Brangelina attend Director’s Guild awards, support Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino honored at DGA Awards in Los Angeles

On Saturday night, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to fight the rumors by making a big public outing. Unfortunately for all, Brad and Angelina often decide to make their big public outings when very few photo agencies are set up, so I can’t find anything of Angelina beyond these two Getty photos below. Brad, however, spoke on stage about Quentin Tarantino (his Basterds director, and a nominee for Best Director last night), and Brad and Quentin posed for many, many photos. Also, Quentin didn’t end up winning last night – but Avatar director James Cameron didn’t win either! Shocking! Instead, the Best Director prize went to Kathryn Bigelow, for The Hurt Locker. It was the first time a woman won the big prize, and it means that the Best Director and Best Picture Oscar races are wide open.

So much for those breakup rumors!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stepped out Saturday night to attend the Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles – and observers say the couple were as happy as can be.

“They looked very giggly,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Pitt, who was at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza to introduce his Inglourious Basterds director Quentin Tarantino, was an attentive companion to Jolie, a surprise guest, who wore a gray, single-shoulder Elie Saab gown with gold hoop earrings by Ofira Schwartz, Stuart Weitzman shoes and a vintage bag.

Pitt, whose curious beard has been trimmed, pulled Jolie’s chair out for her and touched her back throughout the night as they chatted animatedly with Tarantino at a table of colleagues from the film.

“They look like they are having a fun time,” says an onlooker of the couple as they worked the room. “It’s definitely a date.”

And the Winner Is …
Pitt gave a warm introduction to his director, complete with a spot-on Tarantino impersonation, but Basterds didn’t take the top prize. Instead, it went to The Hurt Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow, who is the first woman to win the feature film award, which almost always predicts the Best Director winner at the Oscars.

Jolie wasn’t the only unexpected star to show up Saturday. The other one was Cher, who was a surprise “trophy girl” for lifetime achievement winner Norman Jewison, her Moonstruck director.

It was a long night, lasting more than four hours, but Pitt and Jolie, who stayed close the entire time, didn’t seem to mind.

“They were extremely affectionate,” says an onlooker.

[From People Magazine]

From the two photos of Angelina, she was wearing a rather lovely shade of green. I like when she wears something other than a sack, and something other than black. I wish I could see it better!

In related news, Angelina’s dad Jon Voight still won’t shut up about his daughter. He attended one of the pre-Grammy events on Saturday (for what reason? I have no idea), and when asked about the Brangelina-split rumors, Voight told reporters, “Anyone can say anything these days.” He also claimed that he “just” spent time with Angelina and his grandchildren, and that Angelina “She doesn’t pay attention to it. She has enough to worry about—she has six kids!”

UPDATE: As many have pointed out, the BBC has compiled some footage from the event, so if you’d like to see part of Brad’s speech about Tarantino, or a quick cut-away of Brad and Angelina sitting next to each other, go to BBC online. Here’s a screencap of the Brangelina cutaway:


62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

62nd Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards - Show

Brad Pitt appears backstage at DGA Awards in Los Angeles

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  1. Essie says:

    Evidently they didn’t walk the red carpet. I would love to see more of that dress. It looks beautiful. I believe its an Eli Saab.

    As for Voight . . . Angelina did say they are working on their relationship so it might be true that he was with the family. I hope he has been given “permission” by Angelina to reply to questions because he does seem to talk too much about them.

  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    I hope you were being sarcastic about Brad and Angelina “deciding to fight the rumors” with a “big public outing”. So big in fact, that they didn’t pose together on the red carpet. Please. Never mind that this event was probably pencilled into their calendars months ago. I honestly don’t think they care about rebutting the tabloids anymore, if they ever did.

    On a more pleasant note, can’t really see the dress but it looks like a lovely shade of green. And she looks healthy too.

  3. N.D. says:

    Well, I have to say that to me Voight didn’t sound too pathetic and inappropiate with his comments for a change. Good to hear that he meets his grandkids once in a while.

    Angie’s dress was beautifull and its color looked really good on her. It’s from Elie Saab collection. Here it is on the runway:

    They managed to show up together but not be too in your face with it – the event wasn’t televized, they skipped RC and didn’t pose for the photos together, they just were there as a couple like that shitstorm last weekend had never happened. Very classy and smart tbh.

  4. Popcorny says:

    From what I’ve read on other articles this morning -Brangelina deliberately avoided being photographed together -hence why photographs (of them together) are not forthcoming.
    So how this could be construed as “fighting rumors” (attending an event w/out being together) is beyond me -it seems it rather plays right alongside that they’ve reached that fork in the road despite prior commitments.

  5. Aleisha says:

    Oh puh-lease…. they did nothing to fight the rumours they are no longer together….

    You are kidding with the: “Unfortunately for all, Brad and Angelina often decide to make their big public outings when very few photo agencies are set up”

    If a couple who is actually together wants to show everyone how together they really are and to dispel these oh-so-nasty splitsville rumours, they will leak to the press where they are going, the time they will be there so that they can be photographed together.

    This is Hollywood we’re talking about. They know their PR…

    This is probably the best proof so far they are not together but not yet ready to tell the world….

    Poor kids (their babies)!!

  6. N.D. says:

    There are videos from the event. They sat together and didn’t hide under the table when cameras were on them. And there was absolutely no other need for her to attend DGA except as Brad’s date. Brad came to pressroom to pose for pics ’cause he was a presenter. She didin’t because she wasn’t. They sat together, they talked, laughed, came and left together. Doesn’t look much like “avoiding” to me.

