Are Stuart Townsend & Charlize Theron done after 9 years?


About a year ago, there was some major rumblings that Charlize Theron and her longtime partner/boyfriend Stuart Townsend were on the verge of splitting. The couple has been together since 2001, and they are generally considered one of the most solid, low-key couples in Hollywood. So any sort of gossip about them is generally juicy – however, last year’s report was false, as Charlize and Stuart spent most of 2009 being pretty solid like always. Well, any year, another breakup rumor. Unlike last year’s rumor, this one does not involve Charlize being a bitch and Stuart having enough. This time it’s Charlize who allegedly had enough, and Stuart is maybe desperate to get back with her. Here’s more from The Daily Mail:

For a lad from the outskirts of Dublin, Stuart Townsend seemed to have it all – a long-term relationship with one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, whose box-office clout brought in the millions. But now his nine-year romance with Oscar winner Charlize Theron, previously considered one of the most stable unions in showbusiness, has come to an end.

The stunning 5ft 11in South African has told close friends that she decided to split from the Irish actor following a Christmas trip to Mexico and has since stopped wearing the antique ‘commitment ring’ that Townsend gave her as a symbol of their relationship.

A friend of the actress said last night: ‘Stuart is gutted but Charlize said that she realised during the Mexican holiday that the relationship was over. They had become more like brother and sister than lovers. It was she who ended it.’

While Ms Theron can command more than £8million a movie, 27-year-old Townsend’s career has been less successful. Even amid his relationship break-up he left the cast of Kenneth Branagh’s blockbuster Thor because of so-called ‘creative differences’. It was his second big-budget movie setback, after being dumped from the career-defining role of Aragorn in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in favour of Viggo Mortensen.

‘Charlize has remained in their main home in the Hollywood Hills, which is in her name, and he’s moved all his stuff into their Malibu beach home that they own together,’ the source said. ‘They are sorting out their finances at the moment, as they have been together for so long that many of their financial affairs are intertwined. Charlize has never made a big deal of it, but the truth of the matter is that she has been the major breadwinner. She truly loved Stuart but the relationship ran its course. He is heartbroken but she is insisting it is all over.’

To underline the point, the 34-year-old has ditched the Victorian ring depicting forget-me-nots that Townsend had given her.

She previously described it as ‘very, very precious’, adding: ‘Stuart gave it to me as a sign of our commitment to each other. I never take it off.’

But she was not wearing it during last weekend’s Hope For Haiti telethon, nor when she arrived at the Spago restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday night to celebrate her mother Gerda’s 57th birthday. As she arrived at the celebrity restaurant, she refused to answer questions about the relationship.

And when a Mail on Sunday reporter approached her at her £2.5million four-bedroom home and asked about the split, she snapped: ‘That’s crazy.’

But the source added: ‘Charlize said she was surprised the story hadn’t come out yet. But she didn’t confirm it because she wanted to break the news in her own time.’

Charlize – whose latest film The Road opened in the UK this month – once said: ‘Living with another actor, you always feel guilty if things are going your way and it’s not going that way for the other person.’

In a recent interview Townsend said he considered Charlize to be his wife, even though the two never had a wedding.

He said: ‘I’m married. I didn’t do a church wedding or anything but we consider ourselves husband and wife. We love each other and we want to spend our lives together. I don’t need a certificate or the state or the church to say otherwise.’

He added: ‘I found this old Victorian ring with little forget-me-nots. I gave it to her as a sign of our commitment to each other. She’s never taken it off.’

Last night a spokeswoman for Ms Theron said: ‘I never comment on her personal life,’ while Townsend’s spokesman did not respond to calls for comment.

[From The Daily Mail]

I know I’m crazy, but there’s part of that thinks that this might be partially true. I could see Charlize and Stuart breaking up simply because they had grown apart, and not because of some kind of major scandal. I also noticed that for the past few weeks, Charlize has been photographed a lot solo, or with her mom – much more than she usually is. I’m not sure what that means, but it could mean something. She looks upset in many of the photos too – although, that could just be her normal face when the paparazzi are photographing her. So… does this mean Charlize and Stuart are back on the market? I call dibs on Stuart. He’s lovely.

Charlie & Stuart at the LA premiere of ‘The Road’ on November 4, 2009, one of the last times they were photographed together. Credit: WENN. Charlize and her mom leaving Spago in LA on January 27, 2010. Credit: WENN and PER/Fame Pictures.


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27 Responses to “Are Stuart Townsend & Charlize Theron done after 9 years?”

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  1. gloaming says:

    Basically, this rumour is based on the fact that she’s not wearing a promise ring?

    Nah,I don’t buy it. I’m still holding out for these two.

  2. Dorothy says:

    I hope not I really like them together!

    He is a really underrated actor. Maybe if they are broken up he can flourish as an A list actor like Nicole Kidman did!

  3. mila says:

    she’s so stunning!
    I hope it’s not true,they were cute together and pretty low key too

  4. Kevin says:

    If you mean dead ass boring as “low key” then I think you hit the nail on the head. She’s hot, but a total yawn. He’s worse.

