Breaking: Jennifer Aniston isn’t wearing black in public; has no future in film

Jennifer Aniston must be able to take an oft-repeated hint, because she attended the LA premiere of “The Break Up” wearing a color other than black. She chose a formfitting white and beige tube dress that looked gorgeous on her. Is this the start of Aniston’s comeback? Maybe, but it’s doubtful.

The NY Post repeats a report from Hollywood Elsewhere writer Jeffrey Wells, who says that “The Break Up” has not been well received in initial audience tests, and Aniston’s status as box office poison may soon be cemented. The Post say that Wells may be misinterpreting the data, but Wells says that Page Six threatened to reveal his source for the tracking numbers of the film, which is despicable.

Wells explains the film’s tracking numbers, which help predict a film’s box office potential:

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston’s romantic discord comedy, isn’t tracking. With only twelve days to go before opening, that means the game is pretty much over. Definite interest is at 30, 1st choice is 5…it’s finished. I’m told that while audiences enjoy Vaughn in an off-the-wall mode, they don’t want to see him in semi-romantic parts. This is bad news for Aniston also because now she’s 0 for 4 — Derailed, Rumor Has It , Friends with Money and now this thing. She’s all but kaput as a big-screen, big-bucks player. She’s not particularly sexy, not perky, not a gifted comedienne…and she always seems to play parts in an introspective, low-energy way. I’m not deriving any joy from saying this, but Aniston is probably one or two steps away from competing with Helen Hunt for HBO roles.

That’s not really news about Aniston, considering that all of her movies have sucked and she’s pretty much disliked by everyone. If only she could keep her mouth shut. She blabbed to Britians’ Mirror that there are couples who should break up. She also said even more crap about Brad and Angelina:

“People are very lazy and it’s very easy,” she says. “Things are just more disposable. There’s not a lot of value put on relationships.”

“Who knows if people should have stayed in relationships? My parents certainly shouldn’t have stayed married – and they didn’t. Other people have stayed married … and they shouldn’t have.”

Then she adds, somewhat wryly: “You have to put a lot of work into it and exhaust every option before you split up.”

The end of Brad and Jennifer’s five year marriage last year – presumably after every option had been exhausted – saw the Troy star hook up with Angelina Jolie, his co-star on the movie, Mr and Mrs Smith.

The drama of the split played out over several months with Jennifer grieving in the privacy of her Malibu home comforted only by her elderly dog, Norman.

She underwent therapy but refused to discuss her feelings in public except to say she was “shocked” when she saw newspaper photographs of Brad and Angelina frolicking on an African beach.

“I wasn’t aware of a lot that was going on between them [Brad and Angelina] because it was easier not to pay attention to it,” she says. “So much of it was fabricated and I felt it was creating unnecessary suffering to even go into that world at all.

“I wish there was a way to get used to it, but it was a weird time.”

That’s perfectly natural and understandable, and people would care if they hadn’t heard it from Aniston over and over again. How surprising that Aniston doesn’t have a successful film career. People must not like sour grapes – go figure!

Here she is at the LA premiere of “The Break Up” last night. Her poses looked forced and awkward on the red carpet, but at least she changed her look. It seems like it’s too late for poor Aniston, though.

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  1. millie says:

    I’m very curious how this movie is going to do.. I think that some people will see it for Vince. If there are early bad reviews, however, I doubt that the movie is going to do well. Even with all her Team Aniston devoted fans, Jen can’t attact crowds to see her movies. Still, every time she had some success (Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly) was when she had a really good and charismatic male co-star, so I’m not discounting this one just yet. The trailer was awful though.. not funny at all.
    The dress she had on last night really murdered her breasts.. it was too tight on the top and flattened her out completely. Nice dress though.