  7. canadianchick says:

    Nice dress-would never want her to elbow me in the ribs with that scythe of an elbow. Maybe she trimmed Brad’s chinforest of yuck with her elbow? Looks like he groomed a little.

  8. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    Very pretty color of green. I really don’t think Angie or Pitt give a damn what anyone says.

    Slight side note:
    Kathryn Bigelow WON, I hope she wins at the oscars. The first woman ever to win this award. She beat out 4 other Directors, including her ex husband, James Cameron.

    Here’s a quote from one of the Directors, Daniels, she beat for the the award:

    “…Kathryn, your movie is as beautiful as your legs.”

    Does this strike anyone else as kind of a back-handed compliment?

    Could you imagine someone saying this to Clint Eastwood, even twenty years ago? The woman is almost 60 years old. She’s a Director, not an actor. What on earth do her legs have to do with all the hard work she put into the film? It seems like a subtle ‘don’t forget your place’ kind of comment.

    It’s probably just me, but it bugged a bit. Sorry for the ramble, just wanted to throw that out there.

  9. boo says:

    Love the hoops and makeup. I did not know AJ was a lefty.

  10. Teri says:

    Thanks for making a new thread. Love this family. As always Angelina looks so gorgeous and so does Brad. I’m happy he trimmed his beard, but he’s sexy regardless. Can someone please post a link of a side by side signature of Angelinas, before and now. Thanks.

  11. Teri says:

    BBC has video of the event, they were both touchy feeling and very happy. Still photo pictures can be misleading.

  12. Sigh. says:

    The argument for being “together” —
    Limited photos could be to assure their re-emergence doesn’t overshadow the event and its deserving participants (which they obviously did anyway). Show up together on a SATURDAY event to TRY to avoid even more crazy press/attention.

    The argument against —
    They may no longer be ROMANTICALLY together, but with no other lovers in the pic (barring Gaga and dialect coaches!), they can still show a united front in public as still really “good friends,” with great affection for each other.

    Still waiting for the gerbils’ official statement.

    And now we see if their presence will completely take away from the fact that a WOMAN won for the first time…

  13. SageAdvice says:

    They play the PR game just like every other celeb. They won’t go to the Golden Globes to support Quentin Tarantino and the cast but they’ll go to this?

    I don’t care if they are broken up or not (and they probably aren’t) but stop trying to pretend like these two don’t have PR ploys and weren’t there just to dispel the rumors. If they weren’t, they’d have gone to the Golden Globes. There was no real reason not to, as neither of them are filming anything and it would have meant great publicity considering *GASP* She Who Must Not Be Named was there.

    They didn’t have to walk the red carpet together at this event, all they had to do was sit cozily together and be affectionate. Worked like a charm, didn’t it?

  14. Sigh. says:

    @ She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I get your annoyance with that. It was the same thing with always commenting on Palin’s looks when she was McCain’s running mate. Some men (boys) still think we ultimately seek validation about our looks/femininty, no matter how old, talented, or powerful we become. Some of do, all of don’t.

    BUT one man actually could say that to another, including Eastwood, and people would think it was tongue-in-cheek funny, more than sexist. Think if Pitt said it Tarantino…It really depends on the people involved.

  15. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Just watched the BBC clip of the awards, they seemed in good spirits. And I agree, there was no real reason for Angelina to be there, other than as Brad’s date. Time away from the kids is precious you know. 🙂

  16. d says:

    The Golden Globes is kind of a sham anyway. I think the awards are decided upon only by a group of 60 or 80 writers within a massive group of foreign entertainment reporters/hacks.

  17. Sigh. says:

    That should say “Some of US do, all of US don’t.”

  18. Toe says:

    Brad presented the Feature Film Nomination Plaque to Quentin for Inglorious Basterds. That is why they were there.

  19. lisa says:

    there is nothing wrong with being in control of your career. It is called SMART. They don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I remember last year the break up rumors were out because Angie was getting ready to film Salt.. the naysayers were claiming then that Angie would be there alone with the kids Brad was not going.. Well he went and the whole family was together. Then it was another Break up claim..Angie would not be in Cannes with Brad. Well she was.. the whole family went together. Next they were broken up because Brad was seen in France/Berlin.. according to the naysayers. He left Angie and kids. NOPE. Then after Angie wrapped with Salt she was supposed to have left Brad and moved to France w/kids without Brad. Then NOPE the whole family was in France. Another month/year.. another break up. I guess they have been faking for 5 years. Because that is how long these stories have been going on. CHECK out the archives on this site.

    So whatever. If she had not gone they would have been screaming “we have proof”. Now she went, and they are grasping for straws to prove what they could not prove for years and years.

    This couple has 6 children. What kind of person would want 6 children to lose their family. Sick.. just sick. I think it is great that Brad/Angie don’t acknowledge all this drama. And that is the thing the tabs and haters want. They want them to make statements all the time. YOUR life is proof. They are together and the people who don’t like it need to move on and get over it already.

  20. N.D. says:

    SageAdvice, Brad was asked to be a presenter for DGA long time ago, it’s not like they decided to go in the last minute.

    And it’s far from being the first time they skip award ceremonies because they are not nominated and not asked to present. It wasn’t a sure sign of anything before, why should it be now?

  21. Anak says:

    A bag of bones. Both ugly.

  22. Birdie says:

    They both clean up nice… & Brad groomed the beard!

  23. april says:

    I like what lisa wrote: “YOUR life is proof.” Break-up rumors have surrounded these two ever since they got together.

    I really could care less about Brad & Angie as a couple except for the fact that they have six children together. The shelf-life for Hollywood relationships is notoriously short. It’s only for the sake of those six children that I hope these two beat the odds. I really don’t want to see Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox headlining the tabloids in ten or fifteen years from now. Probably a vain hope I realize.