  5. anna says:

    damn. That gave me the sads. Hope it’s not true.

  6. Mairead says:

    Sad if true – boring is bad for gossip, but good for the people involved.

    But then again, how much faith can we put in the Daily Mail who can’t even get “the lad from the outskirts of Dublin”s age right?

  7. lucy2 says:

    She is so pretty. They’ve been together for a while and seemed happy, so hopefully it all works out.
    I much prefer boring low-key than celebs who are all over each other and use their relationship as promotion, do reality shows, etc.

    Yes, they clearly got his age wrong. I think it should be 37, not 27.

  8. nikki says:

    you can’t be boring/low key people in gossip nation because if you’re low-key ,no one speak about you!

  9. d says:

    I think it’s true. And I think there was a blind item about these two not too long ago…something about one partner being frustrated with the other because they sat at home playing video games all day instead of doing something useful, etc., etc.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    The source of this story is the Daily Mail? A Brit tabloid? Wake me up when People or TMZ posts it.

    *goes back to sleep*

  11. snowball says:

    It wasn’t even more than a few weeks ago, when asked if she wants to have kids, she said she and Stuart were ready to start a family soon.

    So she was either bullsh!tting everyone or something happened in the interim.

    I like him, it wasn’t a great movie, but he was good as Dorian Gray in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

    Yeah, he’s 37.

  12. Linda says:

    If you’re not having sex anymore, what’s the point? That’s what usually happens.

  13. Alana says:

    Its a pity if the story is true.Its sad that he could have been in the Lord of the Rings …although Viggo was HOTTTT in that role. However, Thor would have been great for him. Maybe he can still get the job back. I really love watching Chalize in her movies.Its sad when an A-Type female is dating a guy that is PUNCHING ABOVE his weight.It was never gonna last really. Its sad though that the Irish guys career never picked up. He better just come back to London and get some roles in the West End or at the National

  14. Joanne says:

    Not surprising, they live in Hollywood for Ch***t sake. She was getting work and he wasn’t. It’s the same old story.

  15. Seer says:

    I read somewhere that this relationship is really a front, and that in reality, she’s involved with a very beautiful blonde whom she was once photographed with in Hello! Magazine. I saw the photos of her “friend” and she IS very beautiful and natural. From the information I read, Theron’s girlfriend/lover is not very discreet, and when she came home, she kissed Theron on the mouth right in front of the interviewer. Theron then proceeded to make it very clear to the interviewer that she didn’t want what she saw leaked to the public, or else. Juicy stuff! I’ve wondered about it.

  16. Seer says:

    The previous information came from a gossip website that has since been removed from the Internet. Some people claimed it was really Nicole KIdman, but others (like I do) thought it was Charlene Theron.

  17. Gypsy says:

    She did take off the ring when she was in Germany with Will Smith promoting Hancock.
    There were many photos of her without it.

    Charlize recently said she was ready to have a baby, obviously not with Stuart.

  18. Solveig says:

    I like them together and I like the most that they are a low-key couple although they are both talented. Anyway I hope it’s not true.

  19. TEDDYBEAR says:

    She has always been over rated. He should find someone younger.

  20. anna says:

    charlize is amazing and stuart has got rumors being an ahole.

  21. lisa says:

    I hope this is not true. BUT I am a romantic.

    They have been together for 9 years. No kids.. But I thought she said she and he did not want children. NOT sure, I don’t believer anything in a rag mag. especially one that is overseas printing stuff about people in this country. YEAH like they have that access.. NOT..

    She is just so beautiful and it is shame that his TV show and Movies have not done well. Charlize has also has some bad luck in her films too.

    I think for some actresses there really is an Oscar Curse. Many just drop off the map after winning.. never repeating that success. But I think they are a visually beautiful couple. HOPE it is not true.

  22. I Choose Me says:

    @snowball. Yes! He had the best lines, I mean the lines were cheesy and the movie was um shall we say ‘not the best’ but his delivery is what made it work. Also loved him as Lestat and he and Charlize were terrific in the movie Head in the Clouds.

  23. Marta says:

    After the sex wears off sweatheart it is true friendship and sex from time to time that keeps you together. There are other things in a marriage and this guy was in it for the long haul.
    You will have to wrap your long legs around another guys neck!
    You will not find another guy like him!

  24. Sharon says:

    She breaks up with him because of a trip to mexico? Yes that is mature..break up with the man you have invested 9 years of your life with, because some friends of yours agreed it was the right thing.

    Really you should discuss these issues you have with your partner and be adult about the situation? Suddenly after 9 years you have no romantic/sexual feelings for him anymore? that is not always the case. She clearly just got bored I guess?

    I hope he becomes a huge star and shows her what she is missing, he is a gorgeous man.

  25. Natasha says:

    I’m so sad now,I hope it’s not true,I like both of them .She is so beautiful ,and Stuart is a charming guy,they seem to be made for one anther.

  26. Paula says:

    I saw him once in Dublin and he lookd like such a self important little git, he gave me the real ‘stop stalking me I’m a celebrity’ look while I was squinting away wondering why he lookd vaguely familiar……