Michael Jackson’s children accept their dad’s Lifetime Achievement award

Earth Song, Michael Jackson’s children are in the video below.

A star studded cast consisting of Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson, and Carrie Underwood paid musical tribute to Michael Jackson at last night’s Grammy Awards. The five did a virtual duet to Jackson’s hit “Earth Song” accompanied by a 3-D background video made for Jackson’s tour featuring beautiful nature imagery. The thing is, the live audience could view the video in 3-D as they were given special glasses, but the effect was lost on the home viewers, who saw blurry and kind of blueish images. It didn’t matter though, because the song was so incredible. It was a very touching tribute and I found myself getting a little misty-eyed toward the end. Not for Jackson necessarily, but because of the moving lyrics and the powerful way they were sung by so many talented artists.

Michael Jackson’s two older children, Prince and Paris, accepted the Lifetime Achievement Awards on behalf of their father. Like the musical tribute to their dad, they received a standing ovation. Prince and Paris looked so grown up on stage! Prince, 12, did most of the talking and vowed to continue his father’s charity work. Paris came on briefly afterwards and said a very heartfelt few words:

Michael Jackson’s 2 eldest children accepted his posthumous lifetime achievement award at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Prince and Paris Jackson were accompanied by their cousins Tarryl, TJ and Taj Jackson of music group 3T when they accepted the award from presenter Lionel Richie.

Prince and Paris wore black suits and red armbands, reminiscent of their father’s style. They were greeted by a standing ovation as they walked hand-in-hand onstage.

“Thank you. We are proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of our father, Michael Jackson,” the 12-year-old Prince said. “First of all we’d like to thank God for watching over us for these past 7 months and our grandma and grandpa for their love and support. We’d also like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much because you were always there for him.”

“Our father was always concerned about the planet and humanity. Through all his hard work and dedication, he has helped many charities and donated to all of them. Through all his songs, his message was simple: love. We will continue to spread his message and help the world. Thank you. We love you daddy.”

Paris, 11, added: “Daddy was supposed to be here. Daddy was gonna perform this year but he couldn’t perform last year. Thank you. We love you daddy.”

Jackson’s third child, 7-year-old Prince Michael II also known as “Blanket,” did not go onstage.

[From ABS-CBN News]

I just wanted to give Paris a hug after that. I really admire these children and hope that they continue to live their lives out of the spotlight. It’s nice to see them at a special event for their dad, but I really hope they don’t end up having careers in show business – especially if their grandfather has anything to do with it.

The 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

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46 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s children accept their dad’s Lifetime Achievement award”

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  1. Lady Nightshade says:

    SO cute and sweet….but didn’t he actually claim he was the biological father? There is no way…

  2. Dorothy says:

    WOW that was probably really tough for Prince to do but he did a great job.

    On a side note did anyone notice the cousins? Did they all have the MJ nose job? What is up with that??

  3. CYANN says:

    It’s Jennifer Hudson, not Jessica.

    It is me or have these kids matured quite a bit over the past 7 months? Both of them have adult haircuts now. Kids are growing up fast enough, especially in their world.

  4. Beth says:

    It’s funny how a lot of people thought his kids were freaks but they seem really composed and mature. Eventhough Michael had some strange behaviors, it seems he was actually a good father. I don’t know if I agree with letting them go to the Grammys but it very well may have been their choice.

  5. lio says:

    Poor kids…They did a great job, very professionnal and every thing. But it’s simply too heavy for children of that age. You could tell it was very hard for them. I’m sorry I even click to watch that.

  6. dude says:

    i teared up that was soo sweet! Such brave children. They are very cute!! His daughter is really beautiful!!

  7. Kiki says:

    I was really impressed with Prince Michael’s speech last night. Those children seemed sooo grounded! MJ apparently did a great job in raising them (I feel a little sad that they are not his.)

  8. Kathie says:

    Please stop the speculation on the biology of these children as though we had information about their DNA! We don’t and until we do, no one knows except for God and maybe the person who did the IVF! Additionally it doesn’t matter who biologically sired these children these children are MJs children legally, emotionally and every other way so STFU already!

