Is Noah Cyrus launching a lingerie line for kids?


Before I get into the latest Noah Cyrus debacle, can I just say that Miley shouldn’t be holding her dog like that? That is one enormous puppy, and she should let him walk on a leash or something. But compared to all of the complaints I have against the Cyrus family, I guess carrying a big puppy by the stomach isn’t even the worst thing that’s happened this week.

So… I hope everyone remember Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus’s 10-year-old sister. Noah was the one who dressed up as a dominatrix-hooker for Halloween, and the one who liked to be filmed singing and “performing” inappropriate songs like Akon’s “Smack That” and Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”. Basically, Billy Ray Cyrus needs someone to smack him and tell him to be a real father. The latest from Noah Cyrus, age 10, is a report that she and her friend Emily Grace are now the “faces” of a… wait for it… children’s lingerie line. The line is called Ohh! La, La! Coutoure. Here was one of the original stories, via Perez Hilton:

Miley Cyrus’ 9 year old sister Noah and her BFF Emily Grace are teaming up together to launch a children’s lingerie collection for Ohh! La, La! Couture.

We don’t know what’s scarier the actual clothing or the fact that someone’s parents sit back and let this happen.

The website describes The Emily Grace Collection as “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, is reminiscent of Emily’s true personality. She is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers to create versatile styles that can be worn with sweet ballerina slippers, funky sneakers or paired with lace stockings and boots for more of a rock and roll look. Emily’s collection will appeal not just to little girls—the line also has an exclusive Teen Collection available to a size 14.”

On top of hawking slutty clothes, Emily hopes to promote and raise awareness for her foundation, “Lollipops and Rainbows”, which is basically a charity of charities.

Yeah, we don’t get it either. But good for her for wanting to change the world one provocative child at a time. That sets a great example.

[From Coco Perez]

Now, here’s the thing – I looked up the Ooh! La, La! Couture website, and it’s not really about lingerie. And yet… it’s still sketchy. They’re selling tutus, tank tops and leggings, all in very garish colors and designs. Like, zebra-print leggings. It still feels perverse, although it’s not even as bad as it could be. But I want to point out something else – this collection that I’m looking at - it’s not called the Emily Grace Collection. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that the new Emily Grace collection has been released yet, and when it is released, there is a chance it is just as bad as we’re thinking.

Meanwhile, here’s Miley, Noah and this Emily Grace girl promoting the new collection. Sigh… fishnets. For f-ck’s sake.

Miley and Noah Cyrus on January 30, 2010, Credit: RIV/Fame Pictures/WENN.


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  1. kermit says:

    Well, if not lingerie it seems lingerie like and very disturbing that it is coming from girls the ages of Emily and Noah. A fashion line at their age? And one that includes little girls and teenagers? These girls seem to think they are teenagers but they are far from being teenagers.

    Technically, Noah is 10 and it’s Emily’s line, but Em seems to be the follower and Noah the leader. Miley disappoints in a big way by encouraging her sister, who is showing some disturbing traits. I understand Miley may want to treat Noah as a person and they seem close, but this is not the first time Miley is seen encouraging very inappropriate and provocative behavior from Noah and friend on a video. Some adult intervention here is very much needed.

  2. Harmony says:

    oh my god….

  3. Dorothy says:

    OMG! WTF!!! Thank the Dear Sweet Lord that I have boys!!!!

  4. Sarcasma says:

    fishnets designed by ten y.o’s for ten y.o’s? NASTY.

  5. LolaBella says:

    Fishnets and leopard print, just what ALL ten year old girls should be wearing! :roll:

    I swear this world is making its way to hell in a hand-basket.

  6. badhorse says:

    This child is so unfortunate looking. She wants her 15 minutes now.

  7. anna says:


  8. kello says:

    Can I just say it – that is one unattractive kid.

  9. gloaming says:

    Old woman rant here- I think all this started with those awful Bratz dolls, complete with tramp stamps thong’s etc.

    I think they started the trend of sexualizing children.

    It’s difficult enough to find fashionable/appropriate/affordable clothes for kids without them ending up looking trampy.

    I had to go shopping for a child’s first bra a couple of weeks ago and found most of them to be underwired push-up bra’s.

    It’s a really disturbing trend and this family perpetuates that trend.

  10. Bodhi says:

    I never EVER comment on a child’s looks, but yikes, Noah is not very cute in theses pictures. Ignoring the children’s lingerie line for a bit… is Miley wearing a leather diaper?

