Katie Holmes’ brain isn’t washed enough to marry Tom Cruise

Star Magazine says that Tom Cruise has postponed his nuptuals to Katie Holmes, pending her complete submission to the cult of Scientology:

The story details that the problems go all the way back to Cruise ex Nicole Kidman who never really had the whole Scientology faith thing going and now Tom doesn’t want that to happen again.

And he’s willing to delay any nuptials to make certain – the report claims.

“There will be no (Nicole Kidman like) wiggle room,” a source named Skip Press reveals to the weekly. “In the coming months, Press says, “Katie will undergo intensive training on how to spot and avoid anyone critical of Scientology.”

“At the same time – the former Scientologist claims – “Her exposure to the outside world will be censored while she’s flooded with Scientology doctrine.

Cruise’s rep denies the story.

This seems like speculation from a former Scientologist based on his experiences with the cult. If he still has ties to the community and people are blabbing about Cruise’s plans for Katie, it could be true.

It could be bad news for the doe-eyed actress and new mother, whose identity has already been completely changed during her relationship with the crazy half pint. On the other hand, if Katie is being forced to submit to more Scientology bullshit that means she’s resisting somewhat. If she doesn’t buy into the cult wholeheartedly Tom isn’t going to marry her. If the cult keeps pushing her she may get fed up enough to leave. According to her prenup she’ll get a sweet deal even without marrying him and she may get her life back in the process.

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  1. millie says:

    I HOPE she doesn’t marry him. That’s her only chance to keep this baby. If she marries him and they divorce, she’ll surely lose the baby, very much like Nicole lost her kids who are now Scientologist and probably told not to see their mother.

  2. celebitchy says:

    Maybe her family will talk some sense into her. She is probably overwhelmed and having second thoughts – especially if this whole indoctrination thing is true. You’re right about Kidman losing her kids and I was wrong earlier that she is ignoring them. Tom is keeping them close and under Scientology’s spell too.

  3. millie says:

    I think that Nicole’s kids were slowly but surely pulled away from their mother. She probably feels that taking Tom to court now to enforce their parenting arrangement is not going to work since the kids will probably side with their father (and at this age a judge will ask them) and she’ll just add to their trauma. She said something recently about hoping that, with time, her kids will love her .. it really sounded very sad like she gave up on them for the time being. When they were smaller though, she was the one staying home while Tom was having a career. Being a Scientology freak that he is, he probably wants them to stay away from Nicole who never fully embraced the cult and the kids don’t want to lose their dad so they side with him. It’s sad but pretty common and sounds to me like it’s entirely Tom’s fault. People say, “why can’t she fight for them?”–it’s not as easy when kids are older and can turn on you and be even more resentful for creating a public spectacle. He’s a freak and a master manipulator.. I can only imagine how he raised them.