Inside Jennifer Aniston’s home: depressing or fabulous?

Yesterday we heard that Jennifer Aniston was gracing the pages of the March issue of Architectural Digest with photos from inside her newly remodeled home in the Hollywood Hills. People Magazine seemed to think it was a big deal that Aniston replaced his and her tubs in the master bathroom with a spa quality tub (for a “single” person), but it sounded like a sensible move to me. Kaiser sent me a link to the scans of the article posted at Jezebel and I was kind of floored by Aniston’s decorating sense and not in a good way. Let me just say that I love modern, somewhat sparse design and Asian-inspired furnishing. (Think Design Within Reach. Brad Pitt’s home is way too empty.)

Aniston’s “Bali inspired” home is filled with dark, heavy furniture and earthtones. Overall I think it looks a little too 1970s. Some of the furniture overpowers the room, like the giant lamps in the bedroom and the purple plush chairs in a living room. The view is beautiful though and it looks comfortable and well laid out for entertaining. It’s just not to my taste, but it probably looks much better, and much more impressive, in person.

Jezebel posted these photos with big yellow arrows to add some snarky comments that make fun of Aniston’s tabloid persona. It’s not a critique on Aniston so much as on the way she’s been characterized as a sad sap by the media. Some commenters found it tasteless and offensive, but I think Jezebel was just poking fun at the way a very rich, contented woman is being characterized. My favorite comment is this one. “Here is where Jen sits and waits for her phone to ring. Even though this exquisite room has a beautiful view of the lanai, she always turns her back on the foliage, because it reminds her of how much Brad liked to smoke weed.”

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    meh. not really my tastes, I guess. I also get a 70s vibe from it. I would never have picked this out as her house. I’d figure her house would be more flowery with light colors…”beachy”.

    but that view is KILLER!

  2. bite me says:

    i thought aniston was very private about her personal life…

    so where are shiloh and the twins rooms

  3. Ursula says:

    @ Bite me, duh, she is a celebrity, the do this all the time. There even TV programs for this.

    The house is fabulous, not depressing at all. It does not look homey though, I guess that is because it does not have signs of being lived in. I guess she has not lived in it yet.

  4. K.L. says:

    I agree…it’s too dark in there. Looks like a cave. Not impressed, however, I also like a more craftsman style architecture, with modern elements.

  5. happymom says:

    It’s like some sort of 70s hotel-ugh-so dark. The view is absolutely the best part. And she’s oh-so private until she’s trying to sell her movies.

  6. N.D. says:

    IA, bite me! She also said that charity isn’t her thing and now she’s at every charity event out there donating money left and right. I don’t know what to expect next – would she adopt haitian baby tomorrow or go to Oprah to declare herself a “childfree”? :)

    The view is spectacular.

  7. Lway says:

    Some parts are fab and some parts are depressing – like her bedroom. WTF? Did she run out of money when it came to decorating that room?

  8. Tess says:

    Gawd, it looks about as personal as a suite a resort.

    Looks nothing like I would have expected.

    No sense of this place as JA’s home. Two thumbs down.

  9. Roma says:

    Is this thread going to blow up into craziness, like it usually does when JA is mentioned?

    I actually love her place. I find darker places much more inviting and conducive to people spending time. I don’t want to hang in a starkly decorated space.

  10. meme says:

    i don’t find it depressing but it looks like a hotel to me. i thought her home would be more cozy and beachy.

  11. buellblaster says:

    That is one purple pukefest of a home…purple chairs, purple curtains, purple lampshades and purple pool table top. It looks like the set of the next Vivid Video production…cue Dirk Diggler.

  12. Madelyn Rose says:

    Not depressing at all…she looks very cute in the pictures. I do find some of the decor overwhelming though. The lamps in the bedroom are huge! It’s not exactly my taste, but it is still nice. I’m with a lot of you in that I thought her house would be beachy. Maybe she has another house in Malibu and this is her “city” house? I would live there in a heartbeat! The views are nice, but if I was in CA I would prefer a view of the Pacific ocean. I don’t get why people are so hard on Jen…you’d think she murdered someone the way people rag on her, when all she did was get cheated on and publicly dumped.

  13. bella says:

    I’m over the Jen backlash. Move on people, let it go. She’s 40, single, and happy. Stop creating drama where there is none.

  14. Leek says:

    I think I kind of love it. Everything is so light and white in LA so it’s nice to see a couch I could see myself napping on without my slumber mask.

  15. Kimble says:

    Looks like any 4 star hotel in Asia!

  16. Rosalee says:

    It a beautiful house..I’d switch mine for her’s in a heartbeat..or maybe half. The commentary on Jezebel’s post was hilarious.

  17. gg says:

    I almost always can’t stand hollywood homes. Nobody likes antiques out there. This house looks like a rental where some family dumped all their dud furniture. Things don’t really match and there’s no character, it’s just a den to park your suitcase in and enjoy the view.

  18. Bodhi says:

    Its nice, but totally not my taste. I, too, perfer the craftsman style & lighter wood tones. I can definitely see how you could pick up a 70′s vibe; all that purple! Yeesh! I don’t like the bed at all, but hey, I don’t have to sleep in it!

    I wonder what took 2.5 years? The waterfall thingy? I really like that!

  19. clare says:

    I love the room with the painting and purple armchairs!
    (I bet that’s where she sadly sits…and gazes sadly at the sad-sack painting of the gargantuan purple tear drop painting… as the clouds of the intoxicating marijuana smoke rolls out the window…and over the hillside…tickling the coyote noses as it whispers by…and they nod in unison and think, it’s jen again, she’s missing her Brad…as she sadly smokes her bong… memories of Brad floating along…

  20. Kaye says:

    I think the house is gorgeous. It’s interesting to see what can be done to a house when money is no object. I think everything about it is incredible.

  21. lucy2 says:

    I like the house itself and the views are great, but don’t care for the decorating theme. It definitely looks dated, and unless that’s what you really love, I think it would get old fast. But then again, I like more traditional stuff.

  22. bc says:

    I’m sorry, but it looks straight out of a 70s porn movie

  23. Whatever says:

    I like it. It has a comfortable feel that is sometimes missing in celeb homes. Did any of you consider that her ARCHITECT approached the mag? Great way to get some publicity and future celeb clients! Also, the decor is sort of 70s, but the house was built in the 70s. Going far from the overall style of the house with interior design is a common mistake that she did not make. Good for her and I hope she is happy with it because that is all that matters.

  24. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She also said that charity isn’t her thing”

    when did she say this? during all those years that she was fundraising for St. Jude’s?

  25. wif says:

    I really like it.

  26. nona says:

    Showing up her mansion in some magazine is so tacky!!!

  27. lucy2 says:

    Jen is not the first and will not be the last celeb to do this. Here’s a list of 40+ celebs who have had their homes featured in Arch. Digest.

  28. JohnnieR says:

    I too don’t care for it; way too dark, way too 70′s, and far too impersonal. Granted, the view is spectacular, but that’s about it. To me, it’s not a home, it’s an impersonal showcase piece. Jennifer Aniston, to me, is a woman whose every facet of her life is directly tied to public relations, sustaining fame, and her overrated, over-exposed ‘career’. It seems to me that every move this woman makes is orchestrated by her and her famewhoremanager, Huvane.