  9. rreedy says:

    These children are beautiful, however whoever is making the decision to put them out front of the world needs their head examined. These kids need normalcy and protection, not used by opportunists.

  10. lucy2 says:

    A lifetime achievement award is a nice thing for them to publicly accept, but I too hope the family doesn’t continue to put them in the spotlight.

  11. Dorothy says:

    @Kathie – well said!

  12. kermit says:

    I’m with Celebitchy and rreedy. Let’s get these kids out of the spotlight and soon.

  13. Anastasia says:

    Ok then, Kathie, fair enough, besides, most everyone probably already knows they are not biologically his. But how about I gripe about how the kids already seem to be lassoed into a life in the public eye, just like Michael was at a young age.

    Michael himself seemed to be keeping their lives ultra-private. Now all of a sudden we not only see these kids, but they’re making appearances at the Grammys and making speeches.

    I don’t get a good feeling about this, not at all.

  14. SammyHammy says:

    Hmm. These are the same kids he fought so hard to keep out of the spotlight, right? And now they are trotting them out onstage? Shame on his family. There is no reason another family member couldn’t have accepted the award. Those kids have enough to deal with without being pushed into the spotlight like that.

    Shame, shame, shame.

  15. princess pea says:

    @ Kathie – Thanks for saying that. I just don’t understand why it matters to people… three little children lost their dad, whom they clearly loved, and seven months later a pack of jerks on the internet can only find it in their hearts to question their paternity?

    They seem like remarkable kids.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    A parent is someone who loves and raises you as his own, whether or not you are of his blood. Michael Jackson was their parent. Period.

    Let this go already.

  17. omondieu says:

    This is the first time they’ve been publicly seen since the memorial during the summer. They aren’t by any means “constantly being put out in the spotlight”. As his children, I think that it was brave and touching for them to accept such an honour on MJ’s behalf. I seriously doubt that they’re going to become red-carpet and tabloid regulars at their young ages.

    Think about what these kids have seen. They know first hand what fame can do to a person–they watched it destroy their father, the biggest musical phenomenon in history. I can’t fathom them being particularly awed and enticed by celebrity, because they were brought up in an environment that didn’t seem to take advantage of and exploit it. These kids weren’t Suri Cruise, constantly being taken out and lavished with lipgloss and high-heeled shoes. In spite of their lineage, they seem to have been brought up rather austerely. It’s likely that these kids are wise and mature beyond their years.

    All three of them are going to be heartbreakers when they’re older! Adorable.

  18. Tess says:

    That evil old man, Joe Jackson, engineered this “coup”, which is the official debut of the next generation of Jacksons, the “cousins” who will yet again bankroll his lifestyle.

    The kids are dead ringers for Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael’s dermatologist and the employer of Debbie Rowe, the out-to-lunch bio mother who was Klein’s office assistant at the time she met Michael.

    That explains their intelligence as well as the way they—especially Prince—look like Klein.

    Dollars to donuts, Klein’s the father. What a crazy situation. Klein’s gay, Debbie Rowe pretty much sold her children, Jackson was a pedophile, the grandparents, aunts and uncles all have issuess…hope the kids can sort it all out.

  19. wow says:

    Very sweet and very appropriate to have his children be the ones accepting it on their father’s behalf.

    More of these type of kids and less of Paris Hilton and that bunch.

  20. sharylmj says:

    I thought it was very brave and appropriate for MJ’s kids to accept this award on his behalf. I’m sure if they really didn’t want to, they would have not been there. You can tell that they are being raised in a nurturing and protective enviroment. I thought it was weird about the cousins being there, but maybe Prince and Paris wanted them there for support. Paris is beautiful. Nice, well mannered kids.. testimony to the world that MJ was a great dad.

  21. georgiagirl says:

    Well said Kathie
    If you feel they don’t belong in the spotlight, stop covering them and posting papparazzi photos! If People, OK, TMZ and everyone else didn’t hound them and photograph them and them publish the pix, they’d have some dam privacy!