  11. Just a Poster says:

    Gloaming, not an old lady rant, I think spot on. I hate those friggen BRATZ dolls! I banned them from my house! My daughter is only 10 and I hit the roof when not only my mother but my eevvvil MIL bought them for my daughter a few years ago.

    Granted they went with less trampy BRATZ dolls, but I still hit the roof.

    People can say the same for Barbie dolls, but at least Barbie has goals.

  12. Just a Poster says:

    Also, WTF is wrong with parents for even thinking of buying these types of clothes for the kids?!?!?!

    Yes kids bitch and moan and whine for things, but whatever happened to just saying NO! No trampy clothes for you!

  13. Indianablues says:

    there are few children who are unfortunate enough to be ugly, but this one manages it

    why would a family do this to a child , much less one who is going to hear some harsh words about her unattractiveness

  14. Phowie says:

    Man. 2010 and this is what kids today want to aspire to? 10 years old and dressing like down-on-their luck hos? Sigh. I guess if their own parents are going to prostitute them for money then no one should be surprised when that they dress like little prostitutes. Witness the ghetto-ization of American youth.

  15. SageAdvice says:

    Their outfits in the picture as they are walking along are grotesque. That does look precisely like a leather diaper, ick. I will say though that she’s holding the puppy with her hand on it’s chest which is a perfectly fine way of holding a puppy. You also have to remember that there are paparazzi swarming everywhere and the dog might get lost in the fray or trampled.

    The clothes those literal children are designing look awful and watching that video made me sick. That little girl slapped her leg and was like, “Fishnets!”. Who the hell told her that behavior like that was ok? Or funny? Even Miley Cyrus was like, whoa there.

  16. guesty says:

    so beyond wrong.

  17. Jane says:

    I wont comment on her face she still has a lot of time to grow up. But the last pic….
    our daughter is at the same age with this kid and my husband never let her get out of the house if she wears something that short. would someone tell the girl to wear jeans to match that shirt? where the hell her parents?

  18. Lady Nightshade says:

    I’m not a parent, but are there any parents out there that would be okay with a video of their 10 year old wearing a leopard skin dress and fishnets dancing around being broadcast over the internet. I cannot believe her parents aren’t frightened for her.

  19. lucy2 says:

    It really freaks me out that her parents have no problem with all of this, knowing full well that most of it ends up on the internet. I think they just see $$$.

    No 10 year old needs a fashion line. I’m sorry, but at 10 you’re still a kid, and should act like one and be treated like one. I feel sorry for her.

  20. Sumodo says:

    Lucy2–Spot on! The Cyruses are greedy parents and have a 10-year-old with odd ideas. Swiss boarding school, anybody?

  21. snapdragon says:

    i asked my 12 & 9 year old goddaughters what they thought of 10 year old girls wearing zebra leggings,tutus, miniskirts, etc. they thought a moment and said, “dumb” (9 year old) and “skanky” (12 year old). ahhh, that was a proud moment for me. see? the tweens aren’t quite as easily led as we think.

  22. bondbabe says:

    Please, God, noooooooooooo!!!

    You can have your own fashion line when you earn money to buy things from a fashion line, not because you have famous (or infamous) relatives.

    You have to have a license to get married, drive a car or catch a fish, but any idiot can have a child and pass along the missing chromosome factor. Congratulations to the Cyrus parents–great job. Your offspring are certainly flourishing at inappropriate stupidity….

  23. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “i asked my 12 & 9 year old goddaughters what they thought of 10 year old girls wearing zebra leggings,tutus, miniskirts, etc. they thought a moment and said, “dumb” (9 year old) and “skanky” (12 year old). ahhh, that was a proud moment for me.”

    clearly, they’ve been raised right…can’t say the same for the Cyrus children. it comes from the parents…

  24. Stella says:

    This is completely inappropriate on so many levels. But you know what is even more inappropriate??? All of the people commenting on the looks of a CHILD! What is the matter with you- seriously? Knock it off. These comments should be removed. No wonder kids think they have to dress like little sluts to get attention- they have already been told they are hopelessly ugly by the age of 9…

  25. Nicole says:

    Is it possible for Noah’s dress to get any shorter??? I bet she’s not even wearing a slip or pair of shorts underneath. When I was younger, my mom NEVER let me or my sisters out of the house without something under our skirts. Especially since the precocious boys in my grade 2 class invented “Flip-Up Friday”.