    Notice in the photos there are no books to be seen anywhere, no personal photos on the walls or on tables. It IS like staying at a resort, not living in one’s ‘home’. I can always judge a person by their book covers, or severe lack of, when I enter their home.

    Me? Give me a restored rustic farmhouse, or an English Tudor style home, graced with light antique wood pieces, light coloured walls, plenty of bookshelves, tons of silver framed photos, and a nice country style yet modern kitchen.

  29. N.D. says:

    2Praise St. Angie!: Vogue April 2006

    Meanwhile, Brad and Angelina began to seem faintly ridiculous as photographs were published of the couple sitting on a couch with Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan. This aspect of the whole world sordid affair comes up accidentally at one point during our lunch. Just as Aniston is telling me that she was a little worried about doing this interview because “there’s nothing left to talk about and I’m sick of everything about myself,” an older woman approaches our table.

    She has a Zsa Zsa Gabor accent. “excuse me, Jennifer?” she says while walking toward us, still several feet from the table.

    “Hi,” Aniston says, sounding both friendly and suspicious. The woman explains that the two were “supposed to meet” regarding Aniston’s becoming the chairperson of an organization to do with abused and fostered children. “Your PR people were going to set up a meeting because they said you were interested in being the spokesperson or something.”

    “Oh?” says Aniston.

    “You don’t know anything about it,” says the woman.

    “No,” says Aniston. “I’m mortified. That’s terrible.”

    “Oh, it’s OK,” says the woman, and then she goes on to detail the work they do around the world, including one particular event held in Israel that brought together 5,000 Israeli children. “After that was in the newspaper,” she says, “your PR people called and said you were interested. And then nobody ever followed up.”

    “Oh, great,” says Aniston, who at this point clearly does not believe this story. The woman presses a card into Aniston’s hand and says, “All right, well, thank you very much. Nice to meet you.” As soon as the woman is out of earshot, Aniston turns to me and sends the entire awkward moment up:

    “Well. You said you wanted to save the dying children?”

    “Mmmm. No. I don’t recall that.”

    “Yeah. They said so. They called and said you were interested and then you just decided never to call again. But the children are dead now, so it’s OK. The window has passed. But it’s good to meet you in person!”

    Laughing, she pulls her head in her hands and says, “Oh, God. It’s just too much.” She pauses for a moment, still shaking her head in amazement. When we finally stop laughing, I ask her how she feels about being asked to do those sort of things.

    “You know there’s stuff I’ve done in my career…” She trails off and then says, “This is such a delicate subject.” Here, for the first time in any conversation we’ve had, she starts to say something that sounds canned, a bit rehearsed. “I think it’s an amazing thing for people to do, and we as actors have the platform to go out there and bring awareness and bring people together and make things happen. It’s one of the great perks of what we do.” Long pause as she realizes she’s beginning to wade into Brad-and-Angelina territory. “And everybody participates in their own way, whether it’s political or economic. I think we all do our part. I’m more… I like to be… I get really nervous about public anything when it’s making a declaration. I should probably become more opinionated about certain things. But you know, I just don’t like… I see a lot of… See, this is where I don’t want to get too into this, because, you know, I want to be very delicate about… actors going out there and… being… politicians. Or representatives of this and that. Which I find… It’s just not my thing. It’s not what interests me. I commend anybody who goes out there and does it. And when the moment happens and it’s authentic for me, I’m sure I will.”

    P.S. and I really hate you atm for making me google through all that piled up old loonie vs hags crap to find it :)

  30. alex says:

    I want my privacy she said once, but I guess when there is a new movie to promote, privacy goes out the door lol. That woman is a joke

  31. N.D. says:

    Looked closely again at the pics – the only room I kinda like is her bedroom. Wouldn’t do it that way myself but at least I can see her point. And from outside the house looks great. The rest is horrid to my taste, wouldn’t want to stay there at all. Am a bit surprised that her house looks like that like most people here. How much of it is her idea I wonder or did she just go along with designer’s suggestions?

  32. alex says:

    oh lucy2 you are so kind to go find that link lol but I am sure those celebrities never said that they wanted their privacy or showed their homes in AD when they have a movie to promote.

  33. Phowie says:

    Fabulously depressing. Depressingly fabulous? And it only took 2.5 years or renovation work? Where’s the hidden shrine?

  34. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named says:

    It looks crowded and stagey to me.

    It just seems like someone trying too hard to fit in with the boys, and be hip, and be sophisticated, and be sexy, and be cozy, and it just ends up feeling contrived and smothering.


    But it’s her home and as long as she’s happy there, that’s all that matters. And that’s a great view.

  35. Dingles says:

    With the exception of the city view, that is the ugliest home I’ve ever seen.

  36. JohnnieR says:

    Yeah, privacy goes out the door when she’s promoting her latest crapfest film, and her current co-star enters this Brady Bunch house as her ‘latest love’. LOL!
    Her P.R. strategy moves re promoting her ‘films’ is comical, not to mention transparent.


  37. Toe says:

    I Love the house it shines comfort/inner peace? The thing i would change: The bed (too low for me) and everything that is purple must be wine red or cream color.
    Yezebel comments were funny as hell. I like city view more than ocean view. At night the ocean is just a dark spot (threatening to me) and the city is full of moving lights. I can see myself living with Brad there….

  38. John says:

    She looks really hot in these pictures, I”ll say that much.

  39. mollination says:

    I LOVE the house! Definitely think it would translate better in person.

    Also think Jezebel is too creative to use those lines as jokes. The joke is that those comments are everyone else’s jokes.

  40. Roma says:

    JohnnieR, the home would have been staged for the shoot and all belongings would have been pulled – much like if you were staging your home to be sold. It doesn’t mean that’s how she normally keeps it, devoid of books and the like.

  41. hmm says:

    The simple fact is that the house doesn’t have any personality and doesn’t say anything about its occupant. When you look at homes that are being honored for the way they’re decorated, I’d think you’d want to get a sense of the person(s) who reside there and in this house, you just don’t.

  42. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ahem…thanks for proving my point, ND.

    no where in there does she say “charity is not my thing”.

    what she DOES say is that being a REPRESENTATIVE (for a charity), and “actors being politicians” is not her thing. meaning, she doesn’t want to go out and be the face or voice of a particular charity.

    but she never says that charity, in general, is not her thing.

  43. lola lola says:

    The house is not very warm and inviting. It makes you think how one person can occupy that whole thing. Answer is they can’t. It looks like a lonely place to live.

    But that View! HOLY SMOKE! That is amazing.

  44. guesty says:

    blah decor. tho the views are spectacular. whatev could be her point with the yoga stretch in capris. kinda sorta seems like cb is to jen aniston what jj is to brad & ang. yikes.

  45. Cheyenne says:

    Love the view. House is okay. Decor is… I dunno… kind of heavy and dark. It doesn’t look inviting. I think after a while it would be depressing to live in. But as everybody said, that view is killer.

    AD usually features a celebrity home once every year or two and I always get a good laugh at how godawful most of those homes are inside. Sylvester Stallone’s place looked like a bordello.

  46. luna says:

    Fab! Mid-century modern and seventies blended. I love it.

  47. Granger says:

    Why the hell did a magazine about ARCHITECTURE have to include a photo of Jen in that ridiculous pose, making that ridiculous pouty face that she always makes? It doesn’t suit the subject matter (her house/design/architecture), and it doesn’t suit HER.