  22. me says:

    You’re right, it doesnt matter who gave birth, as long as you are a good parent. The problem is that Michael led everyone to believe that he was the biological father. between this and the massive amounts of plastic surgery and skin lightening. he clearly had problems with being black. It obviously did matter to him “whether you’re black or white”.

  23. Amy says:

    MJ”s kids really have grown up. He must be looking down on them and feeling proud. Yes I agree that the kids should be kept out of the limelight.That’s what their father would have wanted for them.

  24. Tess says:

    My father was adopted, and I can tell you that at some point those kids will probably want to know about their bio background.

    I do think it’s wonderful that so many people say that it doesn’t matter. But believe me, those kids will reach an age where they will want to know.

    It’s very very common for adult adoptees to search for info about their bio parents. That doesn’t mean they they love their adopted families any less.

  25. the truth says:

    michael said they were his and idiots belived him, there is no way in hell those white kids came from michael full stop. anyone who even belives there could be a chance in the world is a damm fool..

  26. Dorothy says:

    Not every adopted child looks for birth parents I am 35 and I have not and my sister at 40 has not. Family is who loves you and raises you. MJ was a father to these kids.

  27. EMV says:

    I think that MJ did a wonderful job raising his children and as far as I’m concerned the allegations against him are and were false. His children seem like mature and well adjusted children who loved their father very much. This is more than I can say about a lot of children. Even though MJ had issues, everyone does.As far as the children being his, their complexion looks as though they do have ethinic background. Not all children look like their parents. I’m not saying that they are his or aren’t his children, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter. But yea I noticed all of the cousin’s nose jobs too..lol

  28. Stella says:

    They seem like lovely children but why were they dressed in those ridiculous get-ups like their father wore??? They’re 11 and 12 year old children, not 50 year old aging pop stars. They look like they’re in some kind of ridiculous cult.

  29. mockey says:

    the truth please go back to a biology class… there are as much chance for those children to be his that there are for them not to be his.
    Mixed people can came in all sort of shade. There is a guy in my town who looks white while BOTH his parents are black

  30. lena says:

    @ stella, i thought maybe they just thought it was a way to honor their late father, you know dress like him in some way

    As far as Michael being the biological father, it IS possible… there are thousands of people that are born to one black parent and one white parent and look 100% white and vice versa. And this can occur because most blacks in the US have some white ancestry. I don’t think they are biologically his, but you never know and I really don’t care, people only get up in arms about it because it’s a black man adopting/raising white kids… when it’s a white person adopting/raising any ethnicity other than white no one blinks twice. The kids acknowledge MJ as their father and at the end of the day that’s all that matters, if they want to know more about their background when they get older that is their choice

  31. Gigohead says:

    I think Prince did a great job. He is very articulate. I think he should be an actor if he wanted to. I have to say, the cousins are cute too. The old Jackson need to go into the pasture and let the young one get the spotlight.

  32. asiont says:

    I agree with Kathie, so true.

    And those kids are really beautiful and very cute

  33. Zoe says:

    I know everyone always wants to assume the worse when it comes to the Jacksons, but these kids are at the age where they can start to make some decisions and they were invited to the Grammy’s for the tribute and it’s sweet they decided to attend and speak. This doesn’t sound like a speech designed to pimp the family in any way, or they would have been plugging Grandpa Joe’s new record label. This was clearly a loving tribute, as the outfits also suggest. I think it’s sad people always want to make everything so twisted and deranged when it pertains to this family. It’s obvious Michael Jackson did a great job raising those children and that they were loved, and that’s clearly what matters – not whose kids they are genetically or any such nonsense. They are clearly touched by love and my heart breaks for them, as anyone with a shred of empathy would.

  34. steve says:

    mockey – the problem with your theory is the situation in your town might happen once in a blue moon…NOT THREE TIMES to one black man.