  24. Toe says:

    Well said Lisa. Give it to them!

  25. e-non says:

    those conniving b!tches — refusing to walk the red carpet knowing their absence would provoke more interest and attention;

    those attention seeking whores — attending an awards ceremony and flaunting it on the red carpet…

    see how easy that is.. lol.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    I’m not feeling the dress so much, but that color works on her. Nice change from black.

    So let me get this straight: if they didn’t go to the DGA it’s proof they split up. Since they did go, they’re just trying to fight the break-up rumors which is proof they split up.

    You can’t have it both ways, people. Sheesh.

    (@Kaiser: there is a photo from BBC showing them together sitting at Tarantino’s table. Check out

  27. Sigh. says:

    You see how Pitt’s beard is 3-tone but the hair on his obviously dyed mostly one color (excluding high-/lowlights)?

    Is there a way that his hair can be PARTIALLY colored so some of his natural grey can peek through without making it look patchy/streaky? I mean besides leaving patches on the side like Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four comics.

    Just a little curious (and a lot bored).

  28. SageAdvice says:

    N.D.: I didn’t say it was a sure sign of anything. I actually said that I don’t think they are broken up.

    I just think it’s odd that Brad wouldn’t go to the Golden Globes to support Quentin Tarantino but didn’t refuse to give a speech at this event.

    It just seems really narcissistic-like, he’s not going to bother going to an event where he can’t speak or get on stage.

  29. ~A says:

    A lot of people go gray in the beard before they go gray in the head.

  30. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @ sigh, thanks for the response… so funny with the Mr. Fantastic reference. awesome.

    I see what you’re saying, it bugged me about Palin too. But then, didn’t she enter herself in beauty contests? I don’t think Kathryn Bigelow ever did that, and I don’t think she has the same kind of (pot smokin’ in the cave) ‘friendship’ with that other director that Tarantino and Pitt have. lol!

  31. emiily says:

    so really though, they decided to go to the DGA’s and the tabloids and blogs are telling the public that they are “fighting the rumors” which the tabs and blogs made up in the first place to sell print and clicks for a week or so.

    but it all amounts to: they are business as usual and don’t do anything to promote or deny what the tabloids write…because they don’t care.

  32. Kim says:

    Well there are pics of them, at the table so Outtatouch Weekly’s Body language idiot can analyze the photos. “He obviously is thinking about Jen in this smiling photo” or “Notice the distance between Angelina’s elbow and his chest which indicates intimacy issues” Damned if they do attend damned if not don’t. They didnt attend 2007 GG”s even though Babel was nominated . They don’t attend awards unless they are nominated or are presenters. sop Sage advice, the real reason not to attend is neither one was a nominee or presenter.There are breakup rumors about them every week so according to you they would be lovey dovey at every awards and premiere to dispel the rumors. They should be kissing on the way out every restaurant like Spencer and Heidi. Off topic I just saw pics of Heidi face covered in bandages getting off a plane so I guess she had more surgery. She is going to end up looking like the “Barbie Twins”

  33. Clare says:

    I wish she would atleast have a bath before all these shows. Her arm pitts are always dirty. May be she should wear clothes that hide them.

    So much for not caring about rumours, what is she doing at these awards where she is not expected? Brad still looks like he is in pain.

  34. Seer says:

    I still think it’s a PR sham devised by these two or the reps.

    I don’t think they’re entirely free from problems (probably even more than a few), but now they have six children to think about. I don’t care how much of an intolerable ego problem celebrities have, six children is enough to have them think of the children before themselves. If they don’t, then they have a mental health issues.

  35. Kaiser says:

    I updated the post with a link to the BBC footage and a screencap of Brad & AJ sitting together.

  36. N.D. says:

    SageAdvice: when I wrote “sure sign of anything” I meant it literally. Not just sign of a break up, but of “narcissisism” as well.

    They are known to skip award ceremonies when they are not required to attend, that’s their MO, nothing new there. And not just theirs btw, it’s not unheard of in HW.

    If anything it’s rather nice and modest of them, not to overshadow those who are true heroes of the night. After IB premiere in Cannes and later in LA everyone and their mother was complaining how they did RC and made it all about them, not about movie, QT and the rest of the cast.

  37. Kim says:

    Kaiser it doesn’t matter if you post pics of them together. They are faking it . They were never together. They have never had sex( in vitro babies). They have never lived together….Right Female First fanatics.Brad is with Jen and he is waiting for the right time to be with hi only love. GMAFB

  38. Cheyenne says:

    @clare: Just because she wasn’t expected doesn’t mean she wasn’t invited. What do you think, she crashed the party?

    I realize you’re devastated seeing them together, but come on, now, “dirty armpits”? Haters gon’ hate, but this is ridiculous.

    (to Kim: But… but… but… the National Enquirer just said Jen is moving in with Gerry Butler! Is this gonna be a ménage a trois?)

  39. lucy2 says:

    I really like the color of her dress, very pretty. Nice to see her in a color for once. But wow, she does have some bony arms.
    I see he has finally trimmed the beard. Which seems a little weird if he was doing all that for a movie role. Still looks bad though.
    As for the two of them, who the heck knows. Could all be PR, could be split and faking it, could be together and fine. Time will tell.

    Congrats to Katheryn Bigelow! That’s awesome. And yeah, the comment about her legs was unnecessary.

  40. buellblaster says:

    You can count her bones and veins. Why do people keep saying how beautiful she is? And Brad’s hair looks like a Ken doll hairpiece was just plopped on with super glue. What is it with his beard (no not Angelina)? It looks like it has developed the mange.