  48. ava says:

    “This over-30 actress is not known for having the greatest taste in men. Well, it turns out that her taste in home décor is even worse. Although she is working with professional interior design folks, she keeps derailing the agreed-upon plan by insisting that they incorporate some of her really ugly personal items. The decorators are grumbling behind the scenes that the actress has the taste of a ten year old, and ‘we wouldn’t be surprised if she asks for a Hello Kitty kitchen’. Just proves that money can’t buy you taste.”

  49. N.D. says:

    2Praise St. Angie!:
    well, right now she’s doing just that, isn’t she – going public with her charities, being the face and the voice and the representative, organizing events etc. I’m not trying to imply that it’s a bad thing, or that it’s somehow related to Brad, just that she obviously did 180 grades turn regarding these things. And it makes me wonder what else is waiting us around the corner :)

  50. Anak says:

    I’ve never seen so many people trying to make a fabulous house look horrible! How much envy! The house and view are beautiful. JA is fabulous, rich, independent, with a body killing of envy all of you! kkkkkkkkk

  51. JohnnieR says:

    @Roma: yeah, I know the books and other shtuff would be removed; I was being Meeeooooow! Plus, my fine-tuned instincts (*ahem*) tell me this woman, who was separated from an Afghan Hound at birth (don’t believe me? Just google an Afghan Hound image!) isn’t one for the books.

    She most likely has an assistant scoop up all the rag magazines for her to peruse whilst ridin’ that exercise bike.

  52. justathought says:

    Her bed looks like a bachelor’s pad, nothing personal, any single “on the go” man could live there. A high end hotel aura with a Zen flare. The cramped piano along with the velor “Graceland purple” chairs and “mortuary purple” curtains is hideous. Her view is amazing. The pool table is awesome but the inside of this home radiates a structured solitary coldness.

  53. JohnnieR says:

    @Anak: Honey, put a sock in it. ;-) We’re not envious; we call em’ as we see em’.

    The house decor could be the set for such 70′s crime-drama series such as ‘McCloud’, ‘McMillan & Wife’, ‘Columbo’, or my personal fave, ‘Barnaby Jones’.


  54. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ND, perhaps you missed that other part of the interview you posted.

    “I commend anybody who goes out there and does it. And when the moment happens and it’s authentic for me, I’m sure I will.”

    she clearly states when something comes along that’s authentic to her, she will go out there and do it (that is, be a rep for something).

    so, now she’s not allowed to grow as a person? change her view on what’s important to get involved in?

    and, sorry, but I do think you’re implying SOMETHING, indicated by your comment about “wondering what else is waiting around the corner”.

  55. annie says:


  56. TRT says:

    Space: AMAZING

    View: TO KILL FOR

    Decor: C-

    Not inviting, just like Jen!
    We all enjoy hotel rooms for few nights, but always love to go home!

  57. lucy2 says:

    alex, plenty of the celebs on that list had projects coming out around the time of their issue. Diane Keaton, Dennis Quaid, Demi Moore, etc. If that makes it tacky or famewhorish or whatever, sure, but Aniston certainly isn’t the only one to do it. Honestly, these days I’m more surprised when celebs DON’T pull out all the stops to promote a movie. lol.
    Whoever mentioned that her designer probably submitted it, I’m in agreement. I work in the residential design field, and most of the magazine features are pursued by the decorators and architects. It’s very good for business, and I’m sure when it’s a celebrity, many are happy to do it for the same reason. Hollywood is all about promotion.

    I’m insanely jealous of anyone who can have those wide opening doors out outdoors spaces and pools. Can’t have those where I live. But the first thing I would do is open those doors and throw those purple chairs out! Don’t like those at all.

  58. alex says:

    Are you for real Anak? Who the hell envy Aniston? Maybe her fans but not me. JA have nothing that I am envy off. I love my life and my body just the way it is. I don’t envy Aniston’s life, her money or her body, some people may do but not I.

  59. ItsComeToThis says:

    Madelyn Rose: Do not worry, when it happens to them, then they would know how it feels.

    Food for thought: Could it be a blonde vs. brunette type thing? People are feeling some sort of poetic justice that a blonde lost out to a brunette? Not that I think being with Pitt is a prize. He alters his personality to suit whomever he is with at the time. All blond good looks with Jen and Paltrow; funky weird with Juliette Lewis; old crazy pepaw to be with crazy memaw Jolie (a 34 year old who looks like 44).

    Weird, I have never seen the woman who is the victim of adultery be so maligned before.

  60. Jaki says:

    The house seem cold and uninviting.
    You can tell a movie is coming because of all the desperate pr stunts popping up every where.

  61. alex says:

    Madelyn Rose:

    Did Aniston said that she was cheated on? She said there were no cheating. Some of you people really need to let this sh*t go already.

  62. alex says:


    ahhh poor pathetic you, just by reading your post tell me that you are one sad person.

  63. Maritza says:

    The house is really beautiful although her furniture choice not so much, too many chairs make the living room look small. The bedroom, meh, I like my bed high. It has a great view, pool table and swimming pool. I don’t think the house seems cold and uninviting at all, its appropriate for entertaining, which is what she likes to do. I hope she finds the man of her dreams, she deserves happiness.

  64. truthSF says:

    2 1/2 years for THAT????!

  65. Kim says:

    Perfect house for the babies she claims she wants.

  66. Just a Poster says:

    I like it. It looks like a grown up lives there. Nice, but you can still be comfy.

    I bet it has a totally different vibe during the day. I wish they would have included some photos during daylight hours.

    It may not be my personal taste, but it is a well done house.

    And most importantly.. Clare! BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

  67. Allie says:

    It all looks very tacky actually. Point in case, you can all all the money in the world, and still not buy taste.

    The best thing, are the stone walls,(and the linae outside) but with that dark wood paneling, the two just don’t mix. Her bedroom is just awful, the bed platform looks really uncomfortable. And those lamps! OMG! I just don’t have the words to convey how truly awful they really are.

  68. N.D. says:

    sorry, Praise St. Angie! but you only see that I’m implying something because that’s what the most people here do and you have learned to expect it. I’m not one of those team this or team that. Here, I stated that clear and loud and I insist on being heard :)

    I DO NOT imply anything negative. And yeah, she’d allowed to grow as a person and it’s a good thing, that’s kinda my point, see? She obviously did some growing or whatever it was that made her change her mind. You may not agree but to me it looks like rather radical change. And that naturally makes me wonder if this isn’t the only new thing she’s grown into or that’s grown on her.

    And that little pinch of irony you sensed wasn’t directed at JA but rather at those tireless net-warriors who are always up in arms for their favourite vertex of triangle. Just like those editorial comments at Jezebel.

  69. SageAdvice says:

    I love purple so anything purple I’m cool with.

    The house is dark, but for some people, dark works. Apparently it does for her. I can’t stand it when people say, “I hate this! This is my taste” and then enumerate whatever they would have done in their home.

    Um, it isn’t your house and you don’t have to live there. And no one cares about your taste. Some people don’t like the “beachy” look. Some people don’t like craftsman or modern. No home style is “better” than another. They are all different and suit people’s tastes.

    Donatella Versace’s house…crazy collection of tacky artifacts and gold and leopard. Would I live there? No. Am I going to demonize her for it? No.

    Jeez, some of you guys are like attack dogs just waiting for anything Jen to pop up so you can say something negative.

