Kate Hudson would never steal a boyfriend, unless it’s Justin Timberlake

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

Remember the SAG Awards? The first presenters of the evening were Justin Timberlake and Kate Hudson, and I wrote “I think Jessica Biel should definitely keep her eye on JT and Hudson, because they seemed very, very friendly. Too friendly.” Well, now the Enquirer has pretty much based an entire story on that observation. The gist is that Kate has “set her sights” on JT and that she’s convinced that JT and Jessica Biel are pretty much dunzo. What’s weird is that there’s no mention of any of the alleged hookups Kate and JT have maybe had in the past – they’ve been rumored to have had flings a few times. Why do I have such a memory for this crap? Here are the highlights:

“Kate’s always had a thing for Justin, and after reading that his romance with Jessica Biel is over, she’s decided to make her move,” a close friend told the Enquirer.

“They’ve known each other for years, but up until now, the timing has been bad.”

At the SAGs, “Kate flirted with Justin outrageously that night, and he was all over her… they exchanged numbers in the green room.”

Rumors persist that the love affair between Justin and Jessica has all but crumbled and that both are ready to move on. “Kate wouldn’t dream about stealing another girl’s guy. But in Hollywood, most people believe JT and Jessica are now all but over. They’re certainly not red-hot for each other anymore.”

“Kate wants a man who is easy to be with. And that’s certainly Justin… but Kate’s not rushing into anything. She’s always had a crush on Justin and she’s following her instincts.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 15, 2010]

First off, Kate needs to find a real man. Not JT, not Alex Rodriguez, not Owen Wilson (who I actually like, but who seemed to easily dominated by Kate). Kate needs to date someone with his act together, who isn’t going to fall for Kate’s succubus ways. JT is not that guy. JT is the guy who would tap it and quit it in a half an hour or less. Second point: at what point does public perception about a couple’s eventual breakup become “cheating” or “infidelity”? Granted, I don’t think Jessica and JT are going to be around much longer either, but will Kate be blasted as a boyfriend-stealer if she makes a play (or continues to make a play) for JT?

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

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34 Responses to “Kate Hudson would never steal a boyfriend, unless it’s Justin Timberlake”

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  1. anna says:


  2. Kevin says:

    However, Justin would steal someone’s man in a heartbeat!

  3. Sigh. says:


    I SWEAR I have totally missed the boat on why either one of these people are that great (and Biel for that matter).

    He can sing and her acting is painless enough, but that’s about it for me. Off-stage, they seem like people I’d have to take in doses.

  4. KateNonymous says:

    Or maybe she could, I don’t know, not be a succubus.

  5. lucy2 says:

    I don’t find him at all attractive, though he is musically talented. Kate on the other hand, I’m so sick of her. One good movie followed by years of crap, and she’s always still there.
    There’s been rumors about the two of them for a long time now.

  6. bite me says:

    great JT is going to be Ryder next uncle

  7. Kevin says:

    Bwahahah good one Bite Me! or his next Auntie!

  8. lin234 says:

    I’ve recently noticed she has a very short and squat neck. It’s looks manly and if she’s not careful how she poses, she looks like she has a double chin.

    She’s at best a mediocre actress who is getting by being the spawn of Goldie Hawn.

  9. anony says:

    It’s a made up story. They exchanged numbers in the green room?? They’ve known each other for years and it seems like he is always mentioned as being at all her parties. I think they’ve had each others’ numbers for quite some time, but are just friends. If they weren’t Biel never would have allowed them to present together.

  10. anna says:

    hahaha @ bite me!!! I laughed out loud!

  11. Feebee says:

    “After reading that his romance… was over” WTF?? Yeah, that’s how she’s getting her information… from (insert mag here).

    If I thought anything of her I’d say that JT isn’t a really much of a man but since I don’t whatever with those two is just whatever.

  12. Sumodo says:

    Kate has lousy timing, always grabbing the rebound with no chance to score. I am not impressed with her. Isn’t it time she went back to work or did something?

  13. Ana says:

    I really think that it’s great that JT tries different stuff with tuxes.

    There is just something wrong with Kate’s jaw.

  14. Novaraen says:

    He’s not that cute…but when he dances…he’s yum!