  41. Bek says:

    I think it’s a little ridiculous to assume one way or another when it comes to a few photos. We all know that celebs play the game. I can think of multiple couples who were out together just before breaking up publicly. It doesn’t mean bliss. And it doesn’t mean they’re over, either. We, as a public, are only allowed to know what they want us to. I agree with most in saying that time is the only way to tell.

  42. Alex says:

    omg Clare, are you for real? How do you know she didn’t take a show? Were you with them at their house or were you at the award show right her in her face? I swear some of you haters should keep your mouths shut when you don’t have anything sane to say. This is what hatred does to one, it make them stupid and an idiot like Clare

  43. lightbulb says:

    I have to agree with ‘sigh’, Brad’s hair looks awful, it must be a home dye job, surely he didn’t pay someone to make it look like that.

  44. SageAdvice says:

    I think that if you are a prominent member of a cast (i.e. the STAR OF THE FILM) then maybe it’d be a bit polite to attend an event giving out awards for which your film has been nominated, that’s all.

    I’m not saying Brangelina have to go to every premiere and every awards show and every this and that. But he is pretty much the star of that movie. Wouldn’t it have been prudent of him to at least show up to show support for his film, director and the rest of the cast?

    Kim: I didn’t say they were breaking up or broken up. Therefore, no, not “according to me” anything because I never said anything about them breaking up or the activities they would have to do in order to prove they hadn’t broken up. Kindly read, comprehend, then type.

  45. Alex says:

    omg Clare, are you for real? How do you know she didn’t take a shower? Were you with them at their house or were you at the award show right in her face? I swear some of you haters should keep your mouths shut when you don’t have anything sane to say. This is what hatred does to one, it make them stupid and an idiot like Clare

  46. Mairead says:

    Ooooooh preeeeeety colour! 😀 A very outlandish choice of teal there, but like most of you I wish I could see more of it.

    @Sigh, you can knock back the hair colour for men by combing it through rather than fully coating the hair like with normal hair dye. It allows a little bit of grey to come through.
    And I agree with the other commentator, grey can come through in a beard more quickly than on the head. And it’s not unusual to have multiple colours in a beard also.

    I wish he’d shave the fucker though.

  47. Aurora says:

    I’ve always thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were interesting, both as individuals and as a couple. I also think they are honestly kind, generous and thoughtful humans.

    All couples have relationship issues; they have good and bad days, happy and sad times. As a couple, these two have always shown incredible grace under the pressure of their fishbowl lives.

    I think we should leave them alone.

  48. la chica says:

    i hope Lady Gaga isn’t jealous. lol

  49. whatever says:

    The dress looks like Angelina should be holding a torch in one arm and welcoming immigrants to America. Statue of liberty-esque. But, at least it’s not black.

    I don’t mind Brad’s beard except for the greys. Yet, his hair is obviously dyed to cover up his greys, but why won’t he do the beard, too? Hmmmm . . .

  50. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ha! the other day when CB posted those pics of her with the gorgeous emerald earrings, I remember I commented that a dress of that color (meaning the color of the emeralds) would look great on her.

    and it sure does…a lovely color and it suits her.

    I’m glad to see that Pitt trimmed the beard but he still looks like Colonel Sanders.

  51. Sarah says:

    Honestly… I thought I’ve seen her wearing that very dress before. Apparently, I was wrong.

  52. Beth says:

    This isn’t a publicity stunt. Although this is a small awards show, it’s not something you decide to go to last minute nor would the organizers have a presenter last second. This was set up weeks ago not 3 or 4 days ago. Angelina wasn’t expected because the media said they brokeup. She usually goes to these events.

    It always get me how they can’t do anything right. When they went to all of the awards shows last year they were called mediawhores and disrespectful for attending, eventhough they and their movies were nominated. Now they are still called mediawhores and disrespectful for not attending the awardshows eventhough Brad isn’t nominated and Angelina didn’t even have a movie released.

  53. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @Sigh and anyone else who cares about this stuff:

    interesting link talking about Kathryn Bigelow and the “beautiful legs” comment, etc.

    I was curious and googled it and it looks like we aren’t the only ones to notice that obnoxious comment…

    Huffinton Post calls it, “One big step forward and a little push back.”

    I’m glad we were spared Tarantino talking about his “tingling balls.” lol.

  54. Xena says:

    Sage Advice: What is your problem? He wasn’t nominated and even though his film and castmates were, this is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They are A+ list. Any carpet they walk, the press will make them the highlight, not the lesser known nominees who deserve and need the publicity. And it is exhausting to get ready for these red carpets when they have 6 kids and aren’t nominated for anything personally. He showed up to support Quentin for the DGAs and he agreed to star in his film. I think that’s enough. I’m glad they didn’t show up. Why go to the golden globes when you know the tabloids will have field day doing a “showdown” between Brad and Jen story? Hell, they both showed up at different times to the Haiti telethon and the tabloids STILL made something out of it. The press won’t let it go.

  55. crash2GO2 says:

    Ooh I LOVE her dress. And she looks good! Hair glossy, naturally slender – I don’t see bones sticking out of her chest or anything.

    Oh, and @lisa, Cheyenne, et. al., you and the other loonies are wearing out the old ‘make those who speculate they may be breaking up look bad by painting them as horrible sick people wishing disaster on a loving family with six children’ discrediting ploy.

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  56. joe says:

    Well – it is amazing that a women won for the first time ever! Would have liked to have this as a solo thread. We don’t celebrate women enough on gossip blogs. And she was up against her ex James Cameron. Good for her!!!!