  70. Loser1 says:

    I think its gorgeous! I’m sure it was “staged” to an extent for this photoshoot! I love the people criticizing that there are no personal stuff lying around. Its a photoshoot! I’m sure they added pillows, etc for the pictures! And she has more than one house you know. I think the decor is perfect for Hollywood Hills. I’m sure it looks fantastic during the day as well. Whatever, keep hating haters. I’m sure you really wouldn’t trade houses in a heartbeat.

  71. SageAdvice says:

    Oh and, I was always curious about this “Charity isn’t my thing” quote that you JenHaters constantly bring up as proof that she’s a bad person or something.

    Um…what? She never even says that charity isn’t her thing. As Praise St. Angie said, she talks about how being a representative for a charity or expressing her political views as an actress isn’t her thing. And I agree with her. Actors are NOT politicians. And their opinions on politics or what charities you should donate to/help out shouldn’t mean any more than your neighbor’s down the street.

    And she did say when it felt genuine she’d do it. And apparently something about the disaster in Haiti has struck her as a time to be open about her charitable donations/time spending.

  72. MYOB says:

    Close, no cigar. They forgot the dark/light play of light in Asian design. This is depressing not warm and inviting, just like the dark corner’s of Aniston’s mind. She has masked depression. Shows here.

  73. alex says:

    So Sageadvice, you are saying that other people who do charity don’t do it for the right reasons and only Aniston does it for the right reasons.

    I say good for her for donating etc but my thing with you and the rest of Aniston fans are when Brad and Angie do their humantarian and charity work, you guys are so quick to call them mediahos and doing it for publicity or trying to change their image, like if they need to do what they truly believe in to change their images. They do it because they care, just like I am sure Aniston do it because she cares.

    BTW I remember a lot of celebrities that do charity/humantarian works say that they are not politicians nor do they want to be, they are just out there supporting the causes that they believe it. So this thing about celebrities who are doing charity work wanting to be politicians etc is bullsh*t.

    BTW: The disaster in Haiti struck a lot of people to go out there and help and donate not just the people in HW.

  74. SageAdvice says:

    Alex: Where did I say that the disaster in Haiti has only inspired Hollywood types to go out and help and donate? Kindly point me to that quote.

    Anyway, also, kindly point me to where I said anything close to that Aniston does it for the right reasons and that everyone else who does charity does not. There are probably BILLIONS of people out there doing charity work that I’ll never hear about who are doing it for the right reasons. I didn’t think I’d have to say that, but man you are putting some sh*tty words in my mouth.

    I don’t like Brangelina’s brand of humanitarian work because there are always cameras around when they do anything. It brings awareness to whatever they are doing, sure. But it also seems very self-serving when ANY celebrity (not just them) gets photographed doing charity. Because like it or not, it still counts as publicity for them. “Look at my good deeds!”

    I’m not saying the actual WORK is bad. Doing charity work is great regardless of the motives behind it.

    I’ll repeat that for the people in the peanut gallery ready to pounce: “Doing charity work is great regardless of the motives behind it.”

    But I personally think that celebrities who are constantly photographed doing charity work get something out of it too, aka better pr image.

    And yes, Jennifer Aniston is now in this same pr boat because of the telethon and because of the event she’s hosting so please don’t try to whine about me not including her in the charity-for-good-pr group.

  75. Munkey says:

    I kind of like it. She’s certainly welcome to trade houses with me any time. As long as she doesn’t mind all the pet hair, cracker crumbs, scribbles on the walls/floors, and all the other “enhancements” we’ve made to our place.

    Cheyenne: LOL at Sly’s bordello. I’ve never seen the photos, but now I’m going to Google them ASAP. If his home looks anything like his Mom, then I’m sure it’s quite a … vision.

  76. MYOB says:

    While it may be entertaining for some, the argument above about Jen and charity…Man, what must you people look like, what educations must you have? Where do you live? Why would so many care so much about an ugly woman who lucked out in life?

  77. Cheyenne says:

    AD is on the newsstands and the photos inside are really beautiful. You have to see the magazine to get a better idea of the pictures.

    The house just doesn’t seem real to me. It looks too stagey. I would never have imagined she lived there if the house hadn’t been identified as hers. It seems more like a designer house than her own home. At least Sly Stallone’s house, as godawful-tacky as it is, reflects his own taste, as bad as that is.

    Also, AD has pictures of all the rooms except the kitchen. But if all she ever eats is chicken salad, she probably doesn’t need a kitchen.

    The magazine cover is a hoot, though. That trying-to-be-sexy-and-not-making-it pose belongs on the cover of a gossip magazine, not Architectural Digest.

  78. tekhana says:

    70′s Grotto Fug. Looks like it should smell of Cheetos and mold.

    And yes, a little depressing. I don’t think it would make me depressed, but if I already were, it certainly wouldn’t do anything positive for my mood.

  79. mistral says:

    I vote: Fabulous.

    I think it’s a great house with an amazing view.

    I am in LUST with that orange, red, and periwinkle painting…

  80. Blint says:

    Spectacular. Not normally my style but it does look inviting somehow.

  81. Bek says:

    So I read what people had to say before actually taking a look at the pictures. (ND–grasping at straws over that interview?) I thought that maybe it would look “dated” or “dark” as so many of you insist. But I LOVE it!! From a design standard, it’s truly AWESOME! Not that everybody has to agree, but I think the dislike of the woman has some of you turned off, and if a different celeb owned it you may judge it less harshly. There isn’t anything Jen does that doesn’t provoke harsh outrage, hatred and anger. Just saying.

  82. nnn says:

    I think it’s nice. I like some, i don’t hate the rest.

    Not my style but i wouldn’t mind living in there.

    I really like the view and the stones on the wall. However i don’t understand why it needed two years for that.

  83. Jane says:

    From all the comments you would think that she lived in a shack somewhere. I don’t understand all the hate! Although her home might not be your particular taste it is amazing. She looks happy and healthy in the photos. It is suprising to me as a young person (27) that other women are so eager to tear down eachother. She is 40 and looks amazing, healthy, and happy. Women need to stop comparing themselves to eachother. She has nothing to do with Angelina! I think that she is a great role model for young women, like myself, who are not sure that they want to get married or have kids. Women really need to stop being so judgemental of eachother’s choices. You don’t see men being so awful to one another.

  84. lolo says:

    I can’t believe she spent 15 million for the house and 3 million to remodel it! 18 million in TOTAL! For that???

    AND, she shows off her PRIVATE bedroom where John Mayer slept. He talked about her sense of “high style” in an interview. GROSS!!!! Just the thought of her and Mayer ruins the bedroom shot completely. The barfness.

  85. lolo says:

    I really find comments like Jane’s insulting.

    Just b/c you idolize a vapid, talentless famewhore doesn’t mean we should do likewise. She’s not my “role model.” I have great role models, which includes women who I feel are talented, thoughtful, sincere and interesting. Aniston is none of these things, in my opinion. I ALSO admire women who have accomplished things other than being famous for great hair, a great rack, previous relationships, or looking “amazing” on some magazine cover, etc. How superficial.

    So, stop trying to push others to see her as YOU DO–even worse, calling people names and saying we are not supportive of women in general, JUST BECAUSE we don’t like her. She doesn’t represent me as a woman. I don’t relate to her on ANY level. I know most of that “relation” is star manipulation so that we’ll see her movies.