  15. lola lola says:

    Lucy2: my thoughts exactly. He’s hardly gorgeous and why are we still even talking about a no-talent celeb spawn? She ridiculous. Next story!

  16. MYOB says:

    Both don’t belong in the public eye, especially her and her nepotism. She took a spot away from someone else talented & we got robbed of that, no less the person she robbed.

  17. CB Rawks says:

    “They’ve known each other for years, but up until now, the timing has been bad.”

    That totally implies that these people are always hunting the next lay. Like they have numerous “friends” that they have filed away and fully intend to bang as soon as possible.
    Like if Kate was a supposed friend of yours, she would still bang your husband the minute you turned your back.
    That just makes me sort of nauseated, to know there are people like that out there.

  18. Pete says:

    Actually, Justin can’t sing. Have you ever heard his voice? It’s squealing. What he can do, however, is put on a great show. He’s a showman. Just like Madonna, he has no singing talent and his lyrics are asinine, but he is a great at putting on a show. He’s an entertainer.

  19. d says:

    I feel sorry for Biel actually. Not that I think she’s talented much or anything…just that she seems to think she’s top-tier and she’s nowhere near it and she keeps embarrassing herself by being in this stupid relationship, her photos (the latest, see one of her eating a strawberry on Leno), saying dumb things. It’s like she just doesn’t get it or is in denial. Kate will carry on no matter what, and yes no doubt on her mother’s name. Justin is also in a higher tier like it or not. Jessica would be smarter to dump him and move on and concentrate on fixing her career or doing something else, rather than clinging on to this relationship. IMO. I really think she will come to regret it. Not tha tI really know anything. Just what i think…

  20. DrM says:

    Hello….you can’t “steal” someone ok? If a person is going to fool around/leave ect they are going to do it. Somebody might come along who gives them the push to get going but that’s about it…you cannot lose what you do not have…

  21. Laura says:

    She needs to get in, get some peen, and move on. I mean, thats all JT is/should be good for.

  22. Lucy says:

    They are both way overrated and nit even remotedly good looking. He’s completely average looking with an awful nose and horrible chin and hair, she has no neck, a not really flattering body figure, awful ears and sounds like a goat. All this about them is a pr plan. They are as fake as silicone breasts.

  23. Ursaline says:

    Kate has the orange fake tan thing going on and JT looks really uncomfortable in those photos. Maybe he thinks she’s nice but isn’t into becoming her next obsession while he tries to keep things going with the girlfriend he’s been with for the last few years?

  24. Dhavy says:

    She needs a real man not a kid. She’s starting to be like Jennifer Aniston and that’s not good in any way.

    Let him stay with fugly Biel, they’re made for each other

  25. pipers says:

    she clearly went on stage and wanted to be the centre of attention, justin just looked fed up with her big mouth, hudson never knows when enough is enough and when her jokes are no longer funny and nobodys laughing, when asked logical questions she laughs and giggles for no reason like a high school girl, shes 32yrs old. you can see why arod left her.

  26. DB says:

    I don’t like KH, but she looks prettier in this white dress than I’ve ever seen her look.

    These are two people who date other celebrities to promote themselves. Both are shallow and fame-obsessed so they are perfect for each other.

  27. guesty says:

    never ever heard of jt & kh thing. agree with whoever said he’d hit & quit it within minutes…haha.

  28. la chica says:

    agree with pipers. did you see the way she was wagging her ass for the camera afterward? shameless.

  29. daisy says:

    I think Pete is on drugs or really jealous.Justin can sing.Not just kinda…Justin can really sing.

  30. Judy says:

    Both a couple of ego-maniacs without reason to be. KH has a great body but is a plain jane in the face, and she’s not likeable.

  31. kimberly says:

    it’s kinda weird that all the bad actresses want to date Mr. JT????

  32. Jamie says:

    I think they’d make a super sexy hot couple. But Justin doesn’t appear to be monogamous in his relationships. Who knows, maybe Kate can tame him.

  33. Venessa says:

    Kate and Justin would be a great match. Justin has that cool look about him that makes him hot, and Kate has that smile and sexiness. It all adds up to fireworks between the sheets….. They definitely give off that vibe. I don’t think I’ve ever sensed it in any other celebrity couple.

  34. Helen says:

    Kate needs to be more submissive and let him be the man if she wants him.