    I have to say that Brad’s hair – what is up with it. Seriously do you think it is a wig? I really do. I don’t know what is going on with him but my husband is older and actually looks better then Brad right now! Seriously man pull yourself together!

    I would not believe the break up rumors since this – except that Brad pulled the same thing with Jennifer. All the tabs were its over and they fought back. Including the whole Troy at Cannes. For some reason Brad has a time line as to when he lets stuff be known. Who knows time will tell – but showing up at something to show togetherness kind of reminds me of Jen and Brad. It almost makes me believe the opposite.

  57. Essie says:

    Joe, perhaps Ms. Bigalow winning the DGA award will be on a separate thread on Monday. After all, some people are pitting her against her ex-husband, James Cameron, as if it’s some sort of contest. They both seem to be happy for each other.

  58. Kylie says:

    Wow. Angelina looks so beautiful.
    Why on earth do people keep saying they have to “fight the rumors”? I find it disgusting that people keep trying to break this family up! Its just wrong on so many levels.

  59. Mistral says:

    Hmmm…The “legs” comment. I think that Daniels is a gay man–does that make it less offensive?

    Whatever. She has done what no other woman has done before! Good for her! Hope she gets the Oscar, too.

    And she does look amazing. She’s a total babe. Even though she and Cameron are still really good friends, I wonder if he ever looks at her and thinks, “damn!”

  60. Josephina says:

    Brad and Angie set their own rules and lives their according to the way they see fit in the timeline that they set for themselves. Otherwise:

    Angie has to gain weight. Because you guys said so.

    Brad has to cut his beard. Because you guys said so.

    They would have married first then had children. Or not marry at all. Because you said the romance is fake…for 5 straight years. Wow!

    They would have only 2 children each -2-3 years apart.

    They would not adopt – too many people on this blog have a problem with the number of children that they do have.

    They would not travel. They are Americans and they are not supposed to explore the world. The only time they are to leave the U.S. is to vacation in Mexico, for FUN.

    They are only supposed to give money to charities QUIETLY. They are NOT to give of their time, visit refugee camps and share with the public how poor people are suffering in other countries.

    They would not have adopted non-white foreign babies, just American babies. Otherwise, they would be accused of collecting babies.

    They would not marry until Jen finds another man and marries…or Brad returns to Jen once more only to have Jen throw him out on his arse.

  61. Solveig says:

    January 31st, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    […] And it is exhausting to get ready for these red carpets when they have 6 kids and aren’t nominated for anything personally.[…]

    Yes, as exhausting as being a waitress, an industrial worker, a farmer, a miner, a teacher, an employee, a housewife and so on…
    The dress looks nice and the color fits well with her skin tone and hair, although as whatever said it is quite “Statue of liberty-esque”.
    Pitt looks dumb as usual.

  62. Aleisha says:

    Did people not see the video properly?? I am at such a loss to understand such blindness.

    Watch the BBC video again. Properly.

    Brad has his hands clasped together, in front of him, on the table and not paying any attention to Ange. When he noticed the camera panning on him, he immediately put his hands down and then you see the pose in the still that has been posted here (above), where he’s got his arm around Jolie’s chair….

    Puh-lease…. so staged….

    I just cant stand it when it’s such obvious PR and not real.

    I guess it’s either that they have contractual obligations or that they want to have the upper hand when they announce their split finally. Build up the momentum….

    Just feel sorry for the children – no stability and parents who are not together any more….

    Hollywood, not so much a place where you would want to raise your children…

  63. Cheyenne says:

    @joe: I remember them at the Troy premiere at Cannes. If I remember correctly, Brad walked out of his own after-party and left Jen at the party by herself.

    Break-ups happen all the time and there is no guarantee this relationship will last, but considering the origin of this rumor, the whole thing reeks, know what I’m saying?

    It’s possible history may repeat itself — but this time around the circumstances are a tad different. It’s easy to walk out of a childless relationship where your partner is an airhead whose sole interests are her hair and her body. It’s a little more complicated when you and your partner have goals and interests in common and have built a family of six children together. But as you say, time will tell.

  64. Cheyenne says:

    @ Alex: I keep telling the haters if and when they hear an official breakup announcment, they can break out the bubbly and party all night. Until then, I recommend a good dose of Ex-Lax. All that bile can’t be doing their innards much good.

  65. Anastasia says:

    I always scroll the comments of the Angelina/Brad threads to find the wacky people who talk as though they know them personally AND were personally harmed by them in some way.

    Clare above is a great example. It gives me chills to read stuff like that. It’s so obvious she PERSONALLY hates these people she’s never met and that have never done a single thing to her.


    I also understand a lot of people are super upset at seeing them together. That strikes me as odd, too. Who cares?

  66. Seer says:

    While I think her arms look veiny and rail-thin, and her body looks so skinny it looks anorexic, I think she has a beautiful and stunning face (except for her lips, which are beyond huge). Either that, or she must be one of the most photogenic women in the world. But I’ve asked guys what they think of her, and one guy thinks she’s not at all appealing. So, there you go – she does not appeal to ALL MEN ON THE PLANET EARTH. But I still think she has a beautiful face and even though her body is like something from Gollum, I think she has that Hollywood sex appeal.

  67. Sigh. says:

    To everyone —

    Thanks! Yeah, I know hair grays at different moderations, but he has been dyeing his hair for years (from BILLY IDOL PLATINUM BLOND to ELVIS PRESLEY PATENT LEATHER BLACK), but he’s had some gray peeking through in the-need-a-touch-up STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE BLOND days, too. So I know he has gray “up there” already.