    If you seriously look up to this woman as a role model, then you really need to take a look at what your priorities in life are. Is it looks? Appearances? Wealth? Fame? There’s more to life, and maybe, when you get to your 30s, you’ll see that.

  86. whatever says:

    So, she used Brazilian wood (cumaru) for her humungous house that’s just for her? Gee, I wonder if Aniston knows that 80% of the wood coming from Brazil is harvested illegally from the rain forest, according to the Rainforest Alliance. Probably not. Way to be eco-friendly. But, what do you expect from someone who drives giant SUVS. She’s NOT my role model! Not by a long shot.

  87. You Go Girl says:

    God! Brad left all of that?
    For what a crazy root?
    My God. Unbelieveable.

  88. Johanna says:

    MYOB is right. That argument was entertaining as heck but some of you seriously need to relax & enter these gossip sites JUST FOR FUN. I myself go into this site while my boss is out of the office just to escape for a little bit & enjoy some of the funny comments some of you post not to go into a meaningless argument. Thanks for killing it for me!

  89. Jane says:

    lolo – I’m seriously not going to argue with someone on celebitchy. I however have the right state my feelings. You use that right to refer to someone you don’t know as a “fame whore.” I can express that I feel the hatred towards her is a reflection on how women treat each other.I don’t understand why this should produce such a negative response by you. Look at what words you used to describe her: “vapid” “talentless” “fame whore” This is towards someone you don’t even know! But I’m the one at fault in this situation.

    To be fair I have many role models. She just happens to be one that illustrates that women can be 40 and not married or with children. Really role model was too strong of a word. Honestly I don’t even care about her. I think she is pretty and happy. That is it. I just think it is getting really old how much people disrespect her for no real logical reason. In addition I don’t understand why people have such a passion for justifying this hatred. It is weird.

    I also did not mean to insult you. My bad. Sorry. You have every right to hate her and your right I should not assume this hatred is a reflection on how you treat all women.

  90. Kathyrn says:

    lolo – I believe you just proved her point….

  91. Bruce says:

    Looks like a ’70s bat-cave or she’s now dating Austin Powers. Oh beehave Jen!

  92. Camille says:

    Well said #85 and 86! Really, really, really great comments.

  93. daisy says:

    Sage…I think I agree with you on these post about the brangaloonies .some of these people take a strong dislike for jen no matter what.I dont understand it.The last post on the other jen story,people {cheyenne} and others were totally going off.Jen is classy and cool,and she isnt a homewrecker.WTF is so wrong with her?

  94. SageAdvice says:

    lolo: I don’t think Jane meant what you think she meant.

    I think Jane meant that Jennifer Aniston is her role model in terms of not feeling the need to get married again or seeing marriage as the only option.

    I also think Jane means to say that it’s bizarre reading all these comments tearing down a woman who has done, quite literally, nothing to raise anyone’s ire. She goes about her business making movies, promoting them and leading a fairly quiet life.

    She hasn’t killed anyone, she hasn’t parked in a handicapped space, she hasn’t beat up anyone, or flashed her crotch to the world or sold drugs to children.

    My question is: Why the unmitigated hatred for someone who you call “talentless” (like most people in Hollywood), “vapid” (like EVERYONE in Hollywood) and “famewhore” (like everyone in Hollywood)?

    Seems to me that you are just annoyed at Hollywood type people in general and are using her as an outlet for your hatred.

  95. Kelly says:

    Wow you guys, in these times of horrendous environmental and social deprivation, LOOK how much money I just spent on my HOUSE! Where *I* live. Just the one person. Because, you know, (hair flick), I deserve it.
    Selfish? Narcissistic? Greedy? MOI??????

  96. chachachachia says:

    It looks like her. I think it looks too accessible though. Looks like a stalker’s paradise…

  97. kelly says:


  98. Sunflower says:

    Vanilla fields forever…. Isn’t the house supposed to reflect the owner’s personality? or vice versa? Doesn’t matter, both suck…

  99. NicoleAM says:

    This is pathetic…now even her house is depressing? I like ‘em cozy and homey, but everyone has different tastes. I’m not a fan of any member of that lousy triangle, but it’s irritating to hear so much praise for “St. Angie,” and so much sh*t for JA.

  100. Ana says:

    According to what I read, she used wood from trees that had already fallen and has solar panels. So that’s pretty interesting.

    I agree that it looks like it would smell of cheetos and mold, although I would like to add the scents of orgy and stale cigarrette smoke.

    I am truly shocked because I thought I would like it. I thought for a woman so concerned with appearances she would have good taste but she doesn’t. The house itself isn’t that bad but the decorating is horrid! That blind item seems like it fits here!!! It would be a great stage for a bad 70′s porn movie. I just find this all so odd.

    You know, her publicist should get a raise! Yes, she probably doesn’t give a crap about Brad anymore and she is a grown woman that can do what she wants. Brad and Saint Angie shouldn’t be brought up in every article written about her but they are. And she knows this. And she does stuff like posing in this magazine (something Brad supposedly reads) instead of a different one. Yes, I know they AD does this quite often with celebrities and she does have every right, but you gotta admit JA sure does know how to get people talking.

    But it’s getting old….and obviously calculated. I don’t think I will be reading about her anymore.

  101. anon1000 says:

    is not Ms. anistonakkiss not the representative for St. Jude’s now. her enablers try to protect the lonely emblem from her hyprocrices. is she not the REPRESENTATIVE of a bottled water company whose product choke the earth with its waste. and ms. “not the representative” reaps the profits….HYPOCRITE

  102. If this house and decor floats her boat, good for her. She spent enough time and money on it. But it looks to me like a bland hotel lobby. It is just trying too hard – the pool table, the piano, the christian dior coffee table book. I understand they “style” it for the pictures but it has a cold museum feel to it. But then, so does her lack of personality so maybe it suits her. And why the repeat of the oversized lamps thoughout the house? Is that the new trend? If it is, it won’t be reaching my house.

  103. Ursula says:

    Lolo, pot call kettle black?

  104. Granger says:

    I can’t believe people still try and compare Angelina and Jennifer. There couldn’t be two more different entertainers. I’m neither a Jen nor an Angelina fan, but really, there just is no comparison between them. Angelina is the quintessential beautiful-Oscar-nominated-movie-star-with-the-naughty -past, who now has six children, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and a second career in humanitarianism, and chooses very different film roles all the time. Jen is an attractive celebrity whose acting range is limited, at best, and who tends to favour light romantic comedies, has a stable LA-based lifestyle, no kids, and likes to support worthy causes without getting too in-your-face about them. Seriously, about the only thing these two women have in common is Brad Pitt!

  105. lolo says:

    YES, I don’t like ANISTON. Like I said, I think she’s vapid, talentless, famewhore. AND, I certainly don’t find women like her “role models” like Jane does. And, there’s many other Hollywood types I dislike for exactly the same reason. BUT, of course, to all the fans that makes me a “hateful person” and a woman hater. You guys are seriously messed up. And Sage/Ursuala, you die-hard fans, are incensed that anyone DARES dislike MS. SAINTLY ANISTON. It’s hysterical to see fans come up with the list of excuses why we SHOULD like her, and why my viewpoint is so unreasonable compared to yours. OF COURSE, everyone should ADORE Aniston. It’s so LOGICAL. Never mind–carry on with your lOVE FEST and the name-calling of anyone who DARES disagree with how YOU see an actress.

