Kate Moss’ mother moves in

Kate Moss’ five-year-old daughter is apparently getting in the way of Moss’ crazy party lifestyle. So instead of cutting down on the drinking, partying, and (supposedly) sleeping with random men, Moss decided to move her mother Linda into her home. Apparently Kate is hoping that her mother’s presence will be a stable force in her daughter Lila Grace’s life. Because that’s so much easier than actually spending time with your kid and not acting like you’re still 22.

A source said: “Kate wants a more stable home life, and thinks Linda will give her that. She recently turned 34 and wants to tone down the partying lifestyle. She will no doubt find it tough though.

“Linda will be helping to look after Lila Grace, but she will also make sure the new home doesn’t turn into a 24-hour party house, which it is in danger of becoming. She wants to make it a nice home for her granddaughter. The house is being totally renovated at the moment, and Linda has been able to choose how her new room will look. It’s nothing fancy, but she has a massive luxury bathroom all to herself. She has moved all of her stuff into the house and the move will be as permanent as it has to be. Kate’s happy to have her there for as long as she wants.”

[From the Daily Mail]

Well of course Kate’s happy to have her mother there as long as she wants. The phrasing makes it sound like Kate is doing her mother a favor; I’m guessing it’s actually the other way around. I hope Kate is compensating her mother nicely. Or at least getting her some good drugs. That’s probably Kate Moss’ idea of nice compensation. According to the Daily Mail, Kate had several excessively loud late-night parties since moving into her home, and she’s on rather hostile terms with her neighbors, who’ve called the police on her several times. I’m sure the odd dynamic of an able-bodied parent living with her wealthy, partying daughter is unlikely to result in a taming of behavior. It’d be nice if Kate Moss would grow up and be a good influence on her daughter all on her own, but a grandmother is better than nothing.

Picture note by Jaybird: Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne at the Chanel After Party in Honor of Karl Largerfeld in London on December 5, 2007. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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