    I wasn’t taking a “dig” at him, but the lush, luxurious, dense tree top is very different from the scraggly weeds growing below, so it’s kinda distracting. I was just wondering if both could be more “coordinated” without coming off artificial. That’s all.

    To She-Who…

    Yeah. I guess Bigelow was supposed to blush, giggle behind her frilly white fan, and throw her gloved hand at him with an “Oh, you.” Cos YOU KNOW the other men in the room prolly knew her name as “JAMES CAMERON’S EX” before she won. HA!

    It just further underlines how more women/minorities need to win, so we can count them on more than one hand in a lifetime, like Haley’s Comet appearances.

  68. SisterAgnes says:

    “she does not appeal to ALL MEN ON THE PLANET EARTH.”

    Who said she does?? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it just so happens alot of people think she’s beautiful. But alot doesn’t=everybody.

    They’re still together. Watch the tabloids spin this as damage control on their part. I feel for this couple, must be horrendous to have one’s life dissected to this degree.

  69. SageAdvice says:


  70. Ursula says:

    OMG, look at them, so together, so happy, with nary a worry for these two in their blissful union. Sigh.

    Whats up with Brad’s wig?

  71. SageAdvice says:

    Xena: When the heck did people say that they were famewhores when they were nominated? I don’t recall anyone saying anything at the Oscars when Angelina Jolie wore those gorgeous emeralds. And if they did, I don’t agree.

    If they didn’t ACT so A-List, then they wouldn’t be so A-list. They enjoy that spotlight as much as all the other actors. They claim to not like people prying into their lives, but they share a lot. More than most people would like to know, in my opinion.

    My problem, I guess, is that they act so high and mighty even though both of them are mediocre actors who are famous because of the Triangle.

  72. Popcorny says:

    Egad, I’m so exhausted of hearing how “exhausted” these people are.
    I don’t care if they have 2, 6 or 26 kids -they utilize nannies on a grand scale.
    I’ll save being impressed and excuses for my neighbor who stays at home with her two, the Duggars and even that Kate Gosselin woman -those folks are doing right by their kids. Not these jet-setting narcissistic clowns collecting kids like international Halloween candy.
    One day they’re in this country, the next day they’re in another country, movie sets here and movie sets there, award shows, dinners and events, etc., -their kids are either spending way too much time traveling or with nannies …. and certainly not together.
    Oh, my bad, they’re good looking and rich so they get a pass, right?
    Ya know, I’m not a “hater” as it’s said (about anyone saying nary a discouraging word on these two) but when I read all the ridiculous god-like worshipping adulation given to these two self-absorbed POS’s, I feel a responsibility to point out what’s being deliberately overlooked.

  73. Ursula says:

    Hmmm, even Chey Chey has changed her tune. It is no longer ‘these two are meant to be and will live together forever, not it is ‘relationships end all the time. I wonder if our resident insider knows something.

    Doesn’t matter who breaks the news, these two are dunzo and they have been for some time. In case of Brad, history repeating itself. He did that with his ex, played lovey dovey even better at the end of their relationship. any one remember ‘I love my wife?’

    I am just loving the ride. I called it last weekend, that we would have a PR outing over the weekend.

    I am predicting another outing but this time with the kids. She will be solo. Pity me kinda thing. My man has quit on us.

    These two are just too predictable. I guess betonline is closing bets on their split.

  74. Cheyenne says:

    @ Ursula: Are you really as dumb as you sound? You’ve been calling them “dunzo” for the past five years, analyzing every minute they don’t lock eyes with each other in a passionate gave or grab each other’s butts. If they hadn’t gone to the DGA together you would have called proof they were split. Since they did, they were faking it. What are you going to do if they don’t break up? Break out into assholes and crap yourself to death?

  75. crash2GO2 says:

    @Aleisha: Meh…I watched it. It happens so fast. The only thing I say I can notice about their pose is that his shoulders and head are tilted away from her – he is leaning away from her. Truly, with them sitting right on top of each other, I would expect to see his arm along the back of her chair, and his head down close to hers, as they both watch the proceedings.

    Boo hiss the body language stuff all you want people. I’ve been predicting this for months based on their body language and so far I’ve been dead on, although for the most part, I’ve kept quiet about it.

  76. Ursula says:

    Chey, Chey, I have not been predicting this forever, nope, I don’t care about them that much. Actually started noticing them last year when Brad was looking kinda strange. I don’t like them, that much is clear, I used not to mind them, now I can’t wait for them to split.

    I have not thought about them not splitting because am so sure they are. I have no need to plan my reaction to their eternal happiness.

    Its not a matter of if, but when. In fact, by hunch is that they split already. The rest is PR. Their relationship had become a brand. We are not witnessing the winding up process.

  77. Cheyenne says:

    ROFLMAO, oh right, you haven’t been predicting this forever, all you’ve been saying for the past five years is you can’t wait for them to split up. Do you go to bed every night praying that the big announcement will come that will make your life worth living? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that all you can do with the haters is write them off as spiteful bitches, hope you never run across them in real life, and pray they don’t have any kids to infest with their particular brand of vitriol.

  78. corine says:

    @ Josephina. SPOT ON! The spite-filled people on this site critique them to death, as if Brad + Angelina should live their lives according to THEIR rules. They are so wrapped up in their lives. It’s A-mazing. I can’t imagine what these people must be like in real life–shudders at the thought–No wonder they are on the internet all the time. Who else could stand them?

  79. princess pea says:

    @ Mistral – Nah, that the speaker was gay doesn’t deflect the offense for me. It’s not a problem statement because it essentially translates into “I think you’re attractive,” so much as it is because it implies “the most important thing about you is whether or not you are attractive”. Sure, it’s nice that he thinks she has nice legs. But she put a lot of effort into that movie, and the best compliment he could think to give it is… “what a pretty girl you are”.