  106. cprincess says:

    it looks totally ‘done’ by some decorator whose into the 70′s….
    very depressing and it doesnt have her mark on it at all…

  107. Davide says:

    It’s a hoax. It’s too masculine, too brown to be Jennifer’s house. Celebs quite often borrow houses to pass them as their own. This overstyled, underexciting house doesn’t match Jennifer’s bubbly personality.

  108. It is very interesting to see the inside of Jennifer Aniston’s house as it has great appearance.

  109. Auntie Maim says:

    It is depressing. It just juxtaposes was Brad left her for: a fertile and alluring woman who’s provided him a house full of children, while Jen smiles (happily?) for the camera in her tasteful, yet empty house.

  110. Sage Advice says:

    lolo: I didn’t call you hateful. And I didn’t say that you have to like Jennifer Aniston.

    I just think it’s weird that people have such ire for someone who really hasn’t done anything. It’s like, hate on Mike Tyson for biting someone’s ear and beating his spouses. Hate on Charlie Sheen for being a disgusting womanizer. Or Tiger Woods for being a disgusting womanizer. Or Paris Hilton, for flashing her vadge and being famous for having a sex-tape; for saying racist things on a video tape. Dustin Diamond for being a total douche on Celebrity Fit Club and pretty much everywhere else. Joe Francis for luring underage girls into his filthy hands and raping them.

    But jeez louise. The types of comments you get for an average actress in average films is mind-boggling, to say the very least.

    What has she done to annoy you so much? Be average? I don’t “adore” her in the slightest. She just exists to me. But it bothers me that people are so disturbed by her that they feel the need to attack her for anything and everything. The woman can’t even promote her films without people lashing out at her calling her a “famewhore”. Every actor goes on a publicity blitz when their new movie comes out. Why is it that she’s famewhoring and everyone else is doing publicity?

  111. SageAdvice says:

    Oh, and you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. And I can express my opinions same as you can express yours. No harm done or insult intended. I do not think you hate women, nor do I think you are a hateful person. I just think you have a problem with Hollywood types in general and you use her as a scapegoat.

  112. Her people and the pro-Jen press really can’t move on. They are saying that Jen turned what was to be Brad’s bathroom into a spa. Like this was some big statement on her behalf that she was moving on and is now a confident single woman ready to take on the world. This is where the PR BS bothers me.
    When she was with Brad they built a house from the ground up. Then they split 5 years ago. She bought this house three years ago – 2 years after the split. She has renovated it for the past 2 1/2 years.
    Brad has had nothing to ever do with this house. They are divorced, why would she have a bathroom for him that she then decides to change into a spa? And as it was, why would that make her appear to be the idol of all single women? It makes her look pathetic as if she was holding out for him to come back to her years after the split.
    So if we really wanted to draw wild unchecked conclusions about her life and basically make up stories, we can all do better than what is being written by the press – Aniston only bought the house three years ago as she was holding out for Brad to come back. After Jolie gave birth to Shiloh, she only then bought the house knowing that he would never return to her without a biological flesh and blood reminder of his relationship with Jolie.
    Better story than any of the rags are running.

  113. Josephina says:

    I find the house to be beautiful and the views are quite breathtaking. However, I understand what the posters are saying, it does look very impersonal. You would not expect America’s sweetheart or the girl next door to live here. There is a disconnect and the feedback in this post is telling.

    Sageadvice, Praise St. Angie:

    The ONLY reason that Aniston and Angie are linked together in conversation is boecause of BRAD PITT. Don’t act coy and profess that you do not understand why. Brad divorced Aniston to start the next chapter of his life, a more serious one of starting and raising a family.

    He stated that he wanted to raise a family with Jolie. There is no competition left then, now is there? Angie is with Brad by choice, and they are raising a large family together, by choice. Both of you have made enough distasteful comments on past blogs on their choice of lifestyle that I think you can handle opposing sentiments. If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it right back.

    What is most irritating for a lot of people is that Aniston, Brad and Angie have all stated that there was no cheating. Yet you would rather dismiss the truth and instead, create the villain/seductress drama of “Angie stole Brad Away from Jen.” Jen is the VICTIM and sympathy should come her way. With all her money,friends and fame, Brad still left. And did not look back, either. That should tell you something about the quality of that marriage and the individuals supposedly committed to it.

    But no, Jen is not at all responsible for the demise of her very brief 4-yr. marriage, Angie is! GMAFB. This woman, Aniston, is the victim alright… of her own bad choices in movie scripts and men. That is her fault.

    This celebrity divorce only brought to life the number of low self-esteem, irresponsible and immature women who poked their head out of the sand, refusing to grow and improve when tragedy strikes them. Again, there was no cheating. Go back and google all of the articles in 2003 re Jennifer and Brad’s marital woes.

    The continued belief and the villification of Angie is nothing more than slander. Angie is and has been a very serious and critically acclaimed actress since her early twenties. She has been a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR for NINE YEARS. These snarky comments about photo ops are necessary for her longstanding job as a goodwill ambassador. She is now 34 years old, mother of six children and has been a mother since 26 yrs. old. What the hell was Aniston doing in her early twenties? These two actresses are NOT EVEN ON THE SAME PROFESSIONAL ACTING LEVEL.

    The AD article brings up Brad and so do most media outlets. This is because Jennifer has yet to make her mark yet as a critically acclaimed MOVIE actress. There are no Screen Actor Guild Awards, Golden Globes nor Academy Awards nominations, let alone winning some, for ANY of her movie film roles, EVER. She is known as a tabloid queen, thanks to her delusional fans thinking she was wronged in her marriage and waiting/wanting vindication/revenge. The victim role that she has accepted has only made her seem pathetic and desparate because she whined on one too many interviews about her feelings, Brad and/or Angie.

    The Jen supporters have brought up cheating, Brad and Angie in THIS POST and we are supposed to be talking about furniture and interior design. You Jenfans bring it up. She comes across as a woman-child incapable of taking responsiblity of her blunders. Ego the preference of dating manwhores like John Mayer and Gerard Butler. Why should she receive sympathy FIVE years post-divorce? Why would the JP fans give a damn? Brad and Angie are together as they should be.

  114. karen says:

    @Sage Advice. You aren’t an Aniston fan? No, you sit around the internet writing responses for the heck of it? Of course, you’re not a fan–major eyeroll.

    It’s obvious you have a hard-on for Aniston and get angry when someone doesn’t love John Mayer’s skanky leftovers. The girl who appears naked on a men’s magazine to promote a kid-friendly, doggy movie opening on Christmas day. The girl who opens up her bedroom to the world, then boo-hoos about the lack of privacy, and the paparazzi. The faker who uses her relationships to drum up interest in her movies. She’s a shit actress, etc.

    People are allowed to like or dislike who they want. And, you silly fans don’t need to take someone’s dislike of your beloved so seriously. Just pop in your Friends DVD and worship away; don’t mind us non-lovers.

  115. Guest says:

    I think that the house is beautiful.