  35. CaramelKiss14 says:

    @Steve – try doing a little studying into the history of the South. In New Orleans, Louisiana the creole had an expression for blacks so fair that they passed for white called passant blanc. So yes, it can happen not only 3 times but to a whole friggin city. People, damn it’s twentyten, please hop aboard the intellect train. DAYUM!!!
    I think his children accepting a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award is a far cry from being media whores, unlike some of the other celebs who are constantly carting their kids out and about knowing that Paps are around. So, I highly doubt we will see them on a regular basis.

  36. MissMel says:

    that song was very moving

  37. Anastasia says:

    There is no way you can tell how well-adjusted they are based on a one minute speech on stage. No way.

    I presented very well as a kid. I was extremely articulate and intelligent. My parents used to take me around to show off my violin playing for everyone and I was as gracious a child as you could ever find.

    And I was abused and neglected every way but Sunday from birth to the age of 17 (when I escaped).

    I’m not saying that’s the case here, for anyone who doesn’t understand. I’m saying you absolutely CANNOT tell how a child has been raised or what their personal life is like based on sixty seconds of stammering on stage.

  38. Anastasia says:

    CaramelKiss1, MJ did not change his DNA, right?

    My friend Natasha, who is African-American, watched that clip with me and turned to me and said “those kids are about as black as you are.” I hadn’t said anything about it before that.

    It’s true that your parent is who raises you. But MJ himself made a big freaking deal out of these kids being BIOLOGICALLY his because he so desperately had a problem with his own beautiful black skin.

    Personally I think he had a severe case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

    Anyway, I’ve seen men as dark as he was have babies with white women and all three of them do not come out looking like little white children, like these kids do. They look mixed. Because they are. Dark skin, dark eyes and dark hair are dominant over light, which is why I got my dad’s brown eyes and not my mom’s green ones.

    It’s just biology.

  39. Seer says:

    Michael Jackson was a wonderful entertainer, and both of these children are adorable. But I would sooner believe that Lady GaGa wears granny cotton underwear than believe that Michael Jackson was the biological father of these two children. Maybe they expect us to believe that his bleach cream reached his DNA. No, I think these children were adopted into the Jackson family when they were babies, and that they are loved and cared for by very loving and kind people. I wish the very best for them.

  40. lena says:

    Thank you Caramel Kiss! I don’t think they are his biologically his, but for some people to just write it off like it can’t happen really amuses me (these folks tend to be uneducated on the matter) hell, some white people on this board may have some african blood in them and not even know it! If you start shaking your family tree hard enough anything or i should say anyone can fall out of it.

  41. I was so pround of Prince Michael! I didn’t watch the Grammys, but I caught his acceptance speech on-line. He really is an eloquent young man. I hope the paps give these poor kids some space and let them have a life. Michael was terrifed of something happening to his children.

  42. MiMi says:

    I believe Michael was more concerned about kidnappings than he was about his kids having a public life in show biz. He said many times when his children were young that there had been threats to their safety. Whether or not they end up in show biz is up to them and their family.

  43. Lia says:

    The kids were very brave to go onstage like that and collect his award. However, shame on the adults who made the decision to put them up there, to pimp them out for as much attention as possible. Is this almost over…?

  44. yadira says:

    I was so teary eyed after watching this. I want to hug those kids. Everytime I see them, I sense the sadness they must still be going through losing their father. (blood or not, he is their daddy) He seems to have done a really good job raising those kiddos.

  45. hairball says:

    This is not meant to be mean, but doesn’t the boy look a lot like Rod Blagojevich??

  46. alibeebee says:

    these kids could be mike’s they are mixed black and white .. my niece and nephews look like them and they are mixed too black and white. and my sister gets pissed when people used to ask her if she was their nannny. when you get mixes in kids. you never know how they turn out. they could be they couldn’t be. he is/ was their father so dna no dna paternity does not matter. they new MJ as their dad not Dr. klein or any other suspected SPERM DONOR. DNA does not make one a a parent. it is the act of love and parenting that makes a parent.