  80. Cheyenne says:

    @corine: This hatefest will go on until Aniston finally gets a man, which means it could go on forever, because nobody wants her, any more than any man wants these hags posting on here.

    I don’t know what they get out of all this spite and negativity, unless it’s to take their minds off their own miserable lives, but enough is enough. Ciao.

  81. Praise St. Angie! says:

    you know, I was going to refrain from commenting here, but…


    “I’ve come to the conclusion that all you can do with the haters is write them off as spiteful bitches”

    and this…

    “because nobody wants her, any more than any man wants these hags posting on here.”

    come from the same person? laughably hypocritical.

    “I don’t know what they get out of all this spite and negativity, unless it’s to take their minds off their own miserable lives”

    I understand that some people are unnecessarily hateful of a person you like, but…complaining about it while you do the same?

    pot, kettle, etc…

  82. princess pea says:

    Of course, Cheyenne. Because the ONLY reason anyone might not adore St Angie is that they’re totally devoted to Lonely Jen. The only reason. Only. Possible. Reason. Keep saying it, maybe it will come true.

  83. sick of it says:

    Ok, I’m going to be a meanie (altho, I know it won’t accomplish anything b/c the people lodged in this epic battle will continue.)

    If you are still using the words loons,loonies, hags, Jenhens, Skankalina, whore, homewrecker, Pittiful, etc. THAT MEANS you are A LOSER. It’s OFFICIAL. It’s the equivalent of saying you’re in your 50s, living in your parent’s basement, and spend the majority of your day listening to old records, dressing up your cat in ballerina outfits, and crying.

    IT’S BEEN 5 long, sad years. There’s really no words anymore. WHY WHY WHY do you care so damn much?? WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE MEAN TO YOU? Stop it. Move on. Get better role models. Get better hobbies (preferably ones which don’t involve trashing celebs who didn’t DIVORCE or LEAVE you). I just don’t get it anymore.

  84. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    @Sigh, thanks for this:

    “To She-Who…
    Yeah. I guess Bigelow was supposed to blush, giggle behind her frilly white fan, and throw her gloved hand at him with an “Oh, you.” Cos YOU KNOW the other men in the room prolly knew her name as “JAMES CAMERON’S EX” before she won. HA!”

    Too funny and so true!

    @Princess Pea, yeah I agree, it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, it was still outta line.

    WHY isn’t Kathryn Bigelow’s WIN written up on Celebitchy??

    Why are there so many write up about the grammy’s and people’s bad fashion choices ffs? Oh well.

  85. Bek says:

    Cheyenne: Not everybody who disagrees with Pitt and Jolie is a hag. You can’t see the posters. You would think you wouldn’t need reminding of this….but it suffices me to say it. And the only person talking about Jen is you. You’re quite obsessed with her, in the same way you claim everybody else is. Honey honey. You call people vicious names on this board because they point out the obvious, yet you hate a woman so passionately because…she smokes? She likes Mexico? She had the nerve to be married to Brad before Angie got with him? Sorry, it just doesn’t ring true. Can’t have it both ways.

  86. Bek says:

    I’m not a “hater” or a “sad bitch” or a “hag”, but I’m going to have to agree with the majority here. I’m not “rooting” for a family to break up. Some of you need reminding that this is a GOSSIP SITE. If you don’t like the gossip, positive or negative, what are you doing here? I don’t know and will never claim to know exactly what’s going on in camp brangie. However, I do find it strange that such a clean-cut and respectable man suddenly finds himself in several unflattering photo candids where he’s obviously drunk. He’s photographed with open containers on the red carpet. He’s photographed at all hours of the morning, drinking, yet he claims to retire early because of his kids. I also find it strange that while this couple usually does interviews and gets photographed quite often, they’ve suddenly been sparsely seen for the last 6 months, proving the point that they are in control of when the media captures them. If they don’t want to be photographed, they won’t be. They both look tired continuously, and they both spend oodles of time apart. Yet they have tons of staff and access to the best treatments out there. It doesn’t prove one way or another, but you’d have to be blind not to notice the recent downfall.

  87. alex says:

    Hey Bek, Brad and Angelina never do interview regularly, I don’t know where you got that info from. They only do interview when they have a movie to premiere etc. And for someone who are not a hater or a sad or a sad b*tch or hag like you said, you are very judgmental of two people that you never met. BTW I would like to see pictures of Brad early in the morning drunk and acting irresponsible like you said.

    No wonder the tabs are still in business, especially with people like you people all their bs stories. It is kind of sad and pathetic to see what hatred can do to a person.

  88. Camille says:

    Josephina hit the nail squarely on the head with her post. Perfectly said Josephina!

    These 2 are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

  89. PJ says:

    To #27, yes, you can have your hair dyed to have “natural looking gray” at the temples. First you get one overall color, then they add highlights of gray where you want them. Lowlights work too. It’s amazing what effects can be created. George Clooney’s hair color is amazing.

    Brad’s hair looked exceptionally thick to me. At his age it’s got to be thinning, so maybe he’s started with hair plugs.

  90. alex says:

    OMG lol at the poster that said brad’s hair can’t be that thick at his age so it must be hairplug. Have you seen his dad’s hair? And I guess his dad is wearing hairplugs as well lol. The things some people come up with is really something lol

  91. Raven says:

    N.D., thanks for the dress link. It looks great and I’ll bet it really set off her eyes.

    Lisa, thanks for the summary. I think you’ve pretty much captured the essentials.

    As far as Brad’s hair, I’ll bet it is all his. I know several men 20 years older than he is who have full heads of hair–silver or gray, but full. As far as the beard, I wonder if he didn’t see Jeff Bridges at the GG’s and decide he could make his look a bit better. It looks much closer to what Bridges was sporting when he gave his acceptance speech.

  92. Beachbum says:

    Its amazing that everyone buys this PR AND DEFLECTION FROM THEM. Comments should be diverse, so no one should delete them if they don’t like what people say. Where is it fair and balanced here???? Just my opinion and several others view too.

  93. lisa says:

    I am a fan and don’t mind being called a loonie.. and I don’t have a problem with other people not liking Brad/Angie as a couple, actor or persons. We all have people in showbiz that we like and don’t. MY point is this. As a fan I do go to different sites. and as such it is easy to see the same nasty comments word for word. NOW tell me does that sound normal. NOPE if you don’t like them why is it a mission to run from site to site saying the same nasty thing. That is spamming. And yes that to me is a hater. Someone that needs to spread that kind of nastiness. So call me whatever you will. But I have seen comments from really sick people saying how Brad should take his “white” children, and leave the “colored” ones with Angie. That Brad should take his children and raise them with Aniston. So please don’t say that I as a fan am being crazy or off the mark. Especially when I recognize the names and specific comments from certain posters that have already been posted on very specific hate sites.

    That is a hater and a freak. I don’t mind being called a loonie.. Not an insult to me. But don’t throw names around if you are not willing to get some thrown back.

  94. nnn says:

    I don’t understand the obsession about these two supposed break up or calculation about how it ends or how they fake it. A whole country going bollocks based on pictures and fantasies about a Hollywood couple. That tells more about that society than about that couple.

    By any parameters these two are caught on pictures together more than ANY other couples, and i mean any other Hollywood couples, including ALL their previous relationships.

    If by the same standards some of you like to hold them to justify their non well being together, then, no couples in Hollywood is REAL by the same standards !

    Also since, some relate the break up with the reunion of Jen and Brad, using the same logic, what logic put a man who is supposed to be heartbroken in his present life leaving his woman to go back to the one he wasn’t seeing 50 % as much during their marriage ? The same former wife with whom he exchanged through media not so sweet words/declaration about their future together (not the love of my lofe, a merger to describe their own marriage).

    What logic hold that ?

    When the relationship of one Hollywood couple who is pictured TOGETHER on most occasions than ANY other couples (Hollywoodian and everyday people), spend more time together than mere mortals who have to work the whole year, when this couple among the thousand of existing ones is dissected and lurked to and discussed to no end about its viability, you know that you have crossed a line. The line of SANITY. And it ain’t pretty.

    Some of you like to talk about Brad’s drunk habits but they are the ones who are drunk by a national craziness totally out of control…It’s like a whole society of grown ups getting paranoid and obsessed, holding one couple to unbeleivable standards that they don’t even hold themselves in their own couple/life. Children have more critical sense.

    This is not a normal, decent behaviour for any grown ups by any standards whatsoever and if Brad and Jolie are Famewhores for living their life on their terms like any human being does, what are those obsessesd by the state of their relationship to this sickening extent ?

  95. Codzilla says:

    Lisa: You bring up these supposed derogatory remarks about the kids, but I’ve never seen anything like that on CB. And frankly, it’s a cheap shot on your part to throw around those accusations here, rather than confront the posters directly on the offending sites.

    And Cheyenne, I can tell from other comments you’ve made on different topics that you’re a decent and intelligent person, but the “spiteful bitches and hags” crap is just unbelievably puerile. Why take it all so personally? They’re just movie stars, which in the grand scheme of things, is totally meaningless.

  96. Aleisha says:


    I was talking to the ones who are blindly in love with the brand, you’re obviously not and have a little more insight 😉

    To the ones who think they are still together, think again…. they are so not!

    There are some haters who just totally hate them (Brangelina), but they are the minority. It’s more that people are just sick of them and are speculating that this time it’s really bye-bye-byeeeee….

    Why would a woman keep having babies (biological and adopted) with a man to whom she is not married? And why would a man who is not married to a woman keep having babies with her?? Makes no sense what they’re doing. The only ones who will lose are those kids…

    A relationship built on hot se*x is never going to last… you need basic compatibility and in any case, most relationships in Hollywood cannot stand the test of time…. theirs is no exception.

  97. Cheyenne says:

    Cod: Sorry if you disagree, but I believe the term “spiteful bitch” applies to anyone who wants to see a family of six young children break up. I mean, damn, there are some celebrities I can’t stand, but I don’t want to see their families destroyed. What’s the point?

    Also, you don’t know whether Lisa has confronted the offensive posters directly on the other web sites or not. Maybe she has. But I can understand why she would bring it in here to show the lengths some people who hate Angelina can go to. I’ve seen posts calling Z the n-word. Hate on Angie and/or Brad all you want, but leave their children out of it.

    Consider this: This is not the only blog in cyberspace. A lot of people posting here may post on other blogs as well. Of course they are not going to make racist comments about the Jolie-Pitt children on this blog, not if they want to keep posting here. But for all you and I know, they could be making those despicable comments on other web sites. Think about it.

  98. crash2GO2 says:

    @Aleisha; Well, you just spewed a lot of stuff as fact that is really just your personal opinion. It is certainly theoretically possible for a couple that are not married to have many children and stay together. I am not making any judgment calls ’cause Lord knows I’m in no position to do so. All I know is what I have seen these two project from photographs, and my opinion thereof.


  99. crazydaisy says:

    not crazy about her earrings. what say you? she can go overboard with earrings, i think.