    About the rest. Well. I think that all of hollywood are famewhores. If not they would make a couple of movies take their millions and never be seen again. They all could do it if they wanted to. In hollywood that is the name of the game. Jen is no different then any of the others. What Jen has – whether good or bad – is the ability to get people talking. Put up a Jen post on Popsugar, Celebitchy, etc and it will get crazy amounts of response. Whether it is the way she acts, or what she says I have never figured out. But she is a polarazing figure for sure. Jen is no better or no worse then any of the others out there who try to sell their movies. What I don’t understand is why those who really dislike her continue to read all the posts and write on them? If just doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t matter but seems like a waste of time and read and write on a post on someone who you really dislike.

  116. SageAdvice says:

    karen: I don’t think I could be more clear in refuting all of the “points” you just made. All one need to do is read through the comment above. I’ll just cut and paste some stuff though.

    “And I didn’t say that you have to like Jennifer Aniston.”

    “I don’t “adore” her in the slightest. She just exists to me.”

    Oh, and yes, I do just sit around on the internet and write responses just for the heck of it. I have a mind-numbingly boring job with internet access and tons of free time. I’m not allowed to watch videos and there is only so much to read on the interwebs before I get bored.

    I’m not “angry” either. I’m curious. I used to scan these articles and comments without saying anything and I just noticed that she is literally the only person who gets attacked in a manner that is completely nonequivalent to the “evils” that she’s done.

    The only other people I’ve seen people spit as much vitriol at are Chris Brown and Joe Francis, and for good reason.

    This person though…it just literally confuses me.

    I haven’t seen a lot of her movies and in the ones I have seen her in she was playing against someone I actually wanted to see (i.e. The Break-Up, The Good Girl and Bruce Almighty) and she was an incidental character.

    I haven’t seen Marley and Me. I won’t go see The Bounty Hunter because it looks like crap. I didn’t see Management.

    My point is that as an objective observer, one wonders why so many people despise someone who has done so little to be despised for.

    You’re pissed because she posed naked on a cover of a magazine to sell a kid-friendly movie to the parents of said children have to take them to go see it?

    You’re pissed because she was in Architectural Digest (like plenty of other celebrities) and actually hasn’t said anything about invasion of her privacy since appearing in the magazine?

    You’re pissed because she hangs out with the guys she made a movie with and the tabs put them together like they are dating?

    And you’re pissed because she’s a shit actress. In your opinion.

    To quote myself: “…you are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. And I can express my opinions same as you can express yours.”

  117. SageAdvice says:

    Oh, and I never said you had to like her, nor am I demonizing you for not liking her.

    I guess what I’m trying to figure out is WHY you don’t like her so so very much to the point where some people (not necessarily you, Karen) feel the need to compare her to a dog, call her sloppy seconds/skanky leftovers, and say she smells of desperation.

    It just makes zero sense to me that people quite frankly act like she’s personally slighted them. Like she’s done something to them that just makes them angry.

    Perhaps you’re peeved because you think she’s just the average girl who got lucky. Why not feel happy for her then? Would you want people hating you if you got lucky in something?

    Inevitably someone would, of course, but you’d wonder why they were angry at you too.

    Again, you are perfectly entitled to dislike someone and express that dislike of that person.

    I’ve never said anything to the contrary.

  118. Guest says:

    Josephina: Just to let you know Jolie herself stated that she “fell in love with Pitt” on the movie set. That is cheating. Maybe not physically – but for sure emotional cheating. I for one believe that emotional or physical same thing. I don’t have a problem with Brad/Angie together I think that they are a good couple. However I really do have a probelm with their fans trying to pretend that they did not cheat. They did – get on with it and quit trying to make them look like they are angels.

    “Why should she receive sympathy FIVE years post-divorce”. She doesn’t want sympathy – she has stated that over and over. And it is probably time to stop comparing these two women. Like you say it has been five years.

    Also being a mother does not make someone a better person. There are a lot of women out there who are not mothers who are caring individuals with great lives. Mother Thereas for example was not a mother. Saying that someone is a mother to prove they are a better person really is a dis to all the woman who cannot bear children or who chose not to.

    “the villification of Angie is nothing more than slander. I agree same goes for Jen. She really has done nothing except perhaps be a poor actress, and date some men who you don’t seem to like. Let me guess now women will dislike her for going to Mexico – I mean really how shallow is that to go on a vacation. WE as women should never go on vacation! Both women get a bad wrap and brad gets of scot free – WOW haven’t we as women moved along way. I both parites in this craziness should stop putting down the other one.

  119. WhoDat says:

    To post #118:
    So you said Angelina “cheated” when she said her children will be able to watch a movie where they will see their parents “FALL IN LOVE AND THEN TRY TO KILL EACH OTHER.”

    If youre going to quote the woman, then do so. Dont effing LIE and then base an entire faulty argument on a lie. Your premiss is wrong, ergo, your entire argument is wrong. Angie was referring to HER AND BRAD’S CHARACTERS ‘FALLING IN LOVE AND THEN TRY TO KILL EACH OTHER’. Why do you lying sack of you know what, take this woman’s quotes out of context and try to browbeat her with it? is it that you cant stand the truth?

    Moreover, Angie wasnt married – either to Brad or anyone else – so who exactly did she “cheat” on?

    You dumb stupid women keep making excuses for the fact that jennifer aniston all by her lonesome self, brought down approbium on her self BY HER OWN UTTERANCES IN BONA FIDE INTERVIEWS.

    Where do you think we learned that she is lonely? Where do you think we learned that she wants to have children? Where do you think we learned that she longs to be in a loving relationship with a man?

    SHE IS THE ONE WHO SAID THESE THINGS OUT OF HER OWN MOUTH!! Unlike you, we dont ignore her own words and paint some other picture of her reality. Like when she finally, some four years later, came out and said there were no good guys and no bad guys and no one cheated, we believe her.

    If you admire her so much, why do you think she is a an effing liar?

  120. corine says:

    Ughhh for the last time, Aniston doesn’t represent women in general. Why do her fans want us to see Aniston as a representative of all womankind? Their logic is always–she’s not that bad and if you don’t like her, there must be something wrong with you. I dislike a lot of celebs and like many others for a myriad of reasons. I think Drew Barrymore is adorable and like Cameron Diaz alot, while others call Diaz pizza face and say the meanest things about her. I don’t go nuts when people are mean like that–whatever. So, why should Aniston be some special, hands-off case to her fans?

    I agree with lolo. She’s a famewhore Hollywood celeb. IF that’s the kind of person you look up to . . . so be it. But, the rest of us don’t like her that much. I think she’s played the PR game really well, but it still doesn’t make up for her limited acting range and unappealing personality. Posing nude is just one of them. I was personally grossed out when she had those pics necking with John Mayer in a car, in the pool, at the Oscars, while the ‘razzis snapped away. Then, she talked about how much in love she was to press–ewwww . . .

    BTW, Sage, if you aren’t a fan, than Cheyenne isn’t a fan of the Jolie-Pitts. It’s SO obvious.

  121. Josephina says:


    Again. Reread Angie’s EXACT quotes regarding the the Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie. It was addressed and has been readdressed. Even Aniston got caught up in the nonsense, calling Angie “uncool,” then retracting her statement on Oprah within weeks. However, the lie that they cheated has been brewing long before the Vogue 2008 article.

    Aniston gets slammed and criticized because of the “he cheated on me” propaganda. If there was no Aniston, there would be no point of contention. Aniston is the one that went directly to the press and said she wanted kids, that she would ermarry again in 5 years, that she would always love Brad. She also said charity is not her thing- direct quote. Nothing that I have mentioned is from the tabloids, all of what I am repeating is directly from Aniston during an interview. Like someone said earlier, we know how she feels not by inference but from her direct quotes.

    Brad Pitt now has a family of eight. She looks foolish every time she refers to him and their marriage. Read the AD article. Between the People magazine article “Five Years After Brad” and the AD article, how could anyone think she has truly moved on? I think she wants to move on, but emotionally, her maturity level holds her back.

    By the way, having a man and/or children does not make a woman. However, if you ask the women who are mothers and/or have the love of a special mate, they will tell you that life is great. Angie had a very successful acting career and was already a goodwil ambassador BEFORE she met Brad. With Brad and the children, Angie’s popularity deepened in the U.S. and overseas. The same goes for Brad Pitt.

    I do feel that the unwarranted attack on Angie because of Brad will only further delay Jennifer’s chances of a love that she can gush about as well. What man would date a woman seriously with Brad Pitt’s ghost around? He would be wasting his time because he does not have a fighting chance. Furthermore, the comments that her exes make about her are disturbing. Three of them (John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Brad Pitt) stated publicly that she is a nice person but do not see her as the right person to grow with/get serious with/ or have children. Why is there a need to make that point in interview?

    Jen looked good before, during and after Brad. Most actresses understand that looking good and staying fit is part of their job to stay relevant in Hollywood. Very few actresses fail at this goal.

    In the last month and a half we know she completed her renovations, she will plan a birthday party for herself on a caribbean island, and she is giving a party at her newly renovated house to raise funds for Haiti. Oh, and she is over Brad. Now. Because she was on the cover of People magazine and told them so.

    In the absence of any recent nominations or the track record of critically acclaimed movie actress, significant coverage/discussion about her upcoming movie, Aniston comes off as self-absorbed and shallow. I am not sure if it was a good idea to invite the press to cover your upcoming birthday party on a neighboring Caribbean island. The timing and the location is questionable, considering the crisis currently going on in Haiti.

  122. Guest says:

    “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love,” Jolie, 33, says – referring to wanting her kids to see the flick. Here is the direct quote from Angie. This seems to me to say that she fell in love on the movie set. Was it physical – who knows however both her and Brad have admitted that they emotionally fell in love. That to me is cheating. Again – I think that they are a good couple and have many interests together. However I am not sure why it is so important to their fans that they did not cheat? They did emotionally cheat for sure and have admitted it. Fine – let’s just admit it and move on.

    “If there was no Aniston, there would be no point of contention.” Exactly if Brad had not been married there would be no point of contention. Brad was married – that is why he looked like a cheater not because of what Jen said. He looked like a cheater because he was a cheater. Jennifer had nothing to do with the people preception of Brad and Angie and how they got together.

    “Aniston comes off as self-absorbed and shallow.” Aniston just gave 500,000 to charity for Haiti, she worked the phones for the Haiti charity, she is hosting a fund raising event for Haiti. That is self-absorbed and shallow?

    The ghost of Brad – that is tabloid junk. Jen looks to me like she has moved on a long time ago. Ted C agrees with this from his sources. Jen has great friends, and a good life. I think she was over Brad a long time ago but the tabloids just cannot let it go. Why? It sells people like those who post here love to think that Jen is pining away wanting Brad back. Makes for good sale – I am not sure why. But you certainly love to talk about it – so I guess you would understand.

  123. karen says:

    Guest–Ted C agrees with you? WHAT? I remember that he said one of the reasons Brad and Jen split up was because Brad was more interested in traveling and doing more charity work, while Jen was more interested in sunbathing and drinking margaritas. He also recently said that Jen’s friends told him that she still gets hung up on Brad sometimes, but is doing ok. He has made negative comments about all 3 parties, even saying that Aniston was more interested in paparazzi pics of herself than John Mayer at the Oscars, which he personally witnessed. So, I don’t know if Ted C supports your “Aniston is the good one, and she’s so over Brad” argument. I think all 3 parties in this triangle have some screws loose, and picking sides is really funny.

  124. WhoDat says:

    To post #122
    You insist on using tabloid garbage as your source of information. Garbage in garbage out, sweatheart, havent you heard?

    Now you quote Ted C. How laughable are you.

    The thing about the internet is that people inadvertently reveal their shortcomings and lack of education. You couldnt possibly be even a high school graduate and demonstrate such poor understanding about the importance of the quality of research sources for one’s arguments.

    There you go quoting a tabloid rehash of Angie’s original quote about her and brad’s characters meeting, falling in love and then try to kill each other. She was talking about their kids being able to see that MOVIE. Ya know, that thing where human beings assume CHARACTERS and play ROLES and tell STORIES. Yeah, that thing. A Movie. One of the few of their MOVIES that their kids will be able to see one day. This particular movie was called Mr & Mrs Smith. Brad PLAYED the ROLE of Mr Smith. Angie PLAYED the ROLE of Mrs Smith. In the MOVIE the CHARACTERS met, fell in love and then try to kill each other.

    Angie said one day their kids will be able to see this MOVIE where their parents met, fell in love and then try to kill each other.

    The fact that Brad and Angie met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith is about as much as we know about any similarities between them and their characters. Perhaps if their characters were 9 foot blue avatars, the distinction between their characters and their real-life reality wouldnt be so confused in your mind.

    I keep forgetting that some adults (like i assume you to be) are still mentally underdeveloped and continue to operate at the level of pre-cognition. My bad.

    Try looking through cleaner lenses, for a change. (Thats metaphorically speaking, dear). Perhaps then you wont be such a sucker for tabloid fodder.

  125. natashasmith says:

    what is the matter with all of you sitting at home and pitching stones at Jen. What are you doing? She is living her dreams and she is making movies that make a lot of pwople happy, or else they would not be watching them. She is famous rich and genuanly a good person. Why and where could you even begin comparing her with Angelina. How do you know angelinas motives in being a goodwill ambasador or if she is a goo mother. If her need to have so many children is stemed from her low self esteem and we all know all the children have nannys as well as the fact that she has been turnign out so many movies plus covers, her Pr as goodwill ambasador and When pray tiell does she get to spend quality time with 6 childrn and her husband while drumming up psitive family publicity n the magasine covers to strategically draw away attention form her infidelities and bad tempered personality. And how in what way could this woman be a positive innfluence on these children.
    :eave Jen alon she clearly has accepted responsiblily for her life and is happy with herself. Las time I checked half marriage end up in divorce and so many who are married have been unfaithful as well as so many other actors and actresses having unstable love lives so why on earth keep picking on Jen. I like her her home is not my tast however never the less what she likes. she is beautiful inside and out and deserves to be happy

  126. ShakeyMae says:

    OMG. Really Jen? Bad 70′s Motel. Yuck. Colors, style, flow, proportion – none of it good. I read the article above and thought the author was a bit of “b”. THEN I saw the photos. IMO the author was too kind. Maybe brad couldn’t stand her taste.

  127. lisa says:

    Hi Jen,

    Well done on finishing your home! – it is really lovely and a very personal statement I’m sure. I would love to have the opportunity to do whqt you have done.

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  130. Lee says:

    I can only imagine what sylvester stallone is thinking right now and what he is going through… such a tragedy. I could never even deal with one of my cats passing away. But wow i mean his first son passed away. That must be really tough for someone like him to pass away at such a young age…