  26. Dani says:

    I think it’s gross and disgusting for a 10 year old to be doing this, but I also think the comments about her being unattractive are harsh and uncalled for and pretty immature to be calling a TEN YEAR OLD ugly. For someone to say it’s disgusting that people let her dress like that because shes so young [which it is] but then turn around and say in the same breath that a 10 year old is ugly is pretty hypocritical to me, even if they think it’s the “truth” :\

  27. snowball says:

    Man, the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

    When my son was in elementary school, the 3rd and 4th grade girls would wear the tiniest shorts and tank tops to school and some of them wore makeup. By the time they were in 7th grade, they were wearing heels, microminis and shirts that deliberately let their bras show. In high school now, it’s pants so tight they have to have been sprayed on and cut so low, you can see their thongs, no bras under anything, platform heels, piercings everywhere, inch thick makeup and rings on every finger.

    This Emily Grace thing isn’t even surprising. Which I hate. It says sad things about us (the world in general, probably the US specifically) that a lingerie-as-clothing line isn’t shocking at all, just sort of tasteless.

    Yeah, I’m old. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 13, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until 8th grade and I still haven’t mastered the art of walking in heels. I don’t know if he says it to humor me or not, but the few times I’ve been at school for something or other, when I’ve asked him what he thinks about the stuff they’re wearing, he just rolls his eyes and says they’re just slutty and dumb.

  28. Cat says:

    Fish nets aside, wtf is that kid doing with a Twitter account?
    Lol @ snowball! I didn’t get my ears pierced until college, and no make-up until I was fifteen. And I’m in my twenties, not too far removed from Noah’s generation. What a difference fame and bad parenting makes, eh?

  29. Ana says:

    If my kid brings home anything like that, the clothes will be burned and her allowance taken away until she can learn what’s appropriate to buy.
    Although I still have years to go.

  30. insidescoop says:

    this is just wrong

  31. Macca says:

    Oh the child really isn’t blessed with the best of looks. Maybe it’s harsh to point that out on a 10 year old but she’s a Cyrus so it’s fair game as far as I’m concerned. I am going to sound old as well but when kids that age sing along to the Pussycat Dolls with their: “When I grow up I wanna have groupies” crap, then are we surprised they are behaving/dressing like child hookers? The only thing we can be glad for is that unless she grows into those looks (and as I suspected Miley had some enlargement done a while back- this problem can be helped) she won’t be given a chance to be a postergirl for the next generation.

  32. Anon says:

    She is NOT a pretty child, she’ll never be as pretty as her sister. (not that I don’t think Miley is a skank… but she is pretty in that girl-from-the-trailer-next-door kind of way.)

  33. daisyfly says:

    I’m not going to bag on the kid’s looks because she couldn’t help it if she got the short end of the stick in that dept.

    I will bag on her parents, though, for failing to act responsibly in the rearing of this child and then foisting her upon the public in some insane display of “parenting gone amok”. BRC has said numerous times in interviews that he’s Destiny’s (Sorry, you gave your child that name you should stick to it.) friend FIRST. Your child can have all the friends in the world but she’s born with only YOU as her father. Man the f*ck up and start raising your kids.

  34. sasha says:

    Where are the parents? WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??

    And when is HM going to be cancelled and we can finally and terminally wave goodbye to the Cyrus clan?

  35. Lisa says:

    If she’s old enough to walk around in that skanky clothes and “spank her a$$”, she’s old enough to take the criticism people give her. Someone should slap some sense into Billy Cyrus and his wife! This is a disgrace!

  36. mwj says:

    Can Billy Ray and his wife not learn from the examples of Lindsay and Ali Lohan or Britney and Jamie Lynne Spears about the dangers of letting your kids grow up too fast?

  37. kermit says:

    Stella and Dani, you bring back my faith in humanity and humility. Really. Noah’s behavior is what’s at question as well as Miley’s. Noah appearance should be off limits. It’s an inexcusable, insensitive, bullying type of disgrace to make such nasty, potentially hurtful comments on her appearance. This is exactly what we discourage school kids from doing to each other and has been known to cause scars for life. Geez, she may actually read this blog. Those who say she’s fair game, anyone can appear on an internet video these days. How would you like it if someone treated your loved on in such a manner?

    MWJ. I have to commend Ali Lohan. She may look sort of grown up but she’s staying out of trouble so far. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  38. Lara says:

    Oh god, here we go. Why are these manager-parents never happy with just pimping out *one* of their children? It has to be ALL of them. Is this the Cyrus family plan: Miley moves to the background for a bit, makes public appearances with Noah a.k.a Jailbait 2.0, gets her attention/publicity, and before you know it it’s the new Miley Cyrus – perfect for the new generation of little girls replacing the ones now too big for Hannah Montana. Meanwhile Miley gets to do the more “adult” projects (pr0n? soon enough) she’s been obviously wanting to do for some time (yeah, “leaked” photos my a-se).

  39. MissMel says:

    she is really cute when she is dressed her age.

  40. mags says:

    yikes and to think, i got grounded for wearing cut-off jean shorts and an oversized t shirt in 6th grade

  41. SNS says:

    In all seriousness, how have their parents NOT been investigated yet by the child services? Theyy let their 15 year old daught date a 20 year old, and now this?

  42. mwj says:

    Kermit – I too have my fingers crossed that Ali Lohan does not continue to follow her sister’s messed up path. However, she is 14 or 15 years old, has more than likely had breast augmentation, hangs out in adult clubs, wears completely age inappropriate clothing and there are numerous pictures of her trying to look sexy and seductive at age 14! She may not have officially gotten in trouble yet (i.e. arrested, addicted) but she has hardly stayed out of trouble and is not someone I would commend. Dakota Fanning is an example of someone I would commend.

  43. kermit says:

    mwj: this isn’t an Ali Lohan thread but she’s 16 now and has toned herself down since she was 14. The club thing is overblown, most of the time she doesn’t go with Lindsay to clubs and when she does she’s in a VIP area with bodyguards and she dances and drinks water or soda. She has normal sized breast for a girl her current height (5 foot 9). I don’t believe they were augmented at all. Her dress now isn’t out of line for her age and you have to remember she is from Long Island, New York, where teenagers tend to dress provocatively. Overall, it really is Michael, Dina, and Lindsay that are known for their public misbehavior and for a teen, Ali has stayed low key since 2009 (interviews and Living Lohan were in 2008), quietly works on her album and modeling, is reserved and quiet with the press, and has not adapted the misbehavior of her older sister or her mother. In the absolute chaotic, dysfunctional context of her family, that’s commendable. Dakota is lovely but a different person who seems to have a much more stable family.

  44. Joe Logue says:

    MAN, that child is UGLEEEEEEE!

  45. Appalled By The World says:

    This is what generations of inbreeding results in.

  46. Hannahbananna says:

    how could you people comment on a 10 year old looking ugly she is a CHILD!!
    leave her alone also Miley is 17 not 15.

  47. the one says:

    How many people on here are hypocritical?
    Are you also against sodomy,divorce,abortion,war,any kind of perversion.
    The Cyrus,Lohan,Fanning,etc. families. None is better or worse the others.

  48. CC Croft says:

    First: This rumor started a year ago or something and was proven to be just that – a rumor. I was freaking out about this before Christmas last year.

    Second: If you have actually watch, Miley hates this crap. In the video where Noah ‘performs’ Smack That, she grabs Noah’s arm and tries to stop her. It’s someone else encouraging her.

    Third: Absolutely, Noah should not be dressing like she does, but blaming Miley is ridiculous. She is Noah’s sister, not her parent. I think Noah would be better off if Miley adopted her. Anything I’ve ever seen of the two of them, Miley does more to try to parent and protect Noah than anyone else.

    Fourth: It is DISGUSTING how many people insult a child’s looks. She is not ugly. To me, she usually just looks sad, but she’s beautiful. No CHILD is ‘fair game’ no matter who her family is. Stop complaining about her behavior until you can grow up and refrain from saying such terrible things about a little girl

  49. James says:

    Just when I finish getting the taste of bile out of my mouth from the last Noah Cyrus article and set of pictures they lower the bar even further and release a line of hooker clothing for little girls… oh man. The parents really should be brought up on charges for ruining the life of so many of their own children, and now the want to do it to yours…. Of coarse you know that the whole thing is the mothers idea, right? A 10 year old kid doesn’t put stuff like this together and get it done without the help of a parent… My feeling is that Mommy is freaked that Miley is off on her own now and Momma Trailer Trash isn’t getting the attention she once did, and she knows Noah doesn’t have the looks OR talent to do anything so, hmmm… how we gonna git us sum ‘tension?….I know! will parade are youngest around in front of the cameras like a whore! classic….

  50. vian says:

    are emily a kusin to you sory am dont spek engilesh bat i,m like miley so cant you tel dhat to her thanks ballllll