEAT OFF other leaked stories to the press. It looks like a back and forth game. Let’s see who can leak something first??? JMO

  61. Kim says:

    Yeah take the heat by leaking she is having an affair. Why not take the heat off and have her go to rehab. the trolls are amazing. This Gaga rumor brings more attention to the breakup rumor. How does it deflect anything , now gay sites have picked on this rumor so its bringing more heat to the breakup story

  62. Kozmoz says:

    Keep in mind Angelina Jolie has a dominatrix appeal. She loves (or use to)the sex swings. She’s wild. maybe that’s why brad likes her,lol. Doesn’t suprise me if she did have a lesbian appair with lady gaga. Gaga seems like she would have a lesbian affair. I mean, have you ever seen her with a man?

  63. shelley says:

    i think that is a really hot combination. i cannot think of a hotter one. these are two of the sexiest women out there right now. i actually cannot think of a third with the sex appeal these two have. nope, can’t think of one.

  64. Lany says:

    Seem someone so stuppid to believe this crap. Hey let use your brain to read the tabloids

  65. Willodean Castoral says:

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