Jennifer Love Hewitt changes her hair back to normal

Jennifer Love Hewitt had her gorgeous dark hair cut and dyed blonde last month. Then she admitted she disliked it, changed the color to an orangey red and added extensions. Both hairstyles were worse than her original ‘do.

It looks like she’s back to her senses, because she appeared at “The Break Up” premiere in Los Angeles yesterday with dark hair again in a normal style.

She is out with Scottish actor Ross McCall, 30, who she has dated since the beginning of March. They met when McCall was a guest star on Hewitt’s television show, The Ghost Whisperer.

Hewitt is said to be superstitious in real life, and supposedly consulted a psychic for confirmation that McCall was the right man for her. The psychic gave her the go-ahead.

Here she is with regular hair at yesterday’s premiere of “The Break Up.”

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2 Responses to “Jennifer Love Hewitt changes her hair back to normal”

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  1. I heard about this “intuitive psychic”.
    Either a FAKE; or the OPPOSITE of what
    Jennifer Love Hewitt needs. Any IDIOT
    could suggest that the actress could
    find love on her own set!

    Explanation: JLH is romantically unsettled the way her idol AUDREY HEPBURN was. Ms. Hepburn ONLY found
    happiness thru her last companion, a
    Mr. Robert Wolders.

    Wolders & Hepburn= same heredity (Dutch)
    and similar environment. BUT, this is
    COUNTER-intuitive…would be “like
    attracts like”, the OPPOSITE of common
    sense which says “Opposites attract”.

    (An example of counter-intuitive phenom-
    ena would be,for example:When one is on
    a bus,and the green “exit” light comes
    on…one has to first PULL the door
    SHUT before opening it…which kind of
    doesn’t make sense.)

    Supposedly,for JLH to get an equivalent
    of a Robert Wolders, then: Hewitt &
    (British-English Texan). But that’s
    never happened! Gee,she’s NEVER dated
    a fellow Texan…We Texans are supposed
    to stick together!

    Instead,showbiz politics have severely
    restricted access to the life of JLH…
    thereby causing UNNATURAL pairings of
    her with whatever date du jour has
    access! This is absolutely NO GOOD…
    as we saw what happened the last time
    somebody (Carson Daly) decided he would
    date JLH when she had a hit show going!

    Ross McCall looks to be an opportunistic
    MORON from ANOTHER COUNTRY trying to
    take advantage of JLH the same way.

    BUT Jennifer Love Hewitt is going to be
    smart enough to pull out of this mis-
    begotten relationship sooner or later.

  2. And actually,JLH has NOT changed her
    hair color back to normal for keeps!

    It’s now LIGHTER than normal;not
    blonde,but not the natural dark
    brown…perhaps to satisfy others
    or this date du jour…

    As I’ve said on other boards, Jennifer
    Love Hewitt needs to get her hair back
    TOTALLY to normal and STAY that way!