Taylor Momsen, model: easy on the eye-liner, heavy on the Lohan


I am sort of startled to see Taylor Momsen’s actual face. She’s not hiding behind a blanket of stringy, bleach-damaged hair, she’s not hiding behind the motherload of eye makeup, she’s not hiding behind a reservoir of angsty teenage bullsh-t, and she’s not hiding behind a cloud of smoke. What the hell? She looks half-way decent. Except… very Lohan-esque, right? Like, she looks more like Lindsay Lohan than Ali looks like Lindsay. Is Taylor “the missing Lohan”? Don’t say it too loudly, because it would probably please Taylor to hear it.


Anyway, these photos are part of Taylor’s “modeling” for New Look’s Spring-Summer collection. The guy from Litely Salted also points out the Lohan-esque vibe: “You know, if Taylor Momsen wants to stop being compared to Lindsay Lohan, she might want to consider not appearing in photoshoots where she looks like she’s covered in a light dusting of the booger sugar.” He goes on, but it’s too hilariously bitchy, so just go here for a laugh.

Backing up, remember those photos of Taylor Mommsen – and remember, this chick is 16 years old – smoking in Brooklyn last week? Yeah, well it took the anti-smoking watchdog groups like a week to say something, but the director of Foundation for a Smoke-Free America finally manned up and told Us Weekly that Mommsen “really has an extra responsibility to bear as an actress idolized by little girls out there… For her to be smoking sends the wrong message to kids. Evidence shows that stars do influence kids to smoke.” If your little girl idolizes Taylor Momsen and wants to be just like her, I’d say you have much larger problems as a parent, but that’s just me.


Taylor Momsen’s ads for New Look, courtesy of Litely Salted.

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  1. bella says:

    OMG! It’s a good thing that first shot is memorialised as a photo – she’s actually wearing pants! (That first sentence sounds redundant to me too, but I’ve been up with the baby for over 12 hours and couldn’t figure out how else to say it.)

  2. SageAdvice says:


  3. kermit says:

    She’s not biting her fingers, that’s a familiar Lindsay pose. Taylor looks nothing like Lindsay. Taylor looks almost circa 1960s here and about age 18. There’s a different energy to this girl than Lindsay Lohan altogether.

    Ali and Lindsay are without a doubt sisters in their appearance and especially in motion. How? Both Lindsay and Ali have distinctive hair lines, Ali’s is more like a window’s peak. Both Lindsay and Ali have strong Lohan cheekbones. Both Lindsay and Ali share furled eyebrow expressions and often raise up one eyebrow. Both Lindsay and Ali have similar raspy Lohan voices. Both Lindsay and Ali have expressive eyes that seem a bit sad to me. Both Lindsay and Ali have a strong look about them, they appear much older than their actual age. In terms of modeling, I’ll take both Lindsay and Ali over Taylor. They are both just much more interesting looking IMO. And at 16 when Lindsay had red hair, she was just so Ann Margaret-like and almost exotic.

  4. abbizmal says:

    She needs to ease up on the bleech too. Maybe some of it seeped into her brain and caused damage.

  5. hottathanholywatta says:

    who is this loser???

  6. marky mark says:

    I get the idea that she’s more of a Mischa Barton….Hot show (never seen it)Hot girl (in a tacky gothy sort of way), but once the show goes off the air & it will (O.C.??? WHAT??) She’ll be sloughing her way thru Hollywood until one of the Law & Orders takes pity on her and lets her play the “corpse” of a dead hooker/junkie…

  7. yadira says:

    Little Ms C-U-Next-Tuesday! Gotta love that! That was a hilariously written article

  8. Jazzy says:

    wait are you serious about her not wearing very much eye makeup?? because to me it looks like she’s wearing just as much as usual, if not more

  9. snowball says:

    yadira, I’m still laughing at “booger sugar.”

    marky mark, I totally agree. Mischa in the making here.

  10. kermit says:

    Mischa, yes and no. Yes in that Mischa was on the OC where the ratings went up then way down as did Mischa’s ego. No in that Mischa is international, did a lot of stage work, and wasn’t doing a parallel music career.

    Taylor is her own person. Don’t know who she reminds me of, her music seems Courtney Love inspired. The thing is, when an actress goes on an unfortunate route of substance abuse, like Mischa did, I just don’t feel comfortable drawing any parallels in career. Taylor may piss people off with a seemingly snotty attitude and dress provocatively and smoke, but it doesn’t mean she’s going to be a drug abuser or break laws down the road.

  11. Janesaid says:

    Oh please, let’s just hope she doesn’t end up like either Lindsay or Misha!

  12. Rianna says:

    I just cant get past her being Cindy Lou Who… wtf happened….

  13. The Old KC says:

    I find it so hilarious and off-putting that Mischa Barton did a lot of stage work. I read that in the Sunday paper a few years ago and then saw her in the O.C. and thought, well, obviously stage work doesn’t mean jack…her lines were so wooden, my friends and I still say “she went all Mischa Barton/Freddie Prinze Jr. wooden”.

  14. Dolkite says:

    Rianna – Me too…and her performance as Cindy Lou was by far the worst I have ever seen from a child actress…

  15. kimberly says:

    the best way to make a wannabe tough bad azz kiddie actress go away is to stop commenting on their stories, and don’t download their music.

    Ignore celebs and “celebs” it’s the only way to make them disappear.

  16. princess pea says:

    Meh, kermit, I think we can’t say for certain that Mischa sucks because of drug use. She sucked on the OC and she can’t get work and she regularly tells the media that she’s not strung out on drugs. Sure, it really seems like she is… but it also seems like Taylor here is a first-class spoiled brat who thinks that because she’s got a role on Gossip Girl she’s the